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Remmick-Hubert Special Page - Lodi Union High School, Class of 1960-Newsletter

Vol. 1, Oct. 2000: Page One

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The idea of the Newsletter was suggested by Clyde Ehrhardt and I thought, yes,  that is a good idea. This gives all of an opportunity to do two things,  I can present news that is important to us in the present as well as the past, and,  since I don't have unlimited space  [hate to tell you how much I pay for my domain and AOL],  I can rotate through various photographs and stories.  Added to this,   I'll  write a new newsletter in the months of Sept, Nov, Jan, March, May, July, Sept, the second Thursday of each of the months mentioned.  This means: you'll  know, now, when to enter the web site  and know something new has been added and, maybe,  you'll get into the habit of visiting my site, which may cause you to add something yourself.

Clyde wrote: "...They" [Class of 1960], " are a great group of people. We were lucky to all be together. I think you should start a class newspaper on your web site. Little stories about our classmates. What are they doing and where are they now. A "Do you remember" column would be nice." Enclosed with his letter were ten photographs of our classmates.



Article One:


One of the news reports I'm posting today,  is old news, also,  a sad one about  Bill, Munson, CLASS OF 1959, who was found  accidentally drown in his swimming pool in Lodi back in July of this year. Since I never saw this reported in the national news papers, it dawn on me that many of you living outside of the Lodi area may not have heard. 

I know many of our classmates of 1960 knew Bill Munson who was on our football, baseball  and basketball teams until our Junior year.


Munson, Bill

Program: Friday, October 18, 1957.  Bulldogs vs. Flames

Flames 26  Bulldogs 12

Pos. Back....Exp. 1B 1JV....Yr. Junior...Wt. 160


Basketball - 1958-9         Baseball-1959


Bill Munson................................Associated Press


Bill played sixteen years as a quarterback in the NFL with the Detroit Lions, Los Angles Rams, Seattle Seahawks, San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills.

According to the Lodi News-Sentinel,  Bill was born in Sacramento and at the age of six moved to Lodi.  

I remember him being an exceptional football, basketball and baseball player for Lodi Union High School.

After he left High school he played football at  Foothill Community College in Los Altos Hill then transferred to Utah State University where he played the next three years as quarterback and defensive back.  

In 1963 he was No. 1 draft pick for the Los Angeles Rams and was starting quarterback until he was traded to the Detroit Lions in 1968, where he would spend most of his career [eight seasons] before playing with Seattle , San Diego and then Buffalo. He retired in 1979.


Send me what you remember about Bill or anyone else.......

Contact  me at:

On a lighter note, I remember....well, all of you already know what I remember if you'd gone through my web site.....  What I need here is WHAT YOU REMEMBER.  


Article Two

Who is going to tell the story behind this photo?

MadMag and guys

Photo by Clyde Ehrhardt

Peter Sheehan, Bob Fuller, Mr. Reimche, Tim Spittler

MAD, Dec. Issue

(Note: Teacher is not Mr. Reimche)


Year Book  1960 - Senior Photographs

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