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Grounds Map

near Hechingen / Tuebingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

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Hohenzollern, Burg  [Castle/ Fortress]  Potographs, A List of: 

Map of the Grounds of the Hohenzollern Fortress and Castle Area - 1991

grounds map


A. = Alter Thor = Old [Watch] Tower through which a person passses through twice on two different levels

B.= Takes about a half hour to walk up the roadway to the walkway at the top of the fortress wall

X = Wilhelms Thurn= Williams [Watch] Tower

C. = Niederes Vorwerk = Part of the Lower Fort

D. = Rampenthurn mit gewoebter u darueber undbechter Arlfahrt


[Walkway on top of the Walls of Fortress]

E. = Schnarrwacht - Bastrei = Sentrie's Bastion

F.= Neue Bastel = New Bastion

G. = Fuchsloch-Bastei = Foxhole Bastion

H. = der Spitz u. Bischofshurn = The Point

I. = Scharfeck - Bastrei u.. Markgrafenthurn = Corner Bastion

J. = Terrace [Castle] Garden

K. = Michaels-Thurn = Michael's [Watch] Tower

L. = Garten-Bastei = Garden's Bastion

M. = Michaels-Bastei = St. Michael's Church  Bastion with Crown Prince Graveyard


1. Schuofa = Ancestral Hall

2. Count's Hall

3. Library

4. Margrave's Room

5. Picture Cabinets

6. Queen's Room (Blue Drawing Room)

7. Katholische Capelle = Catholic Chapel = St. Michael Chapel

8. Evangelische Capelle = Envangel Lutheran Chapel [Christ Chapel]

9. Wehrhaus = Restaurant

10. Coutyard

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