German-Russian myths about the supernatural, superstitions, witches, merlins, ghosts, fairies, and other phenomena.....

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While the Catholics spread their religious words in Europe from 600 - 1500, so did the Jews.

937  Another invasion from the east by the Magyars reached as far north as Bremen, westward into Orleans which was part of Gaul and then southward but not as far as the Mediterrean....

973-983 The Germanic people under  Otto II  (954-983), Saxon King, would revived the Roman Empire of the West and called it the Holy Roman Empire.

This emblem of the double headed eagle of the Holy Roman Empire  is found over the front entry way of the Cathedral in Spyer, Palatinate-Rhineland built in memory of Martin Luther who,  [I think this a little ironic],  was one of the leaders of the Protesters [Protestants] who pulled away from the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church.

double headed eagle Remmick-Hubert Collection, 1991.

Depopulation had occurred during the Magyar invasion.

Meanwhile, the Scandinavians continued to go "a viking" and were settling part of Britain, northern Europe and went into Russia and as far as Byzantine Empire.  The new influx of the Scandinavians re-established some of the Nordic gods.  Remember the Vikings had not been converted to Christianity, yet.  

The struggle of the Catholic church was never ending. 

From the southern  part of Scandinavia, across most of Europe [only the eastern half Spain], to the edge of what we known, now, as Russia, was taken under the Catholic Church.  Eastern part of Spain and the northern parts of Norway and Sweden continued to be heathens as did the Russians...

The tribe of the Franks in area known, now, as France, were the first to recover from the various invasions of the barbaric tribes, including the Magyars in the 10th century [abt 962]...

Franks Map

962 - Remember the Merovingians?  They had gained real power under the Frankish King Clovis of the Merovingian Dynasty back in 481-511.  From the Frankish lineage rose the Carolongian Dynasty and rising to power ... The Carolingian King Hugh Capet ruled in 962 the Kingdom of France and started his own House of Capet....  It was his descendant Philip III who's interventions of the Catholic Church caused the Pope to change his residence from Rome to Avignon France.  Philip III persecuted all who were not Catholic and some who were like the Knights of Templars, Italian bankers... 

1016-1030 The Norwegian King Olaff II Haraldson brought Christianity harshly and quickly to his kingdom.





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