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Edward [Eduard] Remick [Remmick, Remmich,Roemmich]


Edward Remick

Edward  [Eduard]  Remick [Roemmich] was  b. 20 Aug. 1900 Worms, Odessa S. Russia .

Edward Remick [Remmick, Roemmich] migrated from Worms / Odessa S. Russia in 1907 to the area of Tappen / Streeter, ND, USA.

He attended the same one room school  as his future wife, Mary, Hoffer.  See the photograph shows them in the same one-room school. One Room School 

Mary Hoffer was born in Delmont, SD in 1902. Her parents had migrated from Neudorf / Odessa, S. Russia. See Hoffer Family.

His memories of Odessa, S. Russia

Pohotographs taken abt 1911


Mary Hoffer

Ed and Mary

Edward and Mary, nee Hoffer, Remick - 1943, Lodi, CA

Edward [Eduard] Remick [Roemmich], son of Pauline, nee Pfaff Reommich and Jacob W. Roemmich, the elder [b. 1851] *Legal father was Jacob Roemmich [b. 1877]
  • b. 20 Aug. 1900 Worms / Odessa, S. Russia
  • d. 5 May 1984 Sacramento, CA, USA
  • m.  10 Jan 1953 to (2) widow Lucile , nee Kulka, Krankuchen, dau. of Josephine, nee Ganz, and Harry David Kulka b. 17 Dec 1907 Quebec, Canada. Her mother was the illgetimate child of  Emp. Franz Joseph [von Habsburg] of Austria  and his mistress___Ganz.  [Actress Shelly Winters's great aunt Katharine, nee Schratt, Kiss de lttebe, was, also, a mistree of the Emp..] See their photograph below.
  • m. (1) to

Mary Hoffer, dau. of Friedrich Hoffer and Katrina Dockter,

  • b. 24 June 1902 Delmont, SD , USA
  • d.  17 Dec 1990  Sacrmaento, CA, USA
  • divorced aabt 1944/5
  • rem (2) Davis
  • rem (3)  Robinson

See Other Photographs of Edward Remick

Children of Edward and Marry, nee Hoffer, Remick:

I. Edwin Remmick

Judy, Lillian, Ed

Edwin Remmick with wife Lillian, nee Hein, and dau. Judy - San Diego, CA  - Feb. 1946

See: My Life Story by Edwin Remmick

Edwin Remmick  m.  Lillian Hein - Generation Page 
Edwin Remmick m. to Lillian Hein, dau. of Ludwig Hein and Christina, nee Schweikert. Isaue:
  • Judy A. Remmick m. Garry J. D. Hubert, son of M.P. Hubert and "Pat" Johansen  Issue:
    • Douglas Hubert m. Cindy Siltanen.  Issue:
      • child
      • child
    • Devin Hubert m. Erica Huseby.  Div. 1999; nm to Maureen McGinness Issue:
      • m. (1) Issue:
      • Marin Hubert
      • nm. (2) Issue
      • Sarah McGinness

II. Viola Remmick


Viola Remmick m. LaVere Stewart

b. 3 Nov 1922 Cleveland, N.D., USA

d. Oregon, USA

m.     1946 to

LaVere Stewart, son of David Stewart and Margaaretha, nee Frankland

b. 27 Jan 1932 Loa, Utah

d. 20 June 1978 San Luis Obispo, CA


  1. Sheila  (living, data withheld) m. (1) Thomas J. P. McMorrow.  Issue:
    • son  (living, data withheld)

Note:  Stew was married and div.  and has the following children with his first wife:  Kenneth and Russel Stewart

III. Elmer Remmick


Elmer Remmick  (still living, data withheld) m. Beatrice Atkinson, b.  27 June 1922 New Haven, Crook Co., Wyoming, USA d. 20 May 1999 Citrus Heights, Sacramento, CA, USA dau. of Etta Mae Nitey (b. 14 Feb 1887 d. 1960 Poplar, Roossevelt, MT)  and Oscar Atkinson (b. 13 Jan 1882 Potowotomie County, Iowa or Iowa City, Wright Co., Iowa  d. 25 Dec 1950 Poplar, Roosevelt, MT, USA)   Issue:

  1. Robert  "Bobbie" Remmick b. 1946 d. Aug 2015  Issue:
    • Douglas Remmick (living)
  2. Darcy Remmick (living)
  3. Gregory b. 1956 Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA, USA  d. 12 May 1988  while climbing Mt. Rainer, Pierce,  Oregon, USA he and his friend were caught in an avalanche

IV. Raymond Remmick


Raymond Remmick (living,  data withheld) m. Vera, nee Zelinsky, Carnes b. 2 Nov 1922 White Town, Sibea, Russia   d.  (yes)  Issue:

  1. Raymond Remmick m. Karen Sue Montgomery
  2. Karen Roemmich

V. Diana Remmick

Edward Diana

Diane, dolls and Judy

Diana Remmick with her dolls and  Judy A. Remmick, dau. of Edwin and Lillian Remmick, her niece, 1943, Lodi, CA


Diana standing in front of a store in which has a Xmas display of  elves


Diana Remmick - HS Graduation

Diana Remmick b.   d.  2015  Sacramento County  m.. (1)Harold  Smith, m. (2) Newton, m. (3) Cid Tenner
  • Issue:
    1. Eason "Remmick "Ramson
    2. Tami Jean Smith
    3. Vicki Rene Smith
    4. Dana Newton
    5. Mark Newton

Edward & Mary, nee Hoffer, Remmick's  Five Children


Diana , Viola, Elmer, Edwin and Raymond

-------- Second Marriage
Edward Remick m.  10 Jan 1953 to (2) widow Lucile , nee Kulka, Krankuchen, dau. of Josephine, nee Ganz, and Harry David Kulka b. 17 Dec 1907 Quebec, Canada. Her mother was the illgetimate child of  Emp. Joseph Habsburg of Austria  and his mistress___Ganz.  [Cousin to the actress Shelly Winters.]

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Grade  School Photographs - One Room School - Streeter ND, USA

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Edward  Remmick

Picture taken poss. in the 1950s

Nov 2005

Left to Right

El, Edwin, Ray, Dianna and Ed's wife Lillian (Hein) Remmick

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