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Vol. 16.

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30 Sept. 2006

Let me see if I can write anything that makes sense as I listen to the CAL vs Oregon game while watching  the Gants v. Dodgers. Probably not, so,   maybe,  I'd better just track down all the e-mails and create a new web site since the others are, now, full to the brime.  This means I need to drag over all the logos and you will need to notice the difference in the URL which is


to get back to the Senior class and old newsletters click on the following logo:


Go Bears!  Beat Standford!  And we DID!!!!!

Garry, my husband, and myself at the Big Game, . 2006.


20 April 2007

Well that was as far as I got on this newletter when I recieved word that my mother had just gone to the hospital in an ambluance.

So,  I'll just post the pages I have  completed and begin this year with just letters dated up to April of 2007.

Judy A. Remmick-Hubert


PS  See some of you at our luncheon Friday, April 27, 2007 which Masha Sanger has arranged.  

See her letter.