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Letters for Schweikert Families

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Letter dated 3, June 2001

....short history

My grandfather John(Johann) Schweigert and his father, mother and 5 other brothers and sisters came over on the S.S. George Washington from Bremen, Germany Nov.8, 1910.... arriving at Port of New York Nov. 16, 1910. The family moved to Eureka, South Dakota.

My grandfather later married Regina Feist and moved to Zeeland, North Dakota. Here is were I run into problems.

1. I am not sure if or when my grandfather changed the spelling of his last name. Ship log spelled it Schwaigert... my grandfather spelled it Schweigert. any clues on how to go about finding out if it was a miss-spell on the shipping log or if it was actually changed.

2. I do know that they are from Alexanderfeld, Russia; but, how do I figure out which one they are from. According to the records there are 22 villages in Russia with that name. any ideas would be appreciated


Jennifer Spangle


In a message dated 9/19/02 8:57:50 PM,[see new e-mail adress] writes:

<< Hi.....

The photo you have of Otto and Helena last name should be spelled Mayer,

Also the photo of Helena Mayer m. Emil Neu not Frey.

Helena is still alive and living .....

Also the photo you have of Johanna Schweikert, she married Henry Daniel Mayer.

Sincerely Linda and Bob Mayer . >>

Linda  sent corrections 11 April 2003

Change of address: Linda Mayer:

7 Oct 1998 from Betty

....I have a few corrections for you on the Kraenzler family. Johann Kraenzler died in Russia and not N.D., USA. Rosina Eichelberg was born November 25, 1868, not 1869.  My grandfather, Christian Roesler married Rosina Eichelberg Kraenzler in Russia.  I remember my father, Christian Roesler, Jr. talking about that and I also talked to my cousin that was a daughter of Caroline Kraenzler and she said that her Granfather Johann Kraenzler died in Russia. She also told me that John Deg was the son of Conrad and Anna Marie Ulrich Pahl, instead of Johannes and Karolina Kuebler Deg. These are her grandparents. Do you by any chance have any of the family history of the children of Johann Jakob Kraenzler, Marie Kraenzler (her husband's name is Daniel not Samuel.  I have that right off her obit), or Katharina Kraenzle Gaub?  I have most everything from Caroline and Rosinea but I am lacking on the rest.."


27 March 2003  and others from Cathy (Loose) Barnes

Data on Katharinia, nee  Hein, Ruff's daughter who m. Johan Kraenzler

29 Feb 2004, Susan Drammeh, Skdrammeh, message was:

<<Hi, I am Susan K. Drammeh, 8th child of Pauline and William Ferguson.  Just whanted to let you know that the website is great and very interesting...

On page youngest son's Mamadou.....



You Will Find Letters also in the Borodino/Bess. Genealogy  from "A" to "Zzzz" Section under each letter, for example "A" look for letters at the bottom of the page.

Butz Family

In a message dated 3/15/04 11:18:33 PM, writes:

<< Hi

I have also ancestors BUTZ of Holzhausen

I am searching bith date of BUTZ Maurice born ~1740 father Johan mother Mayer Elisabeth

Cordiales salutations

Pierre MARCK >>

In a message dated 11/10/04 8:05:03 PM, writes:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a direct descendant of Melchior Auernig (Kristine Schweikert)  and I have noticed that you have spelled the surname "Auering".  It is correctly spelled "Auernig"  and never has been "Auering".  Please make the correction to the website so that when my family searches for their last name it is listed correctly.



In a message dated 7 Jan 2005  1:25:11 AM, Tyra Louis-Drammeh wrote:

Hi, this is regarding page 36 of the Remmick-Hubert website.  Under Child  7, Pauline Schweikert, Susan K. Ferguson Drammeh's son, Yusuf William Drammeh, married Tyra J'Nele Louis-Drammeh _____.  We have no children as of yet.  Thank you!



In a message dated 4/23/2005 6:18:44 PM, MissEllie5 writes:

To whomever:

I just came across the genealogy for the above family, and have some corrections to submit.  I'm not sure you are the one to write to, but if so, here is the information I have.

I am Eleanor J. Obwald Bacon,  the daughter of Erna Miller Obwald, who is the daughter of Carolina Schweikert Mueller and Johann Mueller.

Under the listings of Carolina and Johann Mueller their issues,

 #1 Reinhold Miller m Beryl______?  with issues:  Helen Miller, Jack Miller, Caroll Miller, Delvin.

#2Erna Miller m Simon Obwald, issue:  Eleanor J. Obwald, Simon Obwald, Jr.

#4 Hilda Miller m Joe Minter  issue: Danny Minter

I was not aware of this information, just happened on it by mistake.  I could probably update and provide additional data after a little research.

Would appreciate if not you, who could I contact to do this.  This is a very exciting find.

Thank you for your help.

Ellie Bacon




Subj: genealogy - Mueller (Miller)

Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 7:22:15 PM




First of all, I cannot thank you enough for compiling all of this info (yeah, I know, you probably had help). My dad's cousin forwarded the info to me as I was trying to put together the "family tree" for the Miller family that united with the Ninnis family (my dad, Reinhold "Jack" Miller and Leah Ninnis). My dad is the first son of Reinhold Miller, Sr. He is listed as the first child of Carolina, nee Schweikert (under Mueller). The two children you have listed as Reinhold Miller m. Emma are incorrect. Those two children are the children of Erna Miller m. Simon (Eleanor is the one that forwarded this info to me). The children of Reinhold are, in order, Helen, Reinhold, Jr (Jack – that is my dad), Carol, and Delvin. Reinhold, Sr. divorced Emma (AKA "Beryl" nee Haynes), and remarried Billie (my step-grandmother) and they had a child, Charles.

The children of "Jack", my dad, and Leah, my mom, are in order, Diana, Gary (me) and Terry. Diana m. Christopher Abel and they have two children, Lucas and Nicholas. Nicholas has a daughter named April. I (Gary) married Karen Yerman and we have two children, Jeffrey and Jennifer. My brother, Terry, married Reona (don't know her last name) and they have no children.

Delvin married Lahoma (don't know her last name) and they had five children, in order: Tracy, Robin, Steve, Cynthia (deceased at age of 10, I believe, on July 11, 1971) and Michele. I can't remember all of my cousin's kids and I do not want to screw up the list.

Helen had two children: Harold and Wade.

Carol had four sons: Dennis, Billy, Michael and Tom (can't remember all of their kids but Billy and Tom are still married.

Hope this helps. I can be reached at (916) 685-2732. I live in Elk Grove, California (just south of Sacramento). I was born January 12, 1954 and can probably give you more info if you wish.

Gary Miller

NOTE: His information is placed in green


I am not sure who you are, but for some reason I came across your website: I found my great-grandmother Christina with my grandfather Albert Auernig. It lists my mother Sherri and my father Thomas Secrist. Perhaps I can fill in some blanks for you:

1. Albert Auernig b. 1915 Porcatello, Idaho m. Blanche Neeley

o AlbertAlbert Auernig abt 1919 . See larger photograph

o Issue:.

o Sherri Auernig m. Thomas Secrist

+ Rick Secrist m. Elvia del rio Gomez

# Michael Secrist

# Alexis Secrist

# Allyson Secrist

+ Sally Secrist m. Valoy Seeley

# Lauren Gabrielle Seeley

# Sofia JoAnn Seeley

+ Reed Secrist m. Cammy Wallwork

# Brogan Secrist

# Cannon Secrist

# Brock Secrist

# Crew Secrist

+ Ryan Secrist m. Taani Harrison

# Hattie Secrist

# Neeley Secrist

Just curious about your site? Thanks for putting it together. I have a lot more information on the Auernig line.

Ryan Secrist