Last Updated:  16 Nov 2009

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Jim Burlison <>


Fri, Nov 13, 2009 4:47 pm

Hello Judy Remmick-Hubert: 

 I sincerely appreciate your trying to keep Kathy in tune with all that goes on. However, inasmuch as she passed away some time ago, most likely it will be better if you remove her name from your Active Roster and somehow keep her name within your group as a 'well remembered' classmate. You do have your annual reunion at intervals and I suggest at the next reunion you offer a prayer of thanks for having been her classmate inasmuch as she was definitely a person that none of us can or will ever forget. I still miss her deeply and my days and nights are much too long without her. I am fortunate to have been with her during her last 25 years and I will always cherish her unending day-to-day upbeat attitude, her love and zest for life. 

 I send you my wishes for Happy Holidays...... 


 Jim Burlison .


Judy's addition:

Youdall, KathySophmore and Senior

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