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Remmick-Hubert Special Page - Lodi Union High School, Class of 1960-Newsletter

Vol. 3:  22  Jan. 2001: Page Three

Class Reunion - July 2000

New Photographs by Clyde Ehrhardt with  some of his humerous labels  which were attached to back....

note:  I've transformed Clyde's photo into black and white to use less memory on photographs below


1960 & 2000

"It says here I'm still President"

Elliot "Chip" Adams

President of Class 1960 - LUHS

See Elliot in Senior Council Photograph below.....


Welby Welby  

1960 & 2000

Sue Welby

See Sue's Photograph in Senior Council below

Senior Counc

Senior Council

Row One [front], left to right:  Pat Sanguinetti, Starla Filler, Sue Welby, Jeanne Reimche, Pat Bender, Susan Gooding

Row Two: Melvin Barosso, Jess Vocque, Lloyd Moos, Larry Solari, Junior Harada, Elliott "Chip" Adams, Carolyn DeVinny

Row Three:  Mac Whipple, Bob Fuller, Jeff Lind, Dave Hildenbrand, Richard Coulter, Tom Fukomoto and Kerry Sharp



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