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Commencement Exercises


447 Seniors Thursday

Flame Grad Night

The Flame, Vol. 38, Lodi, California, Monday, June 6, 1960,   No. 29

The Flame Staff

General Advisor, George T. Janicula

[Photograph with Teachers]

M. Gabriel

Editor-in-Chief....................................Martha Gabriel


Assistant Editor.........................................Don Rivara

News Editor.............................................Barbara Griek

[Photograph with Reporters below]

T Rogers

Sports Editor..............................................Tom  Rogers

Business Managers........Georgia Maul and Judy Luckey    &  Feature Editor...........Carolyn DeVinny

Erhardt Giek

Photographers ..............Clyde Ehrhart and Richard Griek


Flame Staff Pict 1

Leslie Fitzer, Sue Welby, Janet Heckethorne, Jeannette Menzel, Betty Jo Willis, Pat Herbig, Judy Remmick

Left to Right:

Flame Staff 2

Kathy Youdall, Pat Sanguinetti, Etna Nicewonger, Barbara Thompson, Diane Brusch, Judy Lowery, Bill Probst

Gary Steward, Judy Bouska, Barbara Griek [Font row]

Page 1

Coulter Is Valedictorian of "60 Class

by Judy Bouska

"I'm very thrilled and proud of my honor," were Richard Coulter's excited words after being presented a trophy and proclaimed Valedictorian for the class of 1960, at the annual Awards Assembly, May 27.

The title of Valedictorian signifies that Richard has had the highest scholastic grade average of any of the class of 1960 students over a period of 4 years.  His average was 3.9 out of possible 4.0.

[Story continued....]

p. 11

Seniors Make Startling Predictions

[All in Fun]

There were:
  • Diane Friedi - I predict there will be a railroad between the East Campus and the West Campus
  • Judy A. Remmick - I predict that Stagg is doomed without Garbaldi.
  • Bill Eriksen - I predict that I will own a pair of pure white sweat socks by the end of the '60' summer
  • Kathy Lippert - I predict that a little kraut will get caught with weeds in the Santa Rosa parking lot.
  • Phil Berg - I predict that there will never be another Senior Banquet like the Class of '60 had.
  • Jeannette Menzel - I predict that by 1970 Mr. Liplet and a guy named Myron will run the G.P.E. department
  • Karen Krause - I predict that Marilyn will give up boys next year and get straight A's.
  • "Fleebus" [Robert] Fuller - I believe in the future we will still be Comrades...Conrad Melcher, Comrade Stemler, Comrade Sanguinetti
  • Chuck Everett - I shall return
  • Dave Hickman - I predict that Mr. Lipelt will break his S.C.U.B.A. outfit in the bathtub
  • Beverlee Christensen - I predict that Mary will become a great newspaper woman
  • Lesley Fitzer - I predict that no group shall exceed the social distinction acquired by the C.L.S.'s
  • Carla Norris - I predict that Janie Keir will venture to the cold lard of BLANK???
  • Nancy Dunlap - I predict  that some day there'll be elevators for the Tickets
  • Sue C.L.S. Welby - I predict that everyone who goes to Santa Cruz will not go swimming
  • Steve Williams - I predict that the students next year will not be able to drive any of their teachers crazy. We had that privilege.
  • Judy Bouska - I predict that G____k  will finally succeed in getting our communist views in the "Flame" next year.  [out of order]
  • Others.......

There will be more of these added in a few days.

p. 12
Prophecies About the Future.....
They were:
  • Bill Trulock - I predict that in 5 years there will be a boy on the flag pole to polish the ball on top.
  • Vera Schmidt - I predict that next year's seniors won't study for all government tests either
  • Gayle Deutscher - I predict all the teachers and the students will turn beatniks.
  • Martha Gabriel - That by next year Mr. Lynch will lose status and be third to God..
  • Bob Herr - Within 30 years from now Pat Sanguinett will be driving a 1954 Corvette
  • Dorene Schnell - All the kids of LUHS will start driving space ships to school
  • Kay Baker - I predict that scholl library will by rock'n roll records some day.
  • Janie Keir - I predict that Carla Norris will die with a rose in her teeth!
  • Pat Schoonover - I prophecy that LUHS will have escalators in the next five years.
  • Rita Henry - I predict that one of these days Lodi High will have a real drill.
  • Madelyn Mai - I predict that something out of this world is going to happen to Lodi High graduation night.
  • Sue Harris - I predict that Lodi Hill will win the  C.C.C. football next year. (I hope.)
  • Marinita Bell - I predict that the guy that paints the flag pole next year will paint it with purple polk dots.
  • Deanna Black - I predict that kids will have to go to high school for five years instead of four.
  • Charles Wright - Mr. Wakefield will be wearing bright yellow sunglasses and a "passionate" pink sweater vest.
  • Nilita Lerza - That Mr. Lynch will become a famous Broadway theatrical director.

To be continued....

p. 13
Gaze Into The Crystal Ball......
They were:
  • Dennis Mettler - The price of doughnuts will go up.
  • Newton Iwamura - Mr. Carus Ansgar Wilnfred Londahl will be crowned Mr. Universe.
  • Jan McCarty - That eventually LUHS will serve Martinis between periods.
  • Bill Sloane - I predict that this year's Juniors will become next year's Seniors
  • Maxine Schaffer - I don't think the Juniors will have as much fun as some of the Seniors did this year.
  • Pat Howard - Some day soon, "Pop" Smith will teach physics in Russian to an all girl class.
  • Sydney Matts - That next year's LUHS Students will need masks to protect them from the peat dust.
  • Bob Okamura - Mr. Lynch will become the owner of a skunk ranch.  [JAR-H note:  Mr. Lynch, our English teacher came to school one morning and we, his class, sat there knowing that the air drifting our way smelled like a skunk. Mr. Lynch had to admit that he had a skunk  that had bombarded the area under his house.  The smell just got worst so Mr. Lynch had to leave school and deal with the skunk odor in his clothes and under his home.]
  • Doug Martell - That Smoky Bear will stand watch in the parking lot.
  • Andy Gudet - That John Blaufus will become a monk.
  • Dex Vollbrecht - That Mr Londahl will wear Bermuda shorts to class next year.
  • Ronnie Markle - This summer is going to be special.
  • Sharon Sumstad - Someone from the class of 60 will become President of the United States.
  • Sharon Holland - That the little tree in front of the Science Building will suddenly disappear.
  • Fred Furuoka - The student body will rise and throw off their chains and burn all books of study.
  • Bob Wiederrich - In a few years the teachers and administration will hold annual beach parties in remembrance of us.
  • Clyde Ehrhardt - I predict that both boys and girls will be driving motorcycles in the future to make more room in the parking lot.
  • Pat Bellah - In ten years the class rooms will have televisions.

More soon.....

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