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Mary Hoffer


Mary Hoffer was born in Delmont, SD in 1902 and with her father, Friederich Hoffer, and mother, Katrina, nee Dockter,  migr. to Tappen and Streeter , ND area. Mary

Mary Hoffer

Mary Hoffer

Edward, Mary

Mary and Edward Remmick - Lodi, CA abt 1943

Mary Hoffer b. 24 June 1902 Delmont, S. Dak. USA d. 17 Dec 1990 Sacramento, CA m. (1) Edward Remick,  son of Jacob Roemmich, the elder and Pauline, nee Pfaff, Roemmick, [Roemmich] d. Sacrmento, CA

  • rem (2) Davis

  • rem (3) Robert Robinsonn

  • Issue

    1. Edwin Remmick  m. Lillian Hein

    2. Viola Remmick m. LaVere Stewart

    3. Elmer Remmick m. Beatrice Atkinson, dau. of Etta Nitey and Oscar Atkinson

    4. Raymond Remmick m. Vera Zelinsky

    5. Diana Remmick m.. (1)Smith, m. (2) Newton, m. (3)Tenner  d. 2005

See Mary and Edward Remick's  Family In More Detail

- With More  Photographs

See Grade School Photographs

Mary Hoffer and Edward Remick - One Room School House, USA, n. Streeter, ND, USA

  • abt 1911

  • abt 1912 / 1913

Hoffer Children - One Room School Houses - Werre School, Streeter, ND, USA- abt 1922

See Mary Hoffer's Confirmation Class  Photograph taken abt 1918


Mary and Devin

Mary, nee Hoffer, [Remmick, Davis], Robinson and her great grandson Devin Hubert, son of Garry and Judy, nee Remmick, Hubert [Hubert Genealogy]


Note: Mary was married three times.  She had divorsed Edward Remmick back in the early 1940s. She then married a Davis and a Robinson. Both of these men  died lieaving her a widow twice over. There were no children by Davis or Robinson.

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