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Gen. 1button

Judy A. Remmick  m.  Garry J. D. Hubert   Issue:

  1. Douglas Hubert
  2. Devin Hubert

MemLogoMemoirs of Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

  • Judy - 1945Judy A. Remmick - 1946 

Gen. 2 button

Edwin Remmick m. Lillian Hein

  • Issue:
    1. Judy A. Remmick m. Garry J. D. Hubert

Edwin R

Edwin Remmick - 1940

MyLife Story  by Edwin Remmick plus photographs

Gen. 3 button

Edward Remick

Mary Hoffer [Hoffer Family Home Site], Dau. of Friederich Hoffer  Jr., and Karina Dockter

  • b. 24 June 1902 Delmont, South Dakota, USA
  • d. 17 Dec 1990 Sacramento, CA., USA
  • rem. (1)
  • rem. (2) Robert Robinson
  •  Issue:
    1. Edwin Remmick  [Gen. 2: see above] m. Lillian Hein
    2. Viola Remmick m. LaVere Stewart
    3. Elmer Remmick m. Beatrice Atkinson, dau. of Etta Nitey and Oscar Atkinson, b. 1922 Wym. USA d. May 1999 Sacramento, CA
    4. Raymond Remmick m. Vera Zelinsky
    5. Diana Remmick m.. (1) Smith, m. (2) Newton, m. (3) Tenner

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Edward Remick -1917

in the  USA ARMY, WWI

Edward Remick Remembers Odessa, A Story

  • Taking grain to Odessa before 1907
  • Migratedto USA in 1906 to Streeter. ND, USA
  • Edward Remick entered US Army at age 16 .
  • Was Part of US Army's Colored Guard for White House, Washington DC ca 1917.
  • Later, Edward  was part of evacuating troops from foreign soil at the .end of the Great War [WWI]


* Edward's mother was married to + Jacob  Roemmich b. 1877, ]who never denied Edward as his son, therefore, Edward is considered Jacob Roemmich's [ b. 1877] son legally in Russian law. However, because this is linking the natural ancestors, Edward's natural father is  Gen. 4: *Jacob Roemmich b. 18 April 1851 Worms, Od., S. Russia . Informate was Pauline, nee Pfaff, Roemmich.
Gen. 4 button

*Jacob Roemmich [Remmich]
  • Jacob Roemmich
  • b.18 April 1851 Worms, Od., S. Russia
  • d. 16 Nov 1917 Streeter, ND , USA
  • om. (1) unkown
  • om (2) Katharina, nee Mauch , Roemmich
  • no m. to 

Pauline Pauline, nee   Pfaff, Roemmich   - See her family in detail plus her children by her marriage to +Jacob W. Roemmick and Photographs


  1. Edward Remick b. 1900 [Gen. 2 ] 

*Jacob Roemmich's m. (1) unkown ____ Issue:
  1. children?

*Jacob Roemmich's m. (2) after 1878 

Kath. Mauch   to widow Katharina Elisabeth, nee  Mauch, Roemmich Note: She  was the widow of Wilhelm Roemmich who had died 1878 and had 1 son and two daughters.  After Jacob died she would marry the third time to Samuel Bertsch.  This is reported in The Dakota Freie Presse as recorded in GRHS Heritage Review, Vol. 30, No. 3, Sept 2000.  .....]

Issue of m. (2) are:

  1. Georg Roemmich b. 21 May 1882 Worms.Od.  d. 1 Sept 1969 Napoleon, ND, USAm. (1) Eva Odenbach m. (2) Elizabeth Nichlaus.  Migr. Napoleon, ND USA.
  2. Ludwig Roemmich
  3. Wilhelm Roemmich
  4. Henry Roemmich
  5. Wilhelm Roemmich
  6. Peter Roemmich b. 5 March 1885 Worms/ Odessa, S. Russia m. Pauline Krassmann b. 21 Sept 1882 d. 25 Nov 1939 Steeter, ND, USA.
  7. Sophia  Roemmich  b. 10 March 1890 Worms / Od. S. Russia d. 4 Oct 1963 Tappen, ND, USA m. Oct 1907 to m. Peter M. Roemmich b. 30 July 1887 Worms / Od. S. Rusia, son of Michael Roemmich, the younger.


Gen. 5 button

W.  [Wilhelm] Michael Roemmich
  • b. ca.1820 Worms, Odessa S. Russia
  • m. (1)
  • m. (2) 5 Nov 1840 by Pastor Bonekeeper to

A. (Anna) Maria  Ochsner [Ochsner Family Home Site]

Issue: [Listed in Worms/ Od. Census of 1858]

  1. Michael Roemmich b. 1 June 1843 m. Katharina Suess b. 1842
  2. Wilhelm Roemmich b. 1845 m. Katharina Mauch [she will rem. Child #5 Wilhelm's bro. aft 1788. ]  Issue:
  3. Magdalnea Roemmich b. 1847
  4. Georg Roemmich b. abt 1849
  5. *Jacob Roemmich  [See above Gen. 4 ] b. 18 April 1851 Worms / Odessa S. Russia d. 16 Nov 1917 Streeter, ND, USA  m. (1) ___ m. (2) Katharina Mauch, See their issue.(3) no marriage, however, had one child by Pauline, nee Pfaff, Roemmich  [not listed in census]
  6. Jacob Roemmich b. 1853
  7. Elizabeth Roemmich  b. 1854
  8. Phillip Roemmich  b. 1856
  9. Others?


Gen. 6 button

 Johann Jacob Roemmich

[Catharina]  Margaretha  [Maragreta] Winterrot [Winterroth] 

  •  b. 1799-1800  fr.  Bammental / Heidelberg- Baden [Germany]
  • Issue:
    1. W. [Wilhelm] Michael Roemmich b. abt. 1820  d. 1856  m. Anna Maria Ochsner  b. abt 1819  [census 1858]
    2. Georg Roemmich  b. abt  1827 [census of 1858, age 31] m. (1)  Elisabetha ____  [?Scaeffer] m. (2) ?Luise Koch
    3. Phillip Roemmich   b. abt. 1830 [census of 1858 , age 26] m. Barbara ___ [?Osswald]


Gen. 7 button

Philip [Phillip] Karl [Carl] Roemich
  • b. 26 May 1772  Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate, [Germany] 
  • Christen 29 May 1772 Reform Church, Edenkoben.
  • d. 2 Oct 1834 Worms, Od. S. Russia 
  •  m.  30 May 1792 Reform Church, Edenkoben / Palatinate, (Germany) to

Catharina Marie Lingenfelder dau. of Johan Georg Lingefelder  fr. Edenkoben, Palatinate and Anna Christina Buch

  • 7 Feb 1767 Endenkoben / Landau, Palatinate, Germany
  • d. 26 Oct 1846 Worms / Od. S. Russia

seal See Edenkoben / Landau, Palatinate, Germany  Home Site

worms button See Worms / Odessa, Southeran Russia , A German-Russian Village


I.Elisabeth Roemmich  b. 1791 Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate m. _____ Was stilll living in 1858 and recorded in Worms Census

II. Wilhelm Roemmich  [Remmich] b. 14 April 1795 Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate m. Katharina Specht b. 1797 [cenus 1858], dau. of Peter Specht and Maria ____.


  1. Philipp Karl Roemmich b. Jan 1818 Worms / Od., S. Russia d. 9 Sept 1885 Grossliebetnal / OD. S. Russia m. 1842 Rohrbach / Od. S. Russia to Elizabetha Fuhrer  b. 1824 [cencus 1858]
  2. Balthasar Roemmich [census 1858] b. abt 1820 m. Sophia Wilmersdorf  [census of 1858
  3. Margaretha Roemmich  b. 29 April 1821 Worms, Odessa, S. Russia  d.1888 Sutton, ND, USA m. 3 Nov. 1839 Worms/Od. S. Russia to  Heirnich Griess, Sr., son of Johan Heinrich Greiss and Maria Christina Kieffer b. 14 Aug 1819 Worms d. 9 Feb 1885 Sutton, Nebraska, USA.  See Griess Letter.
  4. Wilhelm Roemmich b.  abt 1830  [age 28 census of 1858]  m. Catharina Griess b. 1838 [cencus 1858]
  5. Susanna Roemmich b. 3 Jan 1833 d. 1833 Worms/ Od. S. Russia. Listed as "married" in 1858 census
  6. Philipp Roemmich b. 14 March 1835 d. 1835 Worms. Od. S. Russia
  7. Nikolaus Roemmich b. 13 Feb 1836 d. 1836/7 Worms / Od. S. Russia
  8. Christina Roemmich b. 1 May 1838 d. 1839 Worms/ Od. S. Russia
  9. [Philipp] Jacob Roemmich b.  July 1842  m. (1) Margaretha Winkler
  10. Christina Roemmich b
  11. others?
  12. Georg Roemmich m. poss. Louis Koch [Kauk?]

Web Site: See "R" in  Albert Family Web Site

III. Gen. 6: J. [Johann] Jacob Roemmich  [Remmich] b. 14 March 1797 Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate m. (1) Margaretha Winterrot   Issue:
  1. (Gen. 5) W. [Wilhelm]  Michael Roemmich  b. abt 1820 m. Anna Maria Ochsner
    • Michael Jacob b. Nov 1841
    • G, [Georg] Michael Roemmich [Remmich], Sr. b. 1 June 1843 Worms, Odessa, S. Russia d. 1 April 1926 Streeter, ND USA m. Katherina Suess, dau. of Jacob Suess and Kath. Brunsmeyer b. 24 April 1842 Worms, Od. S, Russia d. 18 June 1928 Streeter, ND USA. Migr. to  Emmons County USA in 1901   See Family In More Deatail     Suess-Roemmich  See Suess Family History
    • Wilhelm Roemmich m. Kathrina Mauch*
    • Magdalena Roemmich m. Georg Braun
    • Maria Roemmich m. Jakob Krieg
    • Georg Roemmich m. Regina Rudolph
    • Jacob Roemmich (Gen. 5) m. (2) widow Katarina, nee Mauch, Roemmich*
    • Karl Jacob Roemmich
    • Elizabeth Roemmich
    • Phillip Roemmich
    • Others?
  2. Jakob Roemmich m. Magdalena Winkler
  3. poss Margaretha Rommich  b. abt 1824 m. 28 Oct 1848  [#1883190 4 127 19] Rohrbach / Od S. Russia to Jacob Serr
  4. Georg Roemmich m.  Elisabeth  [?Schaffer]
  5. Phillip Roemmich  m. Barbara  [?Osswald]

See Gen. Gen. 6 & Winterrot

IV. Friedricka Roemmich b. 1800 Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate
V. Johan Roemmich b. 1802 Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate m. Katharina Huber. Issue:
  1. Jakob Roemmich b. 23 Nov  1827 Worms, Od. S. Russia d. NB, USA Margarete Elizabeth Meyer  b. 12 Sept 1829 Worms, Od. d. 30 May 1899 York Count NB, USA, Theobald Meyer and Chrsitina Buechler.
  2. Barbara Roemmich d. 1855
  3. Karolina Roemmich m. bef. 1858
  4. Johann Roemmich b. abt 1835 [1858 census] m. poss. to Dorothea Wilmersdorf
  5. Wilhlem Roemmich  b. abt 1845 d. 1855  [census of 1858]
  6. Katharina Roemmich b. abt 1848
  7. Karl Roemmich b. abt 1849  [census of 1858]
VI. Maria Roemmich b. 1806 Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate m. Johann Nikolaus Kost , son of Johan Jacob Kost and M. E. Schwartz


  1. Barbara Kost b. 26 May 1827  d. 20 Dec 1900 in Menno, SD, married 13 Apr 1848  to Friedrich Herrboldt b.
  2. Wilhelm Kost b. 30 Jul 1833, d. 09 Aug 1833
  3. Katharina Kost b. 19 Sep 1834
  4. Johann Philipp Kost b. 30 Oct 1836 married Rosina Roth
  5. David Kost b. 01 Jan 1839
  6. Michael Kost b. Jan 1841, d. Feb 1842
  7. Johanna Kost b. Nov 1842
  8. Carl Kost b. 18 Feb 1848, d. 25 Mar 1848

Note:  Johann Nikolaus Kost family and others can be found at :

*Errors corrected by R-10 from Sutton, Neb. Emmanuel  Church

VII. Christine Roemmich b.  1808 on trek to Russia, poss. n. Marbach-Wu. d. bef. 1836  Worms, Od. S. Russia m. Johan Jacob Ochsner b. 29 Dec 1810 Edenkoben /Landau,  Pf , son of Johan Nicolaus Ochsner and Marie Klara Walter.  Issue:
  1. Katharina Ochsner b. 30 Dec 1828 Worms / Od. S. Russia m. 23 March 1850 to Christoph Engelbhardt, son of Marg, nee Suess, and Ludwig Engelhardt.
  2. Susanna Ochsner m. Johan Jakob Kauk.
VIII. Eva Barbara Roemmich b. abt 1820 Worms, Od. S. Russia  Worms, Od. S. Russia d. 1899 Worms / Od. S. Russia m. 22 Dec. 1846 to George Jacob Horst b. 24 June 1824 Worms, Od. d. 1905 s, son of Ludwig Horst. See JOURNAL of the American Historical Society of Germans From Russia, Vol.  8,  No. 4, Winter 1985, pps. 1 to 11  Issue:
  1. Karl Horst b. 1846 m. Elizabeth Schweigert
  2. George Horst
  3. Adam Horst
  4. Jakob G. Horst b. 19 June 1862 Worms, Od. d. 4 April 1944 Carlock, SD, USA m. Elizabeth Fuhrer
  5. Elizabeth Horst b. 19 June 1862 Worms d. 1947 Gregory County, SD, USA
  6. Ludwig Horst b. 13 Sept 1872 d. 25 March 1950 Fairfax, SD, USA
  7. Sophia Horst
  8. Fred. Horst
  9. Fred. Horst
  10. Margarete Horst b. 27 Oct 1848 Worms, Od d. 1925 USA m. 16 Feb 1869 tJacob Griess of Worms, Od.
  11. Chrstine Horst  m. Louis Scherer

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NOTES On Birth Dates:

*The dates  of birth may be dates of baptism. In Germany baptism was usually performed shortly after birth [hours to a week] at this time in history. In Russia, baptism may have taken weeks, even months to occur.

**The Russian calendar before the Russian Revolution was  under the old Julian Calendar [O.S.) established by Julius Caesar in 46 BC, therefore, all records were issued under the Julian Calendar (O.S.) .  The rest of the world had adopted the Gregorian Calendar (N.S.)  in 325 A.D. which means Russian dates were 12 to 13 days different than the rest of the world.  Example: Jan 1 in Russia was Jan 14th in Germany or the USA.  When many of the German -Russians migrated to the USA before 1917 they may or may not have changed their birth dates to conform to the Gregorian Calendar (N.S.).  This means Grandpa may have been born in Russia on Jan 1 (O.S.) but  he celebrated his birthday on the 14th of Jan. (N.S.) while he was living in North Dakota, USA. It really gets complicated if Grandpa was born Dec 30th 1900 (O. S.). Adding 12-13 days means Grandpa wasn't born in Dec. 1900 but Jan.  1901 when changing t he date to the Gregorian Calendar in the USA or Europe.  Sometimes, a person finds changes in a bible on dates. Perhaps a member of the family was trying to conform to change of calendars.  [O.S. simply refers to the old style Julian Calendar and N.S. refers to the new style Gregorian Calendar]. This explains why aunt Hanna may remember her father's birth as having been in Jan.of 1901  but records found in LDS, GRHS, AHSGR... show Dec. 1900...

Gen. 8 button

Johan Nicholas Roemmich [Remich] 
  • b. bap. 17 Jan 1731 Edenkoben / Palatainate, Germany
  • d.
  • m. 28 [Oct? or Dec] 1759 Edenkoben

Anna Maria Zuber[in]

  • b. 28 April 1730 Baiertal / n. Wiesloch, Heidelberg, Germany, dau. of Abraham and Maria Barbara, nee Ritzhaupt [Ritzhaub], Zuber
  • d.
  • Issue:
    1. Maria Barbara Roemmich b. 1761
    2. Maria Eva Roemmich b. 26 Feb 1764
    3. Anna Maria Remmich b. 1768
    4. Phillip [Philip] Carl Roemmich [Remmich] b. abt 1772 Christen 26 May 1772  Edenkoben, Palatinate, Reform Church, d. 2 Oct 1834 Worms/ Od. S. Russia m. 30 May 1792 , Reform Church, Edkenoben to Maria Catharina Lingenfelder  
    5. Joh. Michael Remmich b. 19 Feb 1776
*The dates  of birth may be dates of baptism. In Germany baptism was usually performed shortly after birth [hours to a week] at this time in history
Gen. 9 button

Johannes Roemmich [Roemich,  Remich, Roemig]
  • b.[Feb ?] 1679  Edenkoben / Landau, Palainatate (Germany) [poss  bap. 13 July 1692 Neustadt
  • d. 1 Dec 1761
  • m. 31 Jan 1720 Reform Church in Edenkoben / Landau, Palatinate [Pfafz], Germany to

Anna Elisabeth Liebsperg[er]

  • b. poss from Liebsperg
  • d.
  • Issue:
    1. Johan Philipp Roemmich b. 1 Feb 1722*
    2. Joh. Peter Roemmich b. 1723 Edenkoben*
    3. Maria Barbara Roemmich b. 24 March 1726 Edenkoben*
    4. Maria Clara Roemmich (twin) 17 Jan 1731 Edenkoben*
    5. Gen. 8: Johann Nicolaus Remmich (twin) b. bap. 17 Jan 1731* Edenkoben m. 28 Oct 1759 Edenkoben to Anna Maria Zuber, dau. of Abraham Zuber and Maria Barbarra Ritzhaupt of Speyer  Issue:
      • Gen. 7:  Phillip Karl Roemmich b. 26 May 1772* m. Maria Lingenfelder, dau. of Johan Lindenfelder and Anna Busch. This family migr. to Worms / Odessa S. Russia. Issue:
    6. infant b. and d. 1734 Edenkoben
    7. Philipp Remmich b. bap. 10 Feb 1737* Edenkoben  d. Jan 1756

*The dates  of birth may be dates of baptism. In Germany baptism was usually performed shortly after birth [hours to a week] at this time in history. 
Gen. 10 button

Hans [Johannes / Johann]  Stephen Roemmich
  • b. 1632 Edenkoben/ Landau, Palatinate
  • m. ___ to

Anna Margaretha ____

  • Issue:
    1. Lorentz Romich b. abt 1663 m. 3 June 1683 to Susanna Noll
    2. Hans Veltin Roemmich m. Catharina Schuster
    3. Anna Maria Roemmich b. 8 Aug 1669 Edenkoben
    4. Maria Catharina b. Jan 1671 Edenkkoben
    5. Anna Catharina b. March 1673 Edenkoben
    6. Heinrich Roemmich b. 12 Sept 1674 Edenkoben
    7. Gen. 9: Johannes Roemmich b. Feb. 1679 Edenkoben m. 31 Jan 1720 Edenkoben to Anna Elisabeth Liebesperg[er]
    8. Phillipp Jacob Roemmich b. 1683 d, bef. 1705
*The dates  of birth may be dates of baptism. In Germany baptism was usually performed shortly after birth [hours to a week] at this time in history.
Gen. 11button

buttonH. [Heinrich] Lorenz Roemich, "Schultheiss" [Mayer] of Edenkoben
  • b. abt 1595 Neustadt a. d. Haardt  
  • d. 1671  Edeniboen
  • m. (2) in 1649 to  widow Ottilia , nee___,  "verw." Brendel  [She was a widow three times before...].
  • m. (1)

Catharina ____

  • m. (1) Issue:
    1. Gen. 10 Hans [Johann] Stephen Roemmich b. 1632  Edenkoben m. Anna Margaretha ____ Issue:
      • See Family In Detail
    2. Hans Michael Roemich b. 4 May 1636 m. Anna Magdalena ____  Issue:
      • See Family In Detail
    3. [Johann / Hans] Nicholas Roemich  b. 1649  m. 1667 to Anna Clara Doll
      • See Family In Detail
*The dates  of birth may be dates of baptism. In Germany baptism was usually performed shortly after birth [hours to a week] at this time in history.
Gen. 12 button

Leonhard[t] Roemich, the younger
  • b. 1570  Neustadt a. d. Haardt  
  • d. 11 Jan. 1618
  • m. (2)16 June 1601 to Catharina ____ b. abt 1572 d. Jan 1618 Neustadt a. d. Haardt
  • m. (1) 1593 to

Margaretha Ziegler 

  • dau. of Weyprecht Ziegler, the elder,  and NN
  • b. Neustadt a. d. Haardt
  • d.  30 Oct 1598 Neustadt  a. d. Haardt,
  • m. (1) Issue:
    1. Susanna Catharina Roemich m. (1) 1634 to Johan Nichael Gross [Groose]; m. (2) 1636 to Joh. Philipp Opsopoeus
    2. H. [Heinirch] Lorenz Roemich b. abt 1595 d. 1671 m. (1) Catharina ____ d. 1649 m. (2) 1649 to widow Ottilia, nee ___, Brendel
    3. Johann Christoph Roemig, "Schuttheiss of Winzingen" b. __- d. 1674  m. 1639 to Elisabeth Heintz
  • m. (2) Issue:
*The dates  of birth may be dates of baptism. In Germany baptism was usually performed shortly after birth [hours to a week] at this time in history.
Gen. 13button

Leonhard Roemich  
  • b. 1540  Neustadt a. d. Haardt
  • d. 1578
  • m.1566 Neudstadt  a.d.  Haardt to 

Otillia Nimsgern

  • Issue:
    1. Leonhard[t] Roemich, the younger b. 1570 d. 11 Jan. 1618 m. (1)  1593 to Margaretha Ziegler b. Neustadt a. d. Haardt   d.  30 Oct 1598 Neustadt  a. d. Haardt, dau. of Weyprecht Ziegler and NN.; m. (2)16 Feb 1601 to Catharina ____
Gen. 14button

Andreas Roemmich Councilor in 1543 In Neustadt a. d. Haardt [hill range] and in 1566 became Buergermeister in Neustadt a.d. Haardt
  • b. abt 1505
  • d. abt 1569 Neustadt a. d. Haardt*,
  • m.  abt 1525 to


  • Issue:
    1. Andreas [Endress] Roemich [Remig] 
    2. Wilhelm Roemich d. 1601 m. ?  Issue:
    3. Gen. 13: Leonhard Roemich b. abt 1540 d. 1578 m. Ottilia Nimsgern

*Neustadt a. d. Haardt [on the Haardt , a mountain range]   in Rhineland-Pfalz (Palatinate). The town is  sometimes referred to as Neustadt a. d. Weinstrasse [on the Wine Road]. Also, have seen it written as Neustadt-Haardt, Rhinepfalz-Weinpfalz.  It is located north of Landau and west of Speyer.

Gen. ?button Possible ancestor.

Lorenz Roemig, 10th Count of Leiman [ in the Heidelberg Kreis up to 1974, presently in Rhein-Necker Kreis / Baden-Wuerttemberg] and connected after 1351 to the Counts of Palatinate which were members of the Wittelsbach family, who ruled Palatinate [Pfalz]


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