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lionGen 7

Count Daniel Nathaniel _____ [von Hein]

Daniel Nathaniel _________ [von Hein]
  • b. bef. 1745
  • m.  poss  Summer 1764/5  on Monrepos Schloss Island n. Ludwigsburg Castle, Wu. to

Fredericka  von Hohenzollern [errosinsly known as Countess of Hohenzollern],

Monrepos Palace is a walking distance from Ludwigsburg Castle and was a summer place that was cooler by the lake behind the Palace.  It became known for it's weddings on the island,  which is behind this palace, and, today, is still a place where the young people like have their wedding photographs taken in front of the palace near the statue of the lion.

See Map #121 Ludwigsburg Casle, Ba.-Wu.

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