Katharina Hein b. 1867 Borodino/ Bess. S. Russia, dau. of Michael Hein,  m. Jacob Ruff and family

Last Updated:  2 April  2003

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Family of Michael and Christine, ne Stehr, Hein continued:

Child #2

Kath. Hein, RuffKatherina  [Catherina] Hein
  • b. 13 Dec 1867 Heim Chutor, S. Russia m. the widower Jacob Ruf[f]
  • 1955
  • m. 22 Dec 1888 in Kloestitz to

Jakob Ruff Jacob Ruf[f]

  • b. 6 Dec 1856 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia [Recorded birth in both Borodino and NeuElft / Bess.: son of Gottfried Ruff and  Rosina Quast,  #1884103/2 442 89 born in Neu Elft  / Bess. and recorded on the 17 of Dec 1856 in Borodino...]
  • d. 8 Aug 1918  Kulm, ND, USA buried Marsh Cemetery 11 Aug 1918 grave #3
  • This was his second marriage  His first marriage was on 12 July 1879 Kloetitz / Bess. [#1895629 / 1 541 5] to Katharina Weippert. Their dau. Katherina Ruff  remained in Russia with her mother's parents..
  • Katharina and Jacob migr.  from Borodino in 1911 to  Germany, sailed from Bremen on the S.S. Main to  Baltimore, Maryland landed abt 10 April 1911 to Ashley, ND abt 13 April 1911 then In Oct 1911 the family moved to Marsh, MT, USA
  • S.S. Main the same ship Christine's brother Ludwig Hein had sailed later with his family.
  • Ruff Family History: Family migr. from Dobel / Calw, Wu and migr. to Kulm/ Pol then went on to Borodino / Bess. S. Russia ... abt 1814....


  1. Ruff John  [Johannes] Ruff  b.  11 Dec 1889  Borodino / Bess. SA. Russia d. 29 Oct 1929 Glendive, MT Glendive Hospital, MT  m. 31 Dec.  1914 to Christina Kosel, dau. of Johan Kosel and Christna Kessel, b. 13 Oct 1890 Ashlely, ND  d. 27 May 1966 Hayward, CA, USA . In the Marsh MT book pps. 259-61.... Christina mentioned, "Clothes were washed in a galvanized tub by rubbing them on a coragated wash board with home made soap, rinsed in another tub and hung outdoors on clothes lines to dry, even during winter freezing weather."  "School clothes were never used for play and we changed into our work clothes as soon as we got home from school."Issue:
    • Emily Ruff m. Harold Stone d. 1970  (Div) m. (2) Edgar Brown d. 1989. Emily wrote in the Marsh Book p. 259 about her family.   Issue by first marriage were:
      • Darlene Stone
      • Bill Stone
      • Sharon Stone
      • Terry Stone
    • Gottfred Ruff b. 19 Aug 1917  d. 10 May 1993 m. Dorotha Ault d. 1993
    • Edward Ruff  killed 17 June 1952 at the Union Hall, San Francisco, CA
    • Marie (Mary) Ruff m. Francis Sousa  Issue:
      • Lynda Sousa
      • Francis Sousa II 
    • Olga Ruff m. Steve Glaros  Issue:
      • Katherine Glaros
      • John Glaros d. 1966
    • Daniel "Barney" Ruff m. Emma Sierra  Issue:
      • Nancy Ruff
      • Janet Ruff
      • Gary Ruff
      • Daniel Ruff
      • Terry Ruff
      • Gilbert Ruff
    • Magdalena Ruff  m. Ralph Horst  d. 1973 Issue:
      • Ralph Horst
      • John Horst
  2. Christina Ruff  b. 31 July 1891 Borodino / Bess., S.Russia..  She m. 22 Feb. 1912 to  John Krenzler. b. Glueckstal / Od. S. Russia He  migr. from Glueckstal/Od., S. Russia to Ellis Island.... After their marriage they lived on Fallon Flat and held ownership to two adjacent sections of land...  Their daughter, Bernice, nee Krenzler, Davis wrote:  "They raised horses and cattle in the early years and in the later years corn and wheat." on p. 193 Marsh Book..  See larger wedding  photo plus  group pictures 
    • RuffChristina , nee Ruff, and John Kraenzler
    • Issue: [corrections of last names: 31 March 2003]
    • John Jacob Krenzler m. Dorothy Mae Bivens.  Issue:
      • John Krenzler
      • Frederick Krenzler I m. Catherine E. Dove. Issue:
        • Paul Krenzler
        • Richard Krenzler
        • Frederick Krenzler II  m. ____  Issue:
          • Frederick Krenzler III
          • Thomas Krenzler 
    • Martha Krenzler m. Peter Loose
      • Kathy Loose  [informant] m. Clifford Joseph   Barnes III
    • Hilda [Hulda] Christine Krenzler m.  _____ Baldani,
    • Bernard Daniel Krenzler m. Dorothy Humes. Issue:
      • Karen Krenzler m. David McVay Issue:
        • David McVay, Jr m. Tami Allen
        • Laura McVay m. Erik Schroeter Issue:
          • Megan Schroeter
          • Erik Schroeter, Jr.
        • Matthew McVay
      • Bernard Krenzler, Jr. m. Shirley Henry. Issue:
        • Danielle Krenzler
        • Brian Krenzler
        • Kevin Krenzler
      • Eileen Krenzler m. Davi Marra Issue:
        • Jenny Marra
        • Kelly Marra
      • Katherine Krenzler  m. George Mazzo Issue:
        • Thomas Mazzo
        • Cheryl Thomas
    • Mary Magdalena Krenzler
    • Bernice Gertrude Krenzler m. Robert Davis .  Bernice wrote in the Marsh Book pps. 193-94 "Our mode of travel to school was by horse and buggy."; and, "...remember the tradition of real candles on our huge church Christmas Tree....":Issue.
      • Tonya Davis m. Eddie Padilla  Issue:
        • Misty Padilla
        • Heather Padilla
      • Devoron Davis m. Charles Hill  Issue:
        • Grant Hill
      • Harry Davis m. Gerri Carlson
      • Gary Davis m. ___  Issue:
        • Christopher Davis
        • Amanda Davis
        • Gary Davis m. ___ Issue:
          • Brandon Davis
          • Steven Davis
          • Jenifer Davis
        • Christina Davis m. ___ Issue:
          • Kristin ____
        • Brian Davis
    • Note:See Kranzler Family Genealogy back to an ancestor born in the year ......1475
  3. Marie [Mary] Ruff  b. 20 March 1893 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia  d. 24 Oct 1968 Glendive, MT, USAl m. (1) 26 Jan 1914 Hoyt, MT to  Jacob  Gaub, son of Joseph Gaub,   b. 19 Nov 1887 Glueckstal / Od, S, Russia d. 1935 bur. Marsch, MT, USA , son of Joseph and Caroline  Gaub.
    • ........Mary RuffMaria Ruff
    • Maria......Jacob ...................Maria, nee Ruff, & husband Jacob Gaub
    •  Issue [See Children families in detail] were:
    • Magdalena Gaub b. 1916
    • Bertha Gaub b. 1918 m. Taron
    • Mary Gaub m. Horning
    • Fred. Gaub
    • John Gaub b. 1924
    • Martha Gaub  m. Sheppherd [sic]
    • Bernhardt Gaub
    • Hulda Gaub m. Herman
    • Emma Gaub m. Grebeldinger
    • Arthur Gaub
    • Elsie Gaub m. McMahon
  4. Friedrich Ruff [twin] b. 4 Jan 1895 d. 21 Mach 1895 Borodino / Bess.
  5. Daniel Ruff [twin] b. 4 Jan 1895 d. 13 Jan 1899 Borodino / Bess.
  6. Magdalena Ruff  b. 17 June 1896  Borodino / Bess. d. Lodi, CA, USA m. (1) 8 Nov 1914 to   Conrad Gehnert, son of Heinrich Gehnert and Caroline Neubauer b. 18 May 1890 Wittenberg / Bess. S. Russia d. 13 Oct 1918 French Camp n. Lodi, CA, USA ;  m. (2)  24 Jan 1919 John J. Beuchler; m. (3) 8 May 1920 to Gustav Pede
    • Magdalena Ruff Magdalena Ruff
    • Issue by first marriage:
      • Jacob H. Gehnert b. 5 Dec 1915 d. 22 Dec 1915
      • Olga Pede  b. 27 Sept 1917 m. (1) Odiel Vuylsteke (Div); m. (2) John H. Husebye (Div); m. (3) Gus. Schmeirer of Lodi, CA d. March 1987  Issue:
        • Issue m. (1)
          • dau
          • dau
        • Issue m. (2)
          • son
          • dau
        • Issue m. (3)
          • son
    • Gehnert family  history has been traced back to Ofterdingen [S. of Tuebingen] which is the Necker Valley in Wu., Germany where they lived as early as 1530.  They migr. to Warsaw, Poland then to Wittenberg / Bessarabia, S. Russia.  Infomration is from pps 20 - 25 in the booklet MARSH, MONTANA, Remembering the Yesteryears 1910-1997 by the Marsch, Montana Historians.....
    • Issue by second marriage:
      • L. [Lydia] Dorothy Buechler m. Miller
    • Issue by third marriage:
      • Gustav Pede b. 12 March 1924 d. 1 Feb 1984
      • Daniel Pede
      • Rose Pede m. Winder
      • Ruth Pede m. Webb
  7. Sophia Ruff  b. 6 Aug 1898 . Borodino / Bess. d. 13 Jan 1981, buried 16 Jan 1981 Marsh, MT m. (1) to Karl Ulrich, m. (2) Karl Koenig [he had been married before and had a dau. Florence m. Jack Witt.], m. (3) widower Fred. Schmidt, [who had four children by his first wife]
    • Sophia Ruff Sophia Ruff
    • Issue by first marriage were:
      • Albert Ulrich
      • Oscar Ulrich
      • Martha Ulrich m. Albert   Brost d. bef. 1973
        • Martha Ulrich Brost wrote p. 105 -111 in the Marsh Book: "My father's brothers and sisters were Adolph, Otto, Rudolph, Emilie and Katie."  Martha would recall stories of her relatives. One of those stories was about her mother's brother, John Ruff:  ""Now he was a character. He brewed the best whiskey out in the boondocks." "Uncle Hans, " [John], "lived 26 miles out in the Badlands. One time coming home a Mountain Lion attcked him! His dogs saved his life, but one dog died.".
      • Edward Ulrich
    • Issue by second marriage was:
      • Rosie Koenig m. (1) Leland McMorris; m. (2) Melvin Jacobs d. 1981
        • Issue by first marriage were:
        • Ronald McMorris
        • Linda McMorris m. Wright
        • Dawn McMorris m. Allison
        • Roger McMorris
        • Issue by second marriage was:
        • Shonna Jacobs
    • Issue by third marriage was:
      • Harold Schmidt
Johan   and Kath. , nee Hein, Ruff   migr. in 1905 to ND then Marsh,  Montana, USA. Both were born in Borodino. His  ancestors migr. in 1814  to Borodino from Dobel / Calw-Wuerttemberg [Germany].  He had six children by his first marriage and six children by his second wife, Kath...


Larger Photo

This is a photgraph of Christina, nee Ruff's, and John Kraenzler's  wedding.  Photograph taken by Evelyn Cameron n. Marsh, MT. USA in 1912.  Her parents Jacob and Catharina, nee Hein, Ruff are seated in front of  the newly weds.  Next to them are Johan Kranzler's parents.  The Kranzlers family migr. from Glueckstal/Od, S. Russia.

Top row: unknown.

 Second row left to right:  Sophia, Maggie, Marie, John Ruff , boy in front with hat, unknown,  seated is Jacob Ruff, Katherine, nee, Hein, Ruff , Lydia Kriez, Chrstina Ruff, baby,  Jacob Kranzler, Edward Keiz, Wilhlem Kiez, Christia Kriesz, Carle.....

Front row: unknown

Many of Evelyn Cameron's photographs are found in :  PHOTOGRAPHING MONTANA  1894 - 1928, The Life and Work of Evelyn Cameron by Donna M. Lucey

Funeral - Ruff

Jacob Ruff died 8 Aug. 1918 at the age of 61 on the farm near Marsh , Mt. USA

Wife, Catharina, nee Hein, Ruff  is second from right with her son to viewer's right and two daughters and a grandchild to viewer's left

Research for Ruff

List of Jacob Ruffs born in Bessarabia about the same time as Jacob Ruff
Ruff, Jacob 22 Nov 1853 Katzbach Gottfried Karolina Woltmann 1883189/1 210 52

Ruff, Jacob 6 Dec 1856 Borodino [son of] Gottfried Quast, Rosina 1884103/2 442 89 born in Neu Elft

Ruff, Jacob 27 Apr 1858 Borodino Jacob Nawer, Katharina 1884105/2 362 37

Ruff, Jacob 6 May 1851 Borodino Johann Ruff Grabow, Magdalena 1883181/1 294 29 1846 marriage lists maiden name Gr

Ruff, Jacob 22 Nov 1853 Katzbach Gottfried Woltmann, Karolina 1883189/1 210 52

Ruff, Jakob 26 Sep 1852 Wittenberg Jakob Mueller, Anna Maria 1883185/1 249 43

Ruff, Jakob 17 Dec 1856 Neu Elft Gottfried Quast, Rosina 1884103/2 548 40 from Borodino


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