Last Update: 4 March 2010

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Stuffing #1

Duck and Goose Drippings [Fat]


Fowl stuffing:


For a 4 to six pound bird   mix about a quart of dried bread crumbs with 1/4 cup of meltet butter and 34 to one cup of water.   For moist stuffing add more water.   For apple stuffing add a cup of chopped apples to the stuffing.   Good tart ones work best.   For Giblet stuffing, add a cup of cooked and chopped giblets.


For a ten to twelve pound bird,  just double the above recipe.

Recipe from Menno, SD



You might add a note under the roasting duck or goose, to save the grease from roasting the duck or goose and strain through a sieve while still hot.  Save this goose or duck fat to use when baking bread or buns, etc..   Nothing makes a finer lighter baked product than duck or goose fat.