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lionGen. 3

Michael  [Jarigovich / Georgovich] Hein

Michael Hein

Michael  Hein

Photograph taken  when he remarried  the widow Rosina, nee Nahr, Hein

Michael Georg [Jarig] Jarigovich [son of Georg] Hein
  • Son of   Georg Hein and Elizabeth Hager (Hoeger) [NOTE:  Through his mother's family, the Hager/Hoeger,  Michael inherited a fortune which he used to buy 1/3 of a chutor with the Heim family.  He continued to be prosperous. Bought more land and raised Arabians, cavalry horses for the offiders of the Tsar Army and had horses which resemble our Clysdales, which are so popular here in the USA. He bought the Braun lot and house near the Lutheran Church in Borodino where he and his family would live.  For each son he bought lots, also, in Borodino.  The map drawn in 1940 shows the Hein lots.]
  • b. 21 Feb 1844 .... Bap. 23 Nov 1844 Borodino/ Bess. S. Russia  * [Blue  date found in old family bible.]  The red date found in  War rec. and Borodino Records which show his birth as 21 Feb 1844 Borodino in two places and on family page document in Borodino / Bess., S. Russia 
  • d.  20 Oct 1925 ??/ aft 1929  Borodino / Bess. [family memory:   Death Records of Borodino tell us he died in Borodino. Family members, who were living in Borodino at that time,  tell us he died about 1929 after his son Daniel who died in Nov. 1928. We have from him a postcard dated showing he was alive just before his 80th birthday.  Also it should be noted that Borodino was no longer part of Russia in 1929, it was part of Rumania after WW I.  The area returned to Russia after WW II, and, is presently part of the Russian State of Ukraine.
  • Religion:  Separtist (Differs from the rest of the family who were Evangelical Lutheran)  See section on Separatists on index page.
  • rem.(2) Rosina, nee Nehr, Hein [widow of Johannes Hein, brother of Michael Hein] b. 7 Jan 1843 Kloetitz/Bess. S. Russia  d. 25 Feb 1925 Borodino/Bess. See Rosina's photo bottom of this page.
  • m.  (1)

Christina S. Stehr  

  • Her parents were Christian Stehr and Margaretha Roedel / Redel /Rettel
  • b. abt 1845/46 Beresina/ Bess [poss 20 / 22 Jan 1847 Beresina/ Bess. S. Russia] .
  • d. poss 15 May 1917 Borodino [Ingrid Reuel's records tell us she d. 15 May 1917 Borodino.]


  1. Andreas "Gottlieb" b. 1866 Heim Chutor [Berijan = Breseanowka = Periojany = Persijanowka], n. Borodin/Bess. S. Russia. d. 1876 Heim Chutor. No marriage.
  2. Katherina Hein b. 13 Dec 1867 Heim Chutor [Berijan], S. Russia m. the widower Jacob Ruf[f] b. 6 Dec 1856.  Jacob was married first to Katarina Weippert b. 13 Oct 1857 d. 1888.  His first m. ocured on 12 Jan 1879 Tarutino / Bess.
  3. Christina Hein b. 1 Oct 1869  #1884110/3 79 d. 4 Nov 1869 Berijan [Periojany] /. Bess. S. Russia [n. Borodino] (1 month 4 days old), #1884110/3 448 36
  4. Johan Hein b. 9 Nov 1870 Borodino, son of Michael Hein and Christina Stehr #1884111/2 458 100d. thought to have died on trek home fr. WWI on Russian Western Front , however, he lived to 3 Oct 1926 [1921??] m. 19 Nov 1892 Kloestitz/ Bess. to Mary (Maria) Gackle [Gaeckle] b. 28 Feb 1872
  5. Friederika  Hein b. 29 Sept 1872 Heim Chutor [Berijan]/Bess. S. Russia d. 12 Nov 1872 Heim Chutor
  6. Karolina Hein b. 15 Oct 1873 Heim Chutor [Berijan] / Bess. S. Russia d. 30 May 1876 Heim Chutor
  7. Israel Hein b. 1875 Heim Chutor d.  10 Sept 1923 [Thought he died 1919 On trek home from Western Front WWI but was wrong] m. (1) 22 Jan 1898 Kloestitz/ Bess to Fredericka Hess; m. (2) 10 Oct 1915 Kloestitz to Wilhelmina Becker b. 5 Aug 1880 d. 1915 ;m. (3) 4 Oct 1915 Kloestitz to Sophia Hein b. 10 Dec 1878
  8. Daniel Hein , Ret. Colonel, Tsar's Army and White Army b. 1 Sept 1877 Borodino/Bess. S. Russia , #1895622/1 363 65, d. 16 Nov 1928 Borodino/Bess. Ret. Colonel White Army.   He m. (1)  15 Jan 1904 Kloetitz/ Bess to Christina Schaber, m. (2) 29 March 1912 Kloestitz/ Bess to Marie Singer, m. (3) 4 Aug 1919 Hoffnunstal/ Bess. to Carolina, nee Handel, Bindewald
  9. Jacob Hein b. 19 Aug 1879 Heim Chutor [Berijan]/ Bess. S. Russia, son of Michael Hein and Christina Stehr #1895629/1 521 84; d. 21 Jan 1887 Beriojan/ Bess. S. Russia
  10. Gottlieb Hein b. 17 July 1881 Borodino, son of Michael Hein and Christina Stehr, Rec #1897593/1 53; d. 3 Jan 1887 Beriojan / Bess  As a young boy, he fell off a wagon, and died soon after the accident.  
  11. Margaretha Hein b. 23 May 1883 Heim Chutor [Berijan]/Bess. S. Russia d. 27 Jan 1887 Heim Chutor
  12. Ludwig Hein b. 5 Sept 1885 (O.S.) Borodino, Bess, S. Russia  d. 8 March 1956 Lodi, CA, USA m. 8 Nov 1904 by proxy in a  civil marriage in Akkermann  and 9 Nov 1905 Kloestitz by Rev. Peters to Christina, nee Schweikert, dau. of Karl Schwei[c]kert and Katrina Henke
  13. Elisabetha Hein b. 31 March 1888 Borodino/Bess. S. Russia d. 31 May 1888 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia
  14. Christoph Hein b. 13 Jan 1891 Borodino/ Bess. S. Russia d.  20 Oct. 1963 Lodi, CA m. (1) Carolina Schweigert, m. (2) Mary, nee Kaiser , Hauptman  [widow of Gen. Hauptman]
  15. Frederick  [Friedrich] Hein b. 10  May 1893 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia d. 5 Jan 1919 Guestrow / Mecklenburg, Germany m. 13 Feb 1914 Kloetitz/Bess. S. Russia to Johanna Otterstatter b. 24 June 1895

Background of Michael and Chistine Hein see below.

Note: Heim Chutor = Beriojan = Periojany = Persijanowka = Bersijanowka  n. Borodino / Bess.

Family in Detail

Child #1

[Andreas] Gottlieb Hein

b. 27 Oct 1866 Heim Chutor, S. Russia. d. 4 Oct 1876 No marriage. He died due to injruies when he fell off a wagon.

Child #2

Katherina Hein

Kath. Hein, Ruff 1918

Katherina  [Catherina] Hein

  • b. 13 Dec 1867 Heim Chutor, S. Russia
  • 1955
  • m. 22 Dec 1888 in Kloestitz to

Jakob Ruff

widower Jacob Ruf[f], son of Gottfried Ruff  (b. 7 Jan 1832 Borodino d. ?)) and Rosina Quast. (b. 11 Dec 1835 Alt-Elft / Bess. S. Russia d. 1 April 1908 Borodino) 

  • b. 6 Dec 1856 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia
  • d. 8 Aug 1918  Kulm, ND, USA buried Marsh Cemetery 11 Aug 1918 grave #3 [near Sidney, MT]
  • Jacob was a widower when he remarried Katharina.   He was married first to Katharina Weippert b. 13 Oct 1857 d. 1888.  HIs first m. ocured on 12 Jan 1879 Tarutino / Bess.
  • Jakob' s Grand Parents information:  Jakob Ruff b. 18 Dec 1795 Dobel / Calw-Wu or Kulm /  Kulm, Prussia m. 27 Feb 1818 Kloestitz / Bess to Friederika Burghardt b. 1799 Neuburg / )) Wuerttemberg

Issue:See Katherine's Family In Detail
  1. John  [Johann/Johannes] Jakob Ruff  b.  11 Dec 1889  Borodino / Bess. SA. Russia d. 29 Oct 1929 Glendive, MT Glendive Hospital, MT  m.  1914 to Christina Kosel, dau. of Johan Kosel and Christna Kessel, b. 13 Oct 1890 Ashlely, ND  d. 27 May 1966 Hayward, CA, USA . In the Marsh MT book pps. 259-61....
  2. Christina Ruff  b. 31 July 1891 Borodino / Bess., S.Russia..  She m. 22 Feb. 1912 to  John Krenzler migr. from Glueckstal/Od., S. Russia.
  3. Marie [Mary] Ruff  b. 20 March 1893 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia  d. 24 Oct 1968 Glendive, MT, USAl m. (1) 26 Jan 1914 Hoyt, MT to  Jacob  Gaub, son of Joseph Gaub,   b. 19 Nov 1887 Glueckstal / Od, S, Russia d. 1935 bur. Marsch, MT, USA , son of Joseph and Caroline  Gaub.
  4. Friedrich Ruff [twin] b. 4 Jan 1895 d. 21 March 1895 Borodino / Bess.
  5. Daniel Ruff [twin] b. 4 Jan 1895 d. 13 Jan 1899 Borodino / Bess.
  6. Magdalena Ruff  b. 17 June 1896  Borodino / Bess. d. Lodi, CA, USA m. (1) 8 Nov 1914 to   Conrad Gehnert, son of Heinrich Gehnert and Caroline Neubauer b. 18 May 1890 Wittenberg / Bess. S. Russia d. 13 Oct 1918 French Camp n. Lodi, CA, USA ;  m. (2)  24 Jan 1919 John J. Beuchler; m. (3) 8 May 1920 to Gustav Pede
  7. Sophia Ruff  b. 6 Aug 1898 . Borodino / Bess. d. 13 Jan 1981, buried 16 Jan 1981 Marsh, MT m. (1) to Karl Ulrich, m. (2) Karl Koenig [he had been married before and had a dau. Florence m. Jack Witt.], m. (3) widower Fred. Schmidt, [who had four children by his first wife]
  8. Daniel Ruff b. 1 Oct 1900 Borodino d. 16 Feb 1904 Borodino
  9. Gottfried Ruff b. 11 Nov 1902 Borodino d. 1 March 1903 Borodino
  10. Karolina Ruff b. 9 Jan 1904 Borodino d. 24 Aug 1908 Borodino
  11. Emila Ruff b. 13 Oct 1908 Borodino d. 1 Sept 1910 Borodino

See Katherina, nee Hein, Ruff's Families in More Detail

Child #4

Johan Hein

John Hein family
Back side of photograph / postcard.

See Translatation

Johan Hein b. 9 Nov 1870 Heim Chutor  / Beresan Dist. [German=Beriojan, Russian=Breseanowka], S. Russia  d. thought to have died on trek home fr. WWI on Russian Western Front , however, he lived to 3 Oct 1926 m. Mary (Maria) Gackle b. 28 Feb 1872 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia d. 3 May 1929 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia, dau. of Matthaeus Gackle (b. 28 Sept 1843 Borodino d. 10 March 1932) and Regine Keck (b. 18 Nov 1843 Kloestitz/ Bess d. 28 July 1926 Borodino / Bess..)


  1. Christina Hein b. 12 Aug 1902 Borodino m. 10 March 1921 Kloestitz/ Bess. to Gottfried Hildebrand b. 4 June 1897 Borodino, son of Christoph Hildebrand (b. 19 Dec 1864 Borodino) and Magdalena Lang (b. 13 Aug 1866 Borodino)  [Note: See Hildebrand lineage Borodino.Bess. Genealogy Web Site page H.5.2 under des. of Ludwig Hildebrand, age 37, b. 1798 Strelitz / ___, Mecklenberg d. Borodino / Bess. S. Russia, m. 1831 Alt Arzis / Bess. S. Russia to Magdalena Rempp, age 33, b. Oct 1802 Thorn / __, Prussia d. Borodino]  Issue:
    • Arnold Hildebrand b. 28 Dec 1921 Borodino
    • Magdalena Hildebrand b. 28 Sept 1923 Borodino
    • Else Hildebrand b. 18 May 1927 Borodino
  2. Johnn Hein b. 15 Feb 1905 Borodino m. 4 Jan 1927 Kloestitz/ Bess. S. Russia to Johanna Weiss b. 21 Jan 1907 Borodino, dau. of Johannes Weiss (b. 11 Feb 1870 Borodin)  and Karoline Otterstaetter (b. 24 March 1876 Borodino)  Issue:
    • Magdalena b. 31 Oct 1927 Borodino
    • Otto Hein b. 3 May 1929 Borodino
    • Herbert Hein b. 20 Nov 1930 Borodino
    • Robert Hein b. 3 Nov 1932 Borodino d. 1932 Borodino
    • Robert Hein b. 4 May 1934 Borodino  d. 1936
    • Maria Hein b. 27 Dec 1936 Borodino

Remarks: S-226 Film #4 R57 neu/1330:

 Child #2  

Johann Hein b. 15 Feb 1905 wife's, Johanna Weiss's family:

Johanna's Parents:

Johannes Weiss b. 11 Feb 1870 Borodino m. 16 Feb 1895 Kloestitz/ Bess to Karoline Oterstaetter b. 24 Mary 1876 Borodino


Andreas Weiss b. 28 ct 1836 Borodino / Bess m. 2 March 1861 Kloestitz to Johanna Stickel b. 16 Aug 1838 Borodino.

Heinrich Otterstaetter b. 21 Jan 1843 Borodino m. (no date) to Juliana Lang b. 11 Aug 1845

Jakob Stickle b. 1 May 1800 Egenhausen / __, Wuerttemberg m. 3 Sept 1822 Borodino / Bess Luise Zieler b. 16 Dec 1802 Kirchendorf / __, Wuerttemberg

Great grandparents:

Karl Nicolaus Weiss  b. 9 Feb 1807 Neu Wuerttemberg/ __ , Poland m. Sophia Reinhardt b. 8 Feb 1816 Borodino

Christoph Stickel b. 7 Dec 1761 Egenhausen / __, Wuerttemberg d. 1820 m. Elisabeth Rauschenberger

Friedrich Lang b. 11 Nov 1812 Konigshuld / __, Poland  m. (no date) to Friederika Grabau (b. Sept 1810 Konigshuld / __, Poland

___ NN__Ziegler

Philipp Heinric Otterstaetter b. 7 Oct 1796 Lachen -Speyerdorf / Neustad, Pfalz (Palatinate) m. Katharina Rempp b. 1810 migr. fr. Klein / Mutchin , Prussia d. 20 Oct 1880 She was his second wife.

Great great grandparents:

Paul Weiss  (no data)

Reinhardt (no data)

Stickel ( no data)

Ziegler (no data)  

Lang ( no data)

Grabau ( no data)

Otterstaetter ( no data)

Child #7

Israel Hein

Israel Hein

Israel and Fredericka, nee Hess, Hein


See List of Borodinoians Who Died in WWI

Israel Hein was missing in action on Western Front, WWI

Israel Hein
  • b. 22 Aug 1875 Heim Chutor
  • d.  thought to have died 1919 on trek home from Western Front WWI  but death islisted as being 10 Sept 1921  Borodino: [Koblenz Rec said 1926]
  • m. (1) 22 Jan 1898 Kloestitz/ Bess to  Fredericka Hess b. 24 Aug 1874 d. 1912  d.  Borodino / Bess. S. Russia [Koblenz Rec]
  • m. (2) 10 Oct 1913 Kloestitz to Wilhelmina Becker b. 5 Aug 1880 d. 1915
  • m. 3) 4 Oct 1915 Kloestitz to Sophia Hein b. 10 Dec 1878  d. ___ 
  • Issue:
  • Issue m. (1):
    1. Christina Hein b. 26 Dec 1898 Borodino d. 20 Feb 1899 Borodino
    2. Johann Hein b. 8 Nov 1899 Borodino d. 1 Nov 1901 Borodino
    3. Katharina Hein b. 11 Jan 1901 Borodino  d. 5 Aug 1910* Borodino
    4. Maria Hein b. 11 Jan 1901 Boodno d. 15 Aug 1910 *Borodino
    5. Karolina Hein b. 9 July 1902 Borodino d. 12 Aug 1910* Borodino
    6. Magdalena Hein b. 10 Dec 1903 Borodino d. 16 Aug 1910* Borodino
    7. Gottfried Hein b. 18 Oct 1905 Borodino d. 16 Aug 1910* Borodino
    8. Elisabetha Hein b. 11 Dec 1908 Borodino d. 18 Dec 1908 Borodino
    9. Frederick Hein b. 8 Jan 1910 Borodino d. m. 3 Oct 1929 Borodino to Magdalena Menge** b. 30 Jan 1908 Borodino, dau. of Andreas Menge and Elisabeth Jose   Issue:
      • infant-stillborn Hein
      • Erhard  Hein b. 7 July 1931 Borodino
      • Albert Hein b. 5 June 1934
      • Note: see S-266: Film 4 , R57 neu/ 1330
    10. Jakob Hein b. 18 Nov 1911 Borodno d. 23 Nov 1911 Borodino
    11. Christoph Hein b. 5 Dec 1912 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia  d. [no rec. of death noted]

*Five children died in Aug 1910

** Magdalenaa Menge, dau. of Andreas Menge and Elisabeth Jose; grandpaents were Johannes Menge (b. 2 Aug 1844 Borodino/ Bes) and  Magdalena Graessle (b. 11 Aug 1850); great grandparents were Martin Menge (b. 11 Nov 1815 Bluschwitz/ __, Poland) and Eva Friederika Mueller (b. 20 Sept 1818 Borodino); great great grandfather was Chrstoph Menge (b. __, Kollo / __, Poland. 

Child  #8

Daniel Hein


Daniel Hein


Daniel family

 Daniel Hein  with his third wife and  families about 1926

Borodino / Bessarabia, S. Russialeft to right:

Top Row:

Helena Handel, Edward Hein, Pauline Hein, Martha Hein and Martha Bindewald.

Middel Row:

Third wife of Daniel Hein,  Caroline, nee Handel, Bindewad,  Hein with second husband Daniel Hein, Christina, nee Hein, Otterstaetter with her child Magdalena Otterstaetter.

Front row: Daniel Hein, Otto Hein and Johannes Hein

Informate was Martha, nee Hein, Shock

Daniel Hein, Ret. Colonel Tsar's Army and White Army
  • b. 1 Sept 1877 Borodino/Bess. S. Russia
  • d. 16 Nov 1928 Borodino/Bess.[This date is from his daughter Martha....  The date 20 Nov 1928 can be found in deporation rec. Film 4 / R57neu/1330 and is not correct]
  • m. (1) 15 Jan 1904 Kloetitz/ Bess to Christina Schaber, b. 17 Nov 1881 Borodino d. 1912 Kloestitz / Bess., dau. of Adam Schaber (b. 28 May 1861 Borodino / Bess d. 4 Jan 1904 Borodino) ) and Katharina Harter (b. 8 Jan 1861 Borodino d. 25 March 1925 Borodino)
  • m. (2) 29 March 1912 Kloestitz/ Bess to Marie Singer b. 1 March 1889 Karlstal* (also recorded in Hoffnujngstal / Bess)/ Od. S. Russia d. 1919 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia [info from Martha Hein],  dau. of Wilhelm Singer (b. 1835 Karlstal / Bess)  and Anna "Maria"  Mutschler (b. 1842 Klostitz/ Bess). [Source Kobnlenz Rec. b. 1 March 1889 Hoffnungstal d. 8 April 1914]...  [*Source: Steve Mogck tells us that Wilhlem's father was Christoph Singer others tell us it was Karl Christoph Singer b. 12 March 1807 Karlstal n. Grossliebental / Odessa, S. Russia d. 21 Jan 1874 Hoffnungtal / __, S. Russia]
  • m. (3) 4 Aug 1919 Hoffnunstal/ Bess. to widow Carolina, nee Handel, Bindewald, dau. of Jakob Handel ] and Katharina Kron b. 12 Aug 1885 Mathildendorf.  Note: Carolina's first husand ___NN __  had 2 children . Helena Handel b. 1904.  [S-226: Film #4: R57 neu/1330] and Helene b. 28 Dec 1905 Borodino.  Carolina's  second husband, Gottlieb Bindewald,  had been a widower and she had a child by this marriage by the name of Martha Bindewald  b. 31 Dec 1908 Borodino, she had another child,
  • ----
  • m. (1) with Christina Schaber.  Issue:
    1. Christine Hein b. 28 Oct 1904 Borodino / Bess m. 13 Dec 1923 Kloestitz/ Bess to Daniel Otterstaetter b. 18 Feb 1903 Borodino, son of Georg Otterstaetter (b. 15 July 1872 Borodino) and Friederika Schock (b. 5 Jan 1881 Borodino); m. (2) in Germany to Jacob Johann Ehni   Issue:
      • m. (1)  Issue:
      • Magdalena Otterstaetter b. 6 Sept 1925 Borodino
      • Otto Otterstaetter b. 24 Nov 1927 Borodino
      • child/ no name given
      • m. (2) Issue:
      • Elsa Ehni m. Jacob Johann Ehni in Germany
    2. Pauline Hein
  • m. (2) Marie Singer Issue
    1. Martha Hein  b.  14 Jan 1913 Borodino/Bess. S. Russia  d. [yes] probably n. Olympia, WA, USA m. 16 Dec 1937 Lunga/ Bess. S. Russia to Jacob Schock b. 4 March 1912 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia  d. 28 Feb 2004 Vancover / Clark Co., Washington, USA[ Source for place of marriage and date from: Steve Mogck], son of Lorenz Schock (b. 18 Feb 1884 Borodino) and Christina Dammel (b. 13 Fb 1883 Galatz/ Russia) 
      • Elvera Elsa Schock m. ___Stock  Issue:
        • none listed
      • Alma Schock m. Henry Bauer , son of Peter Bauer and Baria Turo Issue:
        • Paul A. Bauer
        • Steven G. Bauer
      • Ella Jan Schock m. Dean Lee   Issue:
        • Dean Michael Lee
        • Darren Duane Lee
        • Steven Dale Lee
      • Erma Schock m. Philip Vincent Trabucco, son of Vincent Trabucco  Issue:
        • Kristina Adelena Trabucco
        • Philip David Trabucco
        • Note:  Father of  Philip was Vincent Trabucco, b. 28 Sept 1895 Ortuccio, Italy. Mother was  Adelena Graccia b. 2 Feb 1904 Lamberville, JN, USA
      • Ingrid Anita Schock m. Chaarles Thomas Evanoff  Issue:
        • Charles Thomas Evanoff, Jr.
        • Tina Mmarie Evanoff
        • Carrie Irene Evanoff
        • Dawn Elizabeth Evanoff
    2. Edward Hein b. 1 April 1914 Borodino / Bess. m. 3 times m. (?) 15 Dec 1937 to Christine Raith b. 13 July 1913 Borodino, dau. of Jakob Raith and Christine Wallewein. Issue:
      • Issue by Christine Raith were:
      • Hildeg. Erika b. 1 March 1941 Bautzen
      • note: Parents of Christine Raith were Jakob Raith b. 4 Jan 1878 Borodino and Christine Wallewein b. 1 Sept 1878 Borodino
  • m. (3) 4 Aug 1919 Hoffnunstal to Carolina [Karolina] , nee Handel, Bindewald  Issue:
    1. Johannes Hein b. 21 Dec 1920 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia [koblenz rec.]
    2. Daniel Hein b. 14 March 1922 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia [koblenz rec.] d. drown
    3. Otto Hein b. 19 July 1923 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia
Moe Information:
Wife of Daniel Hein  was Carolina Handel , whose parents are recorded as being:

father:Jakob Handel [b. 16 Feb 1862 Teplitz d. 1937 Brazil]

Mother: Katharina Kron b. Borodino d. Brazil

****Singer Family Tree

Gen. 1

Maria Singer m. Daniel Hein

Gen. 2

Wilhelm Singer b. 1835 Karlstal / n. Grossliebental, Odessa, . S. Rlussia  d. 8 April 1912 Hoffnungstal/  Bess. S. Russia and Anna "Maria" Mutschler b. 1842

Gen. 3

Karl Christoph Singer b. 12 March 1807 Karlstal / n. Grossliebental , Odessa, S. Russia d. 22 April 1873 Hoffnungsthal / Bess., S. Russia and Johanna Akermann b. 1814 d. 1874

Gen. 4

Georg Heinrich Singer b. 30 Dec 1754 Korb / Heilbronn, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany d. Russia and Anna Katharina Roos (second wife)

Gen. 5

Christoph Singer b. 13 Nov 1718 Korb / Heibronn, Baden-Wuerttemberg d. 17 Feb 1795 Korb and Anna Maria Kamm b. 1740 d. 1876

Gen. 6

David Singer b. 18 April 1676 Korb  d. 13 Sept 1731 Korb   m. Maria Margarethe Lorenz

Gen. 7

Christoph Friderich Singer b. 11 July 1775 Korb d. 1 Dec 1851 Florence / Williams, Ohio, USA  m. Anna "Barbara" Koefer

Child #12

Ludwig Hein

Ludwig and Christina Hein's Pic.-1903

Ludwig Hein

  • b. 5 Sept 1885 (O.S.) Borodino, Bess, S. Russia
  •  d. 8 March 1956 Lodi, CA, USA
  • m.      to

Christina, nee Schweikert, dau. of Karl Schweikert [Schweickert, Schweigert] and Katrina Henke

  • b. 30 Sept 1885 Borodino/Bess. S. Russia
  • d. 1981 Lodi, CA, USA


  1. Issue:
    1. Magdalena Hein b. 1906  Borodino / Bess. S. Russia m. Gottlieb G. Gaub
    2. Reka Hein b. 1907 . Borodino/ Bess. S. Russia
    3. Fred. Hein b. 1910 Ashly, ND USA
    4. Richard Hein  m. Helen Schwabaur
    5. Regina [Reka] Hein b. 1913 m. Jacob Tetz
    6. Oscar Hein b. 1914 m. Rose Strasheim
    7. Christoph Hein b. 1915
    8. Christina Hein b. 1916 m. Edward Lepp
    9. Bertha Hein  m. Albert Strobel
    10. twins b. 1919
    11. Fred. Hein b. 1920
    12. Lillian Hein m. Edwin Remmick
    13. Edwin Hein  m. (1) Rosemary Lazio
    14. Alice Hein  m. Marvin Dobler
    15. Daniel Hein m. Darlene Hood

Child #14

Christoph Hein

Christoph Hein

Who is the lonely Travelor
Racing the moonlight to my door
Racing his buggy over the plain
Pacing his steeds with the wind in the forest?
...The North wind that harries
...The South wind that tarries
Who is the lone Travelor come to my door?
Lonely no more.
[Old Russian verse, author unknown]

Chris and wife


nee Schweigert,


Christoph Hein

Christoph Hein
  • b.13 Jan 1891 Borodino/ Bess. S. Russia
  • d. 13 Nov 1963 near Lodi / San Joaquin Co.,  CA
  • rem. (2)  widow Mary, nee Kaiser , Hauptman  [widow of Gen. Hauptman. Mary and Hauptman had a son, Eugene,  who was one of the  pilots who flew American airplanes into Berlin to prevent starvation.  Mary and Christoph did not have any children.
  • m. (1)   11 Feb 1912 by Coldwater, ND, USA   to

Carolina  [Karolina] Schweigert, dau. of  Christian Schweigert and Ruth Schock, S- 113

  • b. 8/30 June 1890  Borodino / Bess., S. Russia.  [8 June 1890 is date in old family bible, the 30th June 1890 is found on her death certificate]. [ See Letter at the bottom of this page].
  • d. 15 / 18 Sept 1928 Warms Springs, /Deer Lodge Co., MT, USA
  • Issue:
    1. Gottlieb Hein
    2. dau.

Another photograph found in Borodino List of Migration......

Child #15

Frederick [Friedrich] Hein

Frrederick Hein



See List of Borodinoians Who Died in WWI

Frederick Hein
  • b. 10 Jan 1893 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia
  • d. 5 Jan 1919   WWI
  • m. 24 June 1895 to

Johanna Otterstatter, dau. of Konrad Otterstaetter (b. 24 Nov 1861 Borodino / Bess) and Friederika Regner (b. 27 Oct 1864 Mathildendorf/ Bess.)

  • b. 24  / 25  June 1895 Bender / Bess. S. Russia 
  • d. after 1940
  • Johanna would rem. Jakob Nannt b. 27 April 1892 Borodino on the 26th of Jan 1922 in Kloestitz/ Bess. She'd had two children by Jakob.  (1) Helena Nannt and (2) child/ no name given


  1. F HeinAlma Frederick Hein  b.  26 April 1914  Borodino / Bess d. Germany d. ___ [Germany] m. 26 Jan 1938 to Alma, nee Menge, Warnke  b. 5 Feb 1916 Beresina / Bess. S. Russia, dau. of Martin Menge (b. 3 Feb 1872) and Friederike Schramm  (b. 2 March 1882) Some data can be found S-226: Film#4 R57 neu/1330.
  2. Anna Hein m. 13 Jan 1937 to Herbert Lutz b. 14 Nov 1913 Borodino / Bess, son of Johannes Lutz (b. 18 July 1888 d. 1915 WW I) and Johannes Otterstaetter (b. 9 Jan 1890 Borodino)  Issue: 1 child/ no name given  / NOTE:  Herbert is des. of Peter Otterstaetter (b. 18 May 1791 Landau / Alace) and Katharina Garisch (b. 21 Aug 1808 n. Warsaw / Poland)
Frerick Hein's wife Alma , nee Menge, Warnke ancestors were:

father: Martin Mengeb. 3 Feb 1872 d. 4 July 1939

mother: Friedericke Schramm b. 2 March 1882

Remarks: ancestor Georg Hein m. 28 July 1832 to Elisabeth Hoeger from Kulm, Prussia and Heinrich Otterstaetter b. 7 Oct 1796 Speier / Bavaria wife was Katharina Bergstaessser

Background of Michael and Christina, nee Stehr, Hein

The following was recorded by Judy A. Remmick-Hubert  of her grandmother's,  Christine, nee Schweikert, Hein, consersation with Judy's mother, Lillian, nee Hein, Remmick in German. Later Lillian translated it into English for Judy, who took the bites and pieces of the conversation  about Christine's   mother-in-law Christina, nee Stehr, & Michael Jarigovich Hein and placed them in order that is more easily understood:. 

"When they were first married they moved to the Heim Chutor which was said to have been near the  Bersjon [Bersjohn, Beresan ] Borior [Border] which was owned by two Catholics, one being a Heim.  Michael Hein bought 1/3 rd of the property....  Later, he sold his share and returned to live in Bordoino / Bess. S. Russia.  He raised horses for the officers of the Tsar's Army as well as grapes. He had a huge cavern cellar where he held huge barrels made with American redwood supports and and oak..... Later in life he was in a solid financial  position and loan money to other German-Russians. He dealt with the Lloyds Bank of London which had a branch in Odessa.  

Description of given:

: "Every morning two servent girls would braid Christina's long golden hair and then twist it into a crown on top of her head."  "She had a soft heart and would not wake up the servent girls and while they slept she would milk the cows. My father-on-law would scold Christina but she'd just smile and would let the girls sleep and milk the cows..."  "How I loved my husband's mother for her kindess and good heart."  "Her  chothes closet was a splendid sight.  She had  52 dresses  made in Germany while visiting Ludwig's great grandfather's second family..... I remember because she had one Sunday dress for each Sunday of the year.....,"  Each dress and it's own own matching shoes of matching cloth or leather,   purses also matched in material,  parsels, gloves....."  "The closet had been built special to accomendate Christine warerobe." "Many of the dresses  had been sewn by popular semtresses in _____ [not known but thought Ludwigsburg], Germany when she and Michael visited family. "The clothes were of the latest European fashions of the time worn by the upper class ladies." "Her mother was Margaret,  who was born in 1808 in Wuertemberg, had was part of the group who believed in the "Second Coming" of Christ...."  It was believed that Christ was to appear back on earth on Mt. Araract in 1817.  "Christine and her children attended the Lutheran Church in Borodino." "She was quite an indepent woman of her time.  She made a deal with her husband that while he was gone each fall when it was time to harvent the grapes, she would be given the profit since she was the one making the decisions and making sure the grapes were properly handled. With her profit she would buy what she liked." "One year she had the local craftsmen make a new bed. The headboard held the carving of one of Michael's coat of arms." "I don't recall the actual coat of arms but I do recall it held  the initials  'WGW' which "What God Wills"...."  "It was with her grape profits that she purchased china dishes, a complete set of twelve, for each of her daughter-in-law before her sons were married.  She had built a special china closet which held on the china dishes."  " I had not collected because we had migrated to the USA and hoped to collect when we returned to Borodino. I always wanted to go home. I loved all my family and Borodino where I grew-up..."  "One night, I dreamt all my china crashed to the floor. When I woke I told your grandfather that his mother had died." "Not long afterwards, we recieved word that she," [Christina], " had died."  "All the old photographs of Christina and the others  were lost on the train we had loaded  or baggage and trunkswhen moving from Wyoming to Montana."  They  had missed  the train because they had lost track of time ....  But it was a small price because those who had gone on the train had died. It had been caught in a snow storm many of the passengers had froze to death.....  "All of them are dead, now... How I cried when we left them...  If we hadn't left, we would have died, too.  The communists killed all the 'Kulacks" because they wanted our land, shops and our even the clothes off the backs of our family....."  Too full of emotion  over these sad memories,  I shut off the recorder and plan to ask more questions during another visit with my grandmother who was already in her late 80s.

Last Postcard from Michael Hein to his son Ludwig Hein living in the USA- ca 1925.

>>"Good morning my beloved brother Ludwig and Christina  this is from from our bereaved father and your children's  grandmother, but your mother and your children's grandmother is not here anymore,  she was here, but  she has gone to the other sister  [line not illegible].... I think it is I, your father,  who will remain here until this January  because I believe I will follow soon.  My whole body is giving evidence...

Psalm 90.10

I [their father who ] will be 80 years old soon.<<

Note:   He would have been 80  1 Feb 1924.  However, he died after his son Daniel who died Nov 1928.  So, we  have him dying about 1929.  This has been confirmed by relatives who lived in Borodino  at that time. The woman that had just died was his second wife,  Rosina, nee Nahr, Hein, Hein d. 25 Feb 1925 Borodino.   His first wife was Elizbeth, nee Hager, whom we believed died 15 My 1917 Borodino.  Elizabeth is the mother of Ludwig Hein --to whom the postcard was sent-- and grandmother of Ludwig's children.

Marriage #2
The widower Michael Hein  rem. abt 1925/6 the widow Rosina, nee Nahr [Naehr], Hein.

She had been the wife of Michael Hein's brother John Hein.

 Note: Rosina Nehr's parents were:

Johannes Neher b. 16 Jan 1813 Freudental and Karolina Pfaff b. 18 Jan 1813 Freudental. See Pfaff data:

Rosina Nahr
Photo - abt 1925

Ingrid Reule's records tell us that Rosina, nee Nehr, Hein  was b. 7 Jan 1843 d. 1925 and m.  30 Jan 1864 Kloetitz / Bess to Johannes Hein b. 8 Sept 1839  d. 1917.   Johannes Hein and her second husband. Mochael,  were brothers. 

Dennis John Weist and Patricia Mae Kundert web site:  http//  tells us that Anna Elisbaetha Nehr  was b. 1815  and lived in Freudental / Od. Russia. They tell us Lorenz Nehr b. 1790 m. to Katharina __NN___ b. ab 1794.   Lorenz and Ludwig Nehr  b. 1768 were from Ebingen / ___ , Wuerttemberg Ludwig Nehr was married to Margaretha Sclagenhauf. There was a Margaretha Schlagenhauf b. 20 Aug 1766 Ebingen / ___, Wuerttemberg. Margaretha died 20 Dec 1839 Freudental / Od. S. Russia.

Sharon Mittelstadt,  wrote 26 April 2000:

....My husbands great granparents came from Borodino and settled in McIntosch County, North Dakota.

Their daughter Karoline married Christoph Hein....

The following information is from the Schweigert Family Bible.  Thought you might be interested ....

Karolina Schweigert was born 8 June 1890 in Borodino, S. Russia.  On 11 Feb 1912 by Coldwater, ND, she married Christoph Hein.

Karolina's parents are V. Christian Schweigert born 17 Aug 1861, Borodino,  South Russia and Ruth Schock born 18 June 1862 Borodino, South Russia.

There is a middle name for Ruth but our translater wasn't sure what it was.

....Christian spelled Schweikert with a "g" in American.


Sharon Mittelstedt

NOTE:  The mention of Kobelenz Rec. on this page are from dated 17 Jan 2002:


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