Pauline Pfaff b. 1 April 1872 Pfaff Chutor, n. Worms / Odessa S. Russia d. 10 Nov 1955 Medina, ND, USA

Last Updated:  24  June 2002

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bGen. 1


Pauline Pfaff

+Jacob Remmick  [Roemmich], son of Wilhelm and Kath, nee.Mauch, Roemmich [Note: As a widow Kath. would marry again to the widower *Jacob Roemmich]

  • 28 April 1877 Worms / Odessa, S. Russia
  • 15 March 1961 Streeter, ND, USA



Remmick [Roemmich] Family

Back row, left to right: John, Lydia.  Seated Pauline, nee Pfaff, and Jacob J. Roemmich [Remmick].  Children  in middle are Jacob and Martha.  Absent are Adam and Edward.

Children of Pauline, nee Pfaff, and Jacob Roemmich, accept Child #2 is not Jacob's...


Adam Roemmich

Adam Remmick [Roemmich]

  • b. 15 Feb 1897 Worms / Odessa, S. Russia
  • d. 28 Dec ____ Billings, MT, USA
  • m. (2) See Below
  • m. (1)

Magdalina Klundt , dau. of Elizabeth and Gottlieb Klundt

  • b. 4 June 1900 Street, ND
  • d. 13 Jan 1937 Streeter, ND
  • Issue:
    1. Emil Remmick
    2. Fred. Remmick
    3. Florence Remmick  m. Edward Kehl. Issue:
      • Donna Kehl m. Jenry Blohn
      • Bonnie Kehl [twin] m. Melvin Sund
      • Bobbie Kehl ]twin]
      • Perry Kehl m. Pamelia Gilbertson
    4. Lyla Remmick m. (1)Emanuel Junkert, son of Pauline, nee Springer, and Adam Junkert, M. (2) Richard Williams, m. (3) Robert Faust
    5. Clara Remmick m. (1) Len Kehl, m. (2) William Estall Custer, son of William Custer, m. (3) James Franklin Custer.  
      • issue m. (2) :
      • Terry Custer m. Gale Cleaver
      • issue m. (3) is
      • Jamie Custer
    6. Sophia Remmick m. Ernest Osman
    7. Martha Remmick
    8. Violet Remmick

Adam Roemmich m. (2) to Magadalena Perman, dau. of Ava, nee Schnabel and Andrew Perman.  Issue:

  1. Ervin Remmick m. (1) Darlene Hettinger. m. (2) to Geraldine Kunz, dau. of Ester, nee Schulder and Irvin Kunz. Issue:
    • m. (1) Issue:
    • Gary Remmick
    • Tim Remmick
    • Gerald Remmick
    • m. (2) Issue:
    •  Stephen Remmick

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Edward [Eduard] Remick [Roemmich]

  • [legal child, not natural child of  +Jacob Roemmich  but natural son of *Jacob Roemmich and Pauline, nee Pfaff Roemmich
  • b. 20 Aug. 1899 / 1900 Worms / Odessa, S. Russia
  • d. 5 May 1984 Sacramento, CA, USA
  • m. (2) Lucile , nee Kulka, Krankuchen, dau. of Josephine, nee Ganz, and Harry David Kulka b. 17 Dec 1907 Quebec, Canada. Her mother was the illgetimate child of  Emp. FranzJoseph, Habsburg of Austria  and his mistress___Ganz.  [Actress Shelly Winters. great aunt was, also, a mistress to the Emp.]
  • m. (1) to

Mary Hoffer

Four GenerationsFour Gen.Medina, ND, USA

Pauline, nee Pfaff, Roemmich

b. 1872  Pfaff Chutor

82 Years Young in Picture Above

[she is seated, then  left to right are]

Judy A. Remmick [great granddaughter], Edwin Remmick [grandson], +Jacob Roemmich [Pauline's husband, son of Wilhelm Roemmich], Edward Remick [son] - 1954


John and Edward

Edward Remick  [left] and John Remmick - 1954

Johan [John] Remmick

  • b. 21 July 1907 Streeter, ND, USA
  • d. 27 May 1983
  • m. (1) Sophia Wetzel
  • m. (2) Ruth Summers
  • m. (3) Luise Maiser, dau. of Otto Maiser, from  Halberstadt, Germany

Sophia Wetzel

  • 27 Aug 1903
  • Issue:
    1. Robert  Remmick m. Eunice Pegg
    2. Lester Remmick m. Cleo Schafer
    3. Melvin Remmick m. Delores Kessler
    4. Eugene Remmick m. Betty Lou Gietzen
    5. Betty Remmick m. Rubin Day

For Family In More Detail with Photographs - Click Here and GO

Remmick [Roemmich] Farm as it looked in 1954.

Roemmich Farm

 Was owned then by John Roemmich (son of Pauline, nee Pfaff, and husband Jacob Roemmich).



Lydia Remmick

  • b. 2 Aug 1909 Streeter, ND, USA Streeter, ND
  • d. 5 May 1974 Fargo, ND
  • m. 22 Sept 1929 Streeter, ND to

Edmund Whitmer, son of Katherina, nee Fisher, and John Whitmer

  • b. 10 Feb 1906 Streeter, ND
  • d. 14 June 1972
  • Issue:
    1. James Whitmer m. Arlene Eissinger. Issue:
      • Jayme Whitmer m. Robert Holmberg
      • Lanette Whitmer m. David Ludwig
      • Marcy Whitmer m. Nelson
    2. Janet Whitmer m. Leo Wanzek. Issue:
      • Juliet Wanzek
      • Jantz Wanzek
      • John Wanzek

For Family In More Detail with Photographs - Click Here and GO


Martha Remmick

  • b. 30 May 1912
  • d. young [leakage of the heart]



Jacob Remmick

  • b. 18 Nov 1920 Streeter, ND, USA
  • still living in April 1999


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