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Letters Continue........

butLetter #31^ daated 12 April 2001:

Hi there, sorry for taking so long to get this information to you but I have been really sick and just started back on the computer then I remembered I had told you I would type this information out for you so here goes.


Roemmich and Perlenfein

Jacob was born at Rohrbach, Russia, February 17, 1856, and was the son of Jacob and Eva Maria Zimbleman Perlenfein. His wife Eva, was the daughter of Jakob and Margarete Elis Meyer Roemmich. She was born June 3, 1858, in Worms Russia, (now part of Germany). It is uncertain when they came to America, but it is believed they accompanied their parents at a very early age. Jacob and Eva were married October 13, 1878. They had 13 children: Jacob, Eva, William, Henry, Karl, Sophia, Lydia, Edward, John, Freda, Gus and Alma. The 10 youngest children accompanied their parents to North Dakota in an emigration car in 1903. When they arrived in Oakes, they were welcomed by one of North Dakota's blinding blizzards, and blocked roads, and had to stay with Eva's sister, Sophia, and her husband, the Pete Gemars, for 2 weeks before they could get to the Richard and Ed Murray farm, NE of 20-130-60, where they lived for 2 years. Then they moved to the Gus Strutz farm in Clement township. Jacob had operated a butcher shop in Sutton Nebraska, and then went into farming. When he came to North Dakota, he was called upon to help butcher. He was known for the good bologna and head cheese he made. Eva was a semi-invalid her last years and passed away in 1912. After his wife died, Jacob sold much of his farm machinery and household goods and went to Wishek. Here he married Elizabeth Deile. They farmed and later he was the City cop of Wishek. When Elizabeth died, he returned to Guelph to live with his daughter Alma Andersen. He passed away in 1937. A brief history on some of the children who came to North Dakota with them is as follows.

Henry was born April 16, 1883, and married Eugena Marie Wahl of Clement, on March 2, 1909. They had four children, Emma, Ina, Richard and Betty. Henry passed away April 27, 1930.

Sophia never married and passed away April 9, 1900.

Ed (his story is on another page and will follow in the days ahead)

Lydia was born January 2, 1888 and married Gust Buske of Clement, N.D. They had two daughters Nina and Marvel. Lydia passed away July 1, 1944.

John (his story is on another page and will follow in days ahead)

Freda was born September 14, 1892. She married Walter Lilyquist. They had ten children: Marvin, Muriel, Alvina, Lorraine, Gloria, Gene, Reva, Janet, Gordon and Clinton. Freda is now living in Remer, Minnesota.

Ferd was born November 4, 1894m and served time in the army in World War I. He never married and passed away June of 1937.

Gus was born August 27, 1896. His wifes name was Helen. They had three children, Mabel, Nina and Kenneth. He passed away in 1979 in Greeley, Colorado.

Alma (her story is on another page and will follow in the days ahead.

Edward Perlenfein was born January 3 1890 at Sutton, Nebraska, to Jacob and Eva. When a young man, he came to North Dakota with his parents in and immigrant car, arriving in Oakes in one of North Dakota's worst blizzards. Ed worked with his parents and brothers as farm laborers in Hudson and Clement townships. He met Edna Rodine, the daughter of John and Clara Anderson Rodine. They were married November 28, 1915, on a Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. & Mrs. H.M. Young, with Rev. Virgil Merchant performing the ceremony. Only a few relatives were present. Mr. & Mrs. Perlenfein left in the evening for their home on the N. Groat place, where they resided for several years. They farmed in various locations near Guelph for 26 years and their four children, Norman, Mildred, Ardys, and Russel were born and attended school in Ada township and Guelph High School.

Norman was killed at the age of 12, on Highway 11 near their home, four miles west of Guelph, when he ran to save his puppy from and oncoming car. Mildred, Ardys and Russel have married and their homes are in the state of Oregon. Ed's health failed and his final year was one of much suffering and required a great deal of care by his wife and family until he died at only 51 years of age. Edna moved to Oregon and became an L.P.N. and was employed as a nurse for many years. There she married Elmer Nichols, a farmer. They are both now deceased.

John, the son of Jacob and Eva Perlenfein of Sutton, Nebraska, was born in 1891. He married Lydia Eisenbeis born in 1895, on March 14, 1916, at Asley N.D. They farmed for many years and lived on what was called the Kunrath farm at that time. The older Perlenfein children attended Hudson School # 4.

They moved to Fargo where John worked as a carpenter and later moved to Williston, Where he worked for the Bureau of Reclamation. In 1962 they returned to Oakes and retired. Twelve children wore born to them, Vivian (Mrs. Norman Nelson) Fargo N.D., Grace (Mrs. Merle Akers)Oakes N.D., Lloyd, Marjorie, Doris, Joyce, Helen, Ethel, William, Diana, Bonnie, Barbara. John passed away January 10, 1979 and Lydia passed away September 9, 1979.

Now I have two more of the stories to go. They are for Jens Andersen, and Russel and Phyllis Perlenfein. This information is found in the Granary of the Plains Guelph North Dakota 1883-1983. It was published in 1983. There are some photos also, I was going to scan them for you but I no longer have a scanner as it has stopped working. The rest will follow in a few days. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to e me.


butLetter #32^

Hi Judy,

I have been working on inputting a WHOLE lot of PFAFF data into the computer for Ralph Wiseman. He and I are third cousins on the HARR side, which also includes Pfaffs. In doing so, I have come across lots of your info as well.

I am now looking into a possible Roemmich connection with my Huber line and I'm wondering if you can help.

Johannes/Johann ROEMMICH married a Dorothea Willmersdorf in Worms on 11 Dec 1834. On the marriage info on Pixel and in the 1858 Census for Worms, it gives her name as Willmersdorf. However, birth records for their children say that her name was Dorothea HUBER.

Dorothea's age in the 1858 census was 53. The Dorothea Huber in my line was born 31 Jan 1804. So if the one who married Johann Roemmich was really a Huber, this seems like a possible fit.

Do you know anything about this line??

I will eventually be able to do a GEDCOM for the Pfaff info--once Ralph and I get some questions sorted out. I have traced the line a little further back in to Germany.

Any help you might offer on HUBER / ROEMMICH would be most appreciated.

Thank you!

Karen (Weisenburger) Abel


butLetter #33?

Good Morning Judy,

Found these two persons on a web page this AM.....sortof looks like your family name, variation. Any of your kin?


Elizabeth Remmich 1891-1935 (H. Theodore)

Theodore Remmich 1889-1964 (W. Elizabeth)

Baptist Cem., 8.5 miles So. of Wishek, ND, Moscow Township


Best regards,

Marv H. [Hoffer]


Baptist Cemetery

Located 8.5 miles south of Wishek, North Dakota

Moscow Township, McIntosh County, North Dakota

ptist Cemetery

Located 8.5 miles south of Wishek, North Dakota

Moscow Township, McIntosh County, North Dakota Remmich, Elizabeth 1891-1935 (h. Theodore)

Remmich, Theodore 1889-1964 (w. Elizabeth)

butLetter #34^

E-mail from Michael Roemmich

Hi Judy,

I have more geneology info for you to add to your Roemmich family tree. My name is Michael Roemmich I am the nephew of Sandy Beier, where you got most of your info from.

Harlen Roemmich m. Sharon Marmon ; m Carlene Zierke Issue by first wife:

Michael Roemmich m. Phyllis Oltmanns b. 25 January 1947 d. 18 January 2000 Issue:

Skyler Roemmich

Miriah Roemmich

Dona Roemmich m. Ricky Burgess m. Michael Burbank Issue by first husband

Adam Burgess

Ryan Burgess

Issue by second husband Richard Burbank

James Roemmich m. Terri Scott Issue:

Lacey Roemmich

Weston Roemmich

John Roemmich m. Mary Richards Issue:

Quinnten Roemmich

Kenneth Roemmich m. Nichole Relka Issue:

Kimery Roemmich

That's all the info I have on my family but it looks pretty complete. If you need more info let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.


note from Remmick: I've omitted dates of those still living.....

butLetter #35?

Judy -

The right branch is the part I'm struggling with. Here's what I know:

Sophia married Christian Kast sometime before 1884, when their first  child was born. She died either at the age of 35 or 38, sometime after  1898, the birth of her last child and before 1909, when her children  emigrated to Nebraska. She did not emigrate to the U.S. Katherine Ochsner Griess went to Odessa in 1909 with her daughter  Frieda, after the death of her husband Henry and returned to Sutton with  5 of Sophia's six children. (Her second child, Henry, had come over earlier and stayed with the Griess' in Sutton as well.) That makes me  assume that Sophia and Katherine were at least first cousins, if not  sisters. The Kast children list Henry Griess as their uncle on their  Ellis Island records. The other family story has the orphaned Kast  children staying with "Uncle George" while they remained in Russia, so I  have also searched for a George Oschner with a sister with about the  right birth dates, but have struck out there as well.

The other connection that might ring a bell with you is that Sophia's  oldest son, Christian, married Katharina Roemmich in Sutton the next  March (1910). Katharina was the daughter of William Roemmich and  Katharina Bauer from Sutton. Family stories talk of Christian and Katie  as "cousins" and it was thought that was why they had a mentally  retarded son, but how close the "cousinship" really was I haven't  figured out yet because I can't put Sophia anywhere.

Any insight you might have is greatly appreciated.


6 Seot 2001

butLetter #36^

Norma ,Goering Family linked to Anna Eliz. Spohn  dated 23 nov 2001:

"....Georg Gehringer (Gering) was married to Anna Eliz. Spohn.  This was an early ancestor of mine.

Dr. Kuby with the aide of a living Goering researched and complied the Gering, Geringer, Goring, Goering genealogy for me in Edenkoben.... The Bureau Co. Genealogy Society has a copy of my book.


butLetter #37^
E-mails from Ron Weitzel

Hi, I was surfing the web, looking at some family web sites in preparation for doing my own site for the Family Weitzel. Yours was particularly interesting because through my mother I am also a Roemmich descendant. I've been to Edenkoben several times and maintain contact with one of the Roemmich descendants who still lives in Edenkoben. In fact, as a retired German teacher I arranged for his son to spend a year at our high school.

You have a wealth of interesting information and pictures on your site and I haven't had time to go through all of it.

It was interesting to see that there are some Croissants in the genealogy.

The Roemmich branch that I stem from settled in Sublette, Illinois. And there are some Croissants in the lineage again.

Particularly interesting is the Russian branch.

According to Edenkoben history, there are three major branches of Roemmichs: one immigrated to USA, one to Russia, and one stayed in Germany. The Russian branch or part of it eventually came to USA also and settled in Nebraska. I ran across a website once that had some info about them.

Your site mentions Hans Michael Roemmich as one of the earliest in the genealogy. There are actually record of 4 earlier generations, going back to 1515 with Andreas Roemmich.

...I would like to look at it to compare with what I have.

Possibly what I have could be added to your record.

Sincerely, Ron Weitzel

#2 Letter:

Thanks for your note. I did find the more complete genealogy on the site.

We need to go back to the 11th generation and Lorenz to find a common

ancestor. I am a descendant of the person you have listed as [Johann/Hans]

Nicholas Roemich on page 3Remmick.Family.Tree/Page 12 who married Anna Clara

Doll. In brief the subsequent lineage runs:

11. Lorenz

10. Nikolas (+ Anna Clara Doll)

9 Johannes the elder (+ Maria Katherine Michael)

8. Georg Michael (+Maria Ursula)

7. Georg Jacob (+ Phillippine Barbara Goering)

6. Johan Heinrich (+Maria Katherine Kaiser)

5. Johan Heinrich (+Anna Katherine Satter)

a. John Phillip (b. Oct 10, 1837)

b. John Henry (b. Nov 4, 1838) He immigrated to Sublette, Illinois, in

1862, with his wife Elisabeth Lehn. They had 3

children one of whom was may maternal grandmother.

c. Phillip Jacab (b. 1840)

d. Jacob Phillip (b. Sept 15, 1841) He immigrated to Missouri in1867.

e. Anna Katherine (b. Jan 3, 1844)

f. Nikolano (Dec 31, 1845) He is the ancestor of the current Edenkoben

descendants named Leonhard with whom I correspond and visit.

g. Williamo

h. Philippina

Perhaps you already have this info or if you would like more, let me know.

Also let me know what form you would like it. You have an amazingly

thorough documentation of the Roemmich family. I like the historical info to

supplement the genealogy. Great job.

Ron Weitzel

Letter #3

[Note: filled in dates and added more data of the above letters]

Letter #4

new 5 March 2002  e-mail

butLetter #38^
...I have hit a brick wall concerning a couple of my ancestors as they left Edenkoben and settled in America.

I was woundering if you have information on other Genslingers in Edenkoben and if so could I ask you for your help....

Larry Genslinger  [R-101]

8 Jan 2002

butLetter #39

In a message dated 8/28/02 12:58:29 AM, writes:

<< I have been searching information on John Albert Roemmich from Nebraska/Colorado His father was also John Roemmich and had a store in ? SCOTTSBLUFF,Neb in the early 1800's He was in WWI and I have photos of him in his uniform. Both my parents are now gone so I have very little on my grandfather I have posted requests on Ancestry. com please contact me at " or this e-mail address. my father was Allen Junior Roemmich and he had only one brother Elmer Roemmich . My name is Carol Roemmich/ Hoopingarner My father died 3 years ago in Lodi,California where he moved to in the spring of 1948 just before I was born. He and my mother and older sister Barbara moved from Bayard, Nebraska. I am searching for any information I do have some names please ask more and I will share what I have>>

NOTE:  My family moved to Lodi in 1943.  Another Lodi Roemmich family, who are cousins, was des. of  child #2 Wilhelm Roemmick's des. Raymond Roemmich [S-102] branch.  Raymond was born in Hamilton County, Nebraska.


June 30, 2003 message from Daniel D. DeKrey,

Intersting site. Found my family and pictures. Sending you some corrections of spelling of first and last names. The correctioned .....this family spelled the last name without the "o" ; Remmich. ..."

3) Wilhelm [William] Roemmich b. 28 Aug 1889 Worms, Od. m. 9 Nov. 1913 Mathilda Sehr.....

Dan DeKred

Trust Asset Administrator

Private Client Services

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