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tinyLetter #40
Message: March 19, 2003 from Michael L. Wiest

We are connected so many ways.

...Do you know where you got your infomation from? I have conflicts with her sister Maria Anna Wiest who married Christoph Nutz

I have her born 1804 Marria Anna but a cording to her death record she would be born in 1812

Descendants of Anna "Maria" Wiest

Generation No. 1

1. ANNA "MARIA"7 WIEST (JOHANN "SEBASTIAN"6, JOHANN "JACOB"5 WUEST, JOHANN "MICHAEL"4, JOHANNES3, SAMUEL2, SAMUEL1 WÜST, SR.)1,2 was born 1810 in Erlenbach, Germersheim, RF, Germany3,4, and died 1894 in Worms, Russia5,6. She married JOHANN "NIKOLAUS" OCHSNER7,8 October 26, 1837 in Worms, Russia9,10, son of JOHANN OCHSNER and KLARA WALTER. He was born May 25, 1798 in Edenkoben, Rheinbayern11,12, and died 1876 in Worms, Russia13,14.


Record Change: July 23, 200114


Record Change: July 23, 200114

Marriage Notes for ANNA WIEST and JOHANN OCHSNER:

Ochsner, Johann Nicolaus 26 Oct 1837 Worms Wuest, Anna Maria 1882647/3 153 6

Children of ANNA WIEST and JOHANN OCHSNER are:

2. i. PETER8 OCHSNER, SR., b. February 01, 1838.

ii. JUSTINE OCHSNER, b. September 08, 1838, Worms, Russia; d. September 24, 1838, Worms, Russia.

iii. JACOB OCHSNER, b. December 19, 1839, Worms, Russia.

iv. KATHARINA OCHSNER, b. January 28, 1857, Worms, Russia.


Baptism: January 17, 1858, Worms, Russia

Generation No. 2




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Message, Wednesday, March 19, 2003, from Michael:

Descendants of Dietrich Weikum

Generation No. 1

1. DIETRICH1 WEIKUM1,2,3 was born February 21, 1772 in Stebbach, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany4,5. He married CAROLINA MEIDINGER6,7,8,9. She was born Abt. 1772 in Stebbach, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany10,11.


Christening: February 21, 1772, Stebbach, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany12,13

Record Change: October 07, 200014


Record Change: October 07, 200016

Rge: October 07, 200017


2. i. MARGARETHA2 WEIKUM, b. March 01, 1806, Stebbach, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany; d. March 09, 1833, Rohrbach, Odessa, Russia.

Generation No. 2

2. MARGARETHA2 WEIKUM (DIETRICH1)18,19,20,21 was born March 01, 1806 in Stebbach, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany22,23,24,25, and died March 09, 1833 in Rohrbach, Odessa, Russia26,27. She married FRANZ WIEST28,29 Abt. 1832 in Rohrbach, Odessa, Russia30,31, son of JOHANN WIEST and MARIA NOLDE. He was born 1802 in Steinweiler, Germersheim, Pfalz, Germany31, and died October 11, 1840 in Rohrbach, Odessa, Russia32,33.


Wiest, Margaretha 9 Mar 1833 Rohrbach Husb Franz Wiest 1792290/2 142 11 27 yrs 20 dys Prts - Dietrich Weikum Carolina Meidinger


Christening: March 05, 1806, Stebbach, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany34,35

Record Change: March 17, 200136

Notes for FRANZ WIEST:

Wiest, Franz Died 11 Oct 1840 Rohrbach Married no spouse named 1883190/4 136 14 Age 40 yrs Born Steinweiler


I know the answer to this question!! It had also confused me at the beginning. Franz and his brother Sebastian and their families were very close and they spent a lot of time together. In order to keep things straight, they called Sebastian's son Franz "Junior." He became known as Franz Junior.



Record Change: December 09, 200036


i. BARBARA3 WIEST37,38,39,40, b. February 02, 1833, Rohrbach, Odessa, Russia41,42; d. February 03, 1833, Rohrbach, Odessa, Russia42,43.


Record Change: October 07, 200043

Descendants of Margaretha Weikum

Generation No. 1

1. MARGARETHA1 WEIKUM1,2 was born 1806 in Stebbach/ Sinsheim, Baden3,4, and died June 30, 1837 in Worms, Russia5,6. She married JOHANN "NIKOLAUS" OCHSNER7,8 Abt. 1825 in Worms, Russia9,10, son of JOHANN OCHSNER and KLARA WALTER. He was born May 25, 1798 in Edenkoben, Rheinbayern10,11, and died 1876 in Worms, Russia12,13.


Record Change: July 23, 200113


Record Change: July 23, 200113


i. CHRISTIAN2 OCHSNER14,15, b. Abt. 1826, Worms, Russia16,17.


Record Change: July 23, 200117

2. ii. MARIA MAGDALENA OCHSNER, b. March 01, 1827, Worms, Russia; d. February 24, 1886, Sutton, Clay Co., Nebraska.

iii. MARIA MARGARETHA OCHSNER18,19, b. February 16, 1834, Worms20,21; d. 1917, Sutton, NE, USA22,23.


Record Change: July 23, 200123

Rge: July 23, 200124

iv. DOROTHEA OCHSNER25,26, b. 1835, Worms27,28; d. 188629,30.


Record Change: July 23, 200130

Rge: July 23, 200131

Generation No. 2

2. MARIA MAGDALENA2 OCHSNER (MARGARETHA1 WEIKUM)32,33,34 was born March 01, 1827 in Worms, Russia35,36, and died February 24, 1886 in Sutton, Clay Co., Nebraska37. She married FRIEDRICH F. NUSS, SR.38 December 10, 1846 in Rohrbach, Russia39, son of JACOB NUSS and CATHARINA MOSER. He was born February 01, 1825 in Rohrbach, So. Russia40, and died June 08, 1888 in Sutton, Clay Co., Nebraska41.


Burial: Sutton, Clay Co., Nebraska/Sutton vicinity, Emmanuel Cemetery41

Record Change: July 23, 200142


Burial: Sutton, Clay Co., Nebraska /Sutton vicinity, Emmanuel Cemetery43

Record Change: January 16, 200244


i. MARIA "MARGARET"3 NUSS45, b. June 06, 185046.

3. ii. JOHANN "GEORG" NUSS, b. November 16, 1852, Rohrbach, South Russia; d. October 23, 1930, Sutton, Clay Co., Nebraska.

iii. EVA "CATHARINE" NUSS47, b. November 04, 1855, Rohrbach, Russia48; d. January 26, 1929, Sutton, Clay Co., Nebraska48.


Baptism: December 30, 1855, Rohrbach, Russia48

4. iv. ANNA MARIE NUSS, b. January 17, 1858, Rohrbach, South Russia; d. July 30, 1895, Clay County, Nebraska.

5. v. FRIEDRICH F. NUSS, JR., b. September 12, 1863, Rohrbach, South Russia; d. September 11, 1900, Sutton, Clay Co., Nebraska.

6. vi. ELISABETH NUSS, b. October 05, 1865; d. July 17, 1942, Clay County, Nebraska.

7. vii. PETER NUSS, b. September 23, 1869.

viii. WILHELMINE "MINNIE" NUSS49, b. May 12, 187350.

Generation No. 3

3. JOHANN "GEORG"3 NUSS (MARIA MAGDALENA2 OCHSNER, MARGARETHA1 WEIKUM)51 was born November 16, 1852 in Rohrbach, South Russia52, and died October 23, 1930 in Sutton, Clay Co., Nebraska52. He married MARGARETHA GRIESS53 February 01, 1881 in Clay Co., Nebraska54. She was born June 27, 1863 in Worms, South Russia54, and died December 20, 1944 in Sutton, Clay Co., Nebraska54.


i. LILLI MARGARETE4 NUSS, b. March 19, 1882, Clay Co., Neberaska.

ii. HERBERT GEROG NUSS, b. November 18, 1883, Clay Co., Neberaska.

iii. ARWED FRIEDRICH NUSS, b. September 04, 1885, Clay Co., Neberaska.

iv. ERWIN KARL NUSS, b. September 01, 1887, Clay Co., Neberaska.

v. LEON WILHELM NUSS, b. June 05, 1889, Clay Co., Neberaska; m. THERESIA GROSSHANS, January 19, 1911, Clay Co., Nebraska.

vi. HELMUT MICHAEL NUSS, b. May 30, 1891, Clay Co., Neberaska.

vii. ELFRIEDE KATHERINE NUSS, b. May 31, 1893, Clay Co., Neberaska.

viii. EWALD THEODOR NUSS, b. May 1895, Clay Co., Neberaska; d. October 1969, Sutton, Nebraska.

ix. FRIEDHOLD HEINRICH NUSS, b. July 10, 1897, Clay Co., Neberaska; d. May 10, 1971; m. ROSALIA OESCHGER.

x. EDMUND PETER NUSS, b. July 03, 1899, Clay Co., Neberaska; d. July 1972, Hastings, Adams Co., Nebraska.

xi. RUDOLPH WALDEMAR NUSS, b. February 24, 1903, Clay Co., Neberaska.

4. ANNA MARIE3 NUSS (MARIA MAGDALENA2 OCHSNER, MARGARETHA1 WEIKUM)55 was born January 17, 1858 in Rohrbach, South Russia56, and died July 30, 1895 in Clay County, Nebraska. She married KARL HOFMANN.

Children of ANNA NUSS and KARL HOFMANN are:

i. JOHANNE OLINDA4 HOFFMANN, b. December 25, 1881, York Co., Nebraska.

ii. HEINRICH ALBERT HOFFMANN, b. January 18, 1883, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.

iii. ELISABETH HOFFMANN, b. February 24, 1884, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.

iv. WILHELMINE NATALIE HOFFMANN, b. May 23, 1886, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.

v. EMILIE ROSALIE HOFFMANN, b. December 05, 1887, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.

vi. FRIEDRICH KARL HOFFMANN, b. February 09, 1889, Sutton, Nebraska.

vii. ANNA ELEONORE HOFFMANN, b. May 24, 1890, Sutton, Nebraska.

viii. RUDOLF KARL HOFFMANN, b. January 13, 1892, Sutton, Nebraska.

ix. HILDA MARGARETE HOFFMANN, b. May 1895, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.

5. FRIEDRICH F.3 NUSS, JR. (MARIA MAGDALENA2 OCHSNER, MARGARETHA1 WEIKUM)57 was born September 12, 1863 in Rohrbach, South Russia58, and died September 11, 1900 in Sutton, Clay Co., Nebraska58. He married MAGDALENE WIELAND59.


i. GRIESELLA MAGDALENA4 NUSS, b. March 11, 1894, Clay Co., Neberaska.

6. ELISABETH3 NUSS (MARIA MAGDALENA2 OCHSNER, MARGARETHA1 WEIKUM)59 was born October 05, 186560, and died July 17, 1942 in Clay County, Nebraska. She married KARL MICHAEL GRIESS. He was born May 21, 1859 in Worms, South Russia, and died November 04, 1923 in Sutton, Nebraska.


i. ALFRED KARL4 GRIESS, b. April 22, 1885, Clay Co., Neberaska; d. April 08, 1887, Clay County, Nebraska.

ii. OLGA ELISABETH GRIESS, b. July 30, 1886, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.

iii. KLARA MARGARETE GRIESS, b. September 29, 1887, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.

iv. CLAUDIA MAGDALENE GRIESS, b. November 04, 1889, Stockham, Hamilton Co., Neberska.

v. ALICE KATHARINA GRIESS, b. April 1891, Stockham, Hamilton Co., Neberska.

vi. WILHELMINE CHRISTINE GRIESS, b. January 10, 1893, Stockham, Hamilton Co., Neberska.

vii. GERTRUD GRIESS, b. October 26, 1895, Stockham, Hamilton Co., Neberska.

viii. MELITTA GRIESS, b. August 13, 1897, Stockham, Hamilton Co., Neberska.

ix. VERA CORNELIA GRIESS, b. October 12, 1899, Stockham, Hamilton Co., Neberska.

x. HERBERT KARL GRIESS, b. March 24, 1902, Stockham, Hamilton Co., Nebraska.

xi. HERTHA GRIESS, b. August 25, 1903, Sutton, Nebraska.

xii. HILMAR FRIEDRICH GRIESS, b. December 20, 1904, Sutton, Nebraska.



i. FRIEDA KATHARINA4 NUSS, b. October 17, 1891, Clay Co., Neberaska.

ii. SOPHIE NUSS, b. December 1893, Clay Co., Neberaska.

Endnotes [e-mail Michael....}

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Judy A. Remmick-Hubert's Notes:


Thursday, July 3, 2003 from  Meredith Ottenbacher, Maottenbacher1:


I'm browsing through "Ottenbacher" and found your website. I am a great grand dauaghter of Jacob and Katharina BAUDER - not Bauer.

I'm newly retired and will be working more on the family genealogy...

Meredith A. Ottenbacher


In a message dated 8/18/03 11:19:38 AM, User346642 writes:

<< Sophia Roemmich b. 11-8-77 d. Milwaukee m. abt 1898 in Eureka, SD, USA to Jacob Ottenbacher, son of Jacob Ottenbacher and Katharina Bauder. See letter [corrections 30 July 2003] Issue:

Ada Ottenbacher b. 1899 m. David Lemly

Emma Ottenbacher b. 6-3-1900 m. Jacob Junker

Hulda Ottenbacher b. 7-24-1901 John Nordvik

Edwin Ottenbacher b. 1903 m. none

Calvin Ottenbacher b. 1905 m. Mildred Weber

I think this comes from page 150 of your records on the internet. I am one of the daughters of Calvin. His correct year of birth was 1909. He has passed away but his wife is still living here in the Milwaukee area. >>

In a message dated 8/1/03 3:09:29 PM, writes Wenderoth [Winterrot, Winteroth of Bammental Baden, Germany]:

<< Hi Judy:

Mr. Vern Carpenter published a book on the descendants of Caspar Wenderoth of Bammental, Baden, Germany and Margaretha Strep of Meckesheim, Baden, Germany. The book is red with gold letters. On the spine of the book is WENDEROTH; on the front of the book is nine different spellings for Wenderoth. There are 287 pages + Two Indexes: pages 288-372 are surnames A-Z + pages 373-384 are surnames of all the different spellings of WENDEROTH (over 20). My family has had the WINTRODE spelling for many years.


Caspar Wenderoth, 1705-1777(?) and Margaretha (Strep) 1711-1772(?) sailed

to America on the ship "Pleasant" in 1732, just after they married. They

settled in New London, PA for about two years, then took up Lord Baltimore's

offer of 200 acres of land for married men, for a penny per acre per year,

first three years free. Of course, Caspar and Margaretha were right in the

middle of a disputed area claimed by both Lord Baltimore as Maryland, and by

William Penn as Pennsylvania. They were very active members of the

Evangelical Reformed Church of Frederick, Frederick County, MD. Caspar was

naturalized 27 April 1753, in the Provincial Court, Frederick County, MD.

At Caspar's request, it was recorded 6 Jun 1761. Liber G. p.20. Frederick

County Circuit Court.


Jacob Wenderoth 1735-1797 born in Prince Georges County, MD; served in the

French-Indian War ("Pioneers of Old Monocacy-The Early Settlement of

Frederick County, Maryland, 1721-1743", by Grace L. Tracey & John P. Dern;

page 378-380); married Barbara _____(?); lived in York County, PA; served

in the American Revolution (which I haven't found his service records, yet,

but he is listed in the DAR Patriot Indexes). Jacob and Barbara were members

of Christ Reformed Church, now in Adams County, PA.


Henry Winterroth 1767-1845 Frederick County, MD; married 1790 York County,

PA to Margaretha Shabert/Shobert

("Ohio Divorces: The Early Years", by Bell - states that Margaretha's name

was Heming) (Henry's will states Margaretha's name was Schobert/Schabert).

Henry was in public office in Columbiana County, OH in 1806. He moved to

Stark County, OH, then to Licking County, OH where he died at his son's



Henry Wintrode 1792-1866 Frederick County, MD; married 1815, Stark County,

OH to Elizabeth Shively 1794-1867 Washington County, PA. Henry and

Elizabeth had a large farm in Andrews, Huntington County, IN. Both buried in

Riverside Cemetery, Andrews.


Daniel Wintrode 1824-1901Stark County, OH; married 1849 Huntington County,

IN to Hannah Beauchamp 1820-1910 Wayne County, IN. Farmer of 334 acres in

Andrews, Huntington County, IN. Daniel was a member of IOOF Loon Creek

Lodge, Andrews. Both Daniel and Hannah are buried in Riverside Cemetery,



Curtis Calhoun Wintrode 1851-1921; married 1879 to Martha Priscilla Jones

1861-1936 Huntington County, IN. Martha was afflicted with epilepsy before

childbearing and after childbearing; she was in a mental hospital in

Richmond, Wayne, IN at the time of her death. Both Curtis and Martha are

buried in Riverside Cemetery, Andrews. Martha's mother, Mariah Phoebe Scott,

was a full-blooded American Indian; whose parents, William Scott and Martha

O. Denton were from VA. I haven't discovered their American Indian tribe

yet. William Scott was in the War of 1812.


Clara Maude Wintrode 1889-1956 Andrews, Huntington, IN-Anderson, Madison,

IN; married 1906, Huntington County, IN to William Tell Kumley 1869-1933

Lagro, Wabash, IN-Wabash, Wabash, IN. William's parents were from Wolfisberg

and Wiedlisbach, Bern, Switzerland. Jacob Kumley, his father, was in the

Civil War, 1861-1865 from Hardin County, OH.


Mary Elizabeth Kumley 1910-1987 Lagro, Wabash, IN - Wabash, Wabash, IN;

married 1930, N. Fairfield, Huron, OH to Edward Albert Grimmer 1910-1976

Bucyrus, Crawford, OH-Washington Court House, Fayette, OH.

Mary and Edward, my mother and father, divorced; my dad enlisted in the

Army and my mother was in a mental health institution in Toledo, OH from

1937 until the mid 1970's. Children: 1.Natalie Charlotte Grimmer,

1932-1991,Albany, Delaware, IN-Columbia City, Whitley, IN; lived in Wabash,

Wabash, IN. 2.James Edward Grimmer 1933-1987 Albany, Delaware, IN. He served

in the Naval Air Force in WWII; buried in National Cemetery, Marion, Grant,

IN. 3.Yvonne Jean Grimmer 1934 Plymouth, Huron, OH - Pasadena, Los Angeles,

CA. 4. Barbara Ann Grimmer 1936 Plymouth, Huron, OH - Taylor, Wayne, MI.

Dad remarried, supposedly with the intention of making a home for us four

children - which never happened. We lived with relatives.

I live in Pasadena, CA, divorced for several years; 3 grown children and 2

granddaughters and 1 grandson.

Do you know if your Winterrott's are related to Caspar Wenderoth? It would

be interesting to find a connection!

Possibly a distant cousin



Remmick's Notes:  on the web site



Conrad (Curt) Wenderoth b. 1636 Ostheim, Germany.  He was a student at Marbuarg University, which was the first Protestant University in Germany, in 1656.  He was a teacher at Waehenheim, Dannstadt, Elsenz and Wiesloch.  He was, also, Mayer of Ostheim.  Issue:

1. Johan Jacob Wenderoth b. abt 1680 poss Germany m. to Anna Margaretha ____  Issue:

  • Johann Caspar Wenderoth b. 11 Dec 1705 Bammental , near Heidelburg, Germany d. abt 1777 in or near Frederick, MD, USA  m. 16 Jan 1732 Meckescheim, Germany to Margaretha Strep b. ___ d. abt 1772 in/near Frederick MD Issue:
  • Anna Christian Wenderroth b. 7 Nov 1708 Bammental, Germany
  • Johannes Wenderoth b. 12 March 1710 Bammental, Germany

Remmick's Family of Winterrott.


In a message dated 7/25/03 7:20:25 AM, Shelly Weickum, writes:

<< Good Afternoon,

I am wondering if the book "Conflict of Three Cultures" is still available. If so we would like to purchase one. no longer carries this book.

Sophia Weikum Roemmich was my husband's great-aunt. Her father, Johann Weikum, was his great-grandfather. Edward Weickum was his grandfather.

John Weickum was his father and my husband's name is Kevin John Weickum.

Johann Weikum's father was Wilhelm Weikum and he was married to Elizabeth Werner. I'm not seeing a connection under "Weikum Letters".

They married in about 1871 in So. Russia. I have no knowledge of him even coming to America. Perhaps he didn't. Have you heard of Wilhelm and Elizabeth?

Thanks for your wonderful research and also for sharing it!

Shelly Weickum >>


In a message dated 8/30/03 5:15:49 PM, MAJ2930 writes:

<< Subj: Ochsner 

Date: 8/26/03 10:40:01 PM Central Daylight Time  From: MAJ2930

Stutsman County, ND, 1917 School Census Index, Surnames "O"Formatted for the NDGenWeb Archives by Joe Zsedeny

OCHSNER               AMELIA           9   C. H.       OCHSNER        Iosco 46       1917OCHSNER           CHRIST           17   J. O.       OCHNER         Jamestown 1    1917OCHSNER           HENRY           13   C. H.       OCHSNER        Iosco 46       1917OCHSNER           IDA               11   C. H.       OCHSNER        Iosco 46       1917OCHSNER           KATIE             6   C. H.       OCHSNER        Iosco 46       1917OCHSNER           MARTHA         15   C. H.       OCHSNER        Iosco 46       1917OCHSNER           PETE             19   J. O.       OCHNER         Jamestown 1    1917OCHSNER           WILLIE           15   J. O.       OCHNER         Jamestown 1   

c)2000 George L. Barron                                 INDEX TO THE 1917  SCHOOL CENSUS                                               for                                  Stutsman County, North Dakota                                           compiled by                                         George L. Barron


Remmick-Hubert Notes: See Ochsner Home Site at:


See Hoffer Family Letters

  • Dockter
  • Hieb
  • Guthmiller
  • others

In a message dated 9/20/03 10:27:22 PM, Susan, Lkn4kin,  writes:

<< Judy,

Have you found any connection in your research to the Raemisch/Roemisch families in Dane County, WI mid 1800s? Possibly, but very undocumented, in NY before that. They came from Prussia.

Susan/CA >>


In a message dated 11/17/03 7:44:39 PM, Serena [Kauk] Henke, writes:

Letter #1

<< Dear Remmick Family,

Was just checking on the internet and came across this family home page.

My Name is Serena [Kauk] Henke, My Dads name is Christ Kauk, His Dads name was John Kauk, He was married first to Eva Scheerer, then to Karolina Diebert. Are we related?>> >>

Letter #2

<<...Bernard Kauk Had Three Children and one is married to a Susanna Ochsner. And I believe she is related to you. It is a long long long way back. I don't have who Bernard Kauk was married to. Nor do I have a birth or death of Bernard Kauk..>>.

Roemmich family:

Letter #3

Bonnie Jan Ottenbacher (Bradley) Henze, Diamondlac,  wrote 11 Dec 2003:

"I am the youngest of two daughters born to Eugene and Dolores Ottenbacher. My older sister Sheryl was b. _____ and I (Bonnie) was born _____ My mother's Maiden name was Dolores Duttmann.  Hope this helps with the family genealogy.

Thank you, Bonnie Jan Ottenbach (Bradley) Henze

Roemmich Family

In a message dated 12/29/03 10:21:12 PM, Kendall Roemmich, NowereMan1 writes:

<< Hello!

Thank you for the website on the Remmick's.

It's quite interesting going over it, though I have just started.

My sister had ran across some naturalization papers from my Grandfather Carl Remmick, son of [Wilhelm Roemmick b. 5/24/1862 ] I thought that I would get on the Internet and see what I could find. What a surprise!

I have not found my Great Grandfather on your website,

My Grandfather never talked about his relatives, so we never knew anything other then he was German.

On page 152 on your website picture of [Wilhelm Roemmich b. 11/30/1862 ] might be the same person. He looks just like my Dad with a mustash !

My Dad grew up in Sutton NE.

My Grandfather's Brothers and sisters are

Katrina , Elizabeth, William, Jacob, Orosalia, Amelia, Carl,  Arvalia, and Kathrina..

My sister is going through some more stuff, I think that we have a picture of Wilhelm, and one of Carl and his sister's, probably 1908 or so. Carl had three sons: Donald [My father], Max, and Howard.

I'm the youngest of five of Donald's children. The others are,

Richard b. .....,

Terry b.....,

Jeanna b.....,

Kendall b. ......

I am going to try to get copies of the book and the video from NDSU

We never knew much about my mother's side of the family either. Her  mother died giving birth to my mom, and was raised by her father's sister. From what I've been told, my Grandfather Bradsby is related to the founders of the Bradsby bat company { louieville slugger } and the Case Family.  { Case knife comp.}

After WW II everyone moved to Colorado, from Nebraska, and all of us still live here. I hope to learn my family's past, and if possible that I can fill  in some gaps for your website. I always thought that my Grandfather and his parents came here all on their own, and that was that. To find this interesting  story is really great.

Thanks again ! Kendall Remmick >>


Found this data by using google search engine.


Jamestown Sun

February 22, 2002

Iona L. Stockburger, 78, Jamestown, died Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2002, at Sheyenne Care Center, Valley City, N.D.

Iona Leona Remmick was born Aug. 4, 1923, at Cleveland, N.D., the daughter of George and Elizabeth (Wiest) Remmick. She grew up and received her education in Streeter, N.D. She married Andrew Stockburger Oct. 31, 1940, at Jamestown. They lived and farmed southwest of Streeter. In 1956 they moved to Jamestown. She worked for the Palace Cafe for nine years, as a cook for the North Dakota State Hospital for 13 years and as a cook for Parkway Cafe. He died July 17, 1997. She is a member of St. John's Lutheran Church and the Ladies Aid.

She is survived by three brothers, Walter, Jamestown, Elmer (Patty), Umatilla, Fla., and Harold (Bonnie), Eugene, Ore.; six sisters, Alvina (Paul) Gienger, Sun City, Calif., Bernice Pfahl, Goodrich, N.D., Irene Moos, Dickinson, N.D., Inez (Lyle) Siegner, Corona, Calif., Janice (Jerry) Fargis, Ocala, Fla., and Elizabeth (Eugene) Farmer, Torrance, Calif.; two sisters-in-law, Gladys Stockburger, Fargo, N.D., and Lorraine Cran, Bend, Ore.; and a special friend, Rebecca Bertsch, Jamestown.

She was preceded in death by her husband; her parents; and three sisters, Esther Burkhardt, Ruth Burkhardt and Gladys Lostlen.

Services: 11 a.m. Monday, St. John's Lutheran Church, Jamestown, with the Rev. Doug Opp officiating.

Prayer service: 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Eddy Funeral Chapel, Jamestown.

Visitation: 1 to 9 p.m. Sunday, Eddy Funeral Home, Jamestown.

Burial: Highland Home Cemetery, Jamestown.


Letter #2


"Harold Wiest" <>

<Hi again,

We are very familiar with where the Wiests came from.  In 1809 and 1810 there were 4 Wiest families [all related] that came to Rohrbach (very near Worms) from the Rheinpfalz area in Germany.  Since that time many came to the US and Canada.  There are 5 people involved in trying to "graft" in different branches of the "Rohrbach Wiest" family tree.  When we get info on, for example, an Elizabeth Wiest who married a Remmick, we want to figure out which family she belonged to.

Part of our problem is that many of the Wiests came from the Reformed tradition, and on the PIXEL there appears to be only a few records from the Reformed side after 1860.  So that leaves us with a big gap unless we can find someone who has an old Bible, or a family tree with some missing info that can tie that individual into the bigger "Rohrbach Wiest" family tree. >>

Letter: dated 17 June 2004  from Carol ,


My name is Carol Andrus, I receied your e-mail address from a friend Gwen Pritzkau. She told me that maybe you could help me. My great-grandmother was Regina Remmick. She married Louis E. Bogenrief. She was born in "Odessa" 2 Jan 1862. She came to the US in 1888 which her 2 year old son Peter. She lived with her sister Mrs. Friedrick (probably named Elizabeth) Giese, who was living in McPherson Co., SD. She married a Mr. Brown who died shortly thereafter then she married my grandfather Louis Bogenrief in Pollock, SD. They moved to Fargo, ND in 1912 and she died there 17 Jun, 1925.

This is all the information that I have about her. I have not been able to find her on the birth records in Odessa or Worms. In all of your research, have you ever come across Regina? Any information you could give me would be very appreciated!

My e-mail address is

Thank you!


JARHT NOTE:  See web site: This family is taken back to Johan Bogenrief b. 1709 Neiderhoch / Pfalz [Germany] d. July 1782 in Berks, Co, PA, USA m. Cath. Eliz. Wittner in 1732.....

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you don't know me, but I hope you would like to help me.

I found your homepage on the internet by searchig for the name 'zimbelmann'. That name is included to your family tree and I thought you could help me searching for Conrad Zimbelmann and other Family members of Conrad Zimbelmann.

Maybe they're named 'Zimblemann', 'Zimbelman' or 'Zimbleman' now.

Conrad Zimbelmann was born on Jan. 8, 1856 in Rohrbach, Cherson, Russia. He married on Dez. 6, 1877 a woman named Christine Perlenfein, b. July 11, 1857 in Rohrbach too.

(This name i found in your family tree too)

Their Children were:

John, *10.08.1888, Christina, *27.06.1886,

Elizabeth *27.05.1890, Conrad, *28.08.1883,

Jacob 1880-1890, Jacob, *10.12.1892,

Johanna, *28.04.1895, Gottlieb, *04.12.1897.

The Family moved to the US in the early beginning of 20th century - in the years 1900 till 1905.

My great grandfather was Konrad Zimbelmann.

He was born in 1900. He grew up without parents, but he knew that they've been moved to America and that one of his brothers lived in Germany.

One more thing he knew for sure, is that his father was called Konrad (Conrad) Zimbelmann too.

Maybe there is a connection between my great grandfather and the people I just told about.

So if you can tell me more about the Zimbelmann-

Family and what happened in the years 1900 till 1905,

please do that!!

I really hope you'll help me to find out more about my great grandfather and his family.

Hope for a soon answer...



Tatyana Karley

ps: please forgive my the grammatical mistakes, if I made some..


JARHT Note:  Tatyana was referring to the following entry: Eva Roemmich b. 3 Jun 1858 Worms d. 1912 family farm in  Clement Township, ND, USA m.  13 Oct 1878 to Jacob Perlenfein , son of Jakob Perlenfein and Eva Maria Zimbelmann b. 17 Feb 1856 Rohrbach, S. Russia  d. 1937 Guelph, ND, USA .  Photograph. SEE:  R-85-Letter and History of Perlenfein family. Migr. 1903 to Oakes, ND, USA with the ten youngest children.  Widower Jakob would rem.  in Wishek, ND to Elizabeth Deile.


In a message dated 7/26/04 10:10:57 PM, writes:

Hello everyone,

This is my story:

My great grandfathers parents died when my great grandfather was little. His aunt EMMA ZIMBELMANN went to america. Her son LEON MOSER (my great grandfathers cousin) married ESTHER. They got 12 children and lived on a farm in USA.

My great grandparents were KONRAD and EMILIA ZIMBELMANN.

The MOSERs sent my great grandmother letters from the US and pictures of themselves and their house.

But it must have been over 15 years ago!

Leon and Esther already past away. But maybe their children would like to contact me and my family. I'd like to know what they're doing now, how they live, where they live and so on.



Winterroth/Winterrott Family

In a message dated 5/19/05 10:13:21 AM, writes:

I am a member of the Beresan list serve and was pleased to read through your web page.  I am sorry I did not know how to address you as I could not find a name.  Anyway I thought I would share what I have about the Winterroth family. 

 My maternal grandfathers is Christoph Winterroth, born 1893 in NeuGluckstal, Odessa, and married Anna Buelow, born 1895 in North Dakota.

Wilhelm Winterroth, born 1860 , in HOffnungstal, Odessa, married Rosina Walth, born 1863 in NeuGluckstal, Odessa.  They emigrated to ND in 1909.

Gottlieb Winterroth, born 1826, unsure of birth place, married ELizabeth Geyer( of Grosslibental), Oct 26, 1850 in Freudental, Libental, Odessa.  By 1858 they appear in the Hoffnungstal colony as living with a cousin.  According to Gwen Pritzkau of Family History Center in Salt Lake City who helped with some research Gottlieb Winterroth's cousin was probably Gottfried Nehr's (also spelled Naher, Heer, Neer)wife, who was a Schweyer from Freudental.

I know that Gottlieb Winterroth's wife was Elizabeth Geyer from our family bible listing as well as from the Gluckstal Colonies marriage record on film at Family History Center.  I personally went to Grossbottwar, near Stuttgart, Germany,  to see if I could find records of Winterroths as I thought Gottlieb Winterroth was from there as Stumpp says the Nehers were from there.  The woman who kept the church records said no one by name of Winterroth had ever lived in that village.  But, in Oberstadt, the neighboring village a Heer had emigrated to So Russia but she thought he went to Bessarabia.

How we think this Gottlieb Winterroth might be related to the other Winterroths in Worms is that his father was a brother to both Margaret and Sibilla Winterroth.  Margaret married #1 a Rommich, #2 John  George Bier.  Sibilla married Georg Friedrich Bier.  ELizabeth, Margaret, and possible the father of Gottlieb were born in Bammental, Heidelburg, Germany, but Sibilla appears in the Darmstadt records as born in 1806.  Gwen thought that the parents Johann Philipp Winterroth and Catherine Elizabeth ---- left Bammental to move to Darmstadt then after 1806 moved on to South Russia.

What I have is that Johann Philipp born 1776 was brother to Anna Maria who married Michael Reichel, Elizabeth who married Karl Feil, and Anna Felictius who married Christian Schmeir who had a child Maria Elizabeth born 1800 who married Theobald Ochsner.

Hope this helps clarify some of the Winterroth relationships after 1826.  I would love to know exactly who the father of Gottlieb Winterroth was and why no records appear in all the census in So Russia.

Thanks, again, for the opportunity to read through your wonderful webpage.  I will surely use it many times.

Kaye Kuntz-Igoa



Date: Saturday, September 24, 2005 11:06:24 AM



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I find letter #3 Remmick-Hubert Home- Site interesting but it needs updating.Most of the Roemmich's listed at the Sutton Nebraska cemetery are my family. Arthur W. Roemmich was my father and Adolph was his brother. Sophia was my mother and Herman A. was my brother. Lydia and Martha were sister in-laws. I have much of the family information that I would be happy to share if I had a form to fill in etc. Please advise by e-mail. Thankyou.


Arthur R. Roemmich



Yes I recieved your message. I found the Remmick site very interesting. My name is spelled Arthur R. Roemmich. Many of my ancesters are listed on the Remmick site and the Roemmich name has been spelled differently in the past. I am the Great Grandson of Jakob and Margaretha (Meyer) Rommich. My Grandfather was Wilhelm Roemmich and my father was Arthur W. Roemmich. Thankyou for contacting me and if I can supply you with more information about my family please feel free to do so. Sincerely, Art Roemmich

JARH NOTE:  See other letters and family page


Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 20:55:29 -0700 (PDT)

From: Tracy Bell <>

Subject: Your Roemmich Website



I was curious about my paternal geneology and began searching the internet. I came across your gloriously in-depth website and was hooked. I am trying to find my lineage on your site and wanted to give you the information that I know.

My name is Tracy Bell (Roemmich). I will give you the information that I know and hopefully that can fill in some of the information that you have or may not have. I will start back as far as I know. The difficult thing is that there are so many with the same names...anyway

My Great, Great, Great Grandfather was a Jacob Roemmich with a son by the name of Philip and we think that one of the two of these was married to a woman named Magdelene...think it was Philip. One of Philip's son's was Leonard b. 3-15-1895 d. 11-9-1964 m. Lydia Kline. Their son Darrell George Roemmich was my grandfather. b.2-22-1927 d.11-22-1991 m. Madeline Smith and had 4 children. Thomas Darrell is my father and his siblings are Ronald d.10-26-1977, Sharon and Leonard.

Anyway, any information that we could share would be appreciated. Your site is really something to see.


Tracy L. Bell

Donald Ashley:

Subj: Roemmich, John Henry, born April 7, 1814 

Date: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 1:15:13 PM

From: DonAshley1

To: RemMick

cc: DonAshley1

Hello! I have just discovered the website. Thank you for creating and having it!

I am descended from John Henry Roemmich (born Germany April 17, 1814, died December 11, 1893, in Germany) and who married Anna Katherine Satter (born Germany April 19, 1811, died March 18, 1888), and their son Jacob Philip Roemmich (born Edenkoben September 15, 1841, died Missouri December 7, 1920).

I have the names and birth dates of his siblings, which include John Philip, John Henry, Anna Katherine, Nickolano, William, and Philippina.

I cannot find a connection on your website.....can you help or make a suggestion?

I am in possession of a hard-copy genealogy of the John Henry and Jacob Philip family which was put together by my uncle Lee J. Ashley in the late 1940s. Do you have a copy and are you interested in having it?

My line:

John Henry (1814), Jacob Philip (1841), Wilhelmina (1887) (married Jeptha J. Ashley 1918), Jay J Ashley (____), Donald Ashley ___).

I'd be very happy to hear from you! I am looking for a connection to the Kast family of Edenkoben, one of which migrated to the U.S. in the late 1800's or early 1900's.


Donald Ashley

13 Aug 2007

Kathren Mae, nee Remmich, Higerd

Adam Remmich m. Martha Strobel.  See family in detail.


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