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Schweikert Family continued....

Photographs are from Anna, nee Bippus [ see Gen. 3], Kleinschmidt of Germany & Schweikert (Schweigert) family in ND, USA


[Bippus, Bibbus, Pibbus]


Johanna  Jak.Sch.

Johanna, nee Bippus   m.   Jacob Schweikert

note:  There are differences of opinion as to some of the dates of the following Bippus family.  If there is more than one date listed there will be indicated from what or whom the data gave thie dates.  They are

:^ from Kobolenz Rec.= dates given during deportation which may be inacurate since the people were marking papers using their memory....

~ from Digital Library/Pixel

+ data from Ingrid Reule of Germany

**information from Anna, nee Bippus, Kleinsmidt of Germany

Note:  There has been a number of additions and changes due to more data being avaliable .....the corrections will be marked with date in red

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Johanna Christina Bippus b. 10 March 1844 Borodino/Bess. S. Russia  d. 9 March 1879 Borodino/ Bess. S. Russia dau. of Philipp Bippus and Elisabeth Reinhardt , [correction 15 Jan 2002]] m. 22 Dec 1861 to Jacob Schwei[c]kert b. 2 March 1842 Borodino/ Bess. S. Russia, son of Johann Schweickert and Margaret Butz of Borodino Issue:

  1. Karl Schweikert b.20 Oct 1862  d. 1929 Kulm/ND, USA m. Katherina [Katrina] Henke
  2. Jakob Schweikert m. Mailmann
  3. Ludwig Schweikert b. 23 Jan 1871 Borodino d. 15 June 1950 Eureka, S. Dak. USA m. 5 Oct 1903 to Anna Draxell
  4. John [Johannes] Schweikert b. 6 Oct 1875 Borodino/Bess d. 30 Sept 1951 poss. n. Ashley, ND, USA m. 5 Oct 1903 to Louisa Draxell
  5. Jacob Schweikert b. 1 Oct 1865 Borodino/Bess d. 1865
  6. Catherine Schweikert b. June 1864 Borodino d. 1864
  7. Issac Schweikert
  8. Magdalena Schweikert b. bef. 1890

Note: Schwikerts who migrs. to USA spelled their name Schweigert, as do, now, their children

See Family In Detail Page 40 with Photographs

Also See m. (2) and details of  Jacob Schweikert' s second family

buttonGen. 2

(Gen. 2) Philipp Bippus b. 28 Aug 1803 Biaschetzna, Poland d. 10 Aug 1843 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia , son of Johannes Bippus and Christina Schneider,  m. abt 1820 to Elisabeth Reinhardt  [Reinhard] b. 3** or 5+ April 1808 Sulzfeld / Kanstatt [Canstatt], Warsaw Poland, dau. of Michael Reinhardt and Rosina [Sophia] Margaretha Werenwag [Vorwag, Vorwagen....Information updated 27 Dec 2002], [mother was illeg. dau. of Carl Jakob Hauser and Rosina Margaretha Werenwag . . [Correction 27 Dec 2002; dates are also found in records of family members who were Deported to Germany in 1940....)  Elisaberth rem. (2) . Johann G. Kubler b. 1795 d. 1872 and had two children Magdalena Kubler b. 1848 and Thomas Kubler b. 1849  Philipp Bippus is listed as being a "schmiedemeister" [master smithy, which meant he belonged to a guild] Issue by m. (1)  were:

  1. Philipp Bippus b. 26 Aug 1828 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia [Ukraine], son of Philipp Bippus and Elizabeth Reinhardt,   m. 20 Oct 1848 Kloestitz/Bess.  #1882641-2-279-25 to Christina Zeh
  2. Jakob Bippus b. 20 Oct ** or  29 Oct 1832+  Borodino, son of Philipp Bippus and Elizabeth Reinhardt, [**m. 31 May 1856]  to Elisabeth Wagner b. 2 Sept 1835 Borodino / Bess. S. Russia  Issue:
  3. Andreas Bippus b. 1 April 1837 Borodino  #1882647/3 79 143 , Bap. 5 April,  d. 1883, son of Philipp Bippus and Elizabeth Reinhardt,  ** m. 31 May 1856 to Rosina Otterstaedter b. 24 Nov 1837 Borodino, dau. of Peter Ottersaetter  [b. 15 May 1791] and Catharina Goerisch [b. 24 Aug 1808] Issue:
  4. Johann Bippus b. 21 June 1839 Borodino  [in deportation papers it is recorded that he was born 30 July 1838] , son of Philipp Bippus and Elisabeth Reinhardt, m. 24 Sept 1858 in Sarata/ Bess.  to Sibilla Schaeufele] Issue:
  5. Karl Bippus [twin] b. 17 Aug 1841 Borodino #1883193/2 229 144
  6. Karl Bippus [twin] b. 27 Aug 1841 #1882648/2 76 23 Bap. 7 Aug,  d. 20 Oct 1867, son of Philipp  [Philip] Bippus and Elisabeth  [Elysabetha] Reinhardt,  [**m. 25 Jan 1864 to Katharina Wippert or Weippert b. 1 Jan 1847]  Issue:
  7. (Gen. 1) Johanna Bippus b. 10 March 1844 Borodino d. 9 March 1879, dau. of Philipp Bippus and Elisabeth Reinhardt,  m.  Jakob Schweickert, son of Johan Schweickert and Margaretha Butz.  Issue:  See Gen. 1 for children in more detail......

Note:  Some of the information given in the deportation records may not be accurate because most of the information was given was by memory which  may or may not be accurate.....

Gen. 3

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