UPDATED:  10 Oct 2007

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Split Pea Soup


Lillians 3 Day Split Pea Soup



Lillian's Three Day  Spilt Pea Soup with Ham


1 cup dried split [green]  peas which has been rinsed in cold water and the bad peas removed

1/2  cup died white navy beans

4 meaty ham hocks or ham on a bone with some meat attached

4 quarts of water or more as needed

1 medium yellow onion, peeled and chopped fine or course

1 medium carrot, scraped not peeled, chopped fine or course

1 medium potato diced

pepper to taste

1 tbs dried garlic chips

2 to 3 cans of chicken  broth is optional

one large kettle

Step One

1. Wash the dried navy beans and pick out the bad beans [damaged,   darken in areas....]

2. Drain and place beans into a glass bowl and cover with cold water.  Add water if needed.

3.Let the beans soak over night and it will make them tender

Step Two

Beans in a glass bowl, cover with water and soak.

Step Three

5. While the beans are soaking start the ham in a large kettle.  Add enough water to cover the bone and  meat.

6.  Cook over  a  low heat.

7. Add water or  chicken  brother as needed 

8.  Continue to cook until the meat falls away from the bone. 

Step Four


Cook until the meat falls away from the bone.

9.  Shut off the heat and let the broth and meat cool

Step Five
Place soup  in refrigerator overnight.
Step Six

10.   In the morning take the soup out of the refrigerator.

11. You will see a layer of lard/  fat cover the surface.

Step Seven

12. Take a soup and skim the lard/ fat off the  top of the soup.  You  sill  see the jellied mixture under it.

13.  Remove everything from the cold broth. Take care to find all the bones.

14.  Break up the meat.

15.   Place the kettle with the broth on low heat.

16. Place back into the broth and kettle the meat

17.  Add a can of chicken broth or  a  cup of water.

Step Eight

18.  Peel and  dice a potato and place it in the kettle

Step Nine

19.  Clean a carrot,  scrape it,  do not peel away all the skin  or you'll lose all the vitamins and place into kettle

Step Ten

20.  Add the yellow onion, which you've diced to the kettle

Step Eleven

21.  Add the split green peas

Step Twelve

Add chicken broth as needed

22.  Continue to simmer [cook] the mixture until the beans are mushy and the vegetables are blending and the texture is to your desire.

23.  Add more chicken broth as needed and continue to simmer for atleast four hours

24.  Remove from fire.   Let cool and place it in the refrigerator over night.


25.  About 3 hours before you are ready to eat,  take the soup out of the refrigerator,  place it in  a kettle, or, a slow cooker with about 1/2 cup warm or hot water.  Heat the soup on lowest  heat.   Be very careful it doesn't burn on the bottom when it's in such a cold solid state.   Stir constantly.  Then simmer. 

26. Serve.  

27.Add  a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

28.  Serve with hot french buttered bread or crackers..

Recipe# 2

Split Pea Soup

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