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Vol. 2:  1 Nov. 2000: Page One

Editor's Corner

There has been good response toward my first newsletter. So, we'll continued this effort for this year and hope the interest continues into next year and the next.

The following are e-mails sent to add other voices to this project.

Thanks everyone.

Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

Editor, who never could spell, and Webmistress



Thanks so much for the update on our class. I see you have done much more to enhance the class site. You have done a great job. You have put in a lot of hard work!

I really like the fogged, 60's background.

The newsletter every two months is a good idea.

I'll try and send something sometime to add to newsletter or an article that you can put somewhere-maybe about my family and or what I have been doing.

Sure enjoyed the reunion; was nice hearing from you, and seeing you there. I guess we get more sentimental as time goes on. And as we get older and closer to the other side, we all reach out and grasp what ever we can from the past. At least I know that is how it is for me. Many times I find myself thinking back and dreaming of the things that were. I guess this is a good thing and what contributes to this is probably the incidents and things we think of were good, fun and memorable experiences!

Your endeavor with the web site for our class is your expression or definition of the fun and memorable experiences we all shared during that time. And as time passes we can all keep that dream or found memories alive by ever adding to the web site.

If you like, maybe you can use what I wrote and put it into a newsletter to maybe help kindle or bring to the surface the same experiences,joys and feelings of other classmates of ours.

Will try and write you again soon and keep in touch if that is ok?


Bob Rocque




Judy: you have to remember that at age 58 or so we are trying as hard as we can to remember 40 years ago. I have a hard time remembering 40 minuets ago. Your news letter looks great. You may be setting up more work than is demanded at this time. Maybe you only publish every 6 months. I know you said it cost you extra to do this. My only question is what will our public want to read about? Maybe we just start telling lies about everyone. That's what we did in our column at the news paper in the FLAME. KEW was a stranger to the truth. Nothing harmful of course. Maybe we do interviews with class mates via the internet..... pick 10 questions to answer and make a story out of it.

Questions like:

How did you meet your wife or husband.?

How did you come to live where you do?

What are your kids doing now?

How many times have you been married? This could be interesting.

How many times have you been divorced? These should match or be one less.

Who are you voting for in the election? Why?

Do you know why Chip(Elliott) Adams never dressed for gym? n 4 years?

Who did you miss seeing at the last reunion.?

There, are my 10 questions. Ill send you the answers shortly. As soon as I figure out how to answer them. This is an open book test? Right?

Keep corresponding with me and I'll drive you nuts or give you a great laugh.

Keep smiling

Clyde Ehrhardt

First Responses to Clyde's Questions:

From Peter Sheehan:

>> #2-How did you come to live where you do?

No one else would hire me. (There are far more paleontologists around

than places that are willing to hire one.) But I was lucky. Milwaukee is

a great place. We are in the midst of fall colors--which need to be seen

to be believed. I am getting ready to put away the kayaks and bikes and

wax the cross-country skis--winter has become my favorite time of year.

If any of you happen through the upper midwest--stop by.


add a p.s. Where was Tom Fukumoto?

Peter <<


From David Cristofani:

>>... so I wanted to get back to you regarding

your questionnaire. I will answer most of them, but to be very honest a few

of the questions I feel are personal and I don't feel I want to share some

of my life history on the internet. I'll list by your number my response as


1. Ann and I met about 18 years ago while both working for Bank of America.

I was the Assistant in a large consumer loan origination and processing

department and Ann joined us as a Section Head reporting to me. Once we

met, the rest became history and we've been together for over 11 years now.

2. We moved to Rancho Murieta 2 1/2 years ago after we sold our house in

Carmichael, California. We had planned to move to the California foothills,

and either buy or build a home, but all of a sudden we had a real timing

problem on our hands and we had to buy a home. We found one in Rancho

Murieta and since we both enjoy a rural setting, we purchased a home and

have enjoyed it ever since.

3. I have one son from a previous marriage. His name is Michael Anthony

Cristofani and he just turned 21 years of age. He's a Junior at Sacramento

State and is somewhat of a character. Ann says she sees a lot of me in

Michael, but I will admit I was not the "student" he is. He gets grades I

only dreamed of.

7. I have my thoughts on this subject, but I rather not disclose at this


8. There were so many I was hoping to see and they are really part of the

old gang I ran around with in High School, College and even a few years

after. I would start the list with Steve Bills, Mike Reeves, Doug Mason,

Brian Pietzke, Mike Zeitner, Pat Alexander, Bob Hollander, Joe Reiswig and

even some of the girls. However, since my wife is typing this I best skip

naming names!

Give us a heads up if you get many responses I would enjoy going through to

see what some of our classmates divulged.



From Dianna (Vandehey) Moran

<<I think this is a great idea..

.1. I met my husband in Stockton, Ca. he was stationed there with the U.S.

Navy. A handsome Sailor, my self and two friends were having coffee at

Strawberry Lane, downtown, and he walked in. and one of my friends knew him

as Earnie and her were in the same class at Lodi High. I had just gone thru

a divorce and really was not interested in another man, but he was

persistent and we finally dated, taking my son with us everywhere, and this

impressed me. As my sons real father did not want to be involved with his

own son, anyway we dated and finally married in Sept of 1962. We have been

married 38 years. Spent the first 6 years of marriage with the U.S. Navy,

living in Norfolk, Va. San Diego, and Long Beach, California.

2. After discharge from the Navy we moved back to Lodi, not much work there

and my husband went to work for the Dept of Army at Rough and Ready Is.

Stockton, so we moved to Stockton and bought a home. Stayed there until a

better job with the Dept of the Interior came along, moved to El Centro,

Calif in 1975, Geothermal Energy, stayed there 1 year, then to Hardin,

Montana, with the Dept of Interior, Hydro-electric power, Yellowtail Dam,

stayed there one year, then to Brewster, Washington, hydro-electric power,

Chief Joseph Dam, and Earnie retired from Chief Joe about 6 years ago, after

total of 35 years of service in the Federal Government. Now we just work

on our home business of taking Sport Photography pictures in 7 high schools

and 7 middle schools. This is really fun and keeps us young and having fun

with the kids.

3. We have two sons, Jeff lives and works in Homer, Alaska and is a single

parent, with his daughter Jessica age 10. and his older son from his first

marriage Eddie, age 20, has joined him there as of August of this year.

Gene, lives in San Jose, Calif and is married with two children John age 4,

and Erica age 6. Gene works for e-Phiphany computer company. I also raised

my brothers daughter, Melanie, and she lives in St. Helens, Oregon with her

son Dakota . Melanie works part time and is trying to be a full time Mom

until Dakota goes to school.

4. I have been married twice.

5. I have been divorced once.

6. I am voting for Bush. I think 8 years of training for Gore is only going

to be the same type of government , and I think we need a change. I think we

need to get some morals and self respect back for our country and I do not

think we will get it if we have some one leading our country that has 8

years of the other kind of training.

7. I do not know why Chip did not dress for gym, maybe he did not take gym?

8. Gee ,I missed everyone, we spent the summer in Alaska. I will be at the

next one thou...hope everyone had a great time.

I will be anxious to read all of the answers, sounds like fun, take care,

Dianna (Vandehey) Moran<<


From: Gary Pierson

>>Hi, I will answer the questions that were sent to you by Clyde Ehrhardt.

I met my wife (Lynette Brenner) in 1964 when I went to her home to see if her

father would repair my car radio. We started dating and were married in 1967

and we have been together ever since.

My parents moved to Lodi when I was seven years old. Other than spending

four years away in the Navy I have spent all my life in Lodi. I started

working for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. and was lucky to have spent my entire

career in the Lodi area, I am now retired from PG&E after 27 years of service.

Lynette and I decided not to have children and we have never regretted our choice.

This is the only marriage for both of us and we are going on 34 years together.

We are going to vote for Bush because we are sick of anything that has to

do with the Clinton administration and we know Bush is the better man.

I have no idea how Chip Elliott got out of dressing for gym.

I have never been to one of our class reunions which I know sounds strange,

especially since I live just blocks from where it is held each time. I am starting

to look forward to the next one......

Gary Pierson >>


From  "Me", Judy A. Remmick Hubert:

1. I met my husband, Garry, at Stockton Junior College in Zoology class and with his help I managed to pass the class and through life these last forty years with a smile.

2. Garry applied for work in the D.A.'s  office of Alameda and with the help of a friend living in Moraga, she helped us find a house in Lafayette, which  was a great place to raise our two sons, Douglas and Devin.

3. Both boys graduated from UC.... Proud of them both!

6.   Voting for Bush. Why?  Here's one of many reasons: I like the way he brings Republicans and Democrats together to get a job done

7. I don't know why Chip Adams never dressed for gym...  Does anyone?

8. Missed everyone who wasn't able to join us at the reunion!  And, I was sadden by the list of those who have died and will never see, again.  Don't  anyone miss the next one!!!




Reunion Photograph

reunion pict

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