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Last Updated: 27 July 2002

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Life Story of M.P. Hubert



Garry J. D. Hubert


M. P. Hubert

Mathew Philip Hubert was born on Dec 1, 1916 in Chicago, Ill. He was the second of four children born to Josepfine and Mathias Hubert. Catherine Hicks, Theresa Pack and Josephine Holden, Phil's sisters, still live in Louisiana where the family moved from Chicago in 1923.

Phil and his sisters grew-up on a small farm in Bush, Louisiana.  His father was a barber and his mother and Uncle Nick worked the family farm.  


Matthias G. Hubert's Family

Seated: Josephine, nee Hummel, Hubert, "Doll" Hubert (Holden), Matthias Hubert

Standing" Theresa Hubert, Catherine, nee Hubert, Hicks, Nick Hummel [brother to Josephine], Charles Hicks and Mathew [Matthias] P. Hubert

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Phil graduated from high school in 1934.  At that time he had two interests:  to be a Mississippi riverboat captain or join the U.S. Navy. A captain from the Mississippi was ready to sponsor and tutor Phil, but he wanted to give the Navy one more week to act on his application, which it finally did.  .Phil enlisted on August 13, 1935.  To pass the Navy physical, he had to eat a poorboy sandwich, drink several glasses of water,, and polish off 6 bananas to meet the Navy's minimum weight requirements of 136 pounds for his height.  Phil first reported to a training station in Norfolk, Virginia. On April 1, 1936 he reported to his first and favorite ship, the U.S.S. Colorado, a battleship stationed in Long Beach, California. Phil served on the Colorado for eight years.  He arrived as a Seaman 2nd Class and left as a Warrant Officer in 1944. MPHubert

M. P. Hubert - 1933

The Colorado arrived in Seattle in November, 1940, where Phil met Pat Johansen.


Pat Johansen, dau. of Johan Johansen and L.Christine, nee Myskvoll



Pat, nee Johansen and M. P. Hubert


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Almost a year later they were married at the Denny Park Lutheran Church on _______, 1941. Exactly two months later, Pearl Harbour was attacked and world War II started. The Colorado reported to the South Pacific and remained there for the duration.


U.S.S. Colorado going under the Golden Gate Bridge - San Fransisco, California, USA

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