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Lodi Uniorn High School

Class of 1960


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Newsletter: Vol. 1: 4 Oct 200



Letters after Reunion on 30 July 2005 to 1 Nov 2005


More Coming, I Hope 


In a message dated 7/31/05 5:07:23 PM, writes:

Hi  I found the website for the graduates--enjoyed it alot.  I am dolores gribaudo cooper.  I got a job in a doctor's office in  l959 through typing class.   a physician at that office encouraged me to go to nursing school--I was part of the first RN nursing class from San joaquin delta college nursing program in 1965.  I have two children, a daughter Laurie who works for Intel in San jose and a daughter jennifer who works for Micron in  boise, Idaho.  I am still working, and currently work for the California department of Corrections.  just last year I began traveling--went to Israel, took a cruise around the western coast of Europe, and went to alaska.  It was nice to see some of my classmates last night at the 2005 reunion. 

Dolores Gribaudo


In a message dated 8/3/05 9:21:15 AM, TOMBALLODI writes:

Judy--thanks for all the work you do.  Look forward to seeing all the pictures.  It was a good reunion.  Never enough time to talk to everyone though. 

Judie Keir Kindle


Hi Everyone: I just wanted everyone to know I have changed my email address. it is:

Judy pleasae change it on your website. Thank you

i am happy to hear that everyone enjoyed theirselves. We have heard such positive comments from everyone. it could not have happened without everyone coming.

Take Care to all and God Bless

Mavis and Jim


In a message dated 8/3/05 9:33:13 AM, writes:

Thank you so very much, Judy, for this follow-up.  It was truly great.  And for some reason I never thanked Clyde for all his hard work.  He never stopped photographing.  I can't pick his e-mail out of the group but if you could forward this to him I would appreciate it. 



on 8/3/05 9:29 AM, MAVIS BARKER at wrote:

Hi Everyone:  I just wanted everyone to know I have changed my email address.  it is:


Judy pleasae change it on your website.  Thank you

i am happy to hear that everyone enjoyed theirselves.  We have heard such positive comments from everyone.  it could not have happened without everyone coming.

Take Care to all and God Bless

Mavis and Jim


In a message dated 8/3/05 3:47:04 PM, writes:

Kathy Youdall (Burlison)'s email is

If you're able to send photo of Kathy &: Marlene, will be apprecated.




In a message dated 8/3/05 4:28:58 PM, Judebon writes:

Hi, Judy

I'm sorry I missed the reunion--really sorry!  I will be getting reports from everyone who went, esp. Marsha Sanger.  We are meeting for lunch next week to do an "autopsy" on the whole event, so I will be caught up.

Please add Diane Becker Beaver to your website's e-mail list.  It's  Thanks.

Judy Bouska Bonfilio


In a message dated 8/3/05 11:29:49 PM, writes:

Dear Mavis--you & your committee and especially your side kick Kathy did a great job with the reunion. The informal get together Friday night at the lake, with a BBQ was a good ice breaker and we lucked in with great weather.

The reunion was really nicely done with many nice touches--good decorations,  with a nice opening tribute to our  class mates no longer with us  by Ron, a great MC ( yea Marsha your little quiz show was a hoot), good food & plenty of wine and the DJ music was the best. It was fun to visit with many classmates that rekindled some sweet memories & reestablished some old friendships &  created some new ones.

God willing, I hope we'll all be back for the big 50!!



In a message dated 8/5/05 12:46:17 AM, writes:

Hi Judy;

It was good to see you again and I am glad you enjoyed the reunion.  Thanks for your web suite and for taking pictures.  I am sure all the committee members feel rewarded that we had such a good turnout and most if not all enjoyed themselves.  Hope to see all of you in 5 years for our 50th.   I would like to commend Kathy Youdall for having the strength and devotion to be there with us GOD BLESS YOU KATHY.

Love you all,

Cheryl Reutter Nitschke


In a message dated 8/15/05 2:06:37 AM, writes:

Hi Judy;

Here are some notes for you to put with my senior picture.

I married Larry Nitschke in 1970, we celebrated our 35th Anniversary this year, think I will keep him!

We have 3 children from my previous marriage, 2 boys and a girl.  We have 6 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.

Larry is retired from Pacific Coast Producers and my last job was as a Tasting Room Manager at East Side Winery aka OakRidge Vineyards.  

Cheryl Reutter Nitschke


In a message dated 8/5/05 8:49:44 AM, writes:

thank you

>> wrote:

Kathy Welsh has a new e-mail? <<


In a message dated 8/6/05 8:32:03 PM, writes:

Hi Judy,

I just saw Kathy Youdall's email on your email. It's

Hal Hegwer moved to Tucson, AZ, on 1 Aug, so I know his website isn't correct anymore as he just retired. His wife said that they'd send me their new email once they get settled. I do have their new address, but not email as yet. I will notify you went they send it to me.

Keep up the great work!



In a message dated 8/24/05 9:31:42 AM, writes:

Hi Judy

Just a note to request  the URL to access your newsletter and to let

you know we have retired and moved to Tucson.

New Address:

Hal Hegwer

email is the same for a while:


Will try for the fiftieth.




I have just switched my email address from to Please use this new address for all future emails and instant messages.

Robert Rocque


From: Scubbylou

Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005  1:05:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Subject: Newsletter, Class of 1960

I Judy this is Myrna (Kranich) Skutak and I would be interested in the Private URL which would give me access to the Newsletter, Class of 1960.

My email address is,

I just discovered your web site and I love browsing through it; it is WONDERFUL! 



I know I've lost someone's  e-mail because I remember someone sending me their photo and their e-mail but I can't seem to find it, now.  So so sorry.  Please,  send, again!!!!


This is my fault, but I need to let you know that we have a different address and hope that you will add it and delete old address.

Thanks Ken & Kathy Blanke

Old address was

New address is


Here is a spot just waiting for your e-mail