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Margaretha (Margaret) Schweikert m. Peter Lepp


Margaretha Schweikert b. 6 April 1897  Borodino/ Bess. S. Russia  d. 16 Oct 1971 Billings, MT, USA , dau. of Karl Schweikert and Katrina Henke, m. 4 Aug 1915 to Peter Lepp, Jr. b.  29 Jan 1889 Neu -Danzig, S. Caucasus, Russia,  d. 4 Jan 1983 Billings, MT, USA, son of Peter and Caroline Lepp.


Backward Glance

1880's - 1980's

Ulm, Leiter, Ucross, Clearmont

A Century of History

The Lepp family is part of the history of Torrington, Wyoming area since 1910.  On page 174 it is written:


the Lepp Lineage


LEPP:  Peter

 Born:  New (Neu) -Danzig, South Russia in 1889

 Died: 1983

 Married Margaret Schweigert on August 3, 1915 in Torrington, Wyoming

Born: April 6, 1897 in [Borodino ] South Russia

Died:  21 October 1971

Children"  William Peter, Edward, Katherine, Leonora, Carl, Margaret


Both the Lepp and the Schweikert families came from Russia to the Torrington area around 1910.  Pete and Margaret, my parents, were married therre, where they farmed and raisesd us five children.

I, Katherine, the middle child at that time, moved with my parents in 1935 to a farm between Ucross and Clearmont where my sister, Margaret was born.

Our mother delivered her completely alone.  Dad had gone to a sale not expecting the baby to come that day.  Mom had done a huge wash on the board.  Four of us kids were sick in bed with the measles.  She moved us all into one bedroom and went about preparing for the birth.

Dad came home with a baby buggy and was surprised to find a baby to put into it.

We later moved to the Leiter area to farm and raise sugar beets.  My parents moved to Buffalo, Wyoming in 1945 and on to Montana in 1951, where dad worked for Hager's hatchery until he retired in 1959.  He enjoyed gardening. He and mother had 18 granchildren.  When she died there were nine great-grandchildren and when dad died 12 years later, there were 22 great-grandchildren.

pps. 176-177

Christine, nee Hein, Lepp wrote:

"...Ed was starting to farm on his own at Clearmont when we were married..."

Ed Lepp wrote:

"...When we left Clearmont our son, Donald, was eight years old.....While we were living at Torrington he [Donald] left for the Army.  After his army life he went to Colorado and bought a litttle ranch near Howard and later a horse ranch near Alamosa.  We "retired" to the Howard ranch.

We have a grandson, Alrin, Don's boy, who lives with his dad.  Both Don and Arlin are ropers and have their own roping calves....   They train theri own horses for roping at the horse ranch at Alamosa...This is a side line, as Don's job is being an appraiser for the Bureau of Reclamation.

A few years ago, Christine and I moved to Cortez where we are now retired."  

Lepp Fam.LP: This is Peter Lepp's parents and his sibilings

Lepp RecThis shows the birth of Peter Lepp on 8 March 1858 in Lakendorf____, Elbing, Regierungs, Prez. Danzig, Westprussia. m. (1)  11 Oct 1881 to Carolina Schock b. 1860 m. (2) Wife as Sophia Ruehler b. 1 Dec 1861 in Marienfeld, Taurien , Russia.  They were married in Oct 1892 in Nikolay, Cherson, S. Russia  Children listed were:

  1. Justina Lepp b. 18 Oct 1882 d. 8 Oct 1884
  2. Caroline  Lepp b. 18 Feb 1886
  3. Maria Lepp b. 25 Sept 1887
  4. Peter Lepp b. 29 Jan 1889  Neu Danzig / Caucasus, Russia d. 4 Jan 1983 Billings / Yellowstone Co., Montana, USA m. Margaretha Schweikert
  5. Johann Lepp b. 8 March 1891 d. 1899

m. (2)

.Lepp Sr. Sophie, nee Ruehler, and Peter Lepp, Sr.  Issue:

  1. Edward  Lepp b. 11 Sept 1893 d. April 1980 m. Mathilda Wagner b. 1 March 1899 Russia d. 27 Oct 1972 Lehr / Logan Co., ND, USA  (Source: family tree/ owner: TanyaDiepenhorst
  2. Katharina Lepp b. July 1895 d. 16 Nov 1903
  3. Jakob Lepp b. 3 Jan 1899 Russia d. July 1975 Wishek / McIntosch Co., ND, USA
  4. Friedrich Lepp b. 29 April 1901 d. Nov 1903
  5. Katie (Katharina)  Lepp b. b. 16 Dec 1906 in Neu Danzig Gov. Cherson, South Russia

Family history found in Ulm, Leiter, Ucross, Clearmont, A Century of History-Wyoming, ISBN 0-9631706-1-9