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Letters continued.....

Hoffer Family Letters  continued


In a message dated 3/21/03 5:06:51 PM, Ken A. Schade, Van Dyck Cigar writes:

<< Maybe I wrote to you once before, because it seems like I have seen your site before. Or maybe I just didn't see where I fit in, before. My family line is from Michael & Elisabeth Dorothea Schlaht Hofer. I have a piece of paper written by either Marie Rosina Hofer, or her daughter Marie Feodorovna Prachinski Schade. It lists Marie R.'s brothers & sisters... which match that, which you have... however leaving off the last few. It lists: Katharina, Martin, Karolina, Margarethe, Margaretha, Luisa, Marie, Michael. I have a few pictures of some of these. Unfortunately, I am not sure what names go to some of the faces... just that they were Marie's sisters. Interestingly, I had Marie's birthdate as 31 December 1870, as that is what, I believe, she used. However, the other day when looking over some old papers, if I read it correctly (Can't really read German well), her confirmation on 5 May 1885, also lists her birth as 18 Dec. 1870, and christening as 1 January 1871.

I appreciate your family tree information, as I was able to get much I did NOT know. I have Michael's death as 14 July 1894, Eureka, McPherosn, South Dakota, USA. Elisabeth Dorothea Schlaht Hofer born 10 June 1830, died in Spokane, Spokane, Washington, USA on 29 Nov. 1913. Michael Hofer (son) born 17 Feb. 1874, died in Spokane on 2 Jan. 1918.

God Bless,

Ken A Schade...>>

Letter #2

22 March 2003

.....Here is Michael Hofer, who was married to Elisabeth Dorothea Schlaht.

.....Do you have a page on your site that can hold pictures of people we don't know? I have a few pictures from South Dakota that must be family, but I don't know who?



See Hoffer Photo of unknowns who need to be identified



In a message dated 5/23/03 4:18:33 PM, Ron Kemmet, rkemmet@mn.rr.com writes:

<< I did a web search on my name recently and was delighted to find your site.

I am the son of Gordon Kemmet (Bismarck, N.D. since 1950's) and grandson of John Kemmet (Dawson / Steele N.D.) I know very little of the Kemmet history and barely knew John Kemmet. Perhaps you already know this- John had sons Gerald and Gordon, daughters Phyllis, Darlene, Loretta (and one who died very young-Lyla). My father, Gordon, married Phyllis Simmons (Medina, N.D.). They have a son (me) in Minneapolis and daughters Cynthia Kemmet Williams in Bakersfield, CA., Michelle in Tampa, Fl.

Thank you for all the work you did for your website! Best wishes!!! >>


In a message dated 5/24/03 1:52:33 PM, rkemmet@mn.rr.com writes:

<< Thank you for the replies. I thought my first name was sent with my e-mail so I didn't add it, it is Ronald (middle name Gordon). Also, my grandfather John Kemmet took another partner after Martha Weigant passed away (years before my birth 1958). I know so little about his history..... She was called "Froney" and had a daughter named Wynona. John and Fronie operated a cafe in Steele, N.D. until they moved to Dawson, N.D. John lived to be quite old. I have other relatives with the surname Remmick-I think spelled the same. John's daughter Phyllis married Sam Remmick. They lived in Larimore, N.D. for many years and now live in Jamestown, N.D. So, Phyllis Kemmet Remmick is my aunt, daughter of John, sister to Gordon (my father) but not to be confused with Phyllis Simmons Kemmet, my mother. Had enough yet?!! When my father visits in June I will get more on his brother and sisters.

John Kemmet m. Martha Weignant + "Fronie"

Gordon H. Kemmet m. Phyllis Simmons

Cynthia Kemmet m. Scott Williams

Avery Williams

Ronald G. Kemmet

Michelle Kemmet

Thanks and Happy Memorial Weekend! Ron Kemmet, Minneapolis MN>>


In a message dated 5/9/03 9:33:11 PM, marlboro@telus.net writes:

<<  I have attached what I have for the pair. Thanks for taking a look for me.

Michael >>

Modified Register for Anton Schmidt married (1) Annastasia Sticka. Annastasia was born14,15 on 15 Aug 1862 in Russia. She died16,17 on 10 Nov 1907 in Saskatchewan, Canada;  married  (2) Catherina Hoffer.

Simon had the following children by m. (2):

  1. i. Simon Schmidt1 was born2,3,4,5,6,7 on 11 Nov 1857 in Rastadt, Russia. He died8,9,10 on 23 Mar 1938 in Kronau, Saskatchewan, Canada and was buried11,12,13 on 25 Mar 1938 in Kronau, Saskatchewan, Canada. Simon was born in Russia. He married Annastasia Sticka and had three children. He then followed his brother to Saskatchewan, Canada in 1893. Here they set up a homestead at NW 32  15 16 W2. They lived in a town called Kronau for some time. Simon was a farmer for his entire life. He and the family attended church at St. Peter's Catholic church. In the 1906 the family was living at 8 16 16 W2. After the death of his first wife Simon moved north to be closer to his daughter in the Denzil area. His is now burried in the St. Peter's cemetery, Kronau, SK.Simon also married (2) Anna Urlacher18.
  2. 3 M ii. Anton Schmidt19,20 was born21,22,23,24,25,26 on 4 Feb 1860 in Rastadt, Russia. He died27,28 in 1950 in Kronau, Saskatchewan, Canada and was buried29 in Kronau, Saskatchewan, Canada. Anton Schmidt born in Rastadt, Russia (brother to Simon above) and his wife Felicia Thaler came to Saskatchewan in 1890. Germany>New York>Winnepeg>Regina. Anton was born in 1860. In 1884 or 85 he married a Felicia Thaler. They had 3 children before they immigrated to Canada in 1890. They came to what we call St. Peter's Colony which was also known as Fourteen Colong, Sask. Probably the section on which the colony was built. The name St.Peter's took over as that was the name of the church that was built in the colony.Anton had 8 daughters and 4 sons. In the 1906 census it shows that his immigration was 1899. I believe this is when he became a Canadian Citizen. Anton and his family lived at 10 16 16 w2 at the time of the 1906 census. The post office was called Katherinthal.  Anton married31 Felicia Thaler30 in 1884. Felicia was born32,33,34 on 9 Mar 1864 in Russia. She died35,36 in 1942 in Kronau, Saskatchewan, Canada and was buried37 in Kronau, Saskatchewan, Canada.  


In a message dated 5/29/03 7:12:53 AM, marlboro@telus.net writes:

<< They were Catholic. At least they were when the arrived in Canada.

Mike >>

JARH NOTE:  See Andreas Hofer



Subj: Re: Fwd: Hoffer geneology, Date: Monday, May 19, 2003 5:35:52 PM, From: Terri McFarlin  tlynmcfarlin@yahoo.com or Tlynmcfarlin@aol.com

Hi there, thanks for the website. You do know my aunt Jolene has a germans from Russia website. I emailed her your website....   My sister Kellie Geist would like me to give you her email address because we are interested in the Geist geneology. It is ghost2000@cox.net. Thanks so much for including us and I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Goodbye cousin, Terri

--- Tlynmcfarlin@aol.com wrote:


In a message dated 6/28/03 12:15:39 PM, Michael.Miller@ndsu.nodak.edu writes:

<< Reply directly to: Vicki Hoffer, Spearfish, SD vhoffer606@hotmail.com, R-119

On Sat, 28 Jun 2003, Vicki Hoffer wrote:

> I'm curious to know if you have any information about the Hoffer Family.

> They homesteaded in Tappen, ND. I'm married to Julius Hoffer Jr. whose parents are Julius Sr. and Alvira Hoffer who ran a grocery store in Tappen, ND which we later bought down the line by us and closed due to small town business failure. His grandparents (Julius Jr.) were John and Rosina Hoffer who homesteaded south of Tappen about 17 miles and came from Russia with his 2 brothers Jacob and Fred under Jacob Schauer's family name. They tore out the fly leaf of books with their name in it so no one would know who they are. When they were missed in the village a conductor on the train came looking for them and even looked under the seats but they were sitting on the seats. They lived in Tripp, SD for a few years then came and homesteaded in Tappen. Do you know the village in Russia they came from? and the year? or any other information.


Vicki Hoffer

vhofferk@spe.midco.net >

> >>


Hoffer Family

Marilyn , nee Hoffer, Simpson wrote in an e-mail dated 18 Nov 2003, msimpson@colcenter.org,

Ludwig Hoffer born 14 Jul 1849 in Neudorf

m. abt 1893 to

Johanna (Hertel) Heiser b. 14 April. 1855 Glueckstal.

Their son

John Benjamin Hoffer was b. 24 Aug 1894 Neudorf.

married 12 Aug 1917 in American Falls, Idaho, USA. to  

Caroline Schmierer b. 16 June 1895 in Worms.

See Marilyn's Letter #3

Letter #2

Letter #3

In a message dated 12/11/03 6:39:49 AM, Marilyn Simpson, [new] msimpson@colcenter.org writes:

<< Ludwig Hoffer married Barbara Dokter about 1871/1872. They had 7 children that I know of. Three died of smallpox in 1886. One died shortly after his birth in 1875. Three reached adulthood and immigrated to the US. Barbara died sometime after 1888 but was probably dead by 1892. Ludwig married widow Johanna (Hertel) Heiser about 1893. When they immigrated to the US, two of Ludwig and Barbara's sons came with them along with 1 of Johanna's daughters. Ludwig and Johanna had two children together, my grandfather John (Johann) B. Hoffer who was born in Neudorf, and a daughter Christina who was born shortly after their arrival in South Dakota in 1896.

Marilyn >>

Letter #4

In a message dated 1/21/04 12:30:31 PM, msimpson@colcenter.org writes:

<< Hello.

First, I would like to suggest that you include my email address on your web site where you have me as the reference.

Second, my ISP has shortened the email address and I can now be reached at msimpson@colcenter.org.

Please check your information carefully, there are several errors that needto be corrected.

Jacob Hoffer (b. 1823) m. 5 Oct 1848 Gluckstal Parish, Elisabetha Dorothea Kammerer. I know of 4 children born to them. The eldest was Ludiwg Hoffer (b. 1849 in Neudorf).

Ludwig Hoffer m. about 1872 Barbara Dockter (b. 1848/1849). Barbara died not earlier than 1888 but before 1893. They had 7 children that I know of..

1. Dorothea, b. 18 Sep 1873 Neudorf.

2. Jakob, b. 14 Nov 1875 Neudorf; d. 20 Dec 1875 Neudorf.

3. Jakob, b. 19 Nov 1876 Chuter. (The closest Chutor to Neudorf that I know of is Chuter Schmolls. I don't know if this is the one that his birth record refers to or not.)

4. Eva, b. 22 May 1879 Neudorf; d. 27 Mar 1886, smallpox.

5. Ludwig, b. 16 Oct 1881 Neudorf; d. 24 Mar 1886, smallpox.

6. Gottlieb, b. 29 May 1884 Neudorf; d. 1 Apr 1886, smallpox.

7. Ludwig, b. 16 May 1888 probably Neudorf.

After the death of Barbara, Ludwig m. abt 1893, widow Johanna (Hertel) Heiser. Ludwig and Johanna immigrated to the United States. With them came Ludwig's two surviving sons (Jakob and Ludwig) and one of Johanna's daughters. Also with them came their own son Johann (b. 24 Aug 1894 in Neudorf). Their daughter Christina was born in South Dakota in 1896.

Johann (John) m. 12 Aug 1917 Carolina Schmierer (b. 16 Jun 1895). John (died 19 Jan 1963) and Carolina (died 4 Oct 1990) had 11 children, most of whom are still living. William Hoffer, their 2nd child, is my father.>>


In a message dated 3/13/04 7:44:25 AM, Lew Marquardt, LMarquardt1@Austin.rr.com writes:

<< Judy, Good Morning,

Finally found the connection. Yes, Rick Marquart is a second cousin out of Napoleon. His great grandfather and my grandfather were brothers.

Thanks for the input....


Lew Marquardt >>


Cindy L. O'Hare Sat 1 Apr 2000

I am looking for information on family that lived in Stutsman County, ND early in the 1900's. Michael and Magdelena Knorr Hoffer migrated from Glückstal, Russia in 1907, arriving with six children. Louise born 12/22/1882 at Kusharki Russia Magdalena Huether born 4/15/1885 at Sofienthal, Russia Katharina Kaetterling born 12/1/1887 at Sofienthal, Russia Rosina Schmidt born 1/12/1891 at Sofienthal, Russia Paulina Fisher born 8/28/1891 at Sofienthal, Russia Christian born 12/18/1892 at Sofienthal, Russia Magdelena Hoffer Huether married Emmanuel Huether and came over from Russia with three daughters, Mathida, Paulina and Lidia. A son, Rueben, was born in the US. John Fisher and his son Jacob also came to Jamestown, and Medina from Glückstal, around 1901. Jacob (Jake) married Pauline Hoffer. They and thier children moved to Montana. I am looking to share information. Specifically I am looking for information on John and Jacob Fisher. Who was John's wife? Where is John buried? Pauline and Jake Fisher are my Great Grandparents.

Thank you,

Cindy L. O'Hare


Message from Marty Hofer, martyhofer@prudentialkelstrup.com


My name is Marty Hofer, my grandfather was Michael B Hofer who passed away in the 1950's. My father Samuel M Hofer is now in his mid 80's. My uncles have a very detailed family tree that goes back to the early 1800's with history that goes back a lot further. The stories we have been told to us all of our lives about our heritage and were really not much of an interest as a child but over the years it has become truly a passion. I would be more than happy to get you any information that I or my family have.

Our family as best as I know located in the midwest, mostly South Dakota in the mid 1800's .

If any of this is of interest please e mail me at martyhofer@prudentialkelstrup.com ....

It was very interestings reading your site.

Marty Hofer

Bellingham Washington


In a message dated 2/7/05 5:38:53 AM, maria.habenicht@wbn.de writes:

Dear Sir, Im a nee Hoffer, my father ist looking for his family: His father Friedrich Hoffer, birth in Neudorf/Moldavia on 9.10.1875, his wife Magdalene, nee Neufert, on 23.04.1876; they had 11 childrens, 5 of them were 1944 dead, 6 alived. His grandfather Jakob Hoffer, birth 1848, died 1921 in Bergdorf/Moldavia, his grandmother Dorothea Maier, birth 1850.

The name of my father ist Edgar Hoffer, birth on 13. of Dezember 1936 in Neudorf/Odessa. He married Klementine Hoffer, nee Sali, her birthday is the 10. of November 1936, place Kandel/Odessa. They have together 5 childrens.

Do you know something about my grand grand grandfather?

Maria Habenicht

Wohnungsbau Niedersachsen GmbH

Mailänder Straße 2

30539 Hannover

Telefon (0511) 81 16 - 7 13

Telefax (0511) 81 16 - 97 13

E-Mail: maria.habenicht@wbn.de



Message 6 March 2005 from Ray Polzin, rwpolzin@cableone.net, wrote:

...regarding a link between Dockter and Hoffer.  My grandmother Eva Dockter, born in Odessa, Russia, emigrated to the US as a young girl during the Bolshevik revolution.  She married Martin Hoffer in the US, date unknown.  At one time they settled in McClusky, orth Dakota.  If you have any information to shar, please send to this e-mail address: rwpolzin@yahoo.com.

Ray Polzin


In a message dated 10/7/05 7:45:30 AM, RemMick writes:

Subj: Wow!  That's Incredibe!  My Aunt uncle is Neil Hoffer who marred Donna Hency, daughter of Charles & Eva Lucille Hency! 

Date: Friday, September 23, 2005 4:10:37 PM

From: karin@specialty-one.com

To: RemMick@aol.com

As a matter of fact, I was looking on the internet to get my Aunt's address because I am sending her a picture of her parents when they were young, and I forgot my address book at home!

 I remember Neil's Sister Nadine and his Mother Norma.  Norma passed away and I don't remember about Nadine if she is still alive or not.

 Donna & Neil are doing great!  The internet is really quite amazing isn't it?

 I hope to hear back from you.  I will get Donna's email address and send her the link to this site.


Karin Nelson (Donna's Brother, Jerry Hency, is my Father)

Santa Clarita, CA