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tinyLetter #1^
Marska wrote 6 Apil 1999:

Hi Judy-

My name is Marcy Whitmer Nelson. I am the daughter of James Whitmer, granddaukghter of Lydia Remmick Whitmer...So I would say we're related. >Just stumbled across your website... >Jacob Remmick the brother of Lydia Remmick, (my great uncle) is still living- he resides in Jamestown, ND in a nursing home. >...Let me know if I can supply you with info.... >.Sincerely Marcy

tinyLetter #2^ wrote 20 April 1999:

hello my name is Charlotte Roemmich. I was looking up family trees & came across your site. It seems we both have the same Great Grandfather, Jacob Roemmich. My Great Grandmother is Katharina. My Grandmother is Sophia Roemmich, daughter of Jacob. My Grandfather is Peter M. Roemmich, son of Michael Roemmich the younger, son of Wilhelm Roemmich  (Gen 7) & Katherina Suess. My father is Edmund Roemmich, son of Peter, married to Emma Silzle(who`s brother Jake S. is married to Amelia R. & sister Violet S. is married to Robert R, children of Henry Roemmich & Sophia Metzger). Ida R. is married to Fred Schmidt not Smith. Jacob R, was marreid to Elsie Silzle, sister of my mother also. This was the second marriage for both. Jaocb was married to a woman from Redfield, S.D. after Elsie. I don`t remember her name ....I met her only once at Jacob`s funeral around 1959, 60 or 61. not sure ....   Thank you for this family tree. It is so amazing to read. Have you ever found anything on Lee Remick (actress)? She was born in Streeter, N.D. Had relatives in Steele, N.D. I don`t know her father`s name. Lee R. is a distant cousin to Princess Diana. Found this in a book Princess Diana Her Life Story 1961-1997 by Richard Buskin copywrite 1997 published by Publications International, LTD Chapter 4. I find this quite interesting. Thanks agian for this family tree. If there is any more info I can give to you I would be glad to help out (if i can that is). My E-mail is .....

tinyLetter #3
Sutton Cemetery Information from E-mail fr.  Sagalot  [R-41] on 10 Dec 1998


Adolph  Roemmich 1899 - 1966

Arthur Roemmich 1888 - 1956

Darrell  Roemmich 2/22/1927 - 11/22/1991

Elfred  Roemmich no dates

Elizabeth Roemmich 10/22/1866 - 3/2/1922

Herman A  Roemmich 7/13/1913 - 12/14/1989

Leonhart  Roemmich 6/7/1861 - 1/5/1944

Lydia  Roemmich 4/15/1917 - 6/10/1996

Martha A. Roemmich 7/18/1917 - 2/1/1989 (maiden name Scheierman)

Olga  Roemmich 1899 - 1983

Ronald  Roemmich 10/19/1953 - 10/26/1977

Sophia Roemmich 1889 - 1985

tinyLetter #4^
Kost-Roemmich Family  (Kost)
Gordon's E-mail of 19 Jan 1999 is as follows


Here is my family group chart for Johann Nikolaus Kost and Maria Elisabetha Roemmich.

The only statistic I have on Johann Nikolaus is his possible year of birth--1801. I have already given you facts on Maria Elisabetha. Children: All their children were born in Worms, Ukraine, South Russia.

I have no documents to prove that the following is correct. All this info was given to me by a VC. The only facts that I can verify are for Barbara. However, when a person looks at the birth dates there certainly could be children that were born that are not listed or are listed incorrectly. Someday I will investigate more fully the Kosts.

  1. Barbara: B--26-05-1827; D:--20-12-1900 in Menno, SD;  M--13-04-1848 to Friedrich Herrboldt (my line).
  2. Wilhelm: B--30-07-1833; D--09-08-1833
  3. Katharina: B--19-09-1834; D--13-01-1856; M--03-11-1853 to Christoph Werner
  4. Johann Philipp: B--30-10-1836; M--Adelheid Heckenlaible
  5. David: B--01-01-1839; M--11-11-1858 to Katharina Serr.
  6. Michael: B--18-01-1841; D--12-02-1842
  7. Johanna: B--20-11-1842; M--Peter Weickum
  8. Elisabeth: B--00-02-1846; D--24-02-1847.
  9. Carl: B--18-02-1848; D--25-03-1848

My VC listed two males but gave only their given names and the marriage dates and wives. How or where they would fit into the scheme of births I do not know.

   10. Jacob Nikolaus: M--30-11-1850 to Magdalena Gall.

   11. Ludwig: M--16-12-1852 to Margaretha Suss or Suess.

Here is my family group chart for Friedrich Herrboldt and Barbara Kost.

Friedrich Herrboldt: B--19-06-1826; D--18-06-1882; M--13-04-1848.  He was born in Worms, married there but died in Menno, SD. Barbara nee Kost Herrboldt: B--26-05-1827; D--20-12-1900. She also died in Menno.Children: All children born in Worms.

1. Christina: B--02-02-1850; D- 1937; M--11-08-1870 to Christoph Heckenlaible.

2. Friedrich: B--13-10-1851; D--15-09-1914.

3. Jacob: B--29-10-1853; D--13-07-1935; M--08-12-1878 to Anna Keller.

4. Catherine: B--08-09-1855; D--02-02-1856

5. Philip: B--01-07-1857; D--18-05-1909; M--1883 to Catharine Kost.

6. Johann: B--20-02-1861; D--03-07-1916; M--17-01-1885 to Emilie Kost.

7. Elisabeth: B--01-02-1863; D--10-03-1863.

8. David: B--06-01-1865; D--02-10-1917; M--15-04-1888 to Karolina Handel.

9. Barbara: B--25-02-1867; D--27-03-1954; M--17-03-1887 to J. William Ulmer.

10. Anna: B--01-10-1869; D--01-05-1948; M--09-10-1892 to John Thum.

11. Adam: B--16-08-1872; D--10-02-1943; M--19-02-1893 to Friedricka Ulmer. (this is my line.)

There again are lapses in the years that children were born. The fact that they got married in 1848 and did not have a child until 1850 seems strange but I have checked the St. Petersburg films very carefully and what I have listed above is what I have found in the films. But as you know, there are some years in which there are no St. Petersburg films. I do have documents to verify all the facts I listed above.

If there is anything else I can help you with--you have my e-mail address.

talk to you.




Letter 29 April 1999 -Corrections and additions

Letter 20 Nov 2002:

...You have listed 7arl Roem ich and Maria Katharina Lingenfd the name of the sixth child as Maria born 1806. This is the brith record that someone gave me.....Maria Elisabeth born 02-05-1805  [day, month, year].  I feel this is the Maria Ebeth that married Jose daughter, Barbara, married Friederick Herrboldt.

I will keep in touch


tinyLetter #5^
Letters: S-10, Nancy Appel   2 Aug. 1997:  

...My Roemmich lines are the Germans from Russia...My Great Great Grandfather was Jakob Roemmich...married to Dorothea Reuther.  Jakob Roemmich Jr. came over to the US with his family in 1873.  They settled in Yankton, South Dakota and later moved to Sutton, Nebraska.  They were from a village called Worms...Russia.  The Reuthers were from a village called Rohrbach, it wasn't far from Worms.  They came over in 1874.

Nancy Appel

8 Aug. 1997

"Jakob Roemmich Jr. was born December 25, 1851 in Worms.  His father was Jakob Roemmich, Sen. - born November 23, 1827 in Worms.  His mother was Margarete Elizabeth Meyer born September 12, 1829 in Worms.  Jakob married Dorothea Reuther on September 10, 1876 in Sutton, NE [USA].  Jakob Jr. and Dorothea had four children...."

"...All of this information is off the film I mentioned that is from the church in Sutton that they all attended.  Just about every page has a relative on it."

"...I have a copy of the ship list and they are all listed on it.  It tells when they sailed and when they arrived, name of ship and port of entry."

tinyLetter #6?
Elmer Junker"s Two Letters:

#1 & #2

Karl Roemmich m. Margaretha Korb.  Issue:

  1. Henry Roemmich m. Magdmalena Mettler
  2. John Roemmich m. Christine Staudle
  3. Jacob Roemmich m. Schick
  4. Sophia Roemmich b. 11-8-77 d. Milwaukee m. Jacob Ottenbacher, son of Jacob Ottenbacher and Katharina Bauer. Issue:
    • Ada  Ottenbacher b. 1899 m. David Lemly
    • Emma  Ottenbacher b. 6-3-1900 m. Jacob Junker
    • Hulda Ottenbacher b. 7-24-1901 John Nordvik
    • Edwin Ottenbacher b. 1903 m. none
    • Calvin Ottenbacher b. 1905 m. Mildred Weber
    • Ester Ottenbach b. 1907 m. John Kuge
    • Theophillus Ottenbacher b. 1910 m. Agnes Kowalski
    • Martin Ottenbacher b. 1912 m. Ella Kuebler
    • Eugene b. 1917 m. Delores ___
  5. Pauline Roemmich m. Charles Becker
  6. William Roemmich m. Magdalena Junker

* See Erueka Book 1887-1937 p. 123 Peter Junker, father of Jacob Junker b. 26 Jan 1845 d. 10-18-1919 and Katharina Bauer b. 1843 d. 1921.. Family from Hoffunustal migr. abt 1889 to S. D.

**Has an old picture with Henry [copuld be williem], John, Jacob, Sopha, Pauline Reommich

***Mother remembers a cousin Karl Roemmich who was a minister

See letter #15

tinyLetter #7?
Milbert Holzwarth  {R-50] letters dated  April and May1980:

Looking for grandmother Elizabeth Roemich prob. fr. Worms.  Holzwarths came from Rohrbach.  Elizabeth was b. 27 May 1854 d. 8 Dec 1910.  Her father was Michael Roemmich.  She m. George Holzwarth b. 20 Feb 1849 Holzwarth d. 2 Jan 1917 Woodworth, ND, USA.  Believes Elizabeth sillings were:

  • Minnie  Roemmich who remained in Russia
  • William Roemmich
  • Philipp  Roemmich settled in Streeter, ND
  • Michael Roemmich
  • Jacob Roemmich

His great grandmother Michael Roemmich migr. to USA but he's not sure if he stettled in or near Streeter, ND.

tinyLetter #8^
Marilyn Fletcher  Many Letters from 1983 to 1984:

18 July 1983:  data on

#1 - Her great great grandmother was Roth m. to Heinrich Krieg.  Both born abt 1820.  #2 Great aunts who were married to a Stoller and a Gemar #3 articles from the Caucasus in 1910, 1911 and 1922:

19 May 1910 -Friedrichsfeld, Stavropol, Caucasus:  Karl and Peter R ommich

14 Jan 1911 - a Rommich died leaving a wife and 5 children

4 April 1911 -- letter was submiited by Jacob and Anna Remmich

24 June 1910, Rohrbach, mentions Rommich, Ochsner, Griess and articles in Siberia and America

18 May 1909 article written by Wilhlem Georg Rommich.

Enclosed aritcle from Nikolajewka, S. Russia which is east of Worms written by a Heinrich Riech who seem to gather News from all the villages.

Her grandparnts were Friedrich Hehr and Elisabeth, nee Krieg, who wrote greetins to his cousin Ludwig Koch.  There is a Roemmich m. to a Louise Koch.

H. Heinch's new article dated 29 Nov 1904 then publieshd 26 Jan 19056 in Dokata Freie Presse which held the following names

#1 oldest son Ochsner, Eduard Ochsner m. Rosa Esslinger

#2 Jakob Kraft m. Elisabetha Ochsner

#3 -grandhild, son of the late Johann Engel, m. Elisabetha Schwarz

#4 old granmother , widow Weidenbach who had 3 son-in-laws i Sutton one being Wilhlem Griess who was m. to Katharina, nee Ochsner

#5 Stella Ochsner's sister was Sophia, the widow of Kaft [Kraft?]

#7 Karl Ochsner

#8 Ochsner's second oldest son, Jakob Ochsner, had a daughter Lidia.

#9 Wilhlem Roemmich, (son of Georg Balthaser?) has a brother m. to Ochsner in Siberia

#10 Ochsner's youngest son was Rudolph

#11 Wilhelm Kerner m. Elisabetha Hofmann

Peter Fritchle

Letter....6 July 1982

Mentions the following people in her letter:;

#1 death of Joh Georg Remich, age 87 (born 1816) and Anton R. , age 81 (born 1821), son of Jakob Remich (age 61 in 1833) who setted in Waterloo in 1833 and were orginally from Frierichstal.

#2 Louise Koch b. 1864 m. a Roemmich .  In Gnadental 1858 census, Dr. Stukmpp's book.)

#3 "Scheffelmair--Found an aritcle by my granfather Friedrich Here-- greetings to his cousin Andreas Schfelmeir in Medicine Hat Canada"

#4 "completely stuck on my grandparents Heinrich Krief m. Charlotta Bachmann from Rohrbach porb. born about 1850's"

#5 copy of a letter rom Die Kaota Freie Fress , 18 Nov 1909  wirrten by Peter A. Greiss who talks about the Greiss, Roemmich's and others who migr. to Sutton, NB via Wradiewka train to Austria and Berlin....It reas as follows:

"In June 1873 a group of about 400 persons from Worms and Rohrbach formed in order to follow/join their relatives who had already emigrated to the United States..we went via Wradiewka where they boarded the train thru Austria and Berlin.

With our family were the families of:

Joh. Grosshans

Lehrer Jakob Orth

Lehrer Nuss

H. Hoffmann.

My parents, Heinrich and Margarethe Griess with their children and "Geschistern".

In Berlin, due to the children of Hoffmann and P.A. Griess"s younger brother's children being ill, the party had to divide into parts. The largest group let on the appointed/planned time on  [a Wednesday/] from Hamburg while we left on the following Wednesday on the streamer Thuringia.

The large group left on the steamer Cymbria.

The Hoffmann's had to remain in Hamburg another 4 weeks due to their children's continued illness.

The Freiss family arrived in N.Y. Aug 6, 1873 after 13 lovely days at sea. The Port missionary was Pastor Schweigert, who was very friendly and day for Burlingon , Iowas where Mr. Schweigert had informed them their "landsleute" [acquaintances] would meet them. We had a happy reunion with our comrades and also learned that a number of our "landsleute" had come to Burlington 24 years previous and who still had known almost all our parents.

I recall a Abraham Sprenger and his family best of all.

There they went to Lincoln, Nebr. and found temporary quarters...The poorer of our comrades were put in in the Emigrant House at Lincoln. After 2 weeks in Lincoln the Hoffmann caught up with us but our joy at reunion was shadowed due to the death of  Hoffmann's 18 year old son on the journey and burial at sea. Accompanying Hoffmanns was the family of BaCHMANN FROM RUSSIA.

Since almost all the land in eastern Nebr. was taken and all the western land of Neb. in the hands of cattle ranchers the hungary immigrants went on to the unsettled South Dakota until only a small group was left behind.

The Pastor Di ckmann from Omaha help the immigrants obtain land from the Burlington R.R. company in the vicinity of Sutton, which please them very much.  There were 3600 acres priced at 5-12 dollars an acre but sold cashed for $4.25 to them.

The "colony" near Sutton, founded Sept 1875 were [22 families....]:

Greiss family


M. Griess

Joe Roemmich

Jacob Billingmeir

P. Gemer (Gemar)

Peter Huber

Teacher, Joh. G. Nuss

Joh. Bachmann

Geo. Sera (Serr)

M. Nicholous

The rest of the families who came with us from Russia settled in South Dakota.

Heinrich Griess

Johann Griess

In the late fall of the same year the Mennonite immigrants who settled north of Sutton in the counties of Hamilton and York...."

Letter...........6 Aug. 1983

 Stated Sophie's parents were Jacob Roemmich and Margarete Meyer.

obit of Sophia , nee Roemmich, Gemar. : dates, children listed, lived in Dickey county fir 44 years.  From Sutton, NB.

tinyLetter #9?
Dinkel Letters:

Familian - Register.:

Johann Ullmann m. Margarete , nee Remmich.  Issue:

  1. Johann Ullmann  b. 22 Feb 1861 Rohrbach, S. Russia m. Margarethe Nutz, dau. of Johann Nutz and Eva Johraus [sp?] Issue:
    • Johann Ullmann b. 15 June 1884
    • Friedrich Ullmann b. 1 May 1886
    • Wilhelm Ullmann b. 21 March 1888
    • Sammuel Ullmann b. 2 Aug 1892
  2. Heinrich  Ullmann b. 6 Oct1864 Rohrbach, S. Russia m. Katharine, dau. of Johann Zimbelmann and Katharine, neeSchmidt , b. 17 March 1867 in Rohrbach, S. Russia.  Issue:
    • Heinrich Ullmann b. 17 July 1889
    • Rosalie Ullmann b. 30 Sept 1891
    • Wilhelm Ullmann b. 23 March 1893
    • Asta Ullmann b. 18 Feb1895

tinyLetter #10^
Letter  R-52 Dale L. Roemmich date 12 May 1999  E-mail:

"..there is a error in some of your information..." " is Herman Roemmich, who was my uncle...." " Jacob Roemmich and Sophia Weickum... had a son, Henry, not Heinrich.....[their] " youngest son, Herman, ... was.the author of the book."

Dale L. Roemmich

Note: Corrected: JAR-H

tinyLetter #11^
Letter s from R-58  Merv  E-mail :   #1 was about Karl Rennich's Story ; #2 stated he was des. of Margaretha Howeald and Peter Hoffer of  Oberseebach/ vSeebach / Neiuderseeeebach, Alsace
tinyLetter #12^
#2  E-mail 4 Sept 1999 from Ursula Barnfield GeneB96386

Remmick Note:   Augsut Nuss is the son of Jacob Nuss and Eva Kath. Ochsner, who is the #3 child of Georg Theobald Oschsner and Elizabeth Schmierer.

August Nuss. 23 March 1872, d. 12 Aug 1955  m. Karolina Mettler from Menno, SD, b. 19 Jul 1875, d. 15 Jul 1945,  daughter of Johann Mettler and Christina Schnabel. They had ten children

  • Justina Nuss b. Sep 20, 1894, d. Jan 06, 1998, Scotland, SD, m. George Bietz, 6 children:
    • Alvin Bietz
    • Ollie Bietz
    • Eugene Bietz
    •  Luella Bietz
    • Leo Bietz
    • LaRane Bietz
  • Anna Nuss b. 19 Jul 1896, d. Mar 1972, Huron, SD,  m. John Neiffer. 10 children:
    • Paul Neiffer
    •  Viola Neiffer
    • Lillian Neiffer
    • John Neiffer, Jr.
    • Lavonne Neiffer
    • Irene Neiffer
    • Alfred Neiffer
    • Martha Neiffer
    • Alvina Neiffer
    • Emma Neiffer
  • Caroline Nuss b. 23 Jul 1898, d. 25 Nov 1992, Wolsey, SD,  m. Edward Vasknetz, b. 1 Jan 1895, d. Mar 1964; 5 children:
    • Arthur Vasknetz
    • Emil Vasknetz
    • Delbert Vasknetz
    • Herbert Vasknetz
    • Jannett Vasknetz
  • Beatha Nuss b. 16 May 1900,  m. Henry  "Hank" Schnabel; 5 children:
    • Wilbur Schnabel
    • Pauline Schnabel
    • Bobbie Schnabel
    • Jackie Schnabel
    • Marlin Schnabel
  • Ella Dorothy Nuss, b. 25 Jan 1903, d. 4 Apr 1999 in CA,  m. Jacob (Jack) Neu; 2 children:
    • Vivadell Neu, m. Larry Kelser
    • Roger Neu,
  • Pauline Nuss, b. 16 May 1905, d. 1923
  • Martha Nuss, ,  m. Carl Johnson; 2 children:
    • Billie Johnson
    • Rita Johnson
  • Mary Nuss,  m. Ben. Schnabel; 10 children:
    • Arlene Schnabel
    • a son Schnabel
    • Jennie Schnabel
    • Denny Schnabel
    • Wallie Schnabel
    • Rose Schnabel
    • Benny Schnabel
    • Judy Schnabel
    • Betty Schnabel
    • Darrel Schnabel
  • John Nuss,  m. (1) Selma Ulmer (div.)  m. (2) Florence Lewis. Issue: 
    • 2 children from m (1)
    • Frances Ann Nuss,
    • Caroline Mae Nuss,
    • 2 children fron m (2)
    • Cheryl Diane Nuss,
    • Randall Stephen Nuss,
  • Esther L.Nuss,  m. Frank Rutherford who d. 1961; 1 child
    • Jay Rutherford
  • a son Nuss, b. and d. 1916
  • Note: Information from  R-61 on August Nuss family above
  • infant
tinyLetter #13^
E-mail - Roemmich

Sue Emerson  [R-65] dated 23 Nov 1999:

I just discovered your web page and I think we may be related. I have traced my grandmother's people to Jakob and Margaretha Roemmich, who settled in Sutton, Nebraska. They came from the Worms Colony. I have some pictures to share and information about my branch if you are interested.

Sue Emerson

tinyLetter #14?
Informat: Valerie Ingram

Rosalie, nee Roemmich b. 10 April 1909 Worms, Beresan [Beresowka],Od. S. Russia  d.       ,  dau. of Karl Roemmich and Christine Aplas  from  [b.] Waterloo / Od and grandaughter of Georg Rommich.

 Rosalie . m. Adoph Duetscher b. 17 May 1905 Worms, Od. S. Russia, son of Friedrich Duetscher and Christine Trautmann.  His grandparents were Friedrich Dutscher and Katharine Engelhardt and Nikolaus Trautmann and   ___-Harsch.. They had three children:

  • Alfred Duetscher b. 16 Nov 1932 Worms / Od. S. Russia
  • Robert Duetscher b. 18 June 1935 Worms / Od. S. Russia
  • Ella Duetscher b. 13 July 1939  Worms / Od. S. Russia
  • Written under these births it states:  " befinden sich in Rabenburg, Amtsbez. Hohensalz Kreis Hohensalza" .

Informat by snail mail was  Valerie Ingram.

EZW nr.: # 1026351  /  #  1496956  / Year - 1944

States they were Evangelican Lutherans

tinyLetter #15^

E-mail 28 March 2000:

...Great-grandfather - Karl Roemmich - born Worms, Russia-married Katherine Koreb. They had 4 children: Jacob, Henry, Bill, John and Pauline

Granfather - Jacob Roemmich - borm Worms, Russia - married Katherine Schick in South Dakota. They had 4 children:  Karl, Martha, Elsie and Alma.

Father- Karl Edward Reommich - born in Napoleon North Dakota on 2/2/08 - married Anna Schaible in Eureka, South Dakota -  They had 2 children: Stanley and Darlene (died an infant).  Karl chaged the family name to Remick when registering for the draft in WW2.

Self - Stanley Howard Remmick.... m. Rosalie Cecella Richard (Casey)....

Stan Remick


Note: JARHubert:  See letter #6

tinyArticle [See Others Listed Below]
*Article: Journal of the American Historical Society of Germans From Russia, Vol. 8, No. 4, Winter 1985 p. 1 MEMORIES OF CHILDHOOD IN WORMS, RUSSIA by Ferdinand Horst and Willimena Lagge Semmler:  

" Horst: I was born in Russia, September 22, 1899 , in the village of Worms--in the old rock house that had been our family home for nearly a hundred years. "

On p. 10 there are photographs of Horst family

Gen. 1 Ferdinand Horst

Gen. 2 Jacob Horst m. Elizabeth Fuehrer

Gen. 3 Georg Horst d. Dec 1908

Family left Worms on 24 May 1909 and settled in Butte, Nebraska, USA

Informat: Gerald Ott List:
  1. New Black Sea Genealogy , 7 March 2000, Serial Number 0001, Contents:  Ott63 117.Ged.
  2. Gerald Ott's Aunt's Story - In Part
Letter #16^
Christian Ochsner, husband of Elisabeth Roemmich
Dakota Free Press: 23 Nov 1905 from Nikolajewka  [Odessa Newspaper] 15 oct 1905:  


...Herr Christian Ochsner died on Sunday, the 9th of this month....His mother, the widow Weidenbach, on the same day...Pastor  Steinwand of Worms presided at the burial.... and  Past Karnehl of Rohrbach ....

[At the burial were????]

The sons were: Edward, Jakob and Rudolph...

Three sons had Mr. Ochsner: Eduard, Jakob and Rudolph and two daughrers: Lydia and Stella.... two boys of the sister Kaft [Kraft?] and two girls of the brother Karl Roemmich in Siberia.  The brother of Mrs. Ochsner, Jakob and Wilhlem, with their wives; the sisters Mrs. Jakob Kraft and Roemmich, Heinrich and Christian Roemmich; brothers and wives;  sons of Georg Baltasar Roemmich; the stepchildren and stepsisters. Weidenbach and wives; ....Schoech and wife and the sister Amalie, ...dau. of Wilhelm Roemmich in Siberia; Heinrich Roemmich and son of the late Karl Roemmich; Karl and August Faatz with their wives; Jacob Schaefer and wife, nee Weidenbach; Mr. Fr. Zier with wife, nee Alber; widow Engel and her son Karl with his wife, nee Schwarz; Mai and wife; Michael Lutz of Waterloo; Jacob Par, Joh. Ridinger and Jakob Fuhrmann of Rohrbach; Mr. Ruetzer and his wife, nee Maezner of Odessa and their son who is a doctor;; Ebelmann Ignatowitsch; Officer Engel, huband of Helene (dau. of Adam Graft); John Glawne,  Ungar; Schlegel and Mr. Postcheff of Wotznisenke; Wingerter, Mrs. Joseph Selinger, his  [can't read] ; Johan Dauenhauer and wife; Mrs. Christian Schmaltz and his wife, nee Weber of Rastadt; Adam Eslinger and son and his wife....."

letterLetters #17 & #18 & #19 others.....^

Leslie Remmich wrote 27 June 2000

Magdalena, nee Fischer, Remmicks parents were:  Gottlieb Fischer b. 7 May 1868 in S. Russia d. 29 May 1906 Streeter, ND, USA m. Magdalena Aldinger b. 14 May 1869 S. Russia d. 20 Aug 1927 Streeter, ND, USA.  Issue:  [ Four children married Roemmichs....]

 ...Mary and I have four daughters. We have combined family.  I brought two children into the marriage and Mary had two. Our eldest daughter is adopted Japanese, and, then I had one more with my first wife Evelyn. Mary had two girls from a previous marriage.....we have six grandchildren between us...So that's it from us here in Oregon." 

Leslie Remmich wrote 27 June 2000 []:

Magdalena, nee Fischer, Remmicks parents were:  Gottlieb Fischer b. 7 May 1868 in S. Russia d. 29 May 1906 Streeter, ND, USA m. Magdalena Aldinger b. 14 May 1869 S. Russia d. 20 Aug 1927 Streeter, ND, USA.  Issue:  [ Four children married Roemmichs....]

 ...Mary and I have four daughters. We have combined family.  I brought two children into the marriage and Mary had two. Our eldest daughter is adopted Japanese, and, then I had one more with my first wife Evelyn. Mary had two girls from a previous marriage.....we have six grandchildren between us...So that's it from us here in Oregon." 

Leslie Remmich wrote 29 June 2000 []: Envelope with photogrpahs

See Family  data

Corrrection letter dated 3 oct 2001:

,,,I was just going through the family tree thing when something hit me that I'd never noticed before. The wrong Alvin Roemmich is married to the wrong wife somehow.

The Alvin Roemmich that married Edna Fischer shown in the Carl Remmick and Bertha Adam is wrong. Edna Fischer is my first cousin on my Mom's side so I know that family well. Anyway Edna married Alvin Roemmich from the Wilhelm (William Roemmich) family. The Alvin Remmick ( They spell Remmick like you and I do.) of the Carl Remmick is married to Ella Scafer from Streeter. ( I was at there wedding, sometime in early 1940)

Just thought you aoght to know. Otherwise alls fine here. Keepup the good work

Your Cousin, Les

butLetter #20. #21

Cody Schuler wrote 27 July 2000 ... My name is Cody Schuler and I grew up in Streeter. I currently am a graduate student at Duke University...-studying to be a pastor....  My grandmother was a Remmick and grew up near Streeter. Here is a quick rundown of my family tree....
  • My parents: Don and Annetta (Kleinknecht) Schuler
  • Grandparents: Emil and Annetta (Remmick) Kleinknecht
  • Great grandparents: Carl and Bertha (Adam) Remmich
  • Great great grandparents: Michael and Johanna (Schuler) Roemmich
  • Great great great grandparents: Michael and Katherina (Suess) Roemmich

...sed in the "chutors" that the Remmich's owned...  according to Schuler family legend, my father's grandparents met at one (Johannesfeld)...


butLetter #22?

Roxie Stephes wrote 21 Aug 2000... :  Let me introduce myself. My name is Roxie Stephens. Miaden name Pleinis... mom was a Aldinger...her mother (my grandmother) was a Remmick....They lived in Bowdle, SD unteil they came to Aberdeen, SD.... Grandpa worked at KO Lee company most of his life....

butLetter #24, #25, #26 ?

Alissa Remmick wrote 22 Aug 2000 : Hello, my names is Alissa Remmick.  My grandfathe Walter, was the son of Georg Roemmich and Elizabeth Weist. There is quite an extensive addition to the family tree. My granpa marrng. They had seven children. My father, Rodeny, was one of two boys.....

letter:  24 Aug 2000  [gives list of six children]

letter : 1 Sept 2000 [adds names of spuces to list]

butLetter # 30
Marcia Paxton wrote 1 Feb 2001:

I have just put up a web site with much info about the area around Gackle, ND and our German for Russia ancestor's who live there. I have much to add. I'm transcribing a local paper from 1908-1920. There is a collection of obituaries being added. And there is a Genealogy file and much more.

Judy's notes: Included in her data is  Edward Rremmich b. 13 Oct 1906 Streeter, ND son of Jacob Rremmick and Magdalena Fischer m. ReginaKnodel b. 6 June 1912, dau. of Jacob Knodel and Christina Fandrich.....

butletter #31

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