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Schweikert Family continued....

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Karl Schwei[c]kert
  • son of Jacob Schweikert and Margaret Bippus,
  • b. 20 Oct 1862  Borodino / Bess., S. Russia
  •  d. Oct. 1929  Kulm, ND, USA,
  • m. 6 Dec 1884 Kloetitz/Bess. by Rev. Peters [date found in records, marriages 1880-1890 Film # 176655900 list the date of m. to be 7 Dec 1883] to

Katrina [ Katharina] Henke

  •  She is the daughter of Wilhelm Henke II, and, Christina Kraenzler.
  • b. 16 April 1863 Hoffnungstal/Bess. S. Russia
  • d. 31 March 1955 Eureka, SD, USA .


Katrina, nee  Henke, Schweikert's picture was taken in Kulm, ND. There are no pictures of Karl Schweikert who held supersitions about a person's image being held on paper or any kind of form, accept his own..

Photographs of Schweickert Farm

  1. Christina Schweickert b. 30 Sept 1885 Borodino m. Ludwig Hein   See Family In Detail plus photographs.
  2. Jakob Schweickert m. 1911 to  Emma Zeiglof
  3. John Schweickert m. Ida Knopp
  4. Johanna Schweickert  m.  20 Nov 1913  to John Franz, Jr.  
  5. Magdalena Schweickert m. Paul Grotwold [Goodwill]
  6. Margaretha Schweickert m. 4 Aug 1915 to Peter Lepp, Jr.
  7. Pauline Schweickert  m. 3 Dec 1928 Ipswich, SD, USA to  William Ferguson

Note: Most of the children w migr. to USA changed the spelling of Schweickert [Schweikert] to Schweigert.

Their Children and Their Families In More Detail:

Child One

Ludwig and Christina Hein's Pic.-1903

  1. Christina Schweikert  b. 30 Sept 1885 Borodino Bess. S. Russia m. Ludwig Hein   Issue:

Child Two

Jake Sch

Jacob and Emma

Jakob Schweikert  b. 8 June 1888 Borodino/ Bess. S. Russia m. 1911 to  Emma Zeiglof   He was sent to Salt Mines the Bolsheviks in 1918 where he died abt 1956. His wife and seven children died of starvation because the Bolsheviks wouldn't allowe anyone to sell them food.

<<Picture taken 1913


Picture taken before Jacob was arrested aby the Bolsheviks and sent to the Salt Mines in Siberia.  His wife and children starved to death within the year.

With Eue Sisters - before 1913, A Photograph

Child Three


-John and Ida

John  Schweikert  b. 11 Jan. 1891 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia  d. 8 Jan 1919 Kulm, ND USA m. Ida Knopp, dau. of  Gottfried Knopp from Mannsberg, [Mannheim/Od.?] S. Russia and Rosina Reimann.
  • No Children By This Marriage
    • John SchJohan Schweikert enlisted in the USA Army and is shown here reading a letter from home
    • Story of Ida's parents is found in the Kulm, ND Jubilee Bk.  Her parents mgr. to USA in 1886 to Tripp then settled in Kulm, ND.
    • Photograph with mother and others

Child Four


Johanna and Franz

Johanna Schweikert b. 3 Oct 1893 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia d. 6 May 1993 Ellendale Nursing Center, ND, USA,   m.  20 Nov 1913  to John Franz, Jr.  b.. 1 May 1893 d. 22 Aug 1972,  [data from funeral home card] son of John Franz and Mary Schock**
  •   Issue:
  • Arthur  Franz  b. 31 Aug 1916  poss Kulm / N. D,  USA  d. 23 April 1984 from a heart attack  m. 30 June 1939 to Elsie Schalbsz b.  12 Oct 1916  Issue:m. Elsie Schalbsz living in Kulm, ND
  • Adeline Franz m. Fred Brandenburger of Kulm, ND
  • Ann Franz m. Clinton Knopp of Ahsley, ND, USA

Article was taken from the Ashley, ND Jubilee Book:

"John Franz, Jr. was born in 1893.  He grew to manhood on his father's farm sixteen miles southwest of Kulm.

On November 20, 1913 he was united in marriage to Hannah Schweigert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schweigert.  After their marriage they settled on his father's homestead, remaining there until October 22, 1951, when they sold their property at public auction and purchased the Dr. Fred Fergusson home in Kulm where they now reside...."

**John Franz Sr b. 1863 S. Russia d. 1935 College Place, WA, USA, son of ____ and Mary Schock, dau. of August and Christina Shock, d. 1939 College Place, WA

Child Five


abt 1915

Magdalena  Schweikert  b. 27 May 1896 Borodino/ Bess. S. Russia  d. poss in or near New Jersey City, New Jersey, USA m. Paul Grotwold [Goodwill].  Thought to have had 5 children.

Child Six

Marg. & Pete

-Larger Photograph



Margaretha Schweikert b. 6 April 1897  Borodino/ Bess. S. Russia  d. 16 Oct 1971 Billings, MT, USA m. 4 Aug 1915 to Peter Lepp, Jr. b.  29 Jan 1889 Neu -Danzig, S. Russia,  d. 4 Jan 1983 Billings, MT, USA, son of Peter Lepp.
  • Margaretha's Page : family information and more photographs
  • Photograph with mother and others
  • Issue:
  • William Lepp m. Betty Rhinsmith Issue:
    • Gorden Lepp
    • William Lepp
    • Sandra Lepp m. Hauser
  • Edward Lepp m. Christine Hein [ his first cousin] dau. of Ludwig and Christana, nee Schweikert,  Hein  Issue:
    • Donald Lepp m. (1) div. to  Unita Embry from Ada Oklahoma
      • Arlin Lepp m. (1)  m. (2) Tammy Blecke
        • Kalob Lepp
        • Katie Jo Lepp
  • Katherine Lepp m. (1) David Flack m. (2) Lutze  Issue:
    • Gene Flack
    • Jim Flack
    • Jerry Flack
    • m. (2) Issue
    • John Lutze
    • Mickle Lutze
  • Leonnora m. Leo Kaiser
  • Karl Lepp m. Thimla Fowler
  • Margaret Lepp m. Arnold Kobler
  • LeppThis is Peter Lepp's parents and his sibilings.
  • Family history found in Ulm, Leiter, Ucross, Clearmont, A Century of History-Wyoming, ISBN 0-9631706-1-9

Child Seven

Pauline Pauline Schweikert b. 3 Dec 1903 n. Blumental / Taurien n. Crimea, Russia d. 13 Oct 1970 Cogswell, ND USA  m. 3 Dec 1928 Ipswich, SD, USA to  William Ferguson
  •  Issue:
  • Barbara Ferguson m. Wayne Seelhammer Issue:
    • William Seelhammer m. Mary Adams Issue:
      • Paul Seelhammer m. Carrie Cress
      • Marlo Seelhammer
    • Rebecca Seelhammer m. Rodger Pearson Issue:
      • Erik Pearson
    • James Seelhammer m. Sheila Stone  Issue:
      • Jacob Seelhammer
      • Joshua Seelhammer
      • Ross Seelhammer
      • Casey Seelhammer
    • Gregory Seelhammer m. Barbara Chishom Issue:
      • Blair Greg. Seelhammer
      • Chad Seelhammer
      • Jessica Seelhammer
      • Tory Seelhammer
      • Todd Seelhammer
    • Janis Seelhammer m. Wayne Brunner  Issue:
      • Jennifer Brunner
      • Lisa Brunner
      • Natalie Brunner
      • Ivy Brunner
  • Charles Ferguson m. Dorothy Grutafson  Issue:
    • Stephen Ferguson
    • Nancy Ferguson m. Roger Rousslang Issue:
      • Alicia Rousslang
      • Laura Rousslang
      • Melissa Rousslang
    • Mary Ferguson
    • Patrick Ferguson m. Kristin Boehne
  • Sharon Ferguson m. Ray Johnson  Issue:
    • Dawn Johnson m. Harvey Kewley Issue:
      • Lee Kewley
      • Joshua Kewley
      • Dustin Kewley
      • Sarah Kewley
    • Bruce Johnson m. Kitty Holey Issue:
      • Taylor Johnson
      • Chelsey Johnson
      • Anthony Johnson
    • Jill Johnson  m. Craig Olson
    • Laurie Johnson [S-229:informant] m. (1) Donald Cox m. (2) Wayne Polzin
      • m. (1) Issue:
      • Jasmyn Cox [S-231 informant]
      • m. (2) Issue:
      • Hannah M. Polzin
      • John D. Polzin
    • Tamara Johnsonm. Jospeh Preston Slone III
    • Jennie Johnson  m. John Niven Issue:
      • Allistair Johnson
      • m. (1) Issue:
      • Emma Niven
      • Callum Niven
  • Margaret Ferguson m. Norman Payne  Issue:
    • Laurie Payne
    • Terri Payne
    • Susie Payne
  • John Ferguson m. Betty Fleshness  Issue:
    • Mark Ferguson m. (1) Jill Neros m. (2) Beth Olson  ikssue:
      • Brittani Ferguson
    • Michael Ferguson m. Kari Nelson Issue:
      • Lindsey Ferguson
      • Jake Ferguson
    • Melony Ferguson m. Johnathan Henson Issue:
      • Jason Hensen
  • Douglas Ferguson m. Judith Bosse  Issue:
    • Jeffrey Ferguson m. Barbara Lloyd  Issue:
      • Hayden Ferguson
      • Delanie Ann Ferguson
    • Marta Ferguson
  • David Furguson m. Nancy Jacobson Issue:
    • Nicole Ferguson
    • Cory Ferguson m. Juli Williams Issue:
      • Mashaida Nicole Ferguson
  • Susan Ferguson m.  Moussa Drammeh  See letter. Issue:
    • Yusuf William Drammeh m. Tyra J'Nele Louis  See letter
    • Mamadou John Drammeh

Newspaper Obit:

"Cogswell, N.D. --The funeral for Mrs. William (Pauline) Ferguson, 66, who died Tuesday will be here at 2, Thursday in Nazaren Lutheran CHurch.

Pauline Schweikert was born in Russia Dec. 3, 1903 and moved to the state of Wyoming when 4. She moved to Kulm, ND... in 1916.  She attended the college at Ellendale, ND and taught school before her marriage Dec. 3, 1928.  The couple lived at Brampton, ND before coming here in 1942...".


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