correction:  3 May 2001

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Remmick-Hubert Special Page - Lodi Union High School, Class of 1960-Newsletter

Vol. 3:  22  Jan. 2001: Page Four

Two Cheer Leaaders

Left to right:  Jerilyn Giannoni,  Gerald "Coke" Grauma with his wife Carla (Norris)

"Song Leaders at rest."

See Photograph #1  of Song Leaaders of 1960

song &  cheer leaders

Left to right:  Robert Herr, Kathy Lippert, Mike Haney, Karen  Krause, Linda Blount, Jeri Giannoni, Carla Norris and Cora Sue Culbertson

As part of our entertainment for our 40th Reunion,  the committe brought in the Lodi Tokay HS Song Leaders and all of us were reminded how young a person was / is while attending high school.



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