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Last Updated:  11 July 2000

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The Flame, Lodi Union High School Newspaper:

"Seniors Only"

by Judy A. Remmick

Another day older and deeper in debt "cause it's our Senior Year and everything costs money. But keep your hopes up, 'cause in 34 school days we'll know whether it was worth coming to school at all this past year.

The clock ticks away.  The world turns on but when we let loose June 9 many of us will hope the clock stops ticking and the world stops turning because some of us will never see many of our friends again after our last get together.

Remember the guy or gal you sat beside in kindergarten and blew bubbles in his carton of milk?  That was thirteen years ago  yet it seems like only yesterday.

Today the girls are thinking on getting their MRS. degree and the boys are thinking on buying a new car. (The future will change their ideas which will thelp the girls win their degree.)

What does the future hold for us?  Senior Banquet, Ditch Day, Baccalaureate, Graduation, the All Night Party, private parties and many other activities. The last sentence may be the answer for most of us but June 9 had the biggest and brightest spotlight in our eyes. We just can't wait. When it arrives it'll be the happiest saddest night in our lives

What  happens then???? Many of us will wish we had studied a little because our experience in throwing spit balls won't do us much good because no one will hire a spit ball thrower anymore.  There just isn't any demand for them these days. Yea, it was a lot of fun.  Will you go to college,  get married, or become King of the Bums? Well, what ever happens, the days to come will prove to leave wonderful memories.

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