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Katherina , nee Dockter, Hieb

[wife of Wilhlem Hieb]



Magdalena , nee Landenberger, Dockter b. abt 1817

[wife of Jacob Dockter and dau. of Michael and Katherine, nee Kapp, Landenberger]]

who are sister-in-laws.

 The children are Katherine's.  They are Karolina, and probably Johann and August Hieb..

Photograph taken between 1881-1885

Note:  In many of the old photographs, the eyes were penciled because of superstitious belief, the eyes being the entry way to a person's soul and the images such as photographs could be used for those wishing harm upon another..

Hieb Family

Hieb BkRemMick recieved a booket about the "ANCESTORS and DESCENDANTS of MR. AND MRS. GEORGE J. HIEB from Ret. Lt. Col. Harley F. Hieb of Lodi shortly before his death 1 April 1994 plus a copy of his pusblish book called HEART OF IRON  which gives us his personal experiences of the American jungle warefare of the Philippine  Islands during WWII.    He was des. of Adam Hieb who had two  [known] sons. They were Jacob,who is Harley's ancestsor, and Wilhelm Hieb.  Many of Adam Hieb's desc. migrated first to ND, USA then Lodi, CA.  Wilhlem Hieb m. Maria Katherina Dockter, dau. of Jacob Dockter and Magdalena, nee Landenberger  [See Dockter, Gen. 3 above].

note:See Doctker Family Gen. 3, Child 2.

Remmick-Hubert: Note The following is an educated guess as to this lineage from data received:

Sebastian Hieb b. bef 1720  poss. Pfalz  m. 3 July 1736 in Ilbesheim / north of Kirschheim-Bolanden, Pfalz [=Palatinate], Bavaria [=Bayern], [presently in Rheineland-Palatinate Germany] to Julianne Hellman b. bef. 1720  d. 1826 Neudorf / Od. S. Russia

parents of:

Adam Hieb  b. 25 Nov 1742 Ilbesheim / n. Kirschheim-Bolanden, Pfalz [Bayern] [presently in Rhineland-Palatinate] d. 1826 Neudorf/ Glueckstal, n. Odessa, S. Russia    [age 66 in census ca. 1816]  Wuerttemberg [Germany], son of Sebastian Hieb (b. ___ /Pfalz [=Palatinate], Bavaria [=Bayern], [pessently in Rheineland-Palatinate Germany) and Julianne Hellman  (d. 1826 Neudorf / Od. S. Russia) m. 23 April 1771 Heuchelheim / n. [bei] Krankenthal, Pfalz [Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany] m. to Sibilla Schwartz b.  2 Aug 1750 "Evangelisch" Church in Heuchelheim, Pfalz, dau. of Heinrich Schwartz and Katharina Eliz. __NN__ [Source: / Hief Family Tree; owner maryjayvestal]  [Note: Julianne Hellman's father was Johann Hellmann b. 1695 Germany] Issue:

  1. Johann Jakob Hieb b. 7 June 1772 m. 18 Jan 1803 poss. Heuchelheim to Maria Eliz. Wack b. 1789 [see; updated 19 Dec 2010] Issue:
  2. Maria Katharina Hieb b. 28 March 1774 ?, Heuchelheim, Pfalz m. Kristoph Kuhn [see]
  3. Georg Jacob Hieb b. 14 May 1776 Heuchelheim / Pfalz  [?Alasace-Lorraine Province, France]
  4. Katharina Elizabeth Hieb b. 14 July 1776 Heuchelheim / Pfalz [see]
  5. Balthasar Hieb b. Aug 1780 [see, updated 19 Dec 2010]]  d. 1825 Neudorf / Glueckstal Dist., n., Odessa, S. Russia m. 1803 Heuchelheim / Pfalz to Margartha Lehr  b. 9 Oct 1790 Wuerttemberg d. 21 Jan 1851 Neudorf/ Glueckstal Dist.,  n. Odessa, S. Russia, dau. of  __NN___  Issue:
  6. Margaretha Hieb b. 20 April 1783 Heuchelheim/ Pfalz [see] m. Mathias Schaeffer b. abt 1786  Issue:
  7. Maria Barbara Hieb b. 13 Dec 1785 Heuchelheim / Pfalz [see]
  8. Katharina Elix. Hieb b. 9 May 1788 Heuchelheim/ Pfalz [see]
  9. Johann Adam b. 9 Dec 1790 Heuchelheim  d. 8 Jan 1861 Neudorf/ Od. , S. Russia m. Magdalena Kirschenmann b. 18 Sept 1796 Durrweiler / Wuerttemberg, dau. of Christian Kirschenmann (b. 21 June 1773 Durrweiler / Freudenstadt, Wuerttemberg) and Chistina Weiser (b. 12 Aug 1771 Herzogweiler)]  Issue:
  10. Johann Adam Hieb b. 16 Sept 1792 m. Katarina .... b. abt 1818 XXXXXX
  11. Wilhelm [Adam]  Hieb b. 14 April 1794 Heuchelheim / Pfalz d. 27 Oct. 1868 Neudorf/ Od. S. Russia [See Col. Harley Hieb book, family booklet, and see] m.  (1) Katharina Hagel; / Hegel m. (2) Anna Marg. Kapp, au. of Johannes Kapp (b. 1775) and Christina Gohl (b. 19 April 1790 Moehringen / ___)  Issue: 

The foreward was written by Helen Reisenweber:

"This record of the Hieb families includes the families who have lived during a period of 150 years.  It is especially prepared for the descendants of George J. Hieb, most of  whom are presently living in this year, 1962.

George J. Hieb devoted most of his life to pioneering, as did his father and grandfather before him. Prior to 1812, Weurtemburg, Germany was home to the Hieb families living at that time.

In the year 1812, Adam Hieb and his parents joined the tide of immigration to the region around the Black Sea in Russia, where Adam raised his family. His son, Jacob was the father of 12 children...

When political and social conditions in Russia became to unpleasant for the freedom loving Germans, Jacob Hieb, Sr. decided to engage in a pioneering venture with his family and undertook the long journey to America on May 2, 1874..."


In message dated 6 Nov 2001 from Tdurst1:

<<I recently came across your /Hoffer web site.  I am searching for information on George J. Hiebs siblings.  My ggrandfather Jacob Mayer b. abt 1858, Neudorf married two of George's sisters-Katharina b. ? and Carolina and then five more were born to Jacob and Carolina in McPherson Co., SD.

My mother, Adella Hieb b. 1916 Leola, D.D. to Gottlieb>> [Hieb] <<and Magdalena Mayer Hieb; Gottlieb b. 10/5/1888

s/o Michael & Rosina Boerkirchert Hieb Jr

s/o Michael and Sophie Wetzler Hieb Sr.

s/o Bathasar Hieb Sr. b. 1782

s/o Johan Adam Hieb Sr. b. 1746.

I would appreciate any information you may have on his siblings.


Dr. Tom Durst>>

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Email message:  25, 26, and 28 April 2002: David Stevens

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