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  Borodino Detailed List of Sources 



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S-LDS LDS  [Latter Day Saint Church's] Film Numbers for Borodino, Bessarabia, S. Russia

1198710 Baptisms: 1817-1839 & Deaths: 1836-1846

1198711 Baptisms: 1839-1857

1198712 Baptisms: 1858-1880

1198713 Baptisms: 1881-1903 (right side)

1198714 Baptisms: 1881-1903 (left side)

1198715 Baptisms: 1903-1914

1198716 Baptisms: 1914-1925

1198717 Baptisms: 1925-1940

0032904 Deaths: 1830-1841

1198718 Deaths: 1847-1855; 1817-1835; 1856-1872

1198719 Deaths: 1873-1898

1198720 Deaths: 1916-1933; 1933-1940

0038888 Deaths: 1817-1835; 1847-1872

1766542 Deaths: 1817-1835; 1847-1855

1766543 Deaths: 1856-1871; 1858-1871; 1836-1846;

Baptisms: 1836-1839

Family Records: 1834; 1846-1860

1768265 Family Records: 1846-1860, cont.

1768281 Family Records: 1861-1900

1766614 Family Records: 1909; 1940

Found On Web Site:  / Borodino / Bess.

S-1 Book: The Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 to 1862 - For more detail Karl Stumpp
S-2 Book: Heimatbuch Borodino und Friedrichsfeld Hoeger, Heer, Schaupp and Schock

Webmistress & Family Historian:  Borodino, Bessarabia, South Russia from "A" to "Zzz", "B"

Judy A. Remmick-Hubert's

S-4 Letters, Photographs, etc. in RemMick's data and files
S-5 Dahl Wahl found at: Not only does he have dates, he also tells film numbers of LDS as well as page numbers. Dale Wahl
S-5/K S-5/k: Dale Wahl's  Kobenlz Exodus Questionaire/ Forms Index/List Dale Wahl
S-5/BI Bessarabian Index Folks - Villages Booklet by Dale Wahl

S-5= Dahl Wahl's information, BI refers to Bessarabian Index. His key:

  •  b=born,
  • h#=house,
  • p#=page number,
  • f#=frame number,
  • F#=Film number,
  • It=film item number
Dale Wahl
S-6 Dokota Free Press  [Dakota Preie Presse] Obituaries - Letter of 22 Dec. 1994
S-7  Bippus data from Anna-Dorothea, nee Bippus, Kleinschmidt liv. in Germany. See B-70 e-mail: Anna, nee Bippus, Kleinschmidt of Bad Wimpfen, Germany
S-12 From letters from Flossie, nee Gourlay, Libra of Deer Park,WA,  Families of  Tetz, Wagner, Haberer and Wagner. Dozens of letters about Borodino..1980s. Also listed as S-55 Libra
S-16 Letters from Frieda Houghton , Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Jacob Shafer of Borodino Houghton
S-17 Ashley, ND, USA Tribune Newspaper
S-18 Mr. and Mrs.  M.R. Heinrich of Los Altos Hills, CA Heinrich
S-19 Conversations with Rosina, nee Blind, and Reinhold Schweikert Schweikert
S-20 Ervin Mund wrote:  :My relatives in Canada complied a MUND / MUNDT Families book.  400 pages..."  "...seeking names including Arlt..." Mund
S-21 Letters from Eileene Horst Horst
S-22 Letter fr. Lawrence Rittmiller, grandson of Konrad Betsch Rittmiller
S-23 E-mail from Uli Anhorn searching Anhorns from Bohringen/Wu to Bessarabia, S. Russia then moved to Dobrudscha, Rumania in 1898 Anhorn
S-24 Letter from Marlene Brost Peterson Peterson
S-25 Curt Auering of Billings MT Auering
S-26 Judith Walker Walker
S-27 Athur Flegel's Census List from LDS Film Flegel
S-28 Judi Bippus of Texas Bippus
S-29 Samuel Bippus of Lodi, CA Bippus


Vina Mayer:  (new: 2006) Mayer
S-31 Marge Jergentz-Stout, Friedenstal VC: Stout
S-32 Marriage Records of Kloetitz: Kloetitz Records -Pixel List
S-33 - Ingrid Reule,  Alte Poststr. 33, 32429 Minden, Germany. Records from which she read: (1) Film #0038903 Kloetitz/Bess. marriage records

Page of Ingrid Reule Letters

S-34 S-34 - John Hein b. 1892 Borodino of Lodi , CA Hein
S-35 S-35  Sprague fr. Wyo., USA, des. of Ludwig and Mary Hein [B-324, B-325] Sprague
S-36 S-36 Article of settlers of Borodino published in: Jahrbuch Duetshen aus Bessarabien (1989) Dotsjuhlaen by Hugo Hoefner Hoefner
S-37: Alvina Schwarz of San Francisco, Ehni Family Schwarz
S-38 : John L. Dalke of Bolorado. Letter 1984. Family from Elizabethal/ Molotschna Disrict of Tawrida near the Sea of Azov a Minonnite village.  Des. Peter Dalke b. 1828 Dalke
S-39 Carolyn Herr, wife of Larry Herr des. of Ernst Herr, of Jacksonville, TX.  Letter 1992 Herr
S-40 Harry Dalke of Camp Hill PA Letter 1991: Family migr. to Russia to Borodino/ Bess. to America to Canda. Des. of Peter Dalke b. 31 Dec. 1778 m. Petronelien on 14 April 1803 at Moetchna Colony. Dalke
S-41 D.D. Zimmerman Let. 1985 fr. St. Paul, MN Zimmerman
S-42 Curt Renz :Renz, Keller, Bippus, Schacher, Hornstein, Stegmeier, many others Renz
S-43 Betty A., nee Flath,  Omvig of ND: Motz Family of Borodino-1996 Omvig
S-44 Kevin Wallewein. Descendent of first colonists of Borodino by the name of Wallewein. E-mail is: Wallewein


Vina at:  Mayer Family of Borodino:  Mayer, Baisch, Dueck/Dyck, Hiebert. Mayer
S-46 Ron Metz of CA:  Wagner Family of Borodino  E-mail: plus photographs

Wagner House But

S-47 Cecelia Wolff - Boschatzke & Schoenberger Fam. Wolff
S-48 Arthus Fueller [S-48] des. of Jacob Fueller and Anna maria Riethmueller [B-731] & who supplied a great deal of inormation to Ingrid Reule of Germany S-33.  I do no have his address. Fueller
S-49 Ruff  Family - Contact : Ralph Ruff,   442 Deodara St , Vacaville CA 95688. He has a huge amount of information on the Ruff's who migr. from Dobel, Calw-Wu  to Kulm, Pr. to  Russia. He is the village VC for Alt Elft / Bessarabia & Neu Paris / Bessarabia.  He does not have a computer. Ruff
S-50 Haberer  and Rath. Fam. Information :  Tom and Jan Stangl Stantgl
S-51 Karen, nee Ehni, Turner Ehni-Turner
S-52 Marge Jergentz-Stout :  Heihn & Giessler   History Stout
S-53 Betty Steviks, SD bstevicks: Bergstrasser Family Letter Steviks
S-54 Marline R., nee Brost,  Peterson, MT.  Families of Brost, Martsch, Richter... Peterson
S-55 /


Flossie, nee Gourlay, Libra. Families of Tetz, Hess, Wagner, Haberer... Dozen of letters about Borodino Libra
S-56 Violet Sieler, WA Sieler
S-57 Carol  Evelyn McCormack BigQunBee  , Families of Goetz, McCormach, Schorzmann, Mueller, Pfeffer McCormack
S-58 Dorothy E-mail on  10 oct 1998 _______
S-59  Kaldun Family
S-60 Harold Ehrman's [Pixel] Web Site: Bess. Index Library Search


Bessarabia List

Bessarabian Village Birth Records, 183x (R. Drefs) . . . . .Published by the Odessa Digital Library - 19 Nov 1998  This document may be freely used for personal, nonprofit purposes or linked by other WWW sites. It may also be shared with others, provided the header with copyright notice is included. However, it may not be republished in any form without permission of the copyright owner.Copyright 1998, RRD - 2053 Woonsocket, Toledo OH 43615-3753, 419-539-9378 This file contains birth records from the Bessarabian villages of South Russia for the years 183x to 1885. This information  was compiled by R. Reuben Drefs, coordinator, extractor Ed Schulz and data inputters Chris Burkhart and Judy Walker and volunteers from the St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical archives published by the LDS. Edited by Marty McMahon.


Bessarabian 183x Births (R. Drefs)

Bessarabian 1833-1839 Marriages (R. Drefs)

Bessarabian 184x Births (R. Drefs)

Bessarabian 184x Marriages (R. Drefs)

Bessarabian 185x Births (R. Drefs)

Bessarabian 185x Marriages (R. Drefs)

Bessarabian 186x Births (R. Drefs)

Bessarabian 1860-1864 Deaths (R. Drefs)

Bessarabian 1864-1890 Deaths (R. Drefs)

Bessarabian 186x Marriages (R. Drefs)

Bessarabian 187x Births (R. Drefs)

Bessarabian 187x Marriages (R. Drefs)

Bessarabian 1881-1885 Births (R. Drefs)

Bessarabian 1880-1885 Marriages (R. Drefs)


Bessarabia List: .. Copyright 1998

Coming Soon 1849 Census of Borodino / Bess.

Bess. List
 S-64:   Beth Weiss, Stehr Family
  • .June1987
  • Letter dated 14 Ju.y 1988
S-65:  Mr. Michael Rempfer, letter dated 26 Nov 1987;  Elisabeth Stehr and Johann Georg Rempfer were his great-great granparents. Rempfer
S-66: Mr. Mrs. Ferdinand Nuss., Stehr Family
  • Letter dated 24 April 1984
  • Letter  dated 2 May 1984. Copied obit. fr." July 7, 1929" " Lincoln Sunday Nespaper"
  • S-67 -cousin
S-67: Judi Haight, Stehr Family
  • Letter dated 23 Feb 1981  " great great grandmother was Eva Katharerina Stohr married to Valentin Peter"
  • Letter dated  7 March 1981
  • Letter dated 6 Aug 1982. Death record, Sutton, NB, USA "6376"
S-68 Judith Walker.  Letter dated Nov. 1988, Stehr Family, Roedel & Beglau Famlies Letter dated 17 July 1987 Walker
S-69:   GCRA -  p. 8  Declarations of Intent, Mcintosch Country, ND extracted by Alice Essig , Book 1, 1886-1895#106. Note #97 was Ludwig Hein who landed in NY April 1886 Essig
S-70: Kelvin L. Stehr.  E-mail 12 July 1998, kstehr@DOWCO.COM. He wrote "My great-great grandparents Nicolaus Stehr (b. 1813 Friedrichsfeld (?) and Louisa Domriss (b.1830 Beresina) were married in Klostitz on Jan 28, 1855. Nicolaus' father was Johann STEHR. I am trying to find out information about him...." Stehr
S-71 Christian Fies -  List GRHS -  ODESSA - Genealogy Collection Library, Bess. Collection
S-72 Maik Bippus  at - Bippusv Family Bippus
S-73 Jeanie D. White. Letter.  Reinhardt Family. Reinhardt, Traunegger, Hauser, Werenwag, Bihler White
S-74 Roger Luft.  E-mail 18 Jan 1999.  Family:  Tetz, Kraft Luft
S-75 Friess List Friess
S-76 Doug Johnson. Bergstrasser Family: Sievert, Korus, Gunst, Schauefel, Mackle, Otterstatter   >>See letters of  .S-76 Johnson
S-77 Records of leaving Borodino from 1939 to 1945
S-78 Robert Wagner. Letters. Wagner
S-79 Sharon Hamill. Letters.  Wagner Family. Hamill
S-80 Norma Huber Hettich. Wagner Family.   Hettich
S-81 Emil Stadel and Herbert Loeffebein Stadel


S-82 Marge Stoudt -Friedenstal VC, Friedenstal Book, Obit. , LDS Films Stoudt
S-83 Marguerite Dammel ...letter...2 Aug 1991 Dammel
S-84 Lawrence A. Rittmiller Rittmiller
S-85 Milton Heinrich letter 28 March 1991, Schlenker and Becker families Heinrich
S-86 Dorothy Erickson  [new] : Hoeger [Haeger] family Erickson
S-87  Martin R. Schock, 1121 N. 29th St., Bismarck, ND 18501 - Familes are: Schock  back to 1641 , Ehni back to 1611, Lange.  See letter  Families of Ehni, Kreis, Lange, Renschler, Roth, Schaffner, Schock and Wagner.... Schock
S-88  Roemmich Family
S-89  Aichele Family Rod ____
S-90 Hildenbrand Family Kathy __
S-91 Ematson4  Reschke [Reuschke, Rutschke] family Ematson4
S-92 Eric Kahler Gave information on Anna Katharina Werkle wife of Phillip Jacobh Maier of Borodino Kahler
S-93 Rev. Martin Benzing, Nagold, Wu. .  Letter of Rec. of Butz Fam. Benzing
S-94 Violet Sieler  Families of: Naas, Naaz, Sackmann, Kuer, Beutel, Knodel, Reule, Weisshaar, Apperlein and Shafrer Sieler
S-95 Ted J. Becker, Rasna VC, E-mail 5 May 1998 query on Lenz Family Becker
S-96 Herbert Rempfer  Families of Schaber and Loeffelbein Rempfer
S-97 Opal White : e-mail 10 March 1998 White
S-98 Debra Hall: Famils of Reule, Hauff, Betsch, Knodel Hall


Harold Ehrman's Glueckstal / Odessa Files, Dockter, Landenberger, Hoffer, Rott  and hundreds of others Erhman Data of Glueckstal/ Odess, S. Russia : or Ehrman
S-100 Wilbur Schlecht  E-mail:  Searching Deg/ Deeg and Gumke of Borodino Schlecht
S-101 Debra Hall, E: mail:, Hauff and Reule families Hall
S-102 Georg Bohlender, E-mail:, Boschatzke, Hoeger, Bohlender , Hille,.....families Bohlender
S-103 S-34 - John Hein b. 1892 Borodino of Lodi , CA and his children: (1)Martha, nee Hein, Grueich, (2)Ester, nee Hein, Dittus  met with Judy A. Remmick-Hubert with newspapger clippings and bibles and husbands. April 1983.   Hein
S-104 Sandy Sprague. See S-35 Sprague
S-105 Homesteaders on the Steppe, The Odyssey of a Pioneering People , A book by Joseph S. Height Height
S-106 Paradixe on the Steppe , a book, by Joseph S. Height Height
S-107 Shelley, - Hoeffel Family Shelley _____
S-108 Dave Mathia, -  Families of Stickel and Bippus Mathia
S-109 Jack Kappenstein  Family of Kapenstein Kappenstein
S-110 Walter and Marie Hein - Letter Hein
S-111 Homeland Book of the Bessarabian Germans, orginal text by Albert Kern Kern
S-112 Albert Eisenbeis Book Eisenbeis
S-113 Sharon Mittelstedt -, Schweigert, Schock Mittelstadt
S-114 Leilani Meyhoff, Pedigree Chart-GRHS  of Baisch Family of Borodino, Malke, Ost, Wolt, Thumlert, Ehlert, Schmidt, Hreinschmidt, Trikowski, Machall Meyhoff
S-115 Amy Jo Schauer, Pedigree Chart- GRHS, Schauer, Will, Trautmann, Will, Koth, Hyde, Scherbenske, Diede, Ost of Borodino, Heil, Lutz, Hagele, Heinle, Mueller, Heinrichson, Thumlert Schauer
S-116, Speidel Family, Borodino, Website: /users/d/i/l/Michelle-L-Dills/ODT3-0001.html Speidel
S-117 Angel McKay,, [new March 2002] Families of Hein, Hess, Harter.... McKay
S-118 Mrs. Francis C. Stibbe, Letter dated 27 Jan 1977, Families of Roedel, Beglau, Stibbe, Garrison, Rauhut [Raugust] Staibbe
S-119 William Ray Roedel sent chart for GRHS files Roedel
S-120 Marc Chambers,  E-mail: MCham8598 Families of Roedel, Tiede, Sperling, Champbers, Schulz Chambers
S-212 Allen and Mary Lu Konrad [S. Africa  Stehr family ] Konrad
S-213 adeline  Stehr and Risling families
S-214 Catherine Coy:  Heim and Schmollinger families Coy
S-215 Jackie ___ Schmollinger and Heim families
S-216 LDS Record: William M. Smith, 13174 AZTEC ST., SYLMAS, CA, 91342-2505 USA; COMPACT DIS#7, PIN,.594599 Families of: Bippus, Haller, Dietsch [Records in Germany Researched.....] Smith
S-217 Erline A. Hawn,, Fzmilies of Wagner and Aichele which she has back to 1485 Hawn
S-218 Rebekah E. Pearce.  Web site on Mayer at: Family Site URL changed??  Families of Mayer, Proppenauer , Littau.... Pearce
S-219 Jennifer Spangle,  Families of Schweigert / Schweikert, Feist
S-220 Jackie Forsyth,  Family of Schmollinger, Stadel, Sammerfeld, Heim Forsyth
S-221 Stehr, Engle, Stickle  Letters Stehr
S-222 Mary, nee Wiltse, Heck, (GRHS #H-054). Families of Heck, Schmidt, Huether, Pfaff, Temel, Knodel, Bossert, Schafer, Stack, Reule, Walter, Schlamp Huetter, Zackmeister, Lutz, Heuchert, Wiltse Heck
S-223 Emma M. Laemmle (GRHS #L-102).  Families of Laemmle, Reule, Henke, Knodel, Merkel, Wuexler (?Wuefler), Jesser, Dockter, Stein, Hauf, Schwindt Laemmle
S-224 Larry Orman (GRHS member #O-048). Families of Ruff, Schweigert and many many others. See 10 generation Orman
S-225 Roland Nies (GRHS member #N-O53) Families of Nies, Maier, Schmidt, Hoffman, Kessel, Walz, Dashendorf, Rempfer, Muller, Nitschke, Tetz, Fregien, Anhorn, Dietrich and many others. See Letter Nies
S-226 Eilli Wise Collection from the Kobelnz Records found: Weiss
S-227 Karen, nee Weisenburger  Families of: Schweigert, Weisenburger, Brandford, Haar, Schatz, Pfaff  See Letters Weisenburger
S-228 Tanya: Kuebler, Hauser
S-229 Laurie Polzin,, des. of Karl Schweikert family.   Polzin
S-230 Amy, ATorres437   Families of Maeckle [see Letter]  and Bergstrasser [see Letter]. Amy
S-231 Jasmyn Cox,  Family of Karl Schweikert family Cox
S-232 Cathy Nelson, Family of Magdalena Bippus family Nelson
S-233 Alfred Hein, Family of Hein in Borodino Page and Letters Hein
S-234 Xzlmar Anderson, Family of Hein, Gaub, Horst  Letter Anderson
S-235 Dalia Fugate, ,  Family of Hein . Letter Fugate
S-236 Vikki Olson Auzenne,, Reule Letter Auzenne
S-237 Neva Welch,, Wagner, Huber, Hettich, Letter Welch
S-238 Stacy Christopherson ,, Hein, Schock, Ruff Letter Christopherson
S-239 Konstantin Birst, , Buerst, Letter Birst
S-240 Colin Hndry,, Wagner, Loeffebein, Rieb, Letter Hendry
S-241 Deb Wilson , Hein, Weigum, Letter Wilson
S-242 Heinrich and Steve Mogck

Large site which has many German-Russian names  from Anhern  to Zwickl

I use the color  purple to show his additions to my data

S-243 azimmermann

Borodino List

in German

S-244 Michale Schlenker: From Schwenningen over Poland to Bess


GRHS Borodino Bessarabia Index Church Family Book H0H:

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AHSGR -Amercian Historical Society of German-Russians

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