German-Russian myths about the supernatural, superstitions, witches, merlins, ghosts, fairies, and other phenomena.....

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The brief description of the gods below will explain the gods and the roles they would have until the end of the old world.

A LIST - Germanic [Nordic] gods, before one God became all powerful: 

Nordic Description


Second son of Odin and Frigg was Balder [Baldr].

He was the god of fertility  who must die and then be resurrected. I find it interesting  when the name Balder is translated it means "Lord"

Baldr was known for being fair and having a "radiant" looks about him.

In Asgard he was the wiest and most nobel of all the gods.

He was the "most merciful god" and it could be said was the god's Jesus in the old world.

He lived in the area of the sky [heavens] was called Breidablik where no evil could ever reach him.

Because it was known that it was Baldr's fate to be killed by their enemy, his mother, Frigg,  devoted her life to prevent Baldr from his fate. Frigg took oaths [promises they would not hill Baldr] from all plants, creatures, elements and metals. But one plant had not taken the oath. It was the mistletoe.Loki promised and then tricked Baldr's brother Hod, the blind god,  into slinging a shaft  with it's tip wrapped in mistletoe. at a "deadly shrub". The shrub was Baldr and he was pierced and died.

Baldr was carried to Hel.

Hermond went to Hel and gain the promise Baldr would be released on the condition that all creatures would cry for Baldr so he would be returned. But the evil Loki had other plans. He turned himself into a giantess and when asked to cry he refused and so Loki prevented Baldr's released from Hel..

Because Baldr did not rise from the death this marked the beginning of the end of the old world and the Tree of Life known as Yggdrasil starts to decay.

At the end of the Battle of Ragnarok, Baldr does rise from the dead man region known as Hel.  He greets the other survivors. Together Baldr and the other gods  go to the new world to rule.

Billing A god of the morning glow [sunrise].


Bragi is the god of poetry.

Some historians believe Bragi is another word for Odin.

Some believe he was Wodin, or one of his sons,  because, like Wodan, he lives in Valhalla and welcomes the dead warriors....

Known to have been very wise.  Because his eloquent poetic words created inspirations to all, he was known best for his "silver tongue" [Bragi's breath]...

For a time Bragi was married to Idun.

Delling A god of the evening glow [sunset].
Eir Eir was a goddess of the Aesir who held all knowledge of medicine which included healing plants, cures, diseases and the ability to know what was wrong with a person. She taught mortal women, who lived in the northern regions,  the arts in healing.

Eir lived on the Healing Hill, Lyfjaberg.

Sometimes she was a messenger of Mengloth who was Svipda's wife.

Forseti Forseti  "The Presiding One"was the god of justice.

His parents were Baldr and Nanna.

His hall that was decorated with gold and silver and held the throne called Glitnir where he sat when setting forth judgments, verdicts and reconciliations between enemies, gods and mortals.

Frey Frey was the brother to Freyja and the god of fertility. He was a Vanir. He held the power over the rain and sunshine. Mortals often called him "Lord of the Harvest" and pray to him for successful crops and peace.

Frey is the son of Njord, the god of the sea.

He was the high priest and presided over sacrificial rites.

The light elves home of Alfheim is where Frey lived in a "hall".

He travels in two ways. Either by chariot  or  ship. The chariot is steered by Gullinbursti, a gold-bristled boar. The bristles of the boar shed radiant light which helps guide them through their travels. The chariot was built by two dwarfs, Brokk and Eitri. The two fellows also crafted magical treasures for the gods. The ship, Skidbladnir, was large enough to carry all the gods.  When not in use it could have been dismantled and be placed in an object the size of a small box [purse].  The ship was a present from Loki.

Son of Njord

Freya See Freyja


The Asgard goddess of fertility who was first the bride of Wodan and later to all fallen warriors [heroes]. She rushed to these dead warriors in a cat-drawn chariot. She collected their soul and left the body for Wodan who took them to Vallhala.

Known as a priestess who knew sorcery and taught the secrets of how to foretell the future to the Aesir.

She offers prosperity to marriages and the community

Freyja has a reputation of being a flirt and loves poetry.

Freyja started a war in retaliation of Loki thief of her most prized possession of the Brising necklace  There is no magic linked to this jewelry, however, there is the story that Freyja bartered sexual favors to gain possession of it from the four dwarfs who created it.. 

Daughter of Njords.

Frigg Frigg is the wife of Odin and mother Baldr. Often referred to as the Queen of the Heavens [sky].  She granted help and relief to women who were in labour. Her help, also,  was given in the naming of all children.

After she suffered the lost of Baldr  Frigg became known as "the weeping goddess".

Fulla The goddess Fulla is Frigg's sister, handmaiden and messenger. Another role of Fulla is gurdaina of Frigg's jewelry box, golden shoes and secrets.

She is a virgin with long hair worn loose with a golden crown that was a simple band given to her by Nanna and Baldr.  

Her weakness was her passion for gold. She created a dwarf to steal gold then forge it into a necklace.

Gefjon The stories about Gefjon are mixed. They are:

(1) The goddess Gefjon lived in the goddess Frigg's palace.

(2) A  goddess, a virgin maiden, who 's servants were all the women who had died before marriage.

(3) A goddess of fertility who is not connected to Vanir.

(4) A sea goddess  who gave birth to four sons by a giant. Gefjon turned her four sons into oxen and harnessed them to plows that were so huge they gouged out a large piece of land from which created Lake Malaren in Sweden. This piece of land was drug and left in the  sea and is, now, part of Denmark known as Zealand.

Gna Gna was a goddess who was an emissary to the goddess Frigg.

Gna could soar swiftly through the sky on her horse Hofvarpnir [Hoof Thrower].  It is a debate as to who was faster, Gna or Iris.

While delivering Frigg's messages she was to keep her eyes open and report back to Frigg all things she saw during her flights.

As a messenger she went to Hunaland where a King Rerir ruled. The King's wife was barren.  During a flight she dropped a golden apple from the sky and the golden apple landed on King Rerir's lap.  The wife was given the fruit and she was no longer barren

Heimdall Heimdall's fate was to die by the hand of Fenris, the wolf in the Battle of Ragnarok. Before his death his role in the old world was the guardian of Bifrost. In order for Heimdall to be successful he was bestowed a keen sense of awareness in both hearing and sight. So keen was these senses it was said he could hear a blade of grass breaking through the earth as it sprouted and hear the wool of the sheep growing longer.  This meant he had no difficulty in hearing the Frost Giants approaching the Asgard bridge from his Himinbjorg Palace.  Heimdall didn't need sleep and when needed he raced his mare, Gull-top / Goldtuft [Golden Mane] toward the bridge to protect Asgard from the frost giants....

He was often referred to as the "light god" or the "god of the dawn".... The early light made his gold teeth reflect the sun.  One of his nicknames, "Gullintani", refer to his gold teeth. His complete name was "Heimdellinger-Herald" [ruler = god of the day]

On the last day of the old world [doomsday], it was Heimdall's duty to blow on his horn, Gjoll, a sound that was heard everywhere.  This was a signal for all to assemble for the Battle of Ragnarok.

Hermod A god of the Aesir race who was the son of Odin.

It was Hermond was sent on the back of Odin's gray steed Sleipnir to Hel, the land of the dead, to bargain for the life of Baldr.  The odyssey took Hermond nine dark nights. He crossed the river of Gjoll, where dead men walked, and the echoing bridge of Gjallarbru, which was made of ice and laced with gold.  Hermond survived and returned from Hel with a proposition.

Hermond fought Loki last battle, known as Ragnarok, in the old world. Neither survived each other's blows. And they die in each other's blood.

Hlin Hlin was the goddess who's role was to console and give relief to those who mourned.

Hlin hears all prayers and informs Frigg what should be known about the mortal who is praying.  If asked, she gave Frigg advice on what relief might be sent.

Because she hears all prayers she was often sent an an emissary to mortals who were in danger.

Hod Hod, the blind god, who was Baldr's brother, was tricked by Loki  into slinging a shaft , which had attached to it misleltoe, at a "deadly shrub".  The shrub was not a shrub but his brother Baldr who was pierced and died.
Hoenir Hoenir who was the most timid of the gods of Aesir.

During the war between the Aesir and the Vanir, a truce was established.  It was the custom to exchange two hostage of importance who were equal to the enemies two hostages to be exchanged.  The Aesir gave the Vanir Hoenir and Mimir. The Vanir gave Njor and Freyr.  The Vanir felt cheated since Hoenir divulge nothing at counsel. Even though the Vanir cut off Mimir's head and sent it back to the Aesir as a warning to Hoenir and to show the Aesir their anger.  Hoenir, who was tall and handsome god, remained silence and showed no sign of fear or weakness.

Hoenir became the "giver of intelligence" and his role was so important that he did not die at Ragnarok and ruled later in the new world.

He was the "brighter " [more intelligent] god.

Idun In Asgard the goddess Idun was the protector of the golden apples in a treasure box made of Ash-wood. The golden apples provided the gods their eternal youth until the coming of Ragnarok.

It was Loki who helped a giant,  known as Thjaz, steal the apples and kidnapped Idun.For the first time he gods felt what it was like to grow old. Idun and the apples were returned to Asgard and the god regained their youth.

Idun married Bragi.

Ivalde The god who protected ___from the Rumtusarerna.

His son was called Valand who limped.

Lofn The Aesir goddess Lofn granted consent for mortals who wanted to marry and if she gave her permission the "bans" could be announced and not barriers could be made to stop a marriage
Loki Loki was responsible for the death of Balder [Baldr]

Loki's gender is not known since Loki was a shape-shifter. As a god he had three offsprings by a giantess known as Angrboda . Their children were Fenrir the wolf, Midgard the serpent Jormungand and Hel who ruled over the realm of the dead. As a goddess she conceived children, animals and supernatural creatures.

Loki is more than a light hearted tricksters who causes mischief.  He is Asgard's devil who causes Baldr's death and plots the destruction of the world.

Loki made friends with Odin. They  became blood-brothers.  But Loki is not interested in friendship but only interested in using Odin to gain entry into the heavenly region of Asgard. This "Forger of Evil" fools many god not just Odin.  There is nothing anyone can do, not even Loki, who's fate is the fate of all the god and the old world. So, the drama headed toward the Battle of Ragnarok and the death of the old world.

Loki takes the body of Baldr to Hel.

Loki was punished for having plotted the death of Baldr and was chained in the bowels of the earth which was lower than the great serpent who's venom dripped down upon Loki's face.  Sigyn, Loki's wife, protects Loki from the serpents venom by using a bowl. And when she leaves to empty the bowl, the venom strikes Loki's face and this caused Loki to go into spasms. This in turn causesd the earth to quake. Finally Loki escapes his chains and arrives in time to fight at Ragnarok. Loki's final battle was against  Heimdall. They kill each other but not before Loki realised he had helped destroy the old world.

Loki was the child of a giant.

Odin Father of the gods, therefore, he was the supreme deity of the race of gods known as Aesir.

Odin had but one eye, he had pawned the other for a drink from the Spring of Mimin where he drank in his supreme wisdom.

He gained knowledge of the runes and learned to master the ancients white and black magic which allowed him to bring the dead back to life. 

Was often seen at battles clothed in a cloak as he was the god of death. He is not only seen on the battle fiends but appeared as a traveller. Sometimes he as seen wandering and was described as having a long grey beard with a broad hat and a staff.  There were times he appeared hooded and mysterious.

He was a changeling and took the form of an eagle who sat upon the high branches of the Yggdrasil tree, his throne,  from which he could view the world.

He was wedded to Frigg.

Guardian of the magical treasures which were used in battle.  To mention a few were the magical spear, Gungnir, which was crafted by the Dwarfs and always slayed his enemy and the golden ring Draupnir which had, also, been crafted by dwarfs. Every ninth evening, eight identical rings were dropped.... Last but not least was the magical, eight-legged and grey steed Sleipnir who could carry Odin on land and sea.

When Odin needed help in his vision of the world he sent his ravens, Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Memory).  It was the ravens who found the heroes of combat then flew to set on Odin's shoulders to tell him who these heroes and where they could be found. Odin would ride Sleipnir to collect and carry bodies of the dead war heroes to Odin's hall in Valhalla where he would give them feast and there the heroes would wait and ready themselves for the final battle at Ragnarok.

Odin died at Ragnarok in the jaws of Fenrir the wolf.

Mengloth Wife of Svipdag
Saga An  Aesir  goddess who's fate was to record all worldly occurrences. She lived in a large "hall" in Asgard known as Sokkvabek.  She is not a sky god for her place is underneath a babbling river.  The walls have rippleing waterfall of intoxicating waters [mead, beer]. With golden cups Saga and Odin drink the intoxicating waters every day.

Saga was Wodan's bride. 

Sif Siv Wife of Thor; name when translated means "love"

Sif lived in the greatest of all td houses called Bilskimir in the land of Trudwang.

Their sons were Magne and Mode.

Sjofn An Aesir goddess of matchmaking who's role it was to make sure the mortals fell in love with passion in their hearts and minds.
Snotra Snotra was the goddess of a woman's virtue and self-discipline. Said to be wise , composed and prudent.
Thor Donar Thor was the most powerful of all the sons of Odin in Asgard.

The god of war.

Thor ruled the region known as Prudvangar, which held the "Paddock of Power". It was from his Bilshirni Castle Thor created thunder and lightning.

This fiery red hair and bearded god had a hot temper and could conjure wind, rain, storms for which he seemed to have an immense appetite.

The powerful treasures for Thor is most known were:

(1) Mjollnir, Thor's hammer, which reacted like a boomerang when flung by Thor at giants, trolls, Midgard serpent and other enemies. Mortals heard these  skirmishes as thunderbolts.

(2) Iron -clad gloves.

(3) His magic girdle [belt] replenished his divine strength.

His wagon is pulled through space by two goatsknown as Tandgniostr and Tandgrisner.

Tyr Wodan Tiu


See Wodan

Ull A Aesir god of winter and archery. His mother was Sif who later married Thor.  He dwelled in a place called Ydalir. He was an excellent archer with his longbow which was madefom the Yew tree. He was, also, an excellent skier who's used special snowshoes made of bone.

Ull became the "God of the Shield" for he used shields on his boat to protect "the ships of Ull" which could, at his own whim,  magically change from sea vessel to a land vehicle.

His connection with Vanir has been lost .... accept for the knowledge it existed

For a short period of time he was married to Skadi....

He was admired for his beauty.

Vali Son of Odin and giantess Rid.  He was a god who was bold on the battlefield and an excellent marksman. His throne was in his Valaskialf Palace in Gladsheim.

Vali's birth was foretold because it was his fate to seek revenge upon Hod who had killed Vali's half brother Baldr.  It was also foretold that on his day of birth he would reach his full stature.

Vali would not wash or comb his hair until Hod was burned on the pyre.

It was, also, said that Vali would never by harmed by sea nor by Surt's fire.

Vani Goddess who was called the Mother of the Earth
Var Var was a goddess who's fate it was to listen to the "varar", which were sacred vows made by mortals [men and women] in love.  It was Var who sought vengeance upon those mortals who dare break their vows of love.
Ve Odin's brother
Vidar A son of Odin and the giantess Grid, who was the "Silent God".

Vidar lived alone in palace was called Idavoll which was in the heart of the dense forest in Asgard. It was an enchanted place with lush flowering gardens, greenery shaded by great pillars which were trees.

Vidar tried to save his father's, Odin's, life at Ragnarok.

It is his fate to be the one who kills the wolf Fenris. This would be accomplished because his strength was almost as powerful as Thor's and because he wore a special shoe.  This shoe was made strips of leather donated by many. The cobblers of Aesir created a special toe and heel to protect Vidar's foot.  When the time came, Vaidar placed his foot in the mouth of Fenris the wolf's mouth and with his hands took hold the upper jaw and pulled ... Death of Fenris the wolf came quickly.

Not all the gods are to die at the end of the old world. Vidar will survive and reign in the new world after the fires of Ragnarok have burned themselves out.


Vile Odin's brother
Vor Var is the goddess who has great wisdom and is a seeker of all truths which never eludes her for she sees all that occurs in the world.  

Goddess of self-discipline and faith.





Often confused with Odin.

Wodan was once the all-father-god of all gods but lost his position to Odin.

Wodan became the Warrior god who lived in Valhalla. Wodan sent his messengers, the Valkyries, to bring back the ones he had chosen to die in battle. Valhalla is a warrior's paradise. All warriors who are brought here are to be helpers of Wodan in the last battle before all [gods, earth and paradise] perish and the new gods will be victorious;

In the Battle of Ragnarock he fought Hel and Garm . No one walked away because they killed each other.

Note: The tribe of Semnoii did not accept Odin as the new sky-god and continued to believe in Tyr as the sky-god who was not war-like but determined the victor of a battle, and, a god who administered justice

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