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Frederick Hoffer I and Johanna Rott family continued......

Child #V

John Hoffer

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IV. John Hoffer b. 7 Aug 1880 Neudorf/Od. S. Russia d. 1 Dec 1946  Tappen, ND, USA , son of Frederick Hoffer I and Johanna Rott, m. 12 Jan 1904 @ Tyndal, SD, USA  to Rosa Wittmeier b. 12 Jan 1888 Tndal , SD, USA

John & Rosina

John and Rosina, nee Wittmeier, Hoffer

{Author unknown  Story taken from the Streeter, ND. Jubilee Book]

John Hoffer was born Aug 7, 1880 in Neudorf, Russia.  When he was eighteen years of age, he came to America with his brothers, Fred and Jacob, in the company of Jacob Schauer family.  The brothers traveled on to the vicinity of Tripp, S. Dak. and John worked for several farmers near there prior this marriage.

Mrs. John Hoffer was formerly Rose Witmeier of Tyndal, S. Dak., her birth place.  She was born there on Jan. 12, 1888.  John and Rose were united in marriage on her sixteenth birthday, 1904. They armed for themselves for three years near Tyndal, before deciding that renting a farm cold not offer the future that was visualized by Mr. Hoffer in taking a homestead and eventually owning land.  In the spring of 1907 they loaded their household furnishings, six horses, 10 cows and some machinery which included a walking plow and a sulky plow in a boxcar and set out on the big adventure of homesteading on the bare prairies of North dakota.  They came to Streeter, bringing one little boy, Julius, with them.  When the site of new home-to-be was determined, Rosa stayed with John's brother, Fred and family while the men erected a barn with a lea-to.  This "lean-to" was the home for the next three years, and it was the birthplace of son, John, in 1908.

A deep religious faith was ever the guiding light in the lives of John and Rosa Hoffer.  Regardless of the hardships of a little pioneer family, there was always a means provided for attending church services.  So at first, they went to church at his brother's (Jacob's) house.  Then John helped in the building of the sod church in the community and some years later, helped erect the Reform Church to the north and west.

Occasionally, due to inclement weather, or an emergency, the pastor who serviced the church would be unable to visit the congregation on Sunday.  It was on such instances that John Hoffer would be called upon by the little group to lead services.

A house was built in 1910, and what joy was experienced by all concerned as they moved from the "lean-to".  All the working and saving to provide the better living quarters made its appreciation all the more deeply felt.  Lynn Larson was the plasterer for this new home.

As time tolled on, the township and school district were organized.  Again, the leadership with which Mr. Hoffer was endowed came to the forefront.  however, do to his inexperience with the English language, counsel was often sought from Gus Greften, another settler in Peace Township.  Mr. Grefthen usually served as the intermediary in transacting the business necessary in the county seat, Steele.  For these trips  by horse and buggy, to and from the train, and requiring a day's time.  Gus would receive 75 cents in pay from the organizations.

fam grp

John and Rosa, nee Wittmeier, Hoffer

[font row, seated]

left to right

Johanna, Bertha and Hulda

back row

Nathaniel, Huldrich, Ernest, Julius and John

The children, seven boys and three girls, were born to Mr. and Mrs. Hoffer:  one died in infancy, and a son Christopher, when four years of age at home.

Winter evenings were study time for the Hoffer children.  In addition to their regular school Mr. Hoffer taught all the youngsters to read and write in Germany, also;  this coming after scripture lessons.  During World War I years when there were periods of no school, Mr. Hoffer gave the children instruction in mathematics, and with an available text book of geography, history and agriculture,  helped them to forge ahead somewhat so that all previous learning should not be lost.

Julius Hoffer married teacher, Alvira Beling, who came to Tappen vicinity; has married daughter and son in college; is now residing in Tappen and operating a grocery store.  John married Fay Benson and they live on a farm near Tappen. Nathaniel also was web to a local girl, Norma Nelson.  They have two boys and one girl, all living at home in Sherman Oaks, California.  Johanna became Mrs. Ted Teske; is the mother of two girls and one boy, all married, now, and has four grandhildren.  Ernest married Rosella Schmidt and they live on the original homestead.  They have a son and daughter, both married, and one grandchild.  Huldrich, who lives in Fargo, has three boys, one married, and has two grandchildren. Daughter Hulda married Otto Wurtele of Streeter and lives on his parent's farm.  She had six children, all married.  Hulda and Otto have six grandchildren.  Bertha, who is Mrs. Carl Grunder of West Covina, Calif. has no family.

In 1937, Mr. and Mrs. Hoffer decided to partially retire, so bought the farm of John Sleight's home in Tappen. [See Photograph]. Having plenty of space _____ [unreadable] and the needed facilities,  they raised chickens and kept a flock of laying hens for a few years on the farm, now and then with ______ [unreadable] season of work.  They also kept one milk cow but in 1946 thought it best to eliminate this chore.  Mr. Hoffer prepared to haul her down to the farm and on the way suffered a sever heart attack.   Ten days later, Dec. 1, he passed away in the Jamestown Hospital.

Mrs. Hoffer stayed on in her home a few years then sold the big house and purchased a small one. After living there for awhile she decided to spend her remaining years with her children, so sold the house to Mr. and Mrs. Philip Mittleider.  While visiting the three children in California,  she became seriously ill and after a brief stay in a hospital, pasted away one day after her seventy-second birthday --Jan 13, 1960, at home of her daughter, Bertha.  


  1. infant
  2. Julius Hoffer m. Alvira Belling
  3. John Hoffer m. Fay Benson
  4. Christopher Hoffer
  5. Nathaniel Hoffer m. Norma Nelson
  6. Johanna  Hoffer m. Theodore Teske
  7. Ernest Hoffer m. Rosella Schmidt
  8. Hulrich Hoffer m. Pauline Wurtele
  9. Huldra Hoffer m. Otto Wurtele
  10. Bertha Hoffer m. Carl Grunder

See Family Below and following pages for more detail.

Child #1

child died as an infant

Child #2

Julius Hoffer


Julius Hoffer b. 27 June 1905 d. 10 Oct 1982 Kidder Co. , ND m. Alviar Belling Issue:

  1. Julius Hoffer, Jr  m. Vicki L. Kennedy [informant...see letter... Issue:.
  2. Pamela Hoffer

Child #3

John Hoffer


John Hoffer b. 23 May 1908 ND  d. 23 July 1979 Kidder Co., ND   m. Fay Benson

Child #4

Christopher Hoffer

Died when he was four years old.

Child #5

Nathaniel Hoffer


Nathaniel Samuel Hoffer b. 16 March 1912 Tappen (or Streeter), ND d. 6 Sept 1988 Ventura, CA m. 25 May 1939 Tappen to Norma Bernice  Nelson, b. 3 Sept 1918 Tapen / Kidder Co., ND d. 21 April 1996 Los Banos / Merced Co., CA dau. of Peter Nelson and Rose Matl.  Issue:

  1. Neil Hoffer m. Donna Hency, dau. of Charles  Henry and Eva Hart See Letter Issue:
  2. Nadine Hoffer m.  [unknown]
  3. Norlyn Hoffer b. 21 July 1945 Sheerman Oaks, CA  d. 12 May 1971 in a plane explosion over Soarita Beach, Mexico

Child #6

Johanna Hoffer


Johanna Hoffer b. abt 1914 ND m. Theodore Teske b. abt 1909, son of Christian Teske (b. 30 May 1873 ___/ S. Russia) m. 1 Dec 1900) and Rosina Bischke (b.. 3 Jan 1879 ___S. Russia  d. 26 Sept 1929 Jamestwon / Sutsman Co., ND)


  1. Yvonne Teske m. Kenneth Wagner  Issue:
  2. Sharon Teske m. Clifford Crook Issue:
  3. Dwight Teske m.  ___ Henderson Issue:

Child #7

Ernest Hoffer 


Ernest Hoffer b. 3 July 1916, ND d. 9 Feb 1979 Bismarck / Burleigh Co., ND  m. abt 1939 to Rosella Schmidt b. 10 Aug 1915 west of Streeter, ND d. 12 Dec 2007 Wishek , ND, dau. of Gottlieb Schmidt (b. 24 Feb 1880 Neudorf/ Od., S. Russia; son of Friedrich Schmidt and Anna Marie Stroh) and Christina Graf (b. 29 Nov 1886  ____/ S. Russia, dau. of Friedrich Graf and Elisabetha Stroh) Issue:

  1. William Hoffer m. Levon Siewert.  Issue:
  2. Magdaline Hoffer
  3. Evangeline Hoffer m. Gene Schell, son of John Schell and Ida Gaub Issue:

The Jamestown Sun, ND (

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rosella Hoffer, 92, Napoleon, N.D. , Died Wednesday, Dec 12, 2007 at Wishek Community Hosptial, Wishek, N.D.

Rosella L. Schmidt was born Aug 10, 1915 , west of Streeter, N.D., the daughter of Gottleib and Christina (Graf) schmidt.  She grew up and received her education in the area.  She married Ernest Hoffer.  They lived in rural Tappen.  In 1989, she moved to Napoleon.  She was a member of Salem United Methodist Church, Napoleon, and a former member of the Congregation Church.  She enjoyed embroidering and quilting.

She is survived by a daughter Vagie Schell, Napoleon; a son Bill (LeVon)  Tappen; ad sister, Alice Martin, Portland, Orel; five grandchildren' 12 great - grandchildren; a great-great-grandchild; and a special caregiver, Botti Mitschell/

She was precended in death by her husband; a son-in-law, Gene Scheel [stet]; her parents, six brothers and two sisters.

Child #8

Hulrich Hoffer


Hulrich Hoffer b. 24 Jan 1919 ND  d.  21 Sept 1992 Cass Co., ND m. Pauline Wurtele Issue:

  1. Gerald  Noel Hoffer m. Edene Gray Issue:
  2. Jay Hoffer m. ____  Issue:

Child #9


Hulda Hoffer b. 3 Feb 1921 d. 4 March 2008 Rugby , ND  m. 17 Sept 1939 Steele / __, ND to Otto Wurtele b. 10 July 1916 d. 31 March 1993 McIntosch Co., ND, son of William F. Wurtele (b. 14 Feb 1892 NE [Nebraska], USA  d. 3 Dec 1968 Jamestowwn / Stutsman Co., ND)  and Eva __NN___  (b. 17 Feb 1888 S. Russia d. 30 May 1974 Bismarck / Burleigh Co., ND, USA) Issue:

  1. Duanne Wurtele m. Carol Barret Issue:
  2. Keith Wurtle m. Vyonnne Spiedel  Data from Robert Hudson,  Issue:
  3. Shirely Wuretle m. 22 Nov 1963 Streeter / __ND to Donald Miedinger  b. 1 March 1945 Jamestown / Stutsman, ND d. 10 July 2002 Jamestown, son of Reinhold Meidinger and Leona Dahl.  Issue:
  4. Claudia Wurtele m. ___ Dockter
  5. Clark Wurtele m. Marg. Kinzler Issue:
  6. Gail Wurtele m. Joseph Tillman Issue:

Child #10


Bertha Hoffer m. Carl Grunder

Some of the death information came from and is marked in maroon



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