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Child #7  of Michael Hein's continued....

Danaiel Hein's  and Maria Singer's dau. Martha Hein

Martha Hein  b.14 Jan 1913 Borodino/Bess. S. Russia  d. [yes] probably n. Olympia, WA, USA, dau. of Danaiel Hein  and Maria Singer m. Jacob Schock b. 4 March 1912 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia  d. [yes]

Jacob and Martha, nee Hein, Schock

 Jacob and Martha, nee Hein, Schock

Family of Jacob and Martha Schock's


Migration.  In 1940 the deportation of the Bessarabian German-Russians included Jacob and Martha.   Jacob , who at that time, was living in Lugna/Bess, was taken into the German army and Martha left Bessarabia on the train.  She was pregnant with Alma and Elvera was just two years old.  Martha and another woman took turns to watch the children at the various train stops.  The one who left went to find food and the other with the children, ,promised to care for the other's child if something should happen and the one looking for food couldn't return to the train.  Martha  gave birth to Alma in Mistelbach, Austria.  They lived for a time in Berkenau [which was to be part of East Germany for many years], then in Mallersdorf, Germany, then Pfaffenberg, Germany before the family migrated to USA.

Jacob Schock's father owned the largest flour mill in the area which was jon the outskirts of Borodino/Bess.

Schock's Flour Mill, Borodino/Bess. S. Russia

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Elivera remembers the story that as they were leaving on a wagon and they were going to be part of the huge long wagon train headed to Germany, when her grandfather thought they needed more flour so he left to fetch more flour. They never saw her grandfather, again, and he did not return.   They waited too long and Martha and her had to head to the train station where they boarded a box car filled with others who were being deported to Germany.