Remmick-Hubert Web Site:  Remmick Family Genealogy - Gen. 7:  Philip Karl Roemich b. 1772 Edenkoben / Landau, Palatinate [Pfaz], Germany m. Maria Lingenfelder.  Migr. to Worms / Odessa, Russia.

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Gen. 7

Philip [Phillip] Karl [Carl] Roemich [Roemmich, Rommich, Rommich, Romich]
  • son of J. [Johan] Nicholas Remmich  and Anna Barbara Zuber[in]
  • b. 26 May 1772  Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate, [Germany]  Christen 29 May 1772 Reform Church, Edenkoben.
  • d. 1 Jan 1870 n. Worms, Od. S. Russia  [Chutor Lameack or Limeack or Lameick]
  •  m. 30 May 1792 Reform Church, Edenkoben to  

Catharina Marie Lingenfelder dau. of Johan Georg Lingefelder  fr. Edenkoben, Palatinate and Anna Christina Buch

  • 7 Feb 1767 Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate, [Germany]
  • 26 Oct 1846 Worms / Od. S. Russia [#1882638 1 96 20  80 yrs. old]


I.Elisabeth Roemmich  b. 1791 Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate m. _____ Was stilll living in 1858 and recorded in Worms Census

II. Wilhelm Roemmich  [Remmich] b. 14 April 1795 Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate m. Katharina Specht b. 1797 [cenus 1858], dau. of Peter Specht and Maria ____. Issue:
Gen. 6 III. J. [Johann] Jacob Roemmich  [Remmich] b. 14 March 1797 Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate m. (1) Margaretha Winterrot   Issue In Brief:  also found In More Detail in Gen. 6

Note: Ancestor of Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

IV. Friedricka Roemmich b. 1800 Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate
V. Johann[es]  Roemmich b. 1802 Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate m. (1) Katharina Huber m. (2) Dorothea, nee Huber, Wilmersdorf. Issue
VI. Maria Roemmich b. 2 May 1805 Edenkoben, Landau, Palatinate m. Johann Nikolaus Kost, son of Johan Jacob Kost and M. E. Schwartz
VII. Christine Roemmich b.  1807 on trek  from Edenkoben to Russia, poss. n. Marbach-Wu. d. 12 July 1835 Worms /Od. S.Russa Worms, Od. S. Russia  m. Johan Jacob Ochsner b. 29 Dec 1810 Edenkoben /Landau,  Pf , son of Johan Nicolaus Ochsner and Marie Klara Walter.  Issue:
VIII. Eva Barbara  Roemmich b. abt 1820 Worms, Od. S. Russia  Worms, Od. S. Russia d. 1899 Worms / Od. S. Russia m. 22 Dec. 1846 to George Jacob Horst b. 24 June 1824 Worms, Od. d. 1905 s, son of Ludwig Horst. See JOURNAL of the American Historical Society of Germans From Russia, Vol.  8,  No. 4, Winter 1985, pps. 1 to 11  [R-67] Issue:

I. to VIII. Children In Detail

Remmick / Roemmich Letters

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