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13 Aug 2007

Kathren Mae, nee Remmich, Higerd

Hi Judy,

I know I am almost 2 months getting back to you. I apologize. Partly I am busier that busy here on the farm, and partly I feel overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin in sending you information. I am so impressed by your webb page. I have very limited computer knowledge. But I can send email. So I have blocked off this afternoon for entering info of the descendents of Adam Remmich. We know Adam Remmich's mother was Regina Rudolph, because my dad (Howard) and his sister Adeline remember her living with them when they were children. So This is where I believe our connection is. Also, dad always said Remmich was origially Roemmich with an umlaut over the o.

Adam Remmich

Martha Strobel born April 30, 1896 Venturia, North Dakota

To this marriage was born


Howard Oscar Remmich

born: May 19, 1918 Danzig, North Dakota

died: June 1, 1998 Norfolk, Nebraska died: ---not yet-

buried Norfolk Nebraska

married December 28, 1941 Vida, Montana

Elnora (Hoffmann)

born: ......Bowdle, South, Dafota


Adeline Lavina Remmich

born: June 25, 1920 Danzig, North Dakota

died: --- died: December 27, 1970 Boulder, Montana

buried Boulder, Montana

married November 7, 1941 Glendive, Montana

LeRoy Vossler

born: .....Wishek, North Dadota


Hulda Caroline Remmich

born: November 27, 1925 Danzig, North Dakota

died: 2007 died: May 20, 1968

married November 17, 1943

Richard Knoepfle

born: .....Artas, Douth Dakota


Marcella Luella Remmich

born: ....Danzig, North Dakota

married December 28, 1950 Wolf Point, Montana

Marvel Paul Voegele

We were told there were 2 other children born to this marriage, but they did not live long. one boy and one girl. No one knows what they were named or where they died or buried other than North Dakota.


the children of Howard Oscar and Elnora (Hoffman) Remmich


Howard Dale Remmich

born .....Wolf Point, Montana

married August 28, 1970 Norfolk


Janet McIntosh

born to this union

1. Adam Dale Remmich


Shirley Ann Remmich

married August 2, 1967 Witten, South Dakota

Jerry Bunn

b.  24 June 1942 Musctine, Iowa

d. 16 July 1969 Vietman buried in Muscatine, Iowa

born to this union

1. Mistine Marie Bunn

married May 1989

divorced 2007

Ronald James Upham

Born to this union of Misty and Ron

1 Tyler Arther James Upham

2 Jackson Tyler Upham

After Jerry Bunn was killed in the Vietnam war Shirley remarried November 24, 1973 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Leeland Bucknell

born to Shirley's second marriage

1. LeAnn Marie Bucknell

2. Kim Rena Bucknell

3. Kristi Lee Bucknell


Kathren Mae Remmich THIS IS ME  [smiley face ico] !!!!! I married Larry Alan Higerd

married December 30, 1973 Bonesteel, South Dakota

born to this union

1. Jennifer Emmon Higerd

2. Jonathan Levi Higerd Nathalie Diane Staats

married August 10, 2002

Colby Kansas

born to this union

1) Wyatt Ethan Higerd


Anthony Adam Remmich


Ricky Rae Remmich

married June 7, 1980 Kenmare, North Dakota

Kathy Lagorin

born to this union

1. Michael Curtis Remmich


JARH NOTE:  Those persons who are still living as this page was being posted have dates of birth eliminated due  to security reasons for each individual.   Kathren Mae did send me these dates and I do have them