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Hohenzollern Ancestors with only their children listed. See each individual's page for more details on descendants of each ancestors family and their families continued....

1571-1598 John George "Oeconomus" von Hohenzollern, Elector of Brandenburg (b. 11 Sept 1525  d. 18 Jan 1598 Berlin, bur Berlin Cathedral) , son of Joachin II  "Hector" von Hohenzollern, Elector of Brandenburg  m. (1) 15 Feb 1545 Kuestrin to Sofia of Liegnitz (Legnica) (b. 1525 d. 6 Feb 1546 Berlin, dau. of Fredrick, Duke of Liegnitz (Legnica); m. (2) 12 Feb 1540 Ansbach to Sabina, (b. 12 May 1529 d. 2 Nov 1575), dau. of George,  Margrave of Ansbach; m. (3) 6 Oct 1577 in Letzlingen to Princess Elizabeth of Anhalt-Zerbst (b. 5 Sept 1563 Zerbst d. 5 Oct 1607 Crossen, bur Berlin Catheral, dau. of Joachim, Prince of Anhalt

1598-1608 Joachim Frederick von Hohenzollern, Elector of Brandenburg and Archbishop of Magdeburg  (b. 27 Jan 1546  d. 1608 n. Koepenick, bur Berlin Cathedral) . (1) 1570 Kuestrin to Katharine von  Hohenzolern of Brandenburg-Kruestrin (b. 1549 d. 1602), dau. of John I  von Hohenzollern, Margrave of Kruestrin [Kustrin] and Katherine of Brunwick (Braunschweig) and Wolfenbuettel; m. (2) 1603 Berlin to Elenore of Prussia (b. 1583 d. 1607), dau. of Albrecht Fred., Duke of Prussia

1608-1620 John Sigismund von Hohenzollern, Elector of Brandenburg (b. 8 Nov 1572 Halle on the Salle  d. 23 Dec 1619, bur Berlin Cathedral) m. 30 Oct 1594 Koenigsbuerg to Anna of Prussia (b.3 July 1576 d. 9 April 1625), dau. of Albrecht Fred, Duke of Prussia

1619-1640 George William von Hohenzollern, Elector of Brandenburg (b.  3 Nov 1595 Berlin  d. 26 April 1640 Koenigsberg, bur Koenigsberg Cathedral) m.  24 July 1616 Heidelberg to Elizabeth Charlotte von Wittelsbach, Royal House of Bavaria & Pfalz [Palatinate] (b. 19 Nov 1597 d. 26 April 1660) dau. of Friederk IV von Wittelsbach, Elector of Palatinate and Bavaria; Elizabeth was sister to King Frederick V "The Winter King", who became King of Bohemia [see history of Czechoslovkia] and Elector of Pfalz [Palatinate of the Rhine] in 1610 and the Bohemian King's wife was Princess Elizabeth of England, dau. of King James I of England [King James IV of Scotland], son of Mary, Queen of the Scots

1640 Frederick William von Hohenzollern, the [der] "Great  [Grosse] Elector", Elector of Brandenburg &  Duke of .Prussia (b. 16 Feb 1620 Koeln on the Spree d. 29 April 1688 in the Castle [Schloss] in Potsdam,  n. Berlin, Prussia, bur. Berlin Cathedral) m. (1) 7 Dec Hague to 1646 to Louise Henrietta of Orange-Nassau (b. 1627 d. 1667) dau of Frederich Henry, Prince of Orange.; m. (2) to Dorothea  of Holstein-Glueksberg (b. 1636 d. 1689) dau. of Philip, Duke of Holstein-Glueksberg.

1688 Frederick III von Hohenzollern,  Elector of Brandenburg & Frederick I,  King "in" Prussia .(b. 11 July 1657 Koenigsberg d. 25 Feb 1713  d. 25 Feb 1713 Berlin) m. (1)  23 Aug 1679 Potsdam to Elizabeth Henrietta of Hesse-Kassel (b. 8 Nov 1661 Kassel  d. 27 June 1683 Berlin, dau. of William VI Lgv. of Hesse-Cassel and Hedwig Sophia von Hohenzollern, who was  the dau. of George William, El. of Brandenberg 1619; m. (2) 8 Oct 1684 Herrenhausen to Sophia Charlotte (b. 10 Oct 1668 Schloss Iburg d. 1 Feb 1705 Hannover) dau. of Ernest Aug., El. of Hanover; m. (3)  1708 Berlin to Sophia Louisa of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (b. 1685 Grabow d. 1735 Schwerin)

1713  Frederick William I von Hohenzollern, King of Prussia  (b. 14 or 15 Aug 1688 Berlin  d. 31 May  1757, bur Potsdam, n. Berlin, Prussia)  m. 28 Nov 1706 Berlin to Sophia Dorothea, dau. of George I, King of Gr. Britain

1786 Frederick William II von Hohenzollern, King of Prussia (b.  25 Sept 1744 Berlin  d. 16 Nov 1797  Marmor Palace [Marmorpalais] at Potsdam n. Berlin) m.  (1) 14 July 1765 Charlottenburg to Elizabeth of Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel (b. 8 Nov 1746 Wolfenbuettel  d. 18 Feb 1840 Stettin ) , dau. of Frederick Albrecht II, Duke of Brunswick - Wolfenbuettel ; m. (2) 14 July 1767 to  Frederica of Hesse - Darmstadt  (b. 16 Oct 1751 Prenzlau  d. 25 Feb 1805 Berlin) dau. of Louis IX Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt

1797 Frederick William III von Hohenzollern, King of Prussia  "Prince of Orange"(b. 1770  d. 1840)

1861 William I von Hohenzollern, King of Prussia  &  Emperor of Germany in 1871  (b. 1797 d. ...............1888)

1888 Frederick III von Hohenzollern, King of Prussia and Emperor of Germany (b. 1831-1888)

1888-1918 William II von Hohenzollern, King of Prussia and Emperor of Germany  (b. 1859  d. 1941)

**Rights to throne were renounced in 1933 by William Hohenzollern, the son of Crown Prince William and grandson of William II

Added Information of von Hohenzollern and Families

Anna Amelia Hohenzollern

Burhcard I von Hohenzollern

Frederick II who became Frederick III von Hohenzollern

Frederick II "The Great"

Frederick William I


Count [Baron] Frederick von der Trenck of Prussia

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Countess Fredericka, nee Hohenzollern, von Hahn-Hein Family

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