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Last Updated:  2 Sept 2004

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The von Hohenzollern Family Letters

In a message dated 8/8/04 1:38:32 AM, Sumarwind@cs.com writes:


Thank you for the reply, it is not that often that people do reply anymore.

Our blood lines have crossed paths many times I am sure, and here is he first example that I know of.  My name is Deike / Dicke /  Dyck /.

The bloodline Dicke is Henry the Lion, Barbarossa is our bloodline thru Judith of Bavaria, the Zollern were Counts to the Dicke bloodline.  I do not know exactly when someone decided to drop out of the royalty structure and change the spelling to Deike.  This I do know, Walter Deike could not have been one of the richest men in Munich and a member of " GesselschaftThule Von Hohenzollern" without being connected to the Hohenzollern.  This was probably no later than 1935, the last year the Hohenzollern Flag flew alongside the Nazi flag. To finance that military operation was Hugh, and the names of those financiers was known to most at the time.

In 1919 there was a young Walter Deike (25) who was murdered by the enemy of the Hohenzollern, the Munich City Council.  There was another family member killed with young Walter, his name was Prince Gustav Von Thurn & Taxis.

The code word for the German invasion of Russia was also a family name, the code word was operation Barbarossa,  your family and mine.

We would also connect thru Saxe Coburg Gotha and probably the House of Hanover.  You see, our bloodline is sitting on the throne of Belgium.

I know there are more recent connections than what I have mentioned, but I thank you anyway for your reply, If you have any questions please let

me know.

We suspect our name had been changed to Deike because Deike has no

meaning.  Our original name Dicke means thick, large, fat. Karl der Dicke,

also know as Charles the Fat. If you recognize the name Dicke, you will

also know we are the Dukes of Mecklenburg Von Schwerin, Saxony, Bavaria

(Wittelsbach), Von Waldburg, Luxembourg, Wettin, Brabant, Lorrain, Thurn

& Taxis and more.

We have our DNA every where.  There is no way to believe that Hohenzollern

and Dicke did not marry many, many times.  After all, the Hohenzollern were

Burgrave to the Dicke at Nuremburg.  All I am looking for is a post 1900 paper

trail of Dicke/Deike Hohenzollern in Germany. I think there were Deikes running

some Hohenzollern military outposts, almost like today's outsourcing, but I

think they were doing it for the Hapsburgs.  I have had an interesting conversation

with a Von Hapsburg who lives in this area, and I do believe Deike/Dicke,

Hapsburg, Hohenzollern had some interesting connections.

Again, thanks for the reply,

G. Deike / Dicke /Dyck / Dyke