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Child # 8 of Ludwig and Christina, nee Schweikert, Hein

Christina Hein

C Christine Hein b. 25 Nov 1916 Torrington, Wyoming, USA d. 19 Dec 1997  m. Edward Lepp, son of Peter Lepp and Margaret Schweikert (first cousin).


Conformation Photgraph taken abt 1928,

Christina Hein is seated next to the Rev. and  to the viewer's  right.

Do you know any of these young faces?

Chris' Class

Photo taken abt 1928

Christina wrote a short story about her  own life:

" This little town of Marsh was at the edge of my first home in Montana.  It was the ranch my Dad, Ludwig Hein, bought from Bob Olsen...."

Marsh was a small town near Sidney, MT.

 Then the  family moved to a ranch called the "old Bell place" which had been the Lone Tree Fort.

"The year 1927 was a good year for me and my family. I got my first store bought dress, only one mile to school, we had a nice big house.  Even got to go to a circus...."

"My husband, [Ed Lepp], " and I were to the area where Marsh used to be. It's all gone, now. The town that once had a Lutheran Church where I spent every Sunday when I was little.  I can remember the church being built and so many funny instances....

Here is a record she saved for the Lepp family: See Lepp Family

See Christina, nee Hein, Lepp's Story on Marsh, MT

Christina and EdSee Larger Photo Christina Hein b. 25 Nov 1916 Torrington, Wyoming d. d. 19 Dec 1997 Howard, Col.m. 27 Nov 1941 Sidney, MT to Edward Lepp, son of Peter Lepp and Margaretha Schweikert].  They were first cousins.


See Larger Photo

Lepp Rec This shows the birth of  Edward Lepp's grandfather, Peter Lepp, on 8 March 1858 in Lakendorf____, Elbing, Regierungs, Prez. Danzig, Westprussia. Wife as Sophia Ruehler b. 1 Dec 1861 in Marienfeld, Taurien , Russia.  They were married in Oct 1892 in Nikolay, Cherson, S. Russia

See Schweikert- Lepp Family

Mare and Foul

Child #1

Donald Lepp


Donald Lepp m. (1) Unita Embry, dau. of Jerry Emgry. Div. Issue:

  1. Arlin Don Lepp m. (1)____  m. (2) Tammy....  :    

    • Issue by first marriage

    • Kaleb Lepp

    • Katie Lepp

List of photographs of Donald Lepp


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