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Hohenzollern Ancestors with only their children listed. See each individual's page for more details on descendants of each ancestors family and their families....  

(There are various spellings of names such as John could be  Johan, Johann, Hans, Jon....)

Burchard I, Count von Zollern (d. 1061)

Frederick I, Count von Zollern (d. 1115) m.. Udilhild von Urach (d. ca. 1134)

Frederick II, Count von Zollern (d. 1145)

Frederick III, Count von Zollern & Frederick I, Burgrave of Nuremberg [Nuernberg] (d. ca. 1200) m. Sofie von Raabs, heiress of Konrad von Raabe, the old Burgrave of Nuremberg

Conrad I von Zollern, Burgrave of Nuremberg (d. ca. 1260)

Frederick III von Zollern, Burgrave of Nuremberg and Margrave von Bayreuth and Kulmbach (d.1297) (1) Elisabeth von Andechs-Meranien, dau. of Otto I, Duke of Meranien, Margrave of Istria, Graf Pfalz in Burgundy; m. (2) Helene of Saxony (d. 1309 bur. Nuremberg)

Friedrich IV von Zollern, Burgrave of Nuremberg (d. 1332/33, bur Heilsbronn) m. Margarete von Goerz (d. 1348, bur Birkenfeld)  

John II  von Zollern (d. 1357) m. Elisabeth von Henneberg

1357 Frederick V von  Zollern (b. 1333 d. 1398) & Royal Prince Frederick  m. Udilhild von Dillingen (d. after 1289 and bur. Stetten; was a nun at time of death)

1397 Frederick VI von Zollern of Burgrave of Nuremburg & Frederick I Hohenzollern of  Brandenburg (b. 1371 d. 1440) m. 1401 to  Elisabeth of Bavaria-Landshut (b. 1383 d. 1442)

1470-1486 Albert III von Hohenzollern"Achilles" of Ansbach and Bayreuth, Elector of Brandenburg (b. 29 Nov 1414 d. 11 March 1486 Frankfurt on the Main, bur Heilsbronn m. (1)  12 Nov 1446 in Ansbach / Pforzheim to Margaret of Bathing (b. ca 1431 d. 24 Oct 1457); m. (2)  24 Oct 1457 to Anna of Saxony (b. 7 March 1437 d. 31 Oct 1512)

1486-1499 John Cicero von  Hohenzollern, Elector of Brandenburg  (b. 2 Aug 1455 Ansbach d. 9 Jan 1499 Schloss Arneburg, bur Berlin Cathedral) m. 25 Aug 1476 Berlin to Margarete of Saxony (b. 1449 d. 13 July 1501), dau. of George of Saxony (Albertine Branch) who was the brother of Henry "the Pious"

1499-1535 Joachim I "Nestor" von Hohenzollern, Elector of Brandenburg (b. 21 Feb 1484  d. 11 July 1535 Berlin, bur Lehnin Monastery  m. 10 April 1502 Elizabeth of Denmark, dau. of John I, King of Denmark (b. 24 June 1485 d. 10 June 1555)

1535-1571 Joachin II  "Hector" von Hohenzollern, Elector of Brandenburg (b. 9 Jan 1505 d. 3 Jan 1571 Schloss Koepenick, bur Berlin Cathedral) m. (1) 6 Nov 1636 Dresden to Magdalene of Saxony, dau. of George, Duke of Saxony; m. (2) 1 Sept 1535 Cracow [Kracow], Poland to Hedwig of Poland, dau. of Sigismund I, King of Poland




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