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Day of Creation of This Site: 21 Feb 2007



I am Judy A. Remmick-Hubert,  an American-German-Russian, who lives to eat, and, who is creating a new web site for GR [German-Russian] House Recipes.  

I did have a free forum but the host accidentally deleted the site,  so,  I am making a new site with a different format of which I have full control and have eliminated all the problems of hackers which we had on the free forum.

If you'd like to know more about my genealogy,  both my paternal and maternal ancestor were Germans who migrated to Russia in the late 1700s and early 1800s into Russia.  For more details see the following web sites:


Ed and Mary

Left:  Judy and her father Edwin Remmick

Right: Judy's granparents - Edward and Mary, nee Hoffer, Remick about 1945

Ludwig and Christina Hein's Pic.-1903

Left: Judy A. Remmick Hubert, in red, with her mother, Lillian, nee Hein, Remmick..

Right: Judy's granparents - Christina, nee Schweickert, and Ludwig Hein in 1904

I am, also the village coordinator for GRHS and AHSGR for the German-Russian Colony of Borodino / Bessarabia S. Russia [Ukriane]  founded in 1814.  My following web sites are:


My mother and my mother's mother, Christina, nee Schweickert, Hein are two of the best cooks I've ever known, accept for some of the professional chiefs, who's food I've been delighted to taste throughout the world.  You can find my mother's recipes and stories at this site, Montana Memories:

TWTD sym

Those Were The Days by Lillian Hein Remmick: :

Lillian, nee, Hein, Remmick's Web Site

Knowing that there were and are other great German-Russian cooks who are still cooking and/ or have handed down their recipes,  I thought this site could be the central for collecting these recipes or providing links to other sites.

Thanks for being interesting.

My husband Garry Hubert, who supports this web site, and I,

 Judy A. Remmick-Hubert,

at a tail gate party before

the [UC Berkeley] Cal Bears beat Standford in football.

If you'd like to add your own recipes, photographs , stories, or make corrections,

 please contact me