Matthias [Mathias] Hubert and Josephine Hummel Family

Last Updated: 18 March 2003

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S.S. Hannover



Mathias Hubert migr.  from Arad / Banat, Austria-Hungary where he had been working as a barber and traveled by train to Germany at the age 23.  On   28 Nov 1907 Mathias Hubert sailed from Bremen, Germany on the ship S.S. Hannover to New York and continued to port at  Baltimore, Maryland, USA.   Then, Mathias went to Cincinnati , Ohio, USA where his father had gone earlier. His mother Susanna was to join them later and at this time had continued to live at #15 Perjamosch.

Mathias met Josephine Hummel in Chicago, Illinois

There is a Perjamosch Village extraction list of Banat Emmigrants found at:


Added data from the following web site:

found on these page are the following Huberts [name, age, date of departure, ship's name, said from port  [Bre=Bremen; Ny=New York City, USA....) port of entry ...into USA], birth place, names place where a person is going and to whom..... This list is:

Other names which seem to be part of the Hubert family are on this same list and they are:

Huberts from St. Peter

Huberts from Kl Jetscha


There were mentioned in the same list Huberts from Zerne (Serb), Beodra, Bogarosch, Sackelhausen, Modosch, Billed, Offssenitza, Gr Kikinda, Johannisfeld, Schag, Temeswar, Kl Betschkerek, Orzdorf, Tschakowa, Bentschek, Setschan, Lugosch, Jossefsdorf, Detta, Mersydorf.....