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Joseph Wagner, son of Gottlieb Wagner

Julius Wagner, son of Johan Fried. and Kath., nee Heier, Wagner,  b. 27 Feb 1863 d. 27 Feb 1933 m. Lydia Himrich

Karl Wagner b. 11 Nov 1866 Borodino / Bess., d. 1945 Russia , son of Kasper Wagner (b. 18 Jan 1835 Borodino / Bess) and Christina Scheurer, (b. 22 March 1836  Borodino / Bess.) m. (1) 9 Dec 1888 to Katharina Horst b. 9 April 1867 Hoffnungstal / Bess. d. 11 Aug 1923 Hoffnungstal / Bess); m. (2) 28 Feb 1924 Kloestitz/ Bess. to Christina Messinger b. 4 June 1863 Kloestitz/ Bess, dau. of Johann Jakob Conrad Messinger (b. 14 April 1818  Kloestitz/ Bess.d. 10 Oct 1906 Kloestitz/ Bess.) and Wilhelmina Roechert (b. 14 July 1834 Kloestitz/ Bess  d. 3 March 1908 Kloestitz/ Bess.) (Source: Additions fr Steve Mogck in purple) Issue:


Kaspar Wagner b. 1792 / 1793  Frank / Saratov, S. Russia d. 1838 Frank / Saratov, S. Russia, son of Johann Philipp Wagner (b. 2 May 1760 Rendel / Hessen, Germany d. 1816 Volga / Altal Mountrains, Russia  and Anna Marta Kling (b. 1792 Frank / Saratov, S. Russia d. 1838 Frank / Saratov, S. Russia) ,  m.(1) Rosina Margaretha, Mueller b. 1797 d. bef 1827; m. 1827 to (2) Rosina Lang b. abt 1805  d. 16 May 1877 Rosenfeld or poss. Borodino / Bess., S. Russia  Issue:

[Kasper]  Caspar Wagner noted in film #1768281Borodino, S-5

[Kasper]  Caspar Wagner b. 1803 , migr. to Borodino with family, S-5

[Kasper] Caspar Wagner b. 1803 Neu Ilvesheim / Warschau, Poland d. 28 Feb 1854 Borodino / Bess, son of Adam Georg Wagner (b. abt 175) and Barbara Steinke (b. abt 1777) m. 31 March 1827 to Rosina Lang Kloestitz/ Bess b. abt 1808 Gorowitsch / ___, Poland

Kaspar Wagner b. 1804  Alt Ilvishein, Warschau-Pol.,  d. 1854 Borodino, S-2

Kasper Wagner, age 31, b. abt 1804, m. Rosina Lang, age 29, b. abt 1806  (Source: 1835 Borodino Census) Issue:

  1. Louisa Wagner, age 6
  2. Christian Konrad Wagner, age 3
  3. (twin) Peter Wagner, age 1/4
  4. (twin) Kaspar Wagner, age 1/4

Kaspar Wagner, age 47, b. abt 1803 m.  Rosina Lang, age 45, b. abt 1805 (Source: 1850 Borodino Census)  Issue:

  1. Louisa Wagner, age 22, b. abt 1828
  2. Christian Wagner, age 18, b. abt 1832
  3. Peter Wagner b. abt 1834 d. 1843
  4. Kaspar Wagner, age 16, b. abt 1834
  5. Adam Wagner, age 13, b. abt 1837
  6. Michael Wagner, age 10, ab. abt 1840
  7. Konrad Wagner, age 7, b. abt 1843 (twin)
  8. Rosina Wagner, age 7, b. abt 1843 (twin)
  9. Anna Wagner , age 3, b. abt 1847

Kaspar Wagner b. abt 1803 Neu Ilvesheim/ __n. Warsaw, Poland d. 28 Feb 1854 Borodino / Bess., son of Adam Georg Wagner (b. abt 1775  d. abt 1809) and Barbara Steinke (b. abt 1777)   m. 31 March 1827 Kloestitz/ Bess. to Rosina Lang, age 45, b. abt 1805 (Source: 1850 Borodino Census, Ingrid Reule) Issue:
  1. Louisa Wagner b. 18 June 1828 Borodino / Bess m. 8 Jan 1853 Kloestitz/ Bess to Johannes Schaber b. 14 Jan 1829 Borodino/ Bess, son of Johann Adam Schaber (b. 24 Feb 1799  Simmersfeld / Altensteig, Wuerttemerg d. 14 Nov 1863 Borodino / Bess.) and Anna Maria Hipp (b. 26 Feb 1798 Pfrondorf / Nagold, Wuerttemberg d. 20 March 1876 Borodino / Bess)
  2. Christian Wagner, age 18, b. abt 1832
  3. Peter Wagner b. abt 1834 d. 1843
  4. Kaspar Wagner b. 18 Jan 1835 Borodino / Bess., m. 27 Dec 1856 Borodino to Christina Scheurer b. 22 March 1836, dau. of Jakob Scheurer (b. 3 March 1797 Losdowo / Kulm, Prussia d. 15 June 1878 Borodino / Bess) and Dorothea Barbara Schlenz (b. 10 May 1798 Walheim / Ludwigsburg , Wuerttemberg  d. 21 Aug 1845 Borodino / Bess.)
    • Karl Wagner b. 11 Nov 1866 Borodino / Bess., d. 1945 Russia , son of Kasper Wagner (b. 18 Jan 1835 Borodino / Bess) and Christina Scheurer, (b. 22 March 1836  Borodino / Bess.) m. (1) 9 Dec 1888 to Katharina Horst b. 9 April 1867 d. 11 Aug 1923); m. (2) 28 Feb 1924 Kloestitz/ Bess. to Christina Messinger b. 4 June 1863 Kloestitz/ Bess, dau. of Johann Jakob Conrad Messinger (b. 14 April 1818  Kloestitz/ Bess.d. 10 Oct 1906 Kloestitz/ Bess.) and Wilhelmina Roechert (b. 14 July 1834 Kloestitz/ Bess  d. 3 March 1908 Kloestitz/ Bess.)
  5. Adam Wagner, age 13, b. abt 1837  m. Louise Catharina Hein b. 1842 d. 1874m dau. of JOhann Michael Hein b. 1819 and Katharina Volkert.  Issue:
    • Johann Wagner b. 1861 d. 1861
    • Adam Wagner b. 1862
    • Michael J. Waagner b. 18 April 1864 Borodino / Bess.  d. 18 April 1947 Salem / Marion Co., Oregon , USA  m. Katharina Loeffelbein
    • Catharina Wagner b. 1866
    • Christina Wagner b. 1857 d. 1941
    • Christian Wagner b. 30 June 1867 poss. Borodino / Bess., S. Russia  d. 5 Dec 1841 Circle / McCone Co., Montana, USA  m. Salome __NN__  Issue:
      • Paulina Wagner b. Oct 1893 ND  poss. near Coldwater / McIntosch, ND, USA
      • Benjamn Wagner b. March 1895 ND
      • Gottfried Wagner b. Sept 1897 ND
      • Wilhelm Wagner b. Jan 1900 ND
    • Magdalena Wagner b. 1873
  6. Michael Wagner, age 10, ab. abt 1840
  7. Konrad Wagner, age 7, b. abt 1843 (twin)
  8. Rosina Wagner, age 7, b. abt 1843 (twin)
  9. Anna Wagner b. 22 Nov 1848 Borodino m. Heinrich Dietrich b. 29 July 1849 Beresina/ Bess, son of August Dietrich (b. 14 Nov 1818 eresina) and Sophia Wagner.  Issue:
    • Sophia Dietrich b. 3 Dec 1878 Beresina/ Bess m. Gottlieb Herrmann b. 10 Jan 1876 Beresina/ Bess, son of Johann Herrmann (b. 19 Jan 1836 Beresina/ Bess) and Katharina Heier / Keier (b. 1 April 1840 Kloestitz/ Bess) m. (2) Emanuel Heier  Issue:
      • m. (1)  Issue
      • [wrong children were added to Sophia's data] XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      • Family Story from Kulm History Book:  Among the early pioneers settling near Kulm, ND were Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Herrmann Sr. and his wife Sophia.  Mr Herrmann was born 10 Jan 1876 Beresina, Bessarabia, South Russia.  He married Sophia Dietrich on November 27, 1897, coming to America in the year 1898. / Due to the shortage of land in Bessarabia, South Russia, to where his parents had migrated from Germany during 1812, Gottlieb and Sophia with a baby girl named Kathrina, boarded a ship called Kaiser Wilhelm, bound for the United States of America.  They came to the united States in 1898.  The first night was spent on the ship, the next day they landed and took a train and came as far West as the railroad was then built, which was at Kulm, N.D.. Here they were happily receive by Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Lange, who welcomed all the newcomers that had the name of Herrmann.  Spending a few days with the Herrmanns and visiting other acquaintances, they were told about the Co. seat, Ellendale, N.D..  They went there to apply for their citizenship papers, they had to have an interpreter.  A week later they left to claim a homestead located eight miles southeast of Kulm, consisting of 160 acres.  After five years of hard labor an breaking sod the homestead became their own. / Mr. and Mrs. Herrmann had $76.00 when they came to this locality.  with it they purchased their first property consisting of a team of horses for $37.00, a dow for $38.00 and a secondhand wagon for $8.00. / Their house on the homestead was built with $37.00 worth of lumber.  It was a barn and a house combined.  The farm animals, pigs and chickens given to them by some helpful neighbors.  During the spring and summer the chickens lived in a dugout, under a huge stone made by Mr. Herrmann.  The winter months were spent in an attic affair built by Mr. Herrmann in the barn.  The wagon which was they only means of transportation, was used for all purposes--going to church and visiting neighbors.  Their first groceries purchased were coarse Flour, sugar and coffee.  The butter was churned form the cream that was skimmed form the milk and sold./ .....One morning the Herrmanns decided to take their children and go to celebrate the 4th of July, the horses panicked and ran away.  Rudolph, the baby, who was lying in the wagon sleeping, fell off unnoticed.  The other children were hanging on for dear life when the wagon overturned, fall on Mr. Herrmann's ankle and breaking it.  Kathrinia had to walk back some distance to find the baby who was still sound asleep.  In the meantime a neighbor came along and gave aid... / During the earl part of 1912 at about sundown a hail storm of hurricane strength came through this part of North Dakota and hit th Herrmann farm.  The big barn was destroyed, injuring the horses that were within, the smaller buildings were all blown away; the granary in which grain was kept, but was used for a summer kitchen when it was empty, was also destroyed.  It so happened that Deopold being 4 years old had fallen asleep in the summer kitchen in the later afternoon, and on one missed him until they had all gathered in the house before the storm struck.  Katharinia had to run and find him.  Flour and grain was spoiled, the dishes and kettles were all broken except for one cup.  The chimney was blown from the house, windows were all broken from big hail stones, and had to be plugged with pillows and feather ticks until the storm ceased.  gain the neighbors came to help and get the family on their feet again. / Mr. Herrmann was known for is horses , which he raised with the help of his sons, starting with only one team he increased them in number until he had thirty.  Many people came to buy them.  He sold some of them to the government during World War I for $150 a horse.  Mr. Herrmann was always will to accept the improved methods of farming. /  (continued in the Kulm  History book.) 
      • Katharine Herman [stet] b. 1 Jan 1897 Beresina / Bess m.  (1) 20 Oct 1919 to Reinhold Konrad b. 12 Dec 1895 Kloestitz/ Bess d. 1930 Kulm / LaMoure County, USA , son of Christian Konrad (b. 14 Sept 1872 Kloestitz/ Bess) and Katharine Weber (b. 12 Dec 1876 Kloestitz). m. (2) Emanuel Heir of Alfred, ND, USA d. 1954. (Sourses: Mogck and Kulm / ND., History Book  Issue:
        • LeMar Konrad
        • Marvin Konrad
        • LeRoy Conrad
        • Adolph Konrad d. as infant
        • Story from Kulm / LaMoure County History Book::  Katharina Herrmann was born in Beresenia [Beresina], Bessarabia, South Russia in 1897 an came to the United States with her parents , Gottlieb and Sopia Herrmann in 1889.  She grew up on their homestead eight miles southeast of Kulm.
      • Rudolph Herrmann b. 5 Aug 1899 Kulm, / LaMoure County, ND [North Dakota], USA m. 21 June 1923 to Olga Brosz b. 11 May 1902 Alfred , ND, USA [History book  of 1892 - 1957 can be found at ] Issue:
        • Deloris Konrad m. Ernst Fey of Missoula / Montana
        • Gerald Konrad
      • Robert Herrmann  b.  30 Nov 1901 on family farm near Kulm / ND m. 13 Feb 1925 to Margaret Nitschke of Jud.  Issue:
        • Marjorie Herrmann m. Raymond Busch of Kulm
      • Gottlieb G. Herrmann b. 31 March 1906 Kulm m. 15 Nv 1936 to Alma L. Janke b. 18 Feb 1917 Kulm / ND, USA, dau. of Johan Janke (b. 15 ug 1889 Katzbach / Bess, S. Russia) and Lydia Konrad (b. 15 July 1889 Kloestitz/ Bess)  Issue: 1 child. / no name given
      • Ida Herman b. 6 Nov 1910 Kulm m. 3 Oct 1937 Kulm / ND, USA to Jacob Hoffman, son of Johannes Hoffman and Christina Waltz.  Issue:
        • 2 children / no names given
      • Depold Gotthold Herman b. 22 Nov 1908 Kulm / USA m. (1) 5 Jan 1932 to Helma Florida Konrad b. 9 Dec 1910 Kulm / ND, USA, dau. of David Konrad (b. 16 Oct 1882 Kloestitz/ Bess) and Theresa Mogck (b. 25 Sept 1887 Parkston / SD, USA); m. (2) __NN__ Baumgartner-Lawrence..  Issue: 1 child / no name given
      • Herman J. Herrmann b. 22 Oct 1915 Kulm / ND, USA m. 26 Jan 1940 to Edna E. Janke b. 15 Dec 1915 Kulm / ND, USA, dau. of John Janke (b. 15 Aug 1889 Katzbach / Bess, S. Russia) and Lydia Konrad (b. 15 July 1889 Kloestitz/ Bess. , S. Russia)  Issue: 3 children / no names given  
      • Benjamin Herman
      • Solomon Herman
      • Helmuth Herman
      • m. (2) Issue
      • no data

[Kasper] Caspar Wagner b. 1835 Borodino, S-5

Kaspar Wagner b. 1804  d. 1854 Alt-Ilwishein / Warschau-Po, migr. to Borodino, S-1

Kasper Wagner b. 1804 Ilvisheim / Warschau, Poland  d. 28 Feb 1854  (Source: Athur E. Flegel)

Kasper Wagner b. 1803  Neu Ilvesheim/ Warschau, Poland d. 28 Jan 1854, son of Adam Georg Wagner (b. abt 1775) and Barbara Steinke, m. 31 March 1827 to Rosina Lang b. abt 1808 Gorowitsch / ___, Poland

Kaspar Wagner, see Caspar Wagner

poss Kaspar Wagner b. bef. 1848 m. Christina  Scheurer  Issue:

  1. Johann Wagner b.  30 Apr 1861 Borodino, son of   Kaspar Wagner and Christina  Scheurer, #1884094/2 115 29
  2. Michael Wagner b.  10 Dec 1863 Borodino, son of Kasper Wagner and   Christina Scheurer, #1884124/2 466 107  

Kaspar Wagner  [Wagner] b. 18 Jan 1835 Borodino / Bess, son of Kaspar Wagner (b. 1803 Neu Ilvesheim / Warschau, Poland d. 28 Bef 1854 Borodino / Bess) and Rosina Lang (b. abt 1808).m. Christina Scheurer b. 22 March 1836 Borodino, dau. of Jakob Scheurer (b. 3 March 1797 Losdowo / Kulm, Prussia  d. 15 June 1878 Borodino / Bess) and Dorothea Barbara Schlenz b. 10 May 1798  Walheim / Ludwigsburg, Wuerttemberg d. 21 Aug 1845 Borodino / Bess.) Issue:
  • Magdalena Wagner b. 15 March 1858 Borodino m. Konrad Tetz b. Borodino  Issue [childlren may be out of order]:
    • Johann Wagner b.  30 Apr 1861 Borodino, son of   Kaspar Wagner and Christina  Scheurer, #1884094/2 115 29
    • Michael Wagner b.  10 Dec 1863 Borodino, son of Kasper Wagner and   Christina Scheurer, #1884124/2 466 107
    • Adam Wagner
    • Louisa Wagner
    • Christian Wagner
    • Karl Wagner b. 11 Nov 1866 Borodino / Bess d. 1945 Russia m. (1) 16 Dec 1888 Kloestitz / Bess to Katharina Horst b. 9 March 1867 Hoffnungstal / Bess. d. 11 Aug 1923 Hoffnungstal / Bess; m. (2)  28 Feb 1924 to  widow Christina , nee __NN__, Messinger, Hass b. 4 June 1863  [NOTE:  Christine was married first to Adam Hass b. 8 July 1858, Kloesttitz/ Bess. Issue:
      • m. (1) Issue:
        1. Christine Wagner b. 20 Sept 1893 Borodino  / Bess.  m.  )1)  __NN__; m. (2) 16 Jan 1924 Kloestitz/ Bess.  to Johann Reichenberger b. 1855 d. 1937
      • m.  (2)  Issue:
    • Katharina Wagner b. 10 July 1884 Borodino / Bess m. (1) 1905 Kloestitz / Bess to Johann Postan / Bostan; m. (2) 18 Dec 1914 Kloestitz / Bess to Jakob Reinhardt b. 4 Nov 1893 Crimea / Russia, son of Christoph Reinhardt of Borodino, son of Johann Georschan and Katharina __NN__; m. (3) 31 Jan 1919 Kloestitz/ Bess to Paul Geroschan b. 1 July 1888 Elisabeth / ___  Issue:
      • Issue m. (1)
      • Johann Bostan b. 6 Sept 1906 Borodino / Bess
      • Christine Bostan b. 20 May BorodinoXXX
      • Jakob Bostan b. 1 May 1910
      • Issue m. (2)
      • no names given
      • Issue m. (3)
      • Martha Geroschan b. 24 June 1920 Borodino
      • Reinhold Geroschan b. 20 Sept 1922 Borodino
      • Oskar Geroschan b. 21 July 1924 Borodino
  • Sophia Wagner b. 23 Jun 1878 Tarutino / Bess m. 4 Oct 1900 Kloestitz/ Bess to Jakob Klotzbuecher b. 3 Jan 1876 Borodino / Bess, son of Johannes Klotzbuecher and Magdalena Ruele / Reile Issue:
    • Pauline Klotzbucher b. 20 SApril 1901 Hoffnungstal / Bess
    • Jakob Klotzbuechr b. 8 Feb 1906 Neu Nikolajewka/ Bess
    • Katharina Klotzbuecher b. 25 Jan 1908 Nikolajewka m. 16 Nov 1929 Neu Nikolaajewka / Bess to Benjamin Salzsiedler b. 20 Jan 1907 Josefsdorf/ Bess, son of Johann Sallzsiedler b. Arzis / Bess and Rebekka Hinke [Henke] Issue: 6 children / no names given
    • Gottlieb Klotzbuecher b. 27 Nov 19909 Neu Nikolajewka  m. 18 May 1909 Kischinev/ Bess to Caecilia Beutler b. 18 May 1909 Neu Arzis/ Bess, ler (b. 4 May 1869 Sabus / __) and Emma Drefs (b. 6 April 1880 Landscha / __, Poland)  Issue: 2 children / no names given
    • Berta Klotzbuecher
    • Wilhelm Klotzbuecher b. 8 aug 1915 Neu Nikolajewka
    • Johann Klotzbuecher b. 18 Jan 1916 Neu Nikolajewka
    • Adolf Klotzbuecher b. 16 March 1918 Neu Nikolajewka
    • Rudolf Klotzbuecher b. 13 Dec 1920 Neu Nikolajewka
    • Magdalena Klotzbuecher
    • Johann Klotzbuecher

Kasper Wagner , son of Georg Adam Wagner and Barbara Stein, b. bef. 1809 m. Christine Sheuer [Scheurer]. See Kasper Wagner....Children:
  1. Adam Wagner
  2. Louisa Wagner
  3. Christian Wagner
  4. Karl Wagner
  5. see....Johann Wagner b.  30 Apr 1861 Borodino, son of   Kaspar Wagner and Christina  Scheurer, #1884094/2 115 29  

Kate. W. Wagner,  d. 1922 m. White (See section of Georg A. Awagner b. 1760 m. Barbara Stein's thrid son's, Kasper Wager's,  family data).

Kate Wagner, dau. of Michael and Kath., nee Loeffelbein, Wagner  b. 15 May 1889  Ashley, ND, m. Jacob Brandenberger. Issue:
  1. Irene Brandenberger
  2. Gerte Brandenberger
  3. Edna Brandenberger
  4. Myrtle Brandenberger
  5. Ruth Brandenberger
  6. Willa Brandenberger
  7. Gladys Brandenberger
  8. Norman Brandenberger
  9. Arnold Brandenberger

Kathrina [Katrina, Katherina], dau. of Peter and Elizabeth, nee Ueller, Wagner,  b. 22 Jan 1832 m. 28 Dec 1850 to Karl Tetz Kloetitz/Bess. S. Russia. Issue:
  1. Johann Tetz
  2. Friederika Tetz
  3. Karoline Tetz
  4. Christian Tetz
  5. Friedrich Tetz
  6. Karl Tetz
  7. Christina Tetz
  8. Conrad Tetz
  9. Jakob Tetz
  10. Christoph Tetz
  11. Catharina Tetz

Katharina Wagner  b. 8 Feb 1861 Borodino  d. Nov 1948, dau. of   Johann Wagner and   Katharina Heier, #1884094/2 113 11  m. Martin Kubier

Konrad, Conrad.....

[Konrd] Conrad Wagner listed on films #1766543 & 1768265, S-5

[Konrad] Conrad Wagner b. 1830 Borodino, S-5

[Konrad]  Conrad Wagner  see Konrad Wagner

Konad Wagner b. 1803  (Source: Heimatkalender)

Konrad Wagner b. 17 Sept 1809  d. 1889 m. 27 Dec 1834 Kloestitz/ Besss to Magdalena Nickel b. 18 May 1809  d. 1904.  .  Data from Ingrid Reule. 

Konrad Wagner b. 17 Sept 1809 Neu Ilvesheim / Warschau, Poland  d. 14 Oct 1889 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia, son of Adam Georg Wagner (b. abt 1775) and Barbara Steinke (b. abt 1777) m. 27 Dec 1834 Tarutino / Bess to Madalena Nickel b. 18 May 1809  Aich / Worms, Pfalz d. 1 Jan 1904 Borodino / Bess, dau. of Adam Nickel (b. 16 April 1786 Aiich / Worms, Pfalz d. 7 July 1849 Borodino/ Bess.) and Charlotte Becker (b. Jan 1788 Mettenheim / __, Pfalz)  (Source: Ingrid Reule)

Konrad Wagner, age 41, b. abt 1809 son of Adam Georg Wagner (b. abt 1775) and Barbara Steinke (b. abt 1777)m. Magdalena Nickel, age 31, b. abt 1819  (Source: 1850 Borodino Census.  NOTE:  The 1835 Census tells us that he was abt 21 years old iwhich would mean he was b. about 1814.  In the GRHS's report on the 1850 Census it tell us that 21 has been changed to 24.  This would mean that Konrad was b.  about  1811.  It is believed he was born in 1809.  This is the reason these records cannot always be as reliable as we, the researchers, hope.)  Issue:

  1. Elisabeth Wagner, age 15, b. abt 1835
  2. Michael Wagner, age 13, b. abt 1837
  3. Adam Wagner, age 11, b. abt 1839
  4. Margaretha Wagner, age 9, b. abt 1841

Konrad Wagner b. 17 Sept 1809 Ilwisheim, Poland d. 14 Nov 1889 Borodino, Bess. S. Russia , son of Adam Georg Wagner (b. abt 1775) and Barbara Steinke (b. abt 1777) m. 27 Dec 1834 Tarutino/ Bess. to Magdalena Nickel b. 16 March 1819 Alisch, Pfalz d. 11 Jan 1904 Borodino., dau. of Adam Nickel and Ccharlotta Bauer  , S-46, Issue:
  1. Elizabetha Wagner b. 2 Sept 1835 Borodino m. Jacob Bippus
  2. Michael Wagner b. 13 March 1837 Borodino d. Feb 1914 Martin, Sheridan Co. ND, USA m. (1) Katherina Mayer ,m. (2)  widow Karolina, nee Engel, Spiedel. Issue:
    • m. (2) Issue:
    • Katherina Wagner b. 14 April 1885 Borodino d. March 1968 Minot, Ward Co. ND, USA m. Jacob Buchert b. 18 Sept 1882 Katzbach, Bess. d. 29 May 1928 Minot, Ward Co., ND, USA. Issue:
      • Christina Buchert  b. 14 June 1907 Max, McLean Co., ND, USA d. 10 June 1990 Minot m. 17 Dec 1925 Max, ND to Christian Metz b. 18 Dec 1902 Kloestitz/ Bess. d. 2 Nov 1987 Minot, ND, USA
        • Metz m.    Issue:
  3. Adam Wagner b. 25 Feb 1839 Borodino
  4. Anna Margaretha Wagner b. 8 Nov 1841 Borodino
  5. Christina Wagner b. 7 Sept 1854 Borodino

Konrad Wagner b. 1809 Alt Ilvishein / Warschau-Pol., S-2 with wife Magdlaena Mueller b. 1799 Brenkenheim [Brackenheim?], Wu. , S-2

Konrad Wagner from Pol in 1814 to Borodino with wife Magd. Mueller  fr. Brekenheim (?) - Wu. b. 1799 d. 1854

Konrad Wagner, age 21, b. abt 1814 m. to Magdalena Nickel, age 19, b. abt 1816, ((Source: 1835 Borodino Census)

Konrad Wagner  b.  abt 1814  m. 27 Dec 1834 Taurtino to Magdalena Nikkel b.  abt 1816 , #1882643/1 176 62 [Note: he was 20 years old, b. Poland, son of Johann Adam Wagner; she was 18 years old, b. Borodino, dau. of Adam Nikkel].

Konrad Wagner see Conrad Wagner

Louisa Wagner , dau. of Kasper and Elizabeth, nee Hein, Wagner, b. abt 1835  m. Johannes Schaber

Lydia Wagner, dau. of John and Christina, nee Reile,  Wagner, b. 21 July 1894 m. Edward Schock

Magdelena Wagner b. abt 1832 d. 1902  homestead n. Fairfax, SD USA , dau. of Johann F. and Maria, nee Lenzner, Wagner of Hoffnungstal. The  Wagner family originally came from Hopfighein, Marbach, Germany in 1817. Magdelena  m. Christian Metzger b. 1832 Hoffnungstal, S. Russia  d. 1872, son of Christian and Christine, nee Schmied, Metzger.  The Metzger family migr. from Holzerlingen, Wu, Germany in 1817 via the Danube River to Hoffnunstal/ Od. S. Russia.  Information pps. 36-41, Vol. 5, Issue 3, Feb. 1998, Mertzger Family by Donna Metzger   of the Hoffnungstal Odessa Newsletter by Dale Wahl.

Magdalena Wagner b.  22 May 1864 Borodino, dau. of   Michael Wagner and   Katharina  Mayer, #1884124/2 471 37; note: bap Kloestitz / Bess.

Magdalena  Wagner b.  30 Oct 1867 Borodino, dau. of   Michael  Wagner and Philippina Bossert, #1884091/3 460 95

Margaretha Wagner, age 35, b. abt 1800 m. Michael Betsch, age 33, b. abt 1802 (Source: 1835 Borodino Census) Issue:

  1. Barbara Betsch, age 12
  2. Michael Betsch, age 10
  3. Valentin Betsc, age 6
  4. Anna Elisabeta, age 5
  5. Peter Betsch, age 2

Margaretha Wagner, age 31, b. abt 1819 m. Christian Schwab, [step-son of Matthais Haberer, age 50, b. abt 1800). (Source:: 1850 Borodino Census) [NOTE: If Matthais Haberer wife, who is listed, is Christian Schwab's mother,  then  she should be mentioned, also.  Her name was Susanna, nee Ulrich. There is not mention of Christian's father in 1850, however, his father is mention in 1835 as being Jacob Schwab.]  Issue:

  1. Margaretha Schwab, age 11, b. abt 1839
  2. Katharina Schwab, age 8, b. at 182
  3. Christian Schwab, age 6, b. abt 1844
  4. Jakob Schwab, age 4, b. abt 1846

Margarethe Wagner b. 18 April 1819  Steinreinach / ____, Wuerttemberg m. Aug 1837 Arzis / Bess. S. Russia to Christian Schwab b. 15 Jan 1818 Beresina/ Bess. S. Russia d. 24 Jan 1871 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia, son of Michael Schwab and Maria Susanna Ulllrich (b. 1797) (Source: Ingrid Reule)  Issue:

  1. Christian Schwab b. 11 Feb 1844 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia d. 2 Jan 1882 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia , son of Christian Schwab (b. 15 Jan 1818) and Margarethe Wagner (b. 18 April 1819) m. 25 June 1864 Kloestitz/ Bess to Wilhelmina Hagedorn b. 1 July 1844 Tarutino / Bess.  She rem. 18 Nov 1882 Kloestitz to Christian Wilhelm Friedrich (b. 22 Oct 1837). (Source: Ingrid Reule)  Issue:
Mary Wagner, dau. of Michael and Kath., nee Loeffelbein, Wagner b. 2 Sept 1890 m.  Andrew Rieb. See letter: Issue:
  1. Gilbert Rieb
  2. Sharon Rieb
  3. Toni Rieb
  4. Walter Rieb
  5. Albert Rieb
  6. Gladys Rieb

Martha Wagner b. 21 Feb 1915 Borodinno, dau. of __NN__ Wagner and Christine, nee _NN__, m. abt 1939 to Alexander Anhold

Michael Wagner b. 5 Sept 1811 from Steinreinach / Waiblingen - Wu migr. to  Borodino then to Lichtental/ Bess. with wife Kath. Otterstaetter b. 23 Jan. 1817 Borodino, S-1

Michael Wagner b. 1837 Borodino, S-5

Michael Wagner b. 1837, S-5

Michael Wagner b. 1840, S-5

Michael Wagner b. bef. 1848 m.  Katherina  Mayer Issue:

  1. Johannes Wagner b.   15 Nov 1862 Borodino, son of    Michael Wagner and   Katharina Mayer, #1884099/3 419 79
  2. Magdalena Wagner b.  22 May 1864 Borodino, dau. of   Michael Wagner and   Katharina  Mayer, #1884124/2 471 37; note: bap Kloestitz / Bess.
  3. Heinrich Wagner  b. 18 Oct 1868 Borodino, son of  Michael Wagner and  Katherina  Mayer, #1884092/1 404 74

Michael  Wagner b. bef. 1852  m. Philippina Bossert  Issue:

  1. Magdalena  Wagner b.  30 Oct 1867 Borodino, dau. of   Michael  Wagner and Philippina Bossert, #1884091/3 460 95

Michael Wagner b.  10 Dec 1863 Borodino, son of Kasper Wagner and   Christina Scheurer, #1884124/2 466 107

Michael Wagner b. 18 Apr 1864 Borodino, son of   Adam  Wagner and Louise Hein, #1884124/2 470 31

Michael Wagner , son of Adam Wagner and Elizabeth Hein, b. 18 April 1864 Borodino d. 1947 Salem, Oregon, USA m. 16 Jan 1886 Kloetitz, Bess. to Kathrina Loeffelbein , dau. of Friedrich Loeffelbein and Barbara Stadel, b. 16 April 1866 Beresina/Bess. d. 11 Dec 1941 Salem, Oregon, USA. Issue:
  1. John Wagner b. 19 Oct 1886  Borodino, d. 16 June 1964 Lodi, CA, USA m. (1) Bessie Watkins and m. (2) Maggie Heim
  2. Katharine Wagner b. 15 May 1889 Ashley, ND, USA m. Jacob Brandenberger
  3. Mary Wagner b. 2 Sept 1890 Ashley, ND, m. Andrew Rieb
  4. Michael Wagner b. 12 Mar 1892 Ashley, ND m. Ethel Sargent
  5. Christian Wagner b. 6 April 1893 Harvey, ND, d. 18 Feb 1976 Sacramento, CA  m. Lydia Eisele
  6. Jacob Wanger b. 2 May 1895 Harvey, ND,  d. 21 May 1973 m. 29 Oct 1920 to  Ida Braunberger
  7. Benjamin Wagner b. 4 Dec 1898 Harvey , ND,  m. Marie Rehling
  8. Elizabeth Wanger b. 20 Oct 1904 Harvey, ND m. Walter Schaber

Michael Wagner, b. 14 July 1869,. son of Johan Fried., and Kath. Heier, Wagner,  m. Elizabeth Heine. Six Children.

Michael Wagner b.  14 June 1869 Borodino, son of Johan Wagner and Katharina Heier, m. 1894 to Elisabeth Hein b. 15 June 1873, dau. of Michael Hein and Maria Elisabeth Motz.
  • Notes from Inrid Reule:  
  • The parents of Michael were Johann Wagner b. 19 Dec 1838 d. 1908 m. 6 May 1860 Kloestitz/Bess to Katharina Heir b. 4 Aug 1839  d. 1915
  • The parents of Elisabeth Hein were Michael Hein b. 20 Sept 1829  d. 1891 m. 25 June 1853 Kloestitz/ Bess to Maria Elisabeth Motz b. 27 Feb 1836  d. 1902
  • Family migr in 1895 to North Dakota, USA

Michael Wagner b. 16 April 1869 Borodino, son of Johann Wagner (b. 19 Dec 1838 d. 1 Oct 1908) and Katharina Heier (b. 4 Aug 1839 dd. 2 Jan 1915)  (Source: Ingrid Reule;  NOTE differs fr. Borodino rec. #1884124/2 470 31  of 14 April 1869??)

Michael Wagner, son of Michael and Kath. , nee Loeffelbein, Wagner, b. 12 march 1892 Ashley, ND m. Ethel Sargent

Michael Wagner  b. 14 Jun 1869 Borodino, son of   Johann Wagner and   Katharina Heier, #1884110/3 437 47


Peter Wagner b. 1801 Ilvesheim / Mannheim-Ba, S-2

Peter Wagner b. 1 April 1801 Ilwesheim (sic) / by Warschau  (Source: Heimatkalender)

Peter Wagner  b. 1807 , migr. Borodino film #1766543, S-5

Peter Wagner b. 1807, migr. to Borodino film#1768265, S-5

Peter Wagner b. Jan 1807 Neu Ilvesheim/ Warschau, Poland d. 7 Ma 1866, son of Adam Geore Wagner (b. abt 1775) and Barbara Steinke (b. abt 1777)  m. 25 July 1830 to Elisabetha Mueller b. 24 April 1808 Sulzfeld / ___, Poland  d. 14 Apirl 1872  (Source: Ingrid Reule)

Peter Wagner b. . 4 Jan 1807 Kwitheim, Warsaw , Poland, or, Neu Ilvesheim / n. Warsaw, Poland d. 7 May 1866 Borodino/ Bess., son of Georg Adam Wagner and Barbara Stein, m. 25 June 1830 to his brother's widow Elizabeth, nee Mueller, Wagner. b. 28 Aug 1806 Sulzfelden/ Poland d. 14 April 1872 Borodino/ Bess. He inherited Henry Wagner's estate. Issue:
  1. Katharina Barbara Wagner, b. 22 Jan 1832 d. 23 March 1910 Borodino / Bess. m. 28 Dec 1850 to Karl Tetz [twin]  b. 18 April 1825 Borodino d. 23 Dec 1900 Borodino / Bess. , son of Johan Tetz "Schmiedemeister" (b. 1794 Lichtenberg/ Mecklenburg-Strehilttz d. 18 May 1874 Borodino / Bess.)  and Friedericka Brueggert, , (b. 13 March 1801 Woggersin / Mecklenburg d. 16 Nov 1872 Borodino / Bess), S-55. dot
  2. Johann Wagner b. 19 Dec 1838 d. 1 Oct 1908 Selby, Walworth Co., S.D. , USA m. 7 March 1860 to widow Katherina, nee   Heier , Hermann, dau. of Jacob Heier and Katherina Fredericka Hoffman, b. 4 Aug 1839 Old Postal/ Bess. d. 2 Jan. 1925 Selby, S,D. USA.  She was the widow of Johann Hermann.  Issue
    • Elisabeth Wagner b. 1867  d. 1936  m. Gottfried Heine b. 1868  d, 1934, son of Christoph Heine (b. 1830) and Eleonore Kunz (b. 1832)
    • Gottfried Wagner b. 1873 d. 1956
    • Hannah / Johann Waner b. 1880 d. 1966
    • Julius Wagner b. 1883 d. 1933
  3. Henry Wagner
  4. Michael Wagner
  5. (?) Johannes Wagner b. 1 Jan 1838  Borodino / Bess. d. 1 Oct 1908 Selby, SD.  USA, m. ___Aichele, dau. of Jack Aichele Issue:
    • Gottfried Wagner
    • Jack Wagner  [ See letter written by Jack Wagner submitted by Erline Hawn for  Bessarabian ~ Newsletter, January 2000, Vol. 3. Issue3 pages 37 and 42
  6. dau. m. Dietz
  7. dau. m. Bibbus
  8. dau. m. Eslinger
  9. dau. m. Hoffman

Peter Wagner, age 27, b. abt 1808, m. Elisabetha Mueller, age 31, b. abt 1804 (Source: 1835 Borodino Census) Living in Peter's house is his step-daughter Rosina Wagner, age 12.  Issue:

  1. Konrad Peter Wagner, age 5
  2. Barbara Wagner, age 3
  3. Michael Wagner,age 1/2

Peter Wagner, age 43, b.. abt 1808 m. Elisabetha Mueller, age 44, b. abt 1806.  (Source: 1850 Borodino Census). Issue:

  1. Konrad Wagner, age 20, b. abt 1830
  2. Katherina Wagner, age 18, b. abt 1832
  3. Michael Wagner, age 16, b. ab 1834
  4. Christina Wagner, age 14, b. abt 1836
  5. Johann Wagner, age 12, b. abt 1838
  6. Elisabetha Wagner, age 9, b. abt 1841
  7. Chrstiana Wagner, age 5, b. abt 1845
  8. Hanna Wagner, age 1, b. abt 1849

Peter Wagner b. 25 Jan 1807 Neu Ilvesheim / Warschau, Poland d. 7 May 1866 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia, son of Adam Georg Wagner (b. abt 1775) and Barbara Steinke (b. abt 1777) m. 25 July 1830 Kloestitz/ Bess to  Elisabeth Mueller b. 24 Aril 1808 Sulzfeld / ___, Poland  d. 14 April 1872 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia  (Source: Ingrid Reule) Issue:

  1. Johann Wagner(b. 19 Dec 1838  Borodino / Bess d. 1 Oct 1908 Selby Walworth Co., SD, USA and Katharina Heier b. 4 Aug 1839 Malojaroslawetz II, Bess d. 2 Jan 1915 Selby / Walworth County, SD, USA
  2. Johanna Wagner b. 23 Feb 1849 Borodio  / Bess. m. 30 Dec 1865 Kloestitz/ Bess to Jakob Martin Koch "Bauer"  b. 3 June 1845, son of Christian Koch (b. 21 June 1800  Radgodower Bruch / __, Poland d. 3 Oct 1875 Kloestitz/ Bess.) and Magdalena Schaefer (b. 1811 Zuffenhausen / __, Wuerttemberg d. 15 Sept 1897 Kloestitz/ Bess.)

Peter Wagner  b. 22 Jul 1864 Borodino, son of Johann Wagner and  Katharina Heier, #1884124/2 472 51

Peter Wagner b. 22 July 1864 Borodino, son of Johann Wagner (b. 19 Dec 1838 Borodino / Bess) and Katharina Heier (b. 4 Aug 1839 Alt Posttal / Bess.)

Peter Wagner m. ____ widow of Henry Wagner

Richard Wagner, son of John and Christina, nee Reile, Wagner,  b. 11 Feb 1897 Selby, SD, USA m. Bertha Stangl

Rosa, nee ? , Wagner m. John Wagner

Rosina Wagner b. 3 Sept 1843 Borodino / Bess d. Aug 1866 Olgental / Bess m. 9 Dec 1865 Kloestitz / Bess to widower Gottlieb Bindewald b. 26 June 1833  d. 28 Feb 1908 [Note: Gottlieb's first wife was Karolina Lange b. 17 April 1836   After Rosina's death, Gottlieb married two more times.  The third wife was Karolina Kautz b. 3 Nov 1848 and the fourth was Dorothea Hartmann.).

Rosina Wagner b.  16 Apr 1869 Borodino, dau. of   Adam  Wagner and Margaretha  Mayer, #1884110/3 435 32

Sammuel Wagner, the younger b. early in 1700 poss Ilvesheim / Mannhein, Baden d. poss. Paltz / Hunrucken, Alsace. Son of Samuel Wagner, the elder.  One child listed [in my records]: Gottlieb Wagner

Sameul Wagner, the elder,  b. 1643  d. 1705 Paltz, Hunrucken, Alsace  Issue:

  1. Samuel Wagner

Samuel Wagner   Issue:

  1. Gottlieb Wagner

Sofia Wagner b. 1822 Borodino m. 25 Nov 1839 Beresina / Bess. to Phillip Aug. Dietrich, son of Michael and Carolina, nee Block Dietrich, b. 14 Nov 1818 Beresina d. 2 Jan 1864 (fever) Beresina . She remmarried to Friedrich Walz of Borodin on 24 April 1869.  S-82, Children were born in Beresina/Bess.:
  1. Rosina Dietrich b. 1841 d. 1842
  2. Friederich Dietrich b. 1842 d. 1842
  3. Michael Dietrich b. 1843 d. 1849
  4. Christian Dietrich  b. 2 Jan 1845 d. 4 Dec 1909 m. 10 Dec 1867 to Magdalena Huber
  5. Heirnich Dietrich b. 29 July 1846  b. Anna Wagner
  6. Johannes Dietrich b. 1848 d. 1849
  7. Karoline Dietrich b. 26 Dec. 1849 or 22 Sept. 1849 d. 1 paril 1890 Friedenstal m. Georg Adame Joachin
  8. Georg  Dietrich b. 1851 d. 1855
  9. Louids Dietrich n. 22 Dec 1852 m. 7 Dec 1872 to Christoph Malke
  10. Dorothea Dietrich b. 1854 d. 1855
  11. August Dietrich b. 2 Feb 1856 m. Katharina Walz
  12. Conrad Dietrich b. 2 May 1858 m. Dorothea Waltz
  13. Katharina Dietrich b. 7 Sept 1859 m. Johann Schwab
  14. Jacob Dietrich b. 23 April 1863 m. Karolina __


Note#1-Wagners are also found in  the Russian villages of  Teplitz, Friedenstal, Sarata, Gnadental, Lichental.....

Note#2 - Brakenheim / Heilbronn-Wu

Mpte #3 dotSee Ingrid Reule Letters

Photographs of Wagners found on other pages in the Borodino / Bess. Site are:

Bessarabian Web Site with Newsletters:

Debbie Beck's A Bessarabia Web Site for German Russians




Ron Metz [S-46] e-mail 1 Dec 1999:

Dear Judy,

.....Iam researching Wagner, Nickel(Nikkel), Spiedel and Walz families. I have other Bessarabia photos but only sent the ones of Borodino. Let me know when the photos arrive! Thanks,


Ron Metz

Ron Metz

- June 1999 -

 in Borodino holding  old photo of Borodino Lutheran Church

See list of his photographs

Wagners of Selby, SD

Selby SD, Golden Anniversary, 1900-1950. . . . . . . . . . .

Published by the Odessa Digital Library - 8 Mar 1994

buttonDigital Library: Odessa:

This document may be freely used for personal, nonprofit purposes or linked by other WWW sites. It may also be shared with others, provided the header with copyright notice is included. However, it may not be republished in any form without permission of the copyright owner.

Copyright 1994, Roger W. Ehrich, 1407 Locust Avenue, Blacksburg, VA 24060,

NOTE: This transcription of "Golden Anniversary Historical Book, 1900-1950 Selby, South Dakota" was prepared by Roger W. Ehrich on March 8, 1994. The book bears no copyright.



Mr. and Mrs. Johann Wagner, having raised a family of 11, found that chances for expanding their operations in the homeland were far too limited for the size of the family, which caused them to decide to go to America where land could be had just for living on it and tilling it. Johann Wagner was born in the village of Borodeno in Besserabia in South Russia on January 1, 1839. In 1860 he was married to Katherina Heier who was born October 20, 1839. To this union 11 children were born: Katherina, John I., Peter, Elizabeth, Michael, Christine, Gottfried, George, Hanna, Julius and one son who died very young.

Before coming to America the following children married and established homes of their own: Katherina (Mrs. Martin Kubier); John I. Wagner was married to Christine Riley; Elizabeth to Gottfried Heine; Peter and Michael also were married previous to coming to America. In the spring of 1894 Johann Wagner and his family, together with some of his married children and their families, started for America. Only two daughters and their families stayed behind, Katherina (Mrs. Martin Kubier) and Christine (Mrs. Loeffelbein). The Kubier family came to America a few years later, but Christina never came.

The families were headed for Bowdle, South Dakota where a distant relative lived who had encouraged Johann Wagner to come. The family became somewhat discouraged when they came through Chicago a few days after the violent Pullman strike, but when the sons got further west and saw the fine lands they were satisfied there was no mistake. The family arrived in Bowdle about the 3rd or 4th of May, 1894, and were brought to the Adam Wagner farm northwest of Bowdle, where the women and children stayed a few days while the men located land to file upon, and to build a temporary home.

Johann Wagner and two sons, John I. and Gottfried, located land two miles north of Selby, Mr. Wagner buying a relinquishment as did his son, John I.

Gottfried filed on a tree claim. The families built a 12 room sod house, and a sod barn as temporary housing on the NE 1/4 of 28-124-76. Peter and

Mike went further north to locate, Peter to Eureka, and Mike to Ashley, North Dakota.

Peter did not like the northern climate so went to Oklahoma where he permanently located.

Mike located on land northeast of Ashley.

One daughter, Elizabeth and her husband were encouraged by friends to join them in going to Salem, North Dakota where they located homesteads.

When proper details were arranged the family started to put in a crop. There were a few acres broken on Johann's and John's quarters, and beside that they were able to rent 60 acres from a neighbor. The father and sons had conducted a large work shop in their homeland so were able to build some of their implements, but they bought two plows and wagons and one team of horses, one team of oxen and three cows. While bringing the oxen and cows from Bowdle, Gottfried became lost so when he finally saw a farm he stopped to inquire where he was, and found he had taken the wrong fork in the road and had wandered too far north.

Their first crop was no bumper crop but was fair and the proceeds were sufficient to buy a few more necessities. Wheat sold for about 60 to 80 cents a bushel.

In the spring of 1895 Johann Wagner started to make adobe brick for a house to be built on his quarter, the southeast of 21-124-76. The bricks were made by mixing clay and straw to a consistency that it stuck. The mud was pressed into forms and stacked in the sun for drying and aging before building. The family was fortunate in their brick making and put out enough to also build a barn. Lumber for the roof was bought in Bowdle. The roof of the barn was made from timbers from the Missouri river, and covered with sod until finances were sufficient to put a wooden roof on in 1897.

Mr. Wagner also built a house on his NW 1/4 of 28-124-76 and moved his family over and set up farming, also to build up a very nice farm.

Gottfried, George, Hanna and Julius lived with their parents several years.

The sod house that was hurriedly built served as a small shanty for Gottfried, and when he built an adobe brick house and barn in 1897 on his NE 1/4 of 28-124-76, the sod house served as a temporary residence for many immigrants. The Kubier family were the first to use the sod house as a temporary home and were followed by the Wells family and Gottfried Heier family, brothers of Mrs. Johann Wagner, and several others. The Gottfried

Heier family and the Kubier family located homesteads in the Akaska area.

In 1898 the crops were good but an early winter set in which made choring a very difficult problem at times. Haystacks were completely covered and had to be shoveled out of the snow. The supplies had to be hauled from Bowdle which was a big day's journey. Snow along sleigh roads was 4 to 5 feet high, and only room for one sled. You could not pass another only in certain places. Gottfried tells of one instance when he was bringing home some coal. He met a sleigh loaded with grain sacks. The two men did not know what to do for a minute but it was agreed to unload the wheat sacks and tip the sled off the road and let the load of coal pass, and then reload the wheat. Both went their way again not to meet for many years, neither having inquired as to the others name, but in 1916 they met on the street in Selby and recognized each other and took time to get acquainted.



In 1899 when the railroad was being extended west, the Wagner boys got work on the grading gangs with their horses which enabled them to earn a little extra money. When Selby started in 1900 the Wagner's would walk two miles to work in Selby, helping folks who had moved homes from Bangor to get settled.

Gottfried was married to Elizabeth Himrich on October 31, 1901. To this union two children were born, Emil and Olga Wagner.

George Wagner started to work out as a hired hand before he became of age, and started to work as helper in a lumber yard in Bowdle and Eureka and Selby. He was also employed by Gross of Bowdle for a time. He was married to Elizabeth Ketterling of Bowdle, to which union three sons were born. George is now living in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Julius Wagner, who came to America as a lad, enjoyed attending the neighboring country school a mile and a half east of his father's farm. He in turn would teach Gottfried, who took care of the farm. When Julius became of age he wanted a homestead and found land southwest of Akaska as did his sister Hanna, Julius locating half a mile east of the Kubier farm.

They homesteaded in about 1903. In 1908 Julius was married to Lydia Himrich, and to this union four children were born: Esther, Reinhold, Clara and Susie who all attended the Selby schools at one time. Julius moved a house in to Selby and carried mail on a rural route for a number of years, often going out in quite stormy weather to get the mail through. He took quite sick in the flu epidemic which caused the collapse of a lung and therefore could not do hard work any more. He took on a Ward company medical route in Edmunds county. He was instantly killed while crossing the railroad tracks in Selby when his car was hit by a fast train. Mrs. Lydia

Wagner lives in Selby.

Johann Wagner died in 1906 and was laid to rest in a community cemetery two miles east of his home. Mrs. Wagner and her daughter carried on farming a year, renting out some land. Hanna was married in 1907 to Matt Ellwein of Roscoe, South Dakota, after which Mrs. Johann Wagner sold the personal property and went to live with her sons. She spent most of the time with Gottfried across the road from her home. She stayed with Gottfried until his health forced him to discontinue farming. Gottfried purchased a small home in Selby but agreed to again take his mother when his new home was finished which would have modern conveniences and living quarters for her.

She died on January 2, 1912, and was laid to rest beside her husband.

In settling the Johann Wagner estate, Gottfried purchased his father's homestead to go with his farm across the road, which he still owns. Although living a retired life in Selby, he still likes to spend many days on the farm.

John I. Wagner continued to live on his farm until 1926 when he decided to retire, and moved a house into Java where he and his wife died and were buried in the Java cemetery, leaving four children: Emma (Mrs. Alex Huber) of Selby; Christine (Mrs. John Schauer) of Selby; Mary (Mrs. Ed Schock) of Aberdeen, and Richard of Selby.

Of the Wagner boys who came to this country with their father in 1894. only Michael of Ellendale, North Dakota, Gottfried of Selby; and George of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and one daughter, Hanna (Mrs. Ellwein) are still living. They have all endured pioneer hardships but have also enjoyed the blessings of good crops and prosperity, and good clean living. The Wagners' have often expressed gratitude to their father and mother for bringing them to this country, and letting them enjoy the freedom of a good government.



Colman Wagner was born in Austria-Hungary, January 18, 1868. He came to America with his parents, Michael and Theresa Wagner, and settled on a farm in Walworth county, 4 miles southwest of Selby, in 1888.

Christine Baer was born in Crimea, South Russia, September 2, 1871. She came to America with her parents, Bernhart and Katherine Baer, and settled on a farm in Walworth county, 22 miles southeast of Selby, in 1889.

Colman Wagner and Christine Baer were married February 1, 1893, and started farming on his homestead one mile south of his father's homestead. Here on this homestead their five children, Colman, Ernestine, Gazella, Wilhelmina and Arnold, were born.

The Baer church which was located about ten miles north of Hoven was started and built by Mrs. Wagner's parents and uncles.

In 1897 Colman Wagner entered into partnership with H. C. Baer in the implement and grain business in Bowdle. He went to Bowdle and back to the farm by bicycle until 1899 when he moved the family to Bowdle and back to the farm again in the same year. The Baer and Wagner partnership started an implement and grain business in Selby which Mr. Wagner managed along with his farming operations. In 1902 he moved with his family to Selby to continue in the business activities. The Baer and Wagner partnership continued in the implement and grain business until 1909 when the implement business was sold to Charles Schott and the Baer and Wagner partnership dissolved. Colman Wagner retained the grain elevator which business he continued until the elevator was set on fire by a train and burned down in 1923.


Mrs. Wagner, Mr. Wagner, Colman, Ernestine, Gazella, Arnold

(on lap). Wilhelmina.

Mr. Wagner was elected to the Selby city council in 1911 and served as councilman for 28 years until he died November 18, 1939. Mr. Wagner loved music and learned to play the violin and cornet without an instructor. He played with the Bangor and Selby bands for 46 years and always took an active part and interest in all band activities. He was considered as one of the best cornetists in this part of the country.

During the early years on the farm when Mr. Wagner was in business Mrs. Wagner often did most of the farm work, sometimes with hired men but more often alone. She did the chores, mowed and raked hay and took care of her small children.

Mrs. Wagner is the only one of the family still living at Selby at this time. The family still own the homestead farm and their home in Selby and Mrs. Wagner would rather live there than any other place.

The children, all living, are: Colman H. Wagner, county agent, Clark, South Dakota; Ernestine Miller and Gazella McIntyre of Idaho Falls, Idaho; Wilhelmina Allerdings of Los Angeles, California; and Dr. J. Arnold Wagner, a dentist at Seattle, Washington.


Selby data can be found at



In a message dated 5/29/03 9:38:57 PM, writes:

<< I have a couple corrections and additions to the Wagner webpage.

The source S-80 should be Norma Hettich, not Norma Hittich.

The daughter of John and Christina Wagner was Emma Wagner Huber, not Gertrude Emma Wagner Huber. (My mother, Norma Huber Hettich, was Emma Huber's daughter and does not recall ever having heard or seen where her mother's name was Gertrude. Emma may have had a sister named Gertrude that died as a child. My mother couldn't really remember.)

Daughters of Emma Wagner Huber were Palma Huber Klebel, Norma Huber Hettich, and Dolores Huber Hiatt.

I enjoy looking at your webpage.

Neva Welch>>


In a message dated 12/28/05 2:11:54 PM, writes:

Hey there,

I have a correction for you for the Rieb clan:

Mary Wagner, dau. of Michael and Kath., nee Loeffelbein, Wagner b. 2 Sept 1890 m.  Andrew Rieb.  Issue:

1. Gilbert Rieb

2. Sharon Rieb

3. Gladys Rieb

4. Walter Rieb

5. Albert Rieb

The correct order of this family tree from oldest to youngest is:

1. Gilbert

2. Sharon

3. Toni

4. Walter

5. Albert

6. Gladys

Colin Hendry


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ubj: wagner family tree

Date: Saturday, October 28, 2006 2:57:38 PM



I have come across your family tree doing a search on google. I have an ancestor Johan George Zacharias Wagner b 1776 (my 2nd great-grandfather) who I suspect might have been the brother of George Adam born 1760. Could you please let me know if he appears on your list or if you have any record?

Your help is much appreciated.



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