List of Photogrpahs in the Borodino / Bessarabia, S. Russia [Ukraine] in Remmick-Hubert Home Site

Last Updated: 12 April 2012

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Photographs of Borodino / Bessarbia, Ukraine [S. Russia]


Photographs: List of People fromBorodino / Bessarabia, S. Russia,

Borodino Collection of More Recent Times

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Ron Metz Collection

Ron #1 Ron Metz- ,  with the two history teachers Galena Sergieva [ who is also the principle] and Tatiana Niksilevna: inside the Borodino Museum which hold a great many treasures of the area and the old German-Russian village.  Families of the German-Russians who migrated to Germany in 1940 or earlier are supporting this museum and hope to improve it.
Ron MEtz #2 Ron Metz and his collection of photographs taken in June 1996.  Click on this photograph and go to Wagner family data

Notice Ron Metz holding  photograph of  Borodino Lutheran church with steeple still attached

Wagner House

#3 Ron Metz at the site of Wagner home

Church #4 Lutheran church, font view without steeple
Inside Sc But #5 Inside German school house

New Sch. But

#6 Galina Sergieva - school principla and Ron Metz.  New school on left built with help of former German residents, old school is on right

Old School

#7 Old German school

Johanna Metz

#8 Johanna , nee Hahn, Metz passing out school supplies to children


#9 View of Borodino from road

Christina, nee Schweikert, and Ludwig Hein Collection

#1 Lutheran Church with steeple
#2 Front view of Lutheran Church with steeple
WM #3 Windmill
Photographs from Herb Poppke
8 Oct 1993
#1Bus Stop
#2 Street
#3 Backyard

Carolyn Schott's Collection:

#1 Closer View of Old Church
#2 Russian Road Sign / Borodino

Photographs found which are no longer under copyright protection:

#1 Alexander II, Tzar of Russia

Photographs from Alfred Hein, Borodino, Summer  2004

#1  - 560 - memorial stone
#2 - 561 - school and Alfred Hein
#3 - 565 - School
#4 - 672- Statue of Lenin
#5 -"rock" "Dreschstein"
#6 - 574 alteSchulemitStein
#7 -575 Old Bippus House -1
#8 - 573 Old Bippus House and main street  running west-2
#9 - 570 Jelena Hein and villager
#10 - 566 Friedrich Hein's Old House -1
#11 - 567 Friedrich Hein's Old House -2
#12 - 568 Friedrich Hein's Old House - Yard - 3
#13 - 569 Friedrich Hein's Old House - View from Front
#14 - buildings New Buildings and Natalija Pechzeigtd
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Alfred Hein

Schock's Flour Mill of Borodino                mill





Hein Genealogy

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Hubert Sym