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Remmick-Hubert Special Page - Lodi Union High School, Class of 1960-Newsletter

Vol. 5:  20  June: Page One



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Editor's Notes pen

Hi  All,

I'm in a strange melancholy mood this morning,  Even the music on the stereo seems to fit my mood. With my fingers on the keys of my Mac I'm not even sure what direction this little editorial is going to take me.

I've just read everyone contribution to the Questions and  perhaps this journey back into time has made me remember so much of our childhood years and the day Kennedy was assassinated that it has overwhelmed me.

Our 13 month old Irish Setter just took off with some papers and is standing there looking at me,  if  he could talk  I think he'd be saying, "Well, aren't you going to chase me to get these back?"  He has no idea that he's caused me to laugh out loud and allowed me to return to my editorial in a completely different mood. Just a second, I'm going to change the radio station.  The Blue Danube was more than I could tolerate....  Should have brought up a disk and have playing some of our High School music.  And this brings me to our next set of questions that just popped into my head.

All of us remember certain things in our lives when we hear certain songs.  For example:  I remember Elvis Presley's  JAIL HOUSE ROCK, not because I liked it, but that summer when the movie named after the song, came out,  I had traveled back to Montana where I was born and  where my mother's family lived.  At each town, the cousins ,who were my age, took me to see the latest movie in town which was JAIL HOUSE ROCK.  Every time I hear that song,  I groan, and think, "Even age hasn't  improved that song."  I was never a fan of Elvis, however,  I did like the song "I BELIEVE" and play it on the piano quite often.  My Junior and Senior years  I was the only one I knew who was  into jazz  which was probably a carry over from the music I had heard while my Dad was stationed in New Orleans before he ended up on the USS New Jersey.  I still love old the classic jazz .....  I wonder if my older son has taken all those old 78s I had saved? Just a second, let me go look.  Nope, don't see any of them. I'll have to track them down before the next newsletter. Anyway, I had a wide range of music that reached me and I liked almost everything.  My folks had a collection of Big Band sounds like Glen Miller.....  On Saturday night, my father' tried not to miss the Grand Old Opery.....  That was the only music that made my father pull my mother to her feet and he'd do a little "jig".....  Of course, there was, also,  Lawrence Welk's  champagne bubbles and his: "One and'a  two." His German accent matched a majority of Lodians.  Many times I heard members of my mother's family remind us kids, "Lawrence and his brothers use to work in our father's [Ludwig Hein's]  beet fields...."  My mother still talks about how the Welks and the local boys would pratice their music in her brothers's  room  to practice their music after dinner in the room of her brothers....  [The Hein farm house had once been the Lone Tree Fort and her brothers' bedroom  had been the barracks for the US Calvary troopers in the Montana Territory]. And of course, my mother's sister, Bertha always adds, "The Welks played the music for our Shivery and wedding." My favorite vocalist was Nat "King" Cole whom I heard in person at the California State Fair....

Question (1) is::  Name a song and tell us what memory it brings back to your mind.  

Ann Bauer e-mail gave me our next question. Here is her suggestion:

>>Hi Judy: the other day I was having lunch with Janie Keir Say and during the conversation we were talking about turning 60. (Impossible!!!) It seems that next year will be the big 6-0 for most of us. Maybe everyone could give their birthdays and we could send fun e-mails, cards, calls, etc., to help over this traumatic event.

What do you think?

Are you having a fun summer?

Ann Bauer<<

Yes, a good idea Ann.  So send those birth dates. Some of our birthday wishes will have to travel snail mail so don't forget to add addresses.

Question (2): When is your 60th birth date?

We need a third question for the non music group. Hmmmmmm.  How about this question?

Question (3):  How did you celebrate your 21st birthday?



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