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Nov. 2005 - March 2006


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Anyone who might remember me, Diane Druin Gravlee (married George Gravlee in 1962),  might be interested to know that my husband and I are to be featured in an article in the January issue of Ladies Home Journal.  My husband and I have been living full time in a motor home since 1999 when we sold our house in Albany, New York and as we traveled, we have volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, helping to build houses all over the country.  The article is about our lifestyle and travels.  If you think it would be worth a mention to the alumni of the Class of 1960, you can post it in the newsletter or on the website.

Diane Gravlee

Letter #2

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Because we have been traveling in a motor home and don't have great access to the internet very much, it wasn't until this week that I sat down and looked at all the past newsletters.  You are doing a great job!  I wanted to update the blurb next to picture and my name on the email listings.

Married George Gravlee in 1962, whom I met at UC Berkeley.  We have a son (philosophy professor in Ohio) & a daughter (graphic artist in Connecticut).  Both our children are married with two children each.  I worked as a library media specialist.  My husband, a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survery, retired in 1994, when we started our travels and Habitat for Humanity volunteer work all over the United States, while living full time in a motor home.

[Diane Druin]


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Hi Judy,

I wanted to be added to your website.  I'm not sure what kind of information you're looking for so here goes.....

1.  I've been married 21 years to Fred Valdez

2.  I have one daughter and 2 step-daughters who are all grown up and living on their own

3.  We have lived in Vista, CA since 1989 when my husband retired

4.   I retired from the San Diego Superior Court Accounting Department in 2004

5.  We have traveled all over the world and are still planning new adventurous trips

6.  I can be emailed at:

7.  My telephone number is ______

I hope this is the kind of info you're looking for.  I plan on attending the 50th anniversary reunion, God willing!

Donna (Schumacher) Valdez

Class of 1960


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Hi Judy -

Its always nice to see an email from you and know there's new pix or newsletter or something!

I would like to add some comments to some of our classmates we have lost, my memories are just little ones, from grammar school or 4H, but I feel bad there aren't comments on some of them, so would like to add some.  How is itbest to do this? I would also like to see cause of death when we know it, isthat something we could do or I could help you with?  I am curious if there are any cancer patterns or other interesting facts - we are probably somewhat unusual in that so many of us are still in touch.

We are getting hunkered in for winter, got our first real snow this week, makes me think of an idea I had - do you suppose there would be any interest in a house-trading or house-sitting section?  We live in beautiful Lake Tahoe, and would love to trade houses or whatever to get out of here for a break from the snow sometimes.  We have a nice house, close to the lake,with a ski resort a short free bus ride away.  What do you think?  We would rather trade with someone we have a connection with, rather than total strangers.  I know you are busy, I can help with this or anything else you need some help with.

Hope your Thanksgiving was nice and Christmas is even better.

Thanks for your work on this stuff!

Aetna Nicewonger


Comments from Judy:

Just send me an e-mail and tell me what you'd like about our team mates who has died and I will place your e-mail in that section. You can even send me a couple of photographs, too, if you'd like.  

I haven't the time to seek out farther information about their deaths, however, if you'd like,  you certainly can and then let us know what you discover.



I have a new email address: The old one was

Hope the change won't be too much trouble.

Claire Fujita Omura (Lodi class of 60)


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 Judy, you were in my address book when I changed my email address----I am Carol Hughes Metzger---Judy Bouska Bonfilio forwarded our class of 1960 news to me.  I live in NC and did attend our 35th reunion and enjoy hearing the news of our classmates.  Thanks. carol


Attention Larry Solari:

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Hi Judy, I am trying to get contact info. for Larry Solari. I thought at one time there was a contact list published/distributed but that may have a figment of my fading imagination.  If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Rich Heisler


22 Feb, 2006

Hello Judy

Just a note to let you know that my email address has chaged it is  Thanks

Joe Carruesco


Recieved word from Martha Gabriel on 2 Feb 2006.  She said to said "thanks for the meories".


In a message dated 2/20/06 7:17:04 PM, ArmyPaull writes:

Dear Judy:

Thanks for all of the work you do to keep the "Class of 60" together and informed.

Very Sincerely,  Susan Welby Paull


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Thank you for the e-mails, I appreciate all the updates....

Maralyn Messer


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Thank You for the update

As a quick update.  Married Charlotte Goldstein of Stagg '60.  Moved from Stockton to Monterey County in '77 and on to Tucson last year ('05) when we both retired from education. Two sons and one grandson.

Hal Hegwer


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From: "Marsha Sanger" <>

Sorry for the delay....I've been trying to scan a photo, save it to my desktop, and then attach it to this document, but it just isn't going to happen. I've attended TWO sessions on HOW to make this happen, but when I come home and try to make it work, it's NOT happening. So, here it is WITHOUT the photo. Hope all is just right.

 December 2005

 GREETINGS from Stockton, CA.

 Thank goodness, life continues to be a wonderful adventure filled mainly with good health and pleasant experiences. However, "rain" does fall now and then, and the "Plan Bs" test what I'm made of.

 As far as activities, I continue to attend a once-a-month Book Club.  I do read books that I'd never pick off the shelf, so that makes me THINK about things I'd never consider; keeps my "gray matter" active.

 I'm now ushering at three different venues. This time last year, I was just at one, but it's such fun, I've expanded my services. At one they've offered to pay me, but I declined, as I like just being there and not having to be there. My favorite productions for this year were: Bill Cosby, Grease, Moody Blues, Little Richard, Full Monty, Chi, Vince Gill, Ten Tenors and 42nd Street.  I feel that I could write a book on "crowds" titled Different Strokes for Different Folks.

 I continue my monthly visits to the orthodontist. However, the hardware was removed on 9/29, and I'm now sporting a "tooth positioner" and was just fitted for the retainer that I'll have to wear the rest of my life. If I had this ordeal to do again, I wouldn't. I now weigh more than I ever have, as I'm finding that I'm eating because I can, and not because I'm hungry. Must work on that!

 In Feb, I took a 4-night cruise on the Monarch of the Seas and sailed from L.A. visiting ports in San Diego, Catalina Island, and Ensenada, Mexico. Hired a house sitter, which was interesting. Upon my return, I asked him how the cat behaved and he said, "What cat?" The house was still standing, but all of his promises remain much for finding a reliable person. (I won't mention the house painter story now, as hopefully it will have a happy ending.)

 For the first time, I attended meetings once each month to help plan for a high school reunion (my 45th from Lodi High). I arrived at least an hour late at our first gathering, and the only position not filled was that of emcee, so by default, it was mine. We had such a fun time. I made up a trivia game where we answered questions from our "days of yore". Brought back such good memories, as did seeing "old" classmates.

 I finally broke down and bought a new car in June. Wanted the Prius, but the salesman lied to me (don't they all?) When I called him on it, he replied, "Oh, I was just joking". Car salespeople have only become MORE hardened in their profession. I ended up with a Honda Civic LX.

 I'm playing duplicate bridge a couple of times each month and party bridge at least once/week. Just finished a series of lessons again/still!

 Ended up in the Emergency Room twice during 2005 with a rapid heart rate and numbness, which wakes me in the middle of the night. After my first trip, they monitored and released me the next morning, and said that I was fine. The stress test same back with "flying colors".  I gave up wine after that visit. After the second visit, I gave up coffee. Wonder what's next? Plain water isn't exciting, but seems to agree with my system.

 A friend came this summer to help me pare down my wardrobe and I'm STILL getting rid of clothes. She said that just about everything I owned was "dated"; yep, just like me! Have another suitcase full to take to the Discovery Shop.

 Abby, my tabby cat, is still on deck. She became quite ill in Oct, but after two weeks of antibiotics she's back to the "Queen of Mean".

 I continue to sub in the Independent Study classes with one-on-one instruction perhaps once or twice each month.

 Had two major fund raisers and several garage sales for my friend who was murdered Dec. 10, 04. We're hoping to build a gazebo in the park where her life was taken. The profile is that of a serial killer, so that's a very scary thought!

 Sierra Club and Audubon outings are still happening, but those birds get up SO early!

 My mail was stolen from my mailbox recently, so I have no idea how my identity will be compromised. I've already received very "strange" phone calls that I feel have something to do with the mail that was taken. To be continued!

 Here's to a SAFE, HEALTHY 2006 ahead for all of us, and may there be peace on earth. Can't wait to hear from you. Hopefully your end-of-the year-greeting wasn't in my stolen mail.

All good wishes.

Class of 1960

Lodi High School         The photo is suppose to be here, but just pretend, because it's NOT happening.

45th  Reunion

July 30, 2005



   Hi, I just found your 1960 reunion site on the Internet and wondered if any of you know anyone from the class of '66 (siblings, cousins, neighbors, etc.) We have a bunch of "missing" classmates. Cynthia Hill Vigil The reunion is September 2nd. Contact is reunion

Please forward this on to anyone who might know where these Lodi High Class of 1966 missing classmates might be. The reunion e-mail is . If you have any leads (i.e., town they may live in, places they might be working) I will be happy to follow up on them. Just let me know at (Cynthia Hill Vigil), or Thanks!

MISSING CLASSMATES: Judy Allen, Shirley Anderson, Eleanor Anguiano, Judith Arlt, Terry Baldwin, John Barangno, Sandra Beach, Judith Eenge, Caroline Benson, David Beckman, Mark Allen, Sharon Allen, Norma Blankenship, Ronnie Bohn, Linda Bohren, Joe Bolanos, Rory Boyce, Marla Breed, Leland Brodehl, James Campbell, Jorge Carrillo, Larry Chouinard, Mark Church, David Clark, Marsha Cleary, Theresa Colvin, Terry Conrad, Pamela Cook, Mark Cope, Ray Costa, Dianna Cox, Deborah Daniels, Joyce Daniels, Paulette Derosier, Pamela Dixon, Judith Bame Peet, Edward Dowdy, Wayne Doyle, Linda Dwyer, Brian Fahey, Samuel Fergason, Ruth Firkins, Thomas Fischer, Sharon Fisher, Sharon Franklin, Juanita Frisk, Linda Frisk, Linda Galster, Jerry Gavero, Roy Gillaspie, Elizabeth Glissman, Stephen Gong, Lois Gosselin, Marvin Gramm, Janet Gresham, Carole Gundert, Priscilla Hale, Patricia Hammick Bernhard, Charles Heacock, Rodney Heintz, Neal Helm, Sherry Hess, James Hestbeck, Lucia Hieb, Catherine Hodge, Denise Hoeppner, Robert Hofer, Linda Hollingsworth, Ronald Huggins, Judith Hunziker, Guy Imada, Lance Iwamura, Patrick Jaehne, Bonita Kauffman, Cynthia Kean, Teresa Keener, Akiye Kishida, Lela Knight, Katherine Kolb, James Kundert, Patsy Kurokawa, Sharon Leicht, Sharon Linder, Kristine Little, Benny Lopez, Weston Lorentzen, Sherryl Lowry, Kathleen Lund, David martell, Ronald martin, Janet Nastasia, Sharon Mattas, Linda Matteri, Ernest McClung, Sharon Johnson, Barbara Merrow, Esther Miranda, Margaret Mosley Glaros, Kathleen Mueller, Beverly Mulkey, Andene Nakagawa, Christine Nance, Larry Nicholson, John Lawton, Catherine Lewis Brawley, Tonyia Olmstead, Salley Omaye, Michael O'Meara, Donna Owen, Donald Parker, Cynthia Parks, Peangchai Payakananta, Leslie Pearce, Susan Preszler, Garth Rawlings, Robert Regello, Marie Renteria, Danny Richison, Linda Richters, Patricia Rond, Anette Ross, Vicki Ross, Jeanette Sales, Andrea Sanchez, Erma Sanchez, Mercedes Santella, Jon Satterfield, Ronald Schmaltz, Arlyce Schnaible, Glenn Schock, Harold Scholl, Victoria Schreiner, Linda Schulz, Lynette Sheridan, Robert Shipley, Kathy (Nelson?) Siegfried, George Skatvold, LaVonne Smalley, Nancy Smith, Marion Snyder, Robert Sousa, David Stamper, Barbara Stewart Holmes, Julie Stewart, Nadine Stoller, Leon Tetz, Johanna Thornton, Wayne Traver, Mildred Trovinger, Russell Trovinger, Mary Trumbly, Mary Tuma, Cathy Uyeno, Janice Valone Cooper, Sandra Vanetti, Flordeliza Vasquez, Ernest Vieira, Joel Visser, Dorothea Volb, James Volkert, Linda Wagner, Bonnie Wald, Kurt Wallof, Michael Walpole, Sarah Wass Smith, Trudy Watson, Sally Weber, Connie Welsh, Linda Wiebe, Marilyn Wilson, Vicki Wilson, Leslie Woods, Ronald Yamada, David Yoshioka, Donna Yoshioka, Darrel Younger, Sheri Moore, Sandy Suess




Send me an e-mail and let people know wha you're doing.

Are we really interested?  Of course we are!


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