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It has been four months since our class reunion.  Can you believe it?  I think we all had a great time.  Our classmates who go through so much work really deserved a great big THANK YOU!  

I have been swamped with peronsel stuff so I am just, now, getting around to looking at the photographs I took.  Clyde Ehrhardt  sent his photos and for some reason I can't seem to find the disk today.  (Pause) Senior moment.  Anyway, when I received his photos I thought that between to the two of us we took some pretty good photos.  Of course,  the pro photographer Clyde's are superior but these little digital camera certainly are great for my level of photography, I think.

On a serious note,  I have some work to do in order to update the pages for our e-mails when I get that list and start some new pages which deals with so many of our classmates who have passed away .  

There were several e-mails from newbies to the group who's pictures and data I lost due to a silly error with my mail one day so if you're reading this and don't find your information you so generously sent,  please,  resend.

The old calendar just passed Halloween, next is Thanksgiving and I hope everyone can be with their families and have a marvelous and good time.

I didn't get a chance to send out any questions to everyone so  this is a short newsletter.   The first group of photographs will be the ones I took on Friday night at our picnic.  If you have never been able to make it to the picnic, next time,  make an effort.  It is always fun.

Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

2 Nov 2005.

Lodi Uniorn High School

Class of 1960


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