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Last Update: 12 July 2000

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Rods at Random

Our Senior Year


1931 Ford Lipelt

Robert Lipelt


Story taken from Lodi Flame Newspaper:

The "Big Daddy" is the rod for this week and this one really can be called a rod.  The '31 Ford sedan is owned by the famous Bob Lipelt.

You probably couldn't have missed the little bomb tooling around the streets, but you probably haven't noticed half of the things done to it.

First are some of the things that are pretty noticeable. The car has a tough looking rake on it that is caused by a set of 6.70 treads in front and 8.20 in the rear. It is pushed along by a '53 Ford engine which is modified a little with a bore and a cam.  It also is helped to breath by a set of Stromberg 97's.

The top of the car is given a classy touch by a white nylon top and the rims in the rear are reversed.

Now for some of the things that are on the car but not so really  noticeable.  The breaks have all benn changed to hydraulics to make the car a little safer and the engine is cooled off by a sharp looking '32 radiator and shell. The rod is also controlled by a '39 Ford box and beefed up clutch.

The interior of the rod is r3ally sharp with it's red and white upholstery and thick brown and white rug.


Herb Quenzer


Story taken from The Flame:

Rods at Random...

Clean and sharp is the only way to describe  Herb Quenzer's tough little '50 Chevy.  There aren't many cars of that years still around that are fixed up, but Herb made up for the fact.

The metallic blue skin job that is always kept shinning by the proud owner is the high point of the car. It goes along with the rest of the car just perfect.  The body has been dropped 4 in. in front and 3 in the rear to give the car a perfect tilt and along with the paint makes all the lines in the car stand out. The hood and deck have been molded to add to the effect. Drag plugs and PL hubcaps have been slapped on to give the car a perfect amount of glitter that adds a little class. Naugahyde seats are the standout of the interior.

As for a mill, it is stock except for dual exhausts. herb's future plans for the rod are to simply keep it running.

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