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7 May to 12 Nov 2007


In a message dated 5/6/07 3:38:49 PM, writes:

Judy - Trying again to get these photos to you of our renewing of our vows.  I sent these right after first and second email, but I guess it didn't come thru on your end in time for news letter, or maybe didn't come through at all?  Let me know if you get these.

First pic is of me and the misses of course; the second pic same, along with the two grand kids in our ceremony.  Grandson is Chris King and siser Katelyn King.

                                      Bob Rocque

P.S. Thanks for recent email with links to latest pics and articles.....good to hear about classmates and what they are doing.

Robert Rocque and his wife.



 The address I have for Bill Kennedy is:

 Thanks again for all your hard work . . . .

 bill [Belforte]


In a message dated 5/7/07 8:45:17 AM, writes:

Dear Judy, Thanks for doing all of the email and pictures for all of us. Hopefully, I will make the next luncheon. Please correct my email address to: Thanks ever so much.

Carolyn Marshall Granados


In a message dated 5/6/07 8:14:43 AM, writes:

I do not have an e mail for Bill Kennedy.  You might try Chip Adams. or Bob Wagers or Jerry Hugo , or Bill Belforte. One of them may have it .  Kennedy and I use snail mail for some reason.

AS for me I just got back from a long needed vacation. Took a Cruse to Lisbon, Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Massena, Naples,  Rome, Greece, Turkey  and back home in 12 days. What a wonderful trip.  My Fiancée' ( Patricia Cunningham) and I took the ship cruse on Holland America lines.  They are wonderful.  I took over 1000 photographs, but what else is new about that. I Was sorry  to hear your mother was in the hospital.  We are the sandwich generation. They took care of us, now we take care of them.  BE kind to your kids, for they will care for you when you get older. 

I was glad some of the class is getting together on some sort of a regular basis.  Thanks for the photographs. I missed seeing Judy Bouska at our last  reunion, so now I will know to look for the White haired lady.  She will kill me for that remark.  It has been so many years it will feel good just to be yelled at.  I know we are all aging and subject to our own gene pool, but some in our class have been more than blessed with youth.   To quote an old movie  script," I want what they are having".   But the mind,,, now that is still young.

Hi to all.  Medicare is just around the corner.



In a message dated 5/7/07 7:45:17 AM, writes:

Dear Judy, Thanks for doing all of the email and pictures for all of us. Hopefully, I will make the next luncheon. Please correct my email address to: Thanks ever so much. Carolyn Marshall Granados


In a message dated 5/8/07 8:19:32 AM, writes:

Good Morning Judy,

Have spent last two mornings going through your email and want to thank you so much for all your efforts.  Have really enjoyed all the photos and the information attached to them.  Also enjoyed the notes from others.  I don't spend much time at the computer these days, would rather be outside on doing other things.

Karen was not able to attend the lunchen but really appeciated the picture followup etc.

Again, we are all well and healthy in Clements, and we are looking forward to a wonderful summer.

Thanks again.

Phil [Berg] and Karen


Again, thank you for the wonderful work that you have done and are doing.

Yes, it is me.

Karen maiden is Olson.

We are both retired now, and do love having our own time here on the ranch.

Really, nothing to add, both are healthy.

Have a great day.



In a message dated 10/27/07 10:48:01 AM, writes:

Hi Judy:


Faye Doty Austin


In a message dated 10/27/07 9:40:05 PM, writes:

Hi Judy:  it was good to see you again.  glad you continue to keep tabs on the class.

can you please give me the url number so I can log onto the website for the class website you have so diligently maintained. 

Thanks so much.

Take care

Ann Armstrong Bauer


In a message dated 10/29/07 4:00:16 AM, Maye Hemm writes:

Dear Judy,

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate being able to be home through your web site. I do get homesick (still) from time to time and it is nice to reminisce looking at days gone by.

My yearbooks were lost in a move many years ago so I was thrilled to see you putting up the annual. Two of my granddaughters were here when I was looking at it, not to my surprise they thought our wonderful hairdos were funny. Never will understand these young kids, they don't know what cool was....

I also had an idea, of course, it entails more work for you, but many of us have web pages and I thought it might be nice to share them, Just a fleeting thought.

Have a wonderful day.

Katy (Daugherty)

In Loving Memory of my Son Kyle


Message forMarsha:

In a message dated 10/29/07 12:08:02 PM, writes:

Thanks for doing this, Marsha.

Aline O'Brien

San Rafael


In a message dated 11/2/07 10:13:58 PM, writes:


Thanks for the urls etc.  I am enjoying them.  One with my picture on it

says "needs new address."  I sent this to everyone, but here's yours:

I gave it to you at the luncheon, but . . . . .

Yes I am a widow since 1988, with one son and one granddaughter.  I own and

operate "Business Consultants, Inc." as a consultant for credit and

arbitration matters which also deals with mortgage problems.  (20 years+ and

will probably be doing this as long as I have a phone, as now I am

semi-retired and work from home.  Gave up my office a year ago.

Even though I don't get back to Lodi very often, I still like to keep up on my classmates

Thanks so much!

Marjorie Garrison

7575 Madison Ave.#246

Citrus Heights, CA 95610


In a message dated 11/3/07 10:00:57 AM, writes:

Judy:  Hope I am doing this correctly.  I am not very good on a computer.

Thanks, Maxine (Schaffer) Williams 


In a message dated 11/5/07 2:25:21 PM, Judebon writes:

Judy, thanks for keeping up with us and those ladies' luncheons.  You are a pearl to take all those pictures and share them.  Marsha is a gem to organize all the "meetings" at DeeDee's.

I can't figure out how to write this directly on e-mail through your web site (duh).  Is this how?

I enjoy all the luncheons and urge all the gals (left, oh my!) to make the effort to come to one or two.  Like yesterday and today all at the same time!  I of course do not know everyone well but really wish I had made more of an effort to mingle at the October luncheon.  Memories come flooding back!  Funny how all those long marriages racked up, upwards of 45 years, even! 

Judy Bonfilio


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