Hohenzollern Castle Photo #1

Last Updated:  12 Nov 2004

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Castle On High

Ill. #1 Hohenzollern Castle, near Tuebingen, Ba.-Wu. - 1991

When Garry saw this hill with it's castle,  he voiced, "Oh no, not another castle!". I told him that it was one of my ancestral castles of the royal Prussian family of Hohenzollern then added we were not stopping to see it. He was curious to know why we were not stopping.  I told him  that one of the tourist books I had read before going on this trip had a note that there had been a fire [caused by two earthquake] at the Castle of Hohenzollern and they were no longer having tours and no one was sure if restoration was going to take place....  Garry announced we were going to go see what we could of the ruins so I could take some photographs for my family history book.  I said, I would like to take a few photographs if he didn't mind stopping at another castle.  So, we were  soon headed toward the castle which was once a castle/ fortress  for a family who collected the tolls from those who passed through this valley since the 11 c..

When we reached the castle parking lot, it had a few cars and a stand where tickets were sold, in fact, there was one last tour of the day in German Only.  Garry quickly bought the tickets and we were on our way up through the first portal and gates...  Took about a half hour.... We managed to get to the last tour just in time and we went through the front door of the residence......  The castle had been renovated....  The following photographs shown not only the exterior, also, some of the interior because the guide was very nice and allowed me to take photographs......  I would have liked to have taken more but I was delaying the others so I followed the others while trying to soak in everything around me.

Although my ancestral roots belong in this castle, my branch left twhen they  became the Burggrave [Burgraves] of Nuremberg, the Electors of Brandenburg, and, later became Kings "in" Prussia..... My family branch is through the sister of Frederick II, "the Great", Princess Amelia, , who's daughter Fredericka married a Count Hahn-Hein near Ludwigsburg.... Fredericka is, therefore,  a direct descendant of Burchard I, the first known owner of the Hohenzollern Castle.

See the history and a map of Burg Hohezollern

Within the walls are collections of mementoes of our family and the history of Germany.  

I hope you enjoy the  other photographs. of Burg Hohenzollern which Garry and I took in 1991.